"You kids just can't seem to keep yourselves out of trouble, now can ya?"
―Dunari — (audio) Listen (file info)[1]

Aeron Azzameen (pronounced /Ă'-zämēn/)[2] was one of four children born into the Azzameen family. The lone daughter and next-to-last child of Tomaas Azzameen, Aeron learned of the family trade and was later employed as a freighter pilot by Twin Suns Transport Services, a shipping company owned by her father and his brother, Antan. During this time, she met Olin Garn, a freelance pilot often contracted by the shipping company; the two bonded, and due to their closeness, Garn eventually became considered as an extension of the Azzameen family. When Aeron's brother, Ace, came of age, Tomaas requested that Aeron teach the youngest Azzameen how to become a freighter pilot so that he too could serve in the family business. Through the course of several of these training sessions, Aeron and Ace came upon a plot led by the rival shipping company Viraxo Industries to encroach upon Azzameen holdings by involving the Galactic Empire. Faced with these circumstances, Antan had Aeron formulate a set of plans for retribution against the Viraxo; the plan fell through, however, due to a timing failure, and the Azzameens were forced to abort, risking life and limb and losing the family's YT-1300 light freighter Selu.

Shortly thereafter, the Azzameens were forced to evacuate their home and holdings because of a botched bacta run to a Rebel Alliance outpost that left Aeron's father and oldest brother assumed to be dead and the family marked as traitors by the Galactic Empire. Aeron suggested that the surviving Azzameen children try to take refuge among the Alliance's ranks, using Garn, who had previously enlisted, as a contact to vouch for the family. The Alliance, though wary of the suspicions aroused because of the loss of their outpost, accepted their plea for refuge and sheltered the Azzameens. Ace became a pilot in the Alliance's ranks, while Aeron and her older brother, Emon, began an investigation into their former life and the Viraxo's involvement in the Azzameen's downfall. Aeron later came under fire several times while attempting to assist the Rebellion, including one occasion when she was trapped aboard the doomed Bajic Shipyards asteroid base in the Vergesso Asteroids after a successful supply mission. Ace, taking a brief leave of action from the Rebellion, rescued her before the shipyard's destruction at the hands of Darth Vader's Death Squadron. Later, she, along with Ace and Emon, were lured into an Imperial trap created by uncle Antan; though the situation looked grim for the Azzameen children, they managed to escape the close call.

Aeron was a skilled pilot and could proficiently fly both YT-1300 and YT-2000 light freighters. She was also an expert at slicing into computer systems, an ability she used on several times to gather information on the Galactic Empire. Fully dedicated to those whose missions to which she allied herself, Aeron was insistent on her beliefs; though open to new ideas, she was considered steadfast on her ideals once her mind was decided. The lone female Azzameen child was also kind; however, she reserved this quality only for family members and Olin Garn, who had become so close to the family that he was considered to be a part of it.


Aeron Azzameen was the lone daughter of Tomaas Azzameen and the third of the four Azzameen children. She, along with the rest of the Azzameen household, lived in Azzameen Station, a space station[1] in orbit around the planet Syned I.[3] When she came of age, she began working for Twin Suns Transport Services, a trading company owned by her father and his brother, Antan. There, she typically flew one of the family's YT-1300 light freighters during delivery runs, but also knew how to pilot a YT-2000 light freighter if the need arose.[1] A skilled slicer, Aeron managed the family's data storage on her off time.[4]

While working for her father and uncle, Aeron met Olin Garn, a freelance freighter pilot contracted by Twin Suns Transport Services. The two formed such a bond that Garn was soon considered a member of the Azzameen household. Though he eventually left the employment of Twin Suns Transport Services to join the Alliance to Restore the Republic, Garn maintained contact with Aeron and the rest of the Azzameen family throughout his Alliance tenure.[1]

Working for Twin Suns Transport Services[]

"You've spent enough time playing simulator games that dad is convinced it's time to put you to work. He's asked me to take you on a delivery run to Harlequin Station."
―Aeron gives her brother, Ace, an overview of his first mission — (audio) Listen (file info)[1]

Aeron teaches Ace the tricks of the trade.

