"It's over. We got them."
"And there we have it. Excellent work, Aemon, thank you."
―Aemon Gremm reporting to Dryden Vos[src]

Aemon Gremm was a male Hylobon who served as captain of Dryden Vos's security forces.[3] He died on Savareen when Enfys Nest attacked his team and broke his neck.[1]

Personality and traitsEdit

Gremm took his responsibilities as bodyguard to Vos very seriously, and expected the same dedication from the security staff who reported to him.[5] By insisting all security concerns come to him, he would take credit for his team's work and made himself essential to Crimson Dawn's operation. Like most Individuals of his species, he possessed a strong instinct for physical domination.[2]

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