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"Your father would be proud of who you've become."
"Ah, my father had maybe seen me once since my spawning. His focus was elsewhere. But I knew him. I studied every battle--every victory."
―Leia Organa and Aftab Ackbar on Gial Ackbar[src]

Aftab Ackbar was a Mon Calamari male who was the son of Admiral Gial Ackbar.[1] In the aftermath of the Battle of Crait, he became an associate of the Resistance which he supplied with a number of starships from Mon Cala.[2] Aftab only saw his father Gial once after his spawning as the parent's focus was elsewhere. However, Aftab felt he knew the Rebel as he studied his father's military service.[1]

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Aftab Ackbar was first mentioned in the 2019 junior novel Spark of the Resistance.[2] He was first pictured on the cover for Allegiance 1, illustrated by Marco Checchetto, though did not appear in the comic itself.[3]



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