Shortly after the Battle of Hoth,[1] a major offensive against the Alliance by the Galactic Empire in 3 ABY,[5] Tomaas determined it time to teach his youngest child Ace how to pilot starships to assist in the family business. For Ace's first lesson, Tomaas instructed Aeron to bring Ace along on a delivery run. Aeron contacted the family's modified maintenance droid MK-09, whom the Azzameens referred to as Emkay, via e-mail and provided the droid with a number of resources, including ship identification charts and data on combat strategies, as Emkay would be joining her and Ace on the training mission.[4]

Before leaving Azzameen Station, Aeron flew alone in the Selu, one of the family's YT-1300 freighters and collected the two cargo canisters slated for the delivery, placing them just outside Azzameen Station's hangar. Ace and MK-09, flying in the Selu'ss identical sister ship Sabra, joined Aeron and the two ships collected their cargo an entered hyperspace for their destination: the orbital platform Harlequin Station. Upon arrival, the two freighters dropped off the canisters and made their way to retrieve the return packages. However, before the Azzameens could collect, interloping ships Enkidu and Gilgam, two Pursuer-class enforcement ships flying for Viraxo Industries—a rival shipping company to the Azzameens' Twin Suns Transport Services—entered the system intending on raiding the station. After the sudden departure of Harlequin Station's hired protection, the Azzameen ships were requested to assist protect the station's holdings. Aeron, initially worried about repercussions from the rival Viraxo, told Ace to assist the station and the two YT-1300 freighters engaged the intruders. Eventually, the Enkidu and Gilgam were routed; at Aeron's command, the two ships were allowed to depart without further incident. With the imminent theft averted, the Azzameens completed their mission and returned to Azzameen Station.[1]

Dealing with the Viraxo[]

Viraxo flight controller: "You talking cute with me, sister? I'll seize your ship right now!"
Emon: "Who called it? I guess we're gonna have to cover your rear now!"
Aeron: "I hate it when you're right, Emon."
―As the Azzameen plan at Viraxo 54 falls apart, Aeron and Emon bicker over their predicament — (audio) Listen (file info)[1]

With the delivery finished, Aeron shifted her attention to creating a new security system for the family's database. While her efforts proved fruitful, she accidentally deleted the entire database in the process, forcing a manual inspection of the individual containers in the family's secret cargo fields. Knowing it would take half the time with help and noting the possibility of further training, she called upon Ace, who had just completed a training exercise with brother Emon, to assist. She piloted the Selu as Ace and MK-09 flew in the Sabra and the Azzameens proceeded to the first area. Initially, the inspections proceeded without incident; however, upon inspection of the second field, the cargo ferry Raider was identified attempting to steal a pressure tank of LOX.[1] Aeron attempted to hail the intruding craft. No response came from the Raider, so Aeron blocked the ship's escape and Ace focused his laser cannons at the Raider, destroying it.[4] After finishing the remainder of the scanning in the second field, the siblings made their way to the third area, where Aeron discovered the Enkidu, along with an escort of Razor-class starfighters in the midst of what appeared to be another raid.[1] After Aeron reported her findings to the Sabra, she sped towards the Pursuer-class craft; with the Selu bearing in, the Enkidu quickly fled. As Ace and Emkay destroyed the starfighters, Aeron flew to inspect the container targeted by the Enkidu and discovered it held illegal spice.[4] Knowing that the family would never knowingly store such a substance, Aeron determined that the Enkidu was not attempting to steal a container but rather plant one to incriminate the Azzameens.[1] She collected the suspect container at the suggestion of Emkay[4] and took it to Azzameen Station, where the family could discuss what to do with it.[1]

The Azzameens assault Viraxo 54.

After chastising Aeron, Ace, and Emon for their parts in escalating the conflict between the Azzameen family and the Viraxo, their uncle Antan devised a covert mission of retribution utilizing the same spice container the Enkidu had planted. He instructed Aeron to modify the Selu's transponder codes to conceal the ship's true owners. She then piloted the Selu—now registered as the Venix, a Viraxo supply ship—to the Viraxo supply station Viraxo 54 in orbit around the planet Denbo, carrying the repainted container of spice. Under the guise of the Venix, Aeron was to drop the contraband container with the Viraxo's standard cargo; following the plant, her brothers would enter the system and attract Imperial attention by attacking the base as Aeron escaped unnoticed. This Imperial attention, Antan hoped, would conduct a routine inspection and discover the illegal spice, forcing the Viraxo to explain its presence and damaging ties between the Viraxo and Empire.[1]

However, a premature arrival by Ace, with copilot MK-09 in the Sabra, and Emon, in his Firespray-1-class craft Andrasta, forced Aeron into a tricky situation. As her brothers engaged station defenses, Aeron attempted to bluff her way out of detection. This failed, however, and the Selu was disabled. Sensing that the Imperial investigatory fleet would arrive soon, she determined that her disabled freighter would have to be destroyed to protect its true identity. She hailed the Andrasta and exited the doomed starship; following the pickup and subsequent destruction of the Selu, the Azzameen children returned to Azzameen Station, their mission technically a failure[1] but their spirits high.[4] Though Antan was proud of their efforts, Tomaas was less than enthusiastic, as he had been attempting a diplomatic approach to the growing conflict. Nevertheless, the Azzameen patriarch acknowledged his children's abilities and noted their skills would be needed in the near future.[1]

