"Chronologically, I should start with the moment I was activated... centuries ago... on the planet Affa—"

Affa was a heavily mechanized planet located in the Affa system of the galaxy's Inner Rim and Trailing Sectors.


The area around Affa was explored by the Galactic Republic. Affa was host to a Cybot Galactica manufacturing plant, one which produced many components which would be used in the construction of the protocol droid C-3PO, almost a century before his activation on Tatooine.

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Behind the scenesEdit

Affa first appeared in notes George Lucas composed in 1977 when creating a backstory for C-3PO intended for the use of licensees in the Expanded Universe. It was where the droid was first built, in 112 BBY. It is described as being in the "Third Sector" of the Galactic Empire, in the Outland Regions (Outer Rim).[3]



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