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Aeona Cantor was a red-haired Human female who was the lover of Nick Rostu during the Galactic Civil War.


Sometime around 5 ABY, Aeona grew worried when her lover, Nick disappeared. She formed a group of resistance fighters to help in her search for Rostu. She eventually seized control of the famous Millennium Falcon in an attempt to rescue her lover. Rostu had become the servant of Imperial Agent Blackhole, prompting Aeona to form a rebellion against Blackhole. She was the captain of the people on Mindor. She had a very hot temper when scouting near the smoking volcano on Mindor.[1]

After Luke Skywalker freed Rostu from Blackhole's control, she was reunited with her lover. When she next met with Han Solo, Skywalker forced her to apologize and explain why she had needed and thus stolen the Falcon. Cantor and Rostu later commandeered Cronal's personal modified Lambda-class shuttle to track down the Imperial's true body. After getting a message from R2-D2 they rescued Luke and Kar Vastor, another one of Blackhole's pawns, from the drifting remains of Blackhole's Shadow Base. Together with Rostu and Vastor she went on to hunt down Cronal, who Rostu believed had survived.[1]

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