Shortly after the Viraxo 54 mission, Tomaas enlisted his children to fly cover for a black market bacta transfer with a group of smugglers, intending to supply it to the Alliance. Aeron, flying her father's YT-2000 freighter Otana, accompanied Ace and Emkay, in the Sabra, Emon, in his Andrasta, and Tomaas and eldest brother Galin, in the family's GR-75 medium transport Vasudra. After the smuggler ship Ravenno led the Azzameens to a remote section of space, the Vasudra docked with the smugglers' Xiytiar-class transport End Run and the transfer began. However, the Azzameens' suspicions were aroused when the smugglers' ship claimed an issue with their pumps and sent workers into space to fix them.[1] Immediately, Aeron began slicing into the End Run's computers and observed that the spacebound crew of the End Run was actually headed for the Vasudra's engines.[4] Upon this realization, the DP20 frigate Loose Cannon entered the sector and opened fire on the Azzameen craft.[1] Aeron and Emon attacked the incoming corvette as the Sabra engaged its CloakShape fighter escort; eventually, the Loose Cannon and its escort were destroyed.[4] Following the completion of the transfer,[1] the family moved to destroy the final ship, End Run,[4] but Tomaas ordered the children to let the transport escape as the family returned to Azzameen Station.[1]

The Viraxo strike back[]

"This is your last chance. Surrender, and you will not be harmed."
"Like you guys have a reputation for keeping your word."
―An Imperial officer and Aeron, as the Empire moves to capture Twin Suns Station — (audio) Listen (file info)[1]

Following the black market transfer, Tomaas took the Vasudra and its load of bacta to the Alliance orbital base Hospital; Aeron did not accompany him. However, circumstances worked against the Azzameens: the Empire interrupted the bacta transfer, forcing the Alliance to flee the station. Even more devastating for the Azzameen family was the loss of the Vasudra with Tomaas and Galin aboard.[1]

With Tomaas and Galin presumed dead and the Azzameen family declared traitors to the Empire, Antan—now in charge of Azzameen affairs—correctly anticipated that Imperial forces were soon to arrive and seize the family's assets. He sent out two task groups to recover as many of the family's holdings as possible: Antan, piloting his Action IV transport Big Score, would take Emon and his Andrasta to recover as much as they could from their storage facilities while Aeron, in the Sabra, and Ace, in the Otana, collected supplies from the family company's Twin Suns Station. The Sabra and Otana arrived at the evacuated family station and docked. As Aeron entered the station seeking Antan's safe and its contents, a flight group of Imperial and Viraxo forces entered the system and ordered the Azzameens to stand down. Ace managed to delay the intruders, allowing Aeron to collect the safe and return to her ship, before the two Azzameen ships returned to Azzameen Station.[1]

Emon awaited Ace and Aeron in Azzameen space with grim news: Antan had been captured, and their uncle did not have the opportunity to divulge where the family was to escape. After dispatching a small collection of Viraxo advance ships intending to capture the base,[4] Aeron and her siblings discussed possible options. This conversation was soon interrupted by the entrance of the Imperial II-class Star Destroyer Corrupter. With the Star Destroyer and its TIE fighter compliment approaching, Aeron suggested joining the Rebel Alliance by relying on Olin Garn's status and word to counter any suspicions concerning the botched bacta run. She provided her brothers with the coordinates that Garn had given her in case of trouble, and the Azzameens left their home.[1]

Joining a rebellion[]

The homeless Azzameen children approach the Rebel fleet.

"Hailing Rebel commander, this is Aeron Azzameen. The Empire has just driven me and my family from our home. We seek your protection. May we approach?"
―Aeron hails the commander of the fleet — (audio) Listen (file info)[1]

Once in Rebel space in the Outer Rim Territories, Aeron hailed the fleet and explained their situation. The Mon Calamari commander she spoke with expressed sympathy toward the loss of Tomaas and welcomed them aboard, but also showed surprise at the Azzameens' discovery of the fleet. Aeron told him about her friend Olin Garn, who had become a fairly prominent starfighter pilot. Acknowledging her reasons, the commander arranged a meeting between the Rebels and Azzameens to further discuss the matters at hand. The Azzameens were directed to the Mon Calamari Star Cruiser Defiance, where they resided until the meeting.[1] Ace would stay aboard the cruiser as he joined the Alliance Fleet as a new starfighter pilot, while Aeron, Emon, and Emkay left to investigate what had happened to their uncle. Once Ace passed his training, Aeron sent him a congratulatory e-mail. She warned him to be careful, but also praised him for his decision.[1]

