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The Mon Calamari male Aftab Ackbar utilized an MC95 Star Cruiser during the war between the First Order and the Resistance in 34 ABY. The Star Cruiser was the flagship of the Mon Cala fleet when the First Order arrived to destroy the fleeing Resistance operatives and make an example of the planet Mon Cala. Onboard the cruiser, Ackbar ordered the Mon Cala fleet to enter hyperspace right then or lose the battle. Together with the rest of the fleet, the cruiser was instrumental in rebuilding the Resistance navy.


The MC95 Star Cruiser featured a hyperdrive and an engine. The cruiser also had two docking bays.[1]


"We must hit the hyperdrive now or else this will be the shortest battle in the history of Mon Cala!"
―Ackbar ordering the fleet to escape from the First Order.[src]

The Star Cruiser used by the Mon Calamari male Aftab Ackbar, was the flagship of a fleet of starships located on the planet Mon Cala, serving under the rule of the Mon Cala monarchy.[1] In 34 ABY,[2] during the First Order-Resistance War, Ackbar's starship participated in an escape from the planet during the closing stages of a mission on the planet by the Resistance. After the First Order arrived to punish the inhabitants of Mon Cala for siding with the Resistance and giving them the starships needed to rebuild the Resistance navy, Ackbar led the fleet from aboard his cruiser. Noting that they had a short window of escape, Ackbar ordered the ships to immediately enter hyperspace or risk participating in the "shortest battle in the history of Mon Cala." The fleet subsequently joined the Resistance and its navy and became an integral part of its rebuilding.[1]

Commanders and crew[]

"General Nossor Ri bought us a window... but the rest of the First Order will be on us in seconds!"
―Aftab Ackbar realizing the fleet could escape[src]

The cruiser was commanded by Aftab Ackbar,[1] who was the son of the late veteran Admiral Gial Ackbar.[3] When the Mon Cala fleet prepared to escape the planet from the attacking First Order forces, Ackbar realized that they had a window of escape after Quarren Chieftain Nossor Ri bought the fleet time. Commanding the fleet from his chair inside the cruiser, Ackbar ordered the vessels to escape before the remaining First Order forces arrived.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Ackbar's starship misdrawn as an MC85 Star Cruiser

The MC95 Star Cruiser appeared in the fourth issue of Marvel Comics' Star Wars: Allegiance mini-series. The comic was written by Ethan Sacks, illustrated by Luke Ross,[1] and published on October 30, 2019.[4] In one panel, the ship was erroneously depicted as an MC85 Star Cruiser.[1]


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