The Aerie Casino was an exorbitant hotel and gambling arena located in the artists' colony of Moenia on planet Naboo. It was first established shortly after the Battle of Yavin. In order to celebrate the casino's grand opening, a large festival was held within an outdoor stadium, consisting of a series of ruthless animal-fight competitions. Creatures from a wide array of worlds were set against animals from the same geographical location. Such beasts included Borgle bats, Flit harassers, Malklocs, Womp rats, Wrixes, Squalls and Zucca boars. A Rodian named Eban Trey hosted the spectacle and took great pride in welcoming everyone to the Aerie Casino.

The opulent casino showroom of the Aerie provided for the most popular games of chance, exhibiting Sabacc tables, Lugjack machines and Spinner-pit wheels. Guests from all across the galaxy came to the Aerie in the hopes of finding their fortune.

The Imperial bioengineers Tendau Nandon and Dusque Mistflier attended the gala, and it was here that Dusque first met the Rebel Alliance operative, Finn Darktrin. It was also around this time that she met the dashing gambler known as Lando Calrissian.