Family matters[]

"Aeron did some slicing and she's located a Viraxo facility that is showing an increased level of activity recently. According to her, Uncle Antan is being held there. So you and I are going to go in there to crack some skulls and get our kin back."
―Emon briefs Ace on an upcoming mission — (audio) Listen (file info)[1]

While Ace moved through his career in the Alliance, Aeron was assigned to collect the family's resources and scout possible opportunities to rekindle business.[4] She continued sending e-mails to Ace, encouraging and reaffirming the burgeoning pilot as well as updating him on her current role in tracking the captured Antan, who was still missing. Aeron eventually caught a break in her investigation, discovering increased activity surrounding a Viraxo facility, Viraxo Industries, where a mole planted by the Azzameen family reported Antan's imprisonment aboard the platform. Acting on this information, Emon contacted Ace and the two set out on a successful mission to rescue their uncle.[1]

Aeron's continued slicing efforts again proved fruitful for the Azzameen family with her discovery of a scavenging operation in the Saila Na system. This expedition recovered salvageable technology left over from the battle of Hoth; Aeron's discovery of the group gave her an idea to recover valuable devices from a stranded Viper probe droid.[1] She was unable to reach the location herself in time,[4] so she instructed Ace to take Emkay and the Otana to recover the droid, still in its hyperspace capsule. Ace complied, and he left the Rebel fleet and picked up the probe capsule, though he encountered minor complications with a scavenger team also interested in the probe. Ace made his way with the probe to the customs checkpoint at Tinoon, before heading to the Zephry Asteroid field, where he rendezvoused with Aeron, who was waiting aboard the Sabra. Grateful to her brother, Aeron took the capsule and the encased droid and studied its communication listening devices. She also made a small probe droid toy that played music and danced from the spare pieces of the droid and gave it to Ace as a gift for his efforts.[1]

After the mission, Aeron returned to her clandestine operations. Aeron's continued lack of communication caused Olin Garn's suspicions to rise; he later contacted Ace about his worries concerning the female Azzameen.[1]

Alliance deals[]

The Alliance Civilian Battle Award

"I've missed you, kiddo, since you joined the Rebellion. I hear of so much activity going on…I worry about you."
"Do you worry about me, too?"
"Of course I do, Emkay. You're expensive to repair."
"I will delete that remark from my memory banks."
―Aeron expresses worry about Ace while also teasing MK-09 — (audio) Listen (file info)[1]

After coming across talks of a shipment of warheads from the XQ3 Viraxo facility 1 during her slicing efforts, Aeron hatched a plan to aid the Rebel Alliance&mash;currently experiencing a shortage of weapon payloads—and harm the Viraxo's profit margin. She consulted her uncle in an effort to gain his permission and support; while wary, Antan agreed to the plan and set aside some of the family's remaining resources to assist.[1]

Aeron approached Ace, now stationed aboard the MC80 Star Cruiser Liberty, and told him of her plan. Ace agreed to pilot the Sabra, Aeron along to guide the proceedings, to eliminate the defenses around 1 in order to provide safe passage to the incoming Azzameen freighters.[1] Though the Azzameens attempted a stealthy approach, station security was nevertheless alerted and Aeron moved to the Sabra's turret to fend off the attackers.[4] After dispatching with the modest complement of fighters and static gun defenses, Aeron relayed the location of the vital supply containers to the incoming Azzameen freighters.

However, before Magnum group could collect, the bulk cruiser XTS-673—the warheads' intended buyer—arrived and set its escorting squads of Supa Fighters after the Azzameens. Though MK-09 was unable to pinpoint the incoming ships' affiliation, Aeron correctly recognized the Supa Fighters as Black Sun starfighters and deduced that the intended purchaser was indeed the Black Sun criminal syndicate.[1] She also noticed that the XTS-673 had come prepared for the Azzameen intruders and realized that the Azzameens had entered a trap. The Sabra flew cover for the incoming Azzameen vessels and held off the fighters long enough for Magnum group to collect the containers and escape through hyperspace to the transfer point.[4] The Alliance fleet soon arrived at the rendezvous point and made the cargo transfer. For her part in tracking down the warheads, Aeron was awarded the Alliance Civilian Battle Award. She left Ace after congratulating him and left the Liberty to inform Antan of Viraxo's affiliation with Black Sun[1] and the possibility of a Viraxo informant among the family.[4]

