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"The Clone War may have ended, but a civil war is about to begin."
―Saw Gerrera, to Clone Force 99[3]

"Aftermath" is the pilot episode of the animated web-television series Star Wars: The Bad Batch. It premiered on May 4, 2021,[1] exclusively on Disney+.

Official description[]

The clones of The Bad Batch find themselves in a changing galaxy after The Clone Wars.

Plot summary[]

Separatists pushed to the brink!
Republic forces continue to mount
victories on battlefronts across the
galaxy. After the Jedi Knights thwarted
an attempt to kidnap Chancellor Palpatine,
the evil droid general Grievous retreated
to the Outer Rim. With his legions of
battle droids severely depleted, Grievous
mounts a desperate and brutal counterattack
across several star systems. We find
Republic clone troopers locked in deadly
combat on the besieged world of Kaller.
Led by Jedi Master Depa Billaba, they
struggle to hold their position as they
wait for reinforcements to arrive....

Rescue on Kaller[]

On Kaller, clone troopers and AT-TE walkers are locked in combat against advancing B1-series battle droids and Armored Assault Tanks. Clone Captain Grey takes shelter with Jedi Master Depa Billaba. He expresses pessimism about the commander, but Billaba reassures him that her Padawan will be back. Caleb Dume soon arrives after traveling through the snow. When his Master asks where the reinforcements are, her apprentice reassures her that they are right behind him.

When Grey and Billaba press him for more information, Dume tells them that they have five reinforcements. Grey believes they are doomed but the young Jedi reassures him that these clones are different. Just then, a large boulder rolls down the hill, crushing and scattering a column of battle droids. The Bad Batch takes advantage of this distraction to ambush the battle droids. Sergeant Hunter uses his vibroblade to take out droids while Tech plants devices on droids which short-circuits them. Crosshair takes out battle droids with his gun from an entrenched position.

Watching through a pair of macrobinoculars, Captain Grey realizes that the reinforcements are Clone Force 99. As Wrecker and Echo smash through the ranks of battle droids, Hunter tells Crosshair to take out the AATs. Crosshair fires cables to each of the tanks, attaching them to one another. After all of them are linked, Wrecker uses