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An aerial recon trooper (right) with macrobinoculars raised

An aerial recon trooper was a clone jet trooper trained with aerial reconnaissance skills to monitor Separatist forces from the air and relay the location of specific enemy positions to their squad members on the ground.[1]


Aerial recon troopers were used by the Grand Army of the Republic in response to key enemy threats to clone platoons. They would monitor approaching Separatist forces from the air and relay target positions to a team on the ground that was assigned to assault specific enemy units.[1] An aerial recon trooper was assigned to Bantha Squad to assist in pinpointing and attacking Hailfire droids in advancing Separatist Droid Army groups.[1]


In addition to being outfitted in white Phase I armor, with light- and dark-green designs to mark their squad affiliation, aerial recon troopers wore jetpacks on their backs for aerial maneuverability. They also wore macrobinoculars on their helmets and carried special communications equipment to relay key tactical information.[1] Aerial recon troopers used the DC-15S blaster carbine as a compact alternative to the standard-issue DC-15A blaster rifle. Jetpacks featured built-in warheads, which would cause devastating blasts against enemy units, and a utility belt to carry extra equipment.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

In August, 2010, Hasbro released the Anti-Hailfire Droid Squad Battle Pack as part of their Shadow of the Dark Side toy line to introduce Season 3 of the The Clone Wars television series. The two Clone Troopers, Aerial Recon Trooper and Clone Commander figures came with weapon accessories and 4 Galactic Battle Game cards with images from an as yet un-aired Clone Wars television series episode, 4 battle bases and 1 game die.[1]


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