After an attack on an Imperial listening post by Ace's squadron, the opportunistic Antan saw an opening to plant a listening device in one of the satellites surrounding the post in order to keep tabs on the Viraxo. Working off this reconnaissance, Antan told his niece his plan; she in turn requested Ace's assistance once again. The pair of siblings departed, again on the Sabra, and headed for the coordinates of Ace's recent attack. Once there, Ace defeated the small protection force and began inspecting satellites damaged by the attack that would be suitable for modification. Once a satellite had been found, Aeron left the craft in a zero-G worker suit and made her way to plant the listening device. While Aeron worked with the satellite, a Gamma-class assault shuttle and its complement of zero-G assault stormtroopers entered the system and moved to engage the Azzameen operation. Ace was forced into action to both protect Aeron and the satellite from attack. Eventually, Aeron finished her work, commenting that it was much easier than she had anticipated, and the Azzameens left the system and returned to the Liberty.[1]

Shortly thereafter, Aeron contacted Ace, worried about the recent, increasingly frequent disappearances of Emon after he left on a so-called "secret" mission. Aeron hypothesized that his mission was in some way connected to revenge on the Viraxo, and while Emon kept in touch with both siblings by way of e-mail, each successive message showed increased frustration about the tendency for the Viraxo and Imperials to always seem to know when the Azzameen family was to participate in any mission.[1]

The Alliance would again require additional acquisitions of warheads. Noting this, Aeron found another opportunity to assist rebels in need at the expense of the Viraxo. This time, however, she held back from informing her uncle, knowing that he disapproved of the children's tendencies to constantly come to the aid of the Alliance. Aeron collected a group of former Twin Suns Transport Services employees and several Planetary Defender starfighters still loyal to the disbanded company and told them of the plan: heisting cargo containers from a relatively unguarded Viraxo facility and delivering them to a Rebel outpost in the Vergesso Asteroids. Soon after collecting her forces and forging flight plans, she contacted Ace for assistance. This time taking the family YT-2000 freighter, the two made contact with the former employees stationed at the Bilbringi Shipyards and the group entered Viraxo space. Aeron again noticed the persistent presence of Black Sun vessels, which Ace and the fighters held at bay while the allied freighters and cargo carriers entered and began docking with the storage units located there.[1]

However, a convoy of ships entered the system, complete with a starfighter escort; though Aeron had anticipated this convoy, it came earlier than she had expected. Even under this new barrage of attacks, the Azzameen-friendly freighters completed their mission and headed for the asteroid field. Once there, Ace flew to the station to deliver Aeron and some of the newly-liberated supplies. Aeron decided to stay aboard the asteroid-bound shipyard,[1] as she was needed for the transfer.[4] She also planned to learn all she could about the ties between the Viraxo and Black Sun. Aeron told Ace that she hoped the success of this mission would bring their uncle around to seeing the benefit of assisting the Rebel Alliance.[1]

The coming storm[]

Aeron with assorted Vergesso asteroid residents

"Otana, this is Aeron! Do you read? Ace, is that you?"
"We read you, Aeron. Did someone call for a ride? Ha ha ha ha!"
"Stow it, Emkay! Get your rusted bolts over here!"
―A panicked Aeron contacts the Otana — (audio) Listen (file info)[1]

Shortly after the Azzameen delivery,[1] intelligence provided by Prince Xizor, head of Black Sun, to Emperor Palpatine instigated an attack on the Rebel presence in the Vergesso system. An Imperial force, led by Darth Vader and composed of several Star Destroyers—including Vader's personal flagship, the Super Star Destroyer Executor— entered the Vergesso Asteroids and approached Vergesso Base.[6] Aeron, still aboard the asteroid,[1] sent a panicked message to MK-09, who in turn contacted Aeron's brother Ace.[4]

Ace quickly responded and the two, aboard the Otana, set off for the asteroid field, utilizing the same set of coordinates as their recent trip. However, due to the concentration of the large warships in the sector, the Otana exited hyperspace a good distance from Vergesso Base. To reach the base, and Aeron, Ace piloted the YT-2000 through the capital ship screen; once in communicator range, Aeron hailed the Otana and demanded that her brother hurry to rescue her. Ace complied as well as he could, ducking into and out of the Imperial attack vectors before docking with the north tower of the asteroid. Emkay retrieved Aeron from within the facility, and the Otana, now with Aeron aboard, blasted toward the exit vector—now located behind the massive Imperial warships. Avoiding the Super Star Destroyer and its complement, Ace, Aeron, and MK-09 escaped the doomed system and returned to the Liberty. Once safely aboard the Mon Calamari cruiser, Aeron shared her findings concerning the new alliance between the Viraxo and Black Sun forces. The young slicer determined that this alliance between the two powers would prove to make reestablishing the Azzameen family business even harder than initially expected.[1]

