"Keiran Halcyon was a famed Corellian Jedi. He successfully put an end to the Selonian Afarathu sect and its marauding within the Corellian system."
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Afarathu was a sect of Selonians extremists that terrorized the Corellian system some four centuries before the Battle of Endor.


"A group of extremists calling themselves the Afarathu have made a pact with the Tribunals. Many of us know that this will soon make the Afarathu cocky, and soon they will begin raiding everyone with their stolen weapons."
―A Selonian diplomat, to a spacer[src]

The Selonians of the Afarathu terrorist sect marauded the Corellian system four centuries before the Battle of Yavin.[2] Their objective was to drive the Dralls and the Humans from the worlds of the Corellian system because they considered them to be their home worlds.[4] The sect was finally destroyed by the Corellian Jedi Keiran Halcyon,[1][3][2] in 380 BBY.[3]

In the next centuries, the Afarathu sect was all but forgotten until the Galactic Empire used its specter to incite xenophobic reactions among the Human population of the Corellian system.[1][2]

However, despite their destruction, the Afarathu cult rose from the ashes prior to the Galactic Civil War and was particularly active on Corellia after the Battle of Yavin.[5] Circa 1 ABY,[6] a Selonian diplomat traveled to the Corellian city of Doaba Guerfel in order to recruit a spacer to fight the Afarathu extremists at their cave nearby.[7] Around the same time, some Afarathu clashed with Rebel Alliance forces on Corellia.[8]



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