"Several dozen militia members and colonists took the captured ships to Affavan, where the slaves from Parcovey Minor were to be sorted and auctioned off, or disposed of at a parlay-feast between clans Utoradii and Vijilakii. Instead of terrified slaves, the assembled Hutts found themselves face to face with Belasco Volunteers who were heavily armed and seeking vengeance."
―Thunys Albegron, Proceedings of the Obroa-Skai Conference on Popular Entertainment[src]

Affavan was a smoggy Hutt Space gambling world that lay on the Hollastin Run hyperlane. During the Kymoodon Era, it was the site of a retaliatory attack by the Belasco Free Volunteers militia on the Utoradii clan of the Hutt species after the latter's forces attempted a raid on the planet Parcovey Minor. Millennia later, Affavan was featured in the holodrama series True Tales of the Ancient Republic, which depicted a fictionalized version of the raid and its aftermath.


Affavan was a smoggy world[2] that was located within the Affavan system of the galaxy's Hutt Space region.[1] The planet lay on the hyperlane called the Hollastin Run, which connected it to the worlds of Circumtore and Hollastin.[2]


"It would have been a cruel revelation for the boys and girls of a century ago to learn that the intrepid Sector Ranger Novan Nune almost certainly never existed—much less followed the colonists kidnapped on Parcovey Minor to the dreaded arenas of Affavan, deep in Hutt Space, fought as a gladiator to win their freedom, and then returned to destroy the Hutt kajidic that had ravaged their world."
―Thunys Albegron, Proceedings of the Obroa-Skai Conference on Popular Entertainment[src]

At some point during the Kymoodon Era,[4] which lasted from the year 15,000 BBY to 12,000 BBY,[2] members of the Hutt species, specifically those belonging to the Utoradii kajidic clan, planned to raid the world of Parcovey Minor and transport captured colonists to Affavan, where they would be either sorted and auctioned off as slaves or killed at a parlay-feast that the Utoradii were having together with the Vijilakii kajidic. However, unbeknownst to the Hutts, their forces on Parcovey Minor had been routed and their starships captured by the Belasco Free Volunteers militia. The Belasco Volunteers sent several dozen heavily armed soldiers and colonists aboard the Hutt starships to Affavan, where they surprised and attacked the Hutts. The actions of Belasco Volunteers on Parcovey Minor and Affavan were recorded in a report that came to rest in a government archive on the planet Belasco.[4]

In 114 BBY, Episode XXIV: Death on the Rim, an installment of the holodrama series True Tales of the Ancient Republic, was released, which depicted a fictionalized version of the raid on Parcovey Minor. In the holodrama, which was set in the final centuries of the Kymoodon Era, the Hutt attack on the colony was successful, and the enslaved settlers were brought to Affavan. Instead of the Belascoan militia, however, they were followed to the Hutt planet by the Sector Ranger Novan Nune, who fought as a gladiator in Affavan's arenas to secure the colonists' release and afterward returned to Parcovey Minor in order to defeat the Hutt kajidic responsible for the raid.[4]

One-hundred-and-nineteen years after the release of the holodrama, the fragmentary remains of the Belascoan archive report were discovered. This allowed Academician of Popular Studies Thunys Albegron to remark on the differences and the similarities between the historical and fictionalized versions of the events on Parcovey Minor and Affavan during the Obroa-Skai Conference on Popular Entertainment in the year 6 ABY.[4]


Affavan was a gambling world that was considered seedy, and it was frequented by Hutt servant species as well as members of the t'landa Til species. Hutts could also be seen on the planet, though they usually represented the lowly H'uun caste or the Shell Hutt clan.[2] Affavan lay within the Shell Hutts' sphere of influence.[3]

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Affavan was first mentioned in The Essential Atlas, a 2009 reference book co-authored by Jason Fry and Daniel Wallace, which placed the planet in grid square S-12.[2]


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