While slicing through Imperial records, Aeron discovered that Emon, whose e-mails had ceased arriving, had been captured by the Empire during his clandestine missions. She contacted Dunari, an old friend of Tomaas and the family, who in turn hired a team of highly skilled slicers. Once the slicers had located the station where Emon was being held, Dunari contacted Ace for assistance. The three recovered Emon successfully and hid the young Azzameen in Dunari's casino, Dunari's Rest. Not long after, Emon was fully recuperated and equally determined to find the leak of information.[1] Aeron offered him a chance, as her sources had discovered the location of the discarded Azzameen family datacore. Believing she could access the information within the datacore to find the source of the Azzameen leak,[4] she contacted Ace and Emon and her brothers flew out to retrieve it. With it safely in the possession of the Azzameens again, Emon thanked Ace and took the datacore to Aeron, hopeful that she could find something useful to stop the leak of information.[1]


"Okay, we're here. There's the Redhawk…and there's…our home. This can't be right…Emkay?"
"I've double-checked the coordinates, there is no doubt."
"Our home has become a base for mercenaries?!"
―Aeron and MK-09, shocked at the fate of their former home — (audio) Listen (file info)[1]

While fighting for the Alliance, Ace received a message from his uncle requesting to be kept up to date on the Rebellion's actions and whereabouts. Not immediately responding, he contacted his older sister, who, wary of Antan's intentions, suggested not to answer at all, advice Ace heeded. Later, a mercenary captured by Ace's flight group during a mission revealed a plot to frame the Sullustans in attacks on a Bothan delegation. The pilot told the Alliance that, though he didn't know the location of the mercenary base, he did know the location of the bulk cruiser Redhawk, which was heading to the base.[1]

The Rebel Alliance, wanting to keep the controversy from going public, called upon the civilian Aeron and her slicing skills to determine the location of the mercenary base. In turn, Aeron enlisted Ace to fly her to the necessary destinations. Setting off again in the Otana, Ace docked with the Redhawk, stationed at a local supply station, in order for Aeron to be able to slice the flight logs of the ship and pinpoint the location of the base. Aeron began her slicing efforts, assisted by MK-09. Once past the security measures—considered an easy task by Aeron—she began downloading the coordinates. In the middle of the download, Preybird-class starfighters, the Redhawk's escort, entered the system, forcing Ace to hold them off as Aeron completed the transfer. Soon after, the Otana, coordinates for the base input, headed out of the system.[1]

However, the flight plan had been forged. Instead of leading to the mercenary base, the coordinates dropped the Otana into the path of the Imperial II-class Star Destroyer Chimaera's turbolaser fire as the Star Destroyer traversed through the Carida system's weaponry testing facilities. The Chimaera and three other Star Destroyers—the Inexorable (Imperial I-class), the Nemesis, and the Stormhawk (Imperial I-class)—blocked the Otana's exit vector, forcing MK-09 to quickly calculate a new set of coordinates. As the droid performed his calculations, the crew of the Otana continued to ignore the Imperial orders to power down, forcing the Star Destroyers to open fire upon the YT-2000 freighter. Ace deftly avoided the blasts and advancing TIE fighters and, as soon as new hyperspace coordinates were plotted, returned to the cargo station.[1]

With their escape, Aeron was determined to retrieve the true coordinates of the mercenary base. The Otana's crew noted the absence of the Redhawk and Aeron instructed Ace to dock with the cargo facility in order to slice the flight logs of the station to find the Redhawk's exit vector. Ace complied and docked the Otana; displeased with the Otana's intrusion, the station's security team launched a retaliatory attack consisting of a handful of IRD starfighters against the Azzameen ship. Ace was able to protect the ship long enough for Aeron to gather the necessary flight information. With these new, accurate coordinates entered into the Otana's navigation computer, the Otana left the station and made the jump to hyperspace.[1]

Arriving at the coordinates, the three aboard the Otana were shocked to find that their old home was now called Falcon's Nest and was under the possession of a mercenary group. Stunned into disbelief, Aeron double-checked the coordinates provided by the station's logs, only to find that they were indeed correct;[1] MK-09 confirmed her findings.[4] Ace, enraged, wanted to engage the Preybird-class fighters around the base, but Aeron restrained him, fearful of the consequences of the mercenaries identifying the Otana. The freighter returned to the Liberty, and the Azzameens' findings were relayed to the Alliance.[1]

The Azzameens participate in the battle of Azzameen Station.

With the information provided by the Azzameen children, the Alliance enlisted the help of each affiliated Azzameen—Emon, Aeron, Ace, and even MK-09— and made a set of plans to recapture the Falcon's Nest.[1] Flying in the Otana with Emkay operating the turret,[4] Aeron set off with the rest of the Alliance ships. Once in system, she began engaging fighters in order to provide cover for Ace and the rest of the B-wing starfighters in Gold Group. In the midst of the battle, two ships attempted to flee the system, one of which being Antan Azzameen's Action IV–transport. Noting this odd circumstance, Aeron hailed Emon and asked if what she saw was true. Emon had also taken note of the Big Score, but her attempts to contact the fleeing ship, in order to keep Antan from getting lost in all of the confusion, went unheeded. After the mainstay of the fighting was over, Emon left the battle group, intent on tracking their wayward uncle.[1]

Storm Unit arrived with the destruction of the station's defenses and entered the station's hangar. This team of commandos neutralized the station, but managed to activate a fail-safe mechanism that would cause the base's destruction in roughly three minutes. Due to her familiarity with the systems aboard the station, Aeron was called to assist. After docking the Otana, Aeron made her way to the computer core and utilized her skills at slicing to safely disable the explosive measures and save the station from destruction[1] with roughly five seconds to spare.[4] After the success of the mission, Azzameen Station was turned over to the Azzameen family as thanks for their help in the missions concerning the base.[1]

Family reunion[]

The Otana, Andrasta and Big Score approach Kessel

Emon: "Any luck, Aeron?"
Aeron: "Not yet. You'd think "Azzameen" would be near the top of the list."
Antan: "Keep looking. I know they're here somewhere."
―Aeron, above Kessel Station, slices records to try and find the supposedly alive Tomaas and Galin — (audio) Listen (file info)[1]

Some time after the recapture of Azzameen Home Base, Antan contacted the Azzameen children and urgently requested that they all meet at the family's station. Aeron joined her brother Ace and the Azzameen droid Emkay aboard the Otana and the trio set course for Azzameen Station, where Antan, aboard the Big Score, and Emon, aboard his Andrasta, were waiting. As the meeting began, an irate Aeron demanded answers; Antan explained that his actions, though contrary to the well-being of the Alliance, were intended solely to reestablish the family trading business. To that end, Antan explained that he had set up the Sullustans at the request of the Empire in order to recover both Galin and Tomaas. The two, according to Antan, were not killed, as was previously believed, but instead had been captured and were being held in a prison facility above the Imperial-held mining world of Kessel. Antan suggested that the Azzameen children investigate the system and attempt a rescue mission.[1]

Excited at the prospect of the survival of Galin and Tomaas, Aeron convinced a skeptical Emon to follow through with their uncle's plan, and the Azzameens made haste to the Kessel system. Once they arrived, Antan instructed the Otana to dock with Kessel Station so Aeron could search the database for the missing Azzameens. When she was unable to find them listed in the registry on the first run, Antan insisted that she keep looking. His request was followed, allowing the Imperial I Star Destroyer Devastator time to enter the system. Once present, the Devastator commanded the Azzameens to turn over their craft and prepare to be boarded. Upon the arrival of the Devastator, Antan, who had completed his end of the betrayal to remove the meddlesome Azzameen children, fled the system.[1]

Aeron, bewildered and outraged over Antan's betrayal, urged Ace to abort the docking procedure and leave the system; however, Emkay was unable to calculate a proper set of hyperspace coordinates due to the heavy concentration of black holes in the system. With the Star Destroyer and its fighter complement bearing down on the Andrasta and the Otana, the Azzameens feared the worst. It wasn't until the arrival of their ally Dunari that the Azzameens considered the situation anything less than hopeless. The newcomer transmitted a set of viable coordinates, and the Azzameens fled Kessel Station.[1]

The hyperspace jump landed them just outside an Kessel asteroid field. Dunari instructed the two Azzameen ships to navigate through the field in order to reach a suitable exit point for their return to the Liberty, currently stationed over Sullust. The trio of ships made it through the field and past Imperial Outpost AS-27 before successfully escaping their uncle's trap.[1] Once back, Ace went on to assist in the attack on the second Death Star superweapon under construction over the Forest Moon of Endor; neither Aeron nor Emon took part in the Battle of Endor with their younger brother.[4]

Personality and traits[]

"I'm so thrilled and proud that you joined the Rebellion. I'm worried, too, although I know you are capable of handling yourself well in dangerous situations. Would I be your sister if I didn't worry?"
―Aeron praises her brother Ace in an email[1]

Aeron Azzameen was a Human female with brown hair. A skilled pilot, she was most accustomed to flying the family's YT-1300 freighters—typically using the Selu, until its destruction—but was also capable of piloting her father's YT-2000, the Otana.[1] In her spare time, Aeron grew skilled with computers and was eventually considered a skillful hacker and slicer[7] and she used this knowledge in several Azzameen missions. She was also capable of altering a starship's unique identification codes in order to mask a particular ship's true nature.[1]

She was fiercely devoted to her family, placing the success of the family and the company above her own safety and well-being. When Twin Suns Transport Services was threatened by the intrusive Viraxo, she came up with a plan to covertly exact revenge upon the rival company. Once the Azzameen children were forced to evacuate their holdings and join the Rebellion, Aeron focused her loyalties toward the family's new allies. In this capacity, Aeron formulated several missions to acquire supplies for the Rebel Alliance; these missions also served to cripple the Viraxo, in both their holdings and their relationship with the Empire.[1] Similarly, though open to differing opinions and viewpoints, Aeron was insistent on measures and ideals that she had decided. Aside from family friend Olin Garn, Aeron kept her sweet and caring nature reserved for the family—Ace being the favorite of her kin—and was reluctant to express it outside of the bloodline.[7] Due to her relationship with Ace, as well as his Alliance duty, she often expressed worry for his well-being.[1]

Aeron's dedication to her allies often cost her, however, even to the point of near death. Her loyalty to family was inadvertently one of the reasons the family business was forced to fold; a plan utilizing Aeron's willingness to hinder the rival Viraxo failed, causing the Viraxo to retaliate and the Azzameens to lose all of their assets. Her sense of dedication to the Rebel Alliance did not go over well with her uncle, Antan, as the staunch supporter of staying neutral through the Galactic Civil War, feared that the sympathetic Azzameens, including Aeron, would risk the family's trade. This progressively caused tension between the two.[1]


Olin Garn[]

Olin Garn

"I finally got a message from Olin. I'm all for the Rebellion, but it plays havoc with relationships. Not that Olin and I have one. Oh, forget it."
―Aeron Azzameen, in an e-mail to Ace Azzameen[1]

Employed by Twin Suns Transport Services during the years of the Galactic Civil War, Olin Garn met Aeron Azzameen while working for the family as a freelance freighter pilot. Aeron grew close to the new pilot as time progressed, even though Aeron typically withheld her kind nature from those outside the family. The two were so close, in fact, that Garn was considered a member of the Azzameen family.[7] Around the time of the Battle of Hoth, Garn left the employment of Twin Sun Transport Services to enlist in the Alliance to Restore the Republic as a fighter pilot; while stationed aboard the Defiance, visits to the family and Aeron were limited. Aeron was nevertheless able to keep in touch with him, and he with her and other members of the Azzameen family, by means of e-mail. Olin encouraged Ace to keep an eye on Ace's older sister to make sure she stayed out of trouble. Olin also supplied the family with the coordinates to the Alliance Fleet; Aeron used these, as well as her relationship to the Rebel pilot, as a means to request sanctuary with the Alliance. The two maintained contact throughout their different campaigns.[1]

Both Aeron and Garn were cryptic concerning their relationship beyond friendship. In an e-mail to Ace, Aeron displayed her frustration towards the Rebellion because of their infrequent leave periods, as it caused difficulties in fostering relationships; she quickly recanted the latter portion of her statement. Garn was slightly more open in revealing his caring feelings toward the female Azzameen.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Aeron Azzameen was first featured in the 1999 PC game Star Wars: X-Wing Alliance, where she acts as a major non-player character. At the beginning of the game's storyline, she guides the player through a series of instructional "missions" to help acquaint them with the game's controls. Further into the story, she supplements the experience with family-oriented missions to either aid the recovery of the family business or assist the Alliance to Restore the Republic—and occasionally, both at the same time.[1] She would go unmentioned in any other official products until a passing reference was made in Olin Garn's entry in the 2008 The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia.[8]

Aeron's character was voiced by Julianne Buescher.[1] Buescher has also voiced characters in other Star Wars titles, including the main character, Rianna Saren, in Star Wars: Lethal Alliance[9] and smaller roles in Star Wars Episode I: The Gungan Frontier[10] and the Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace video game.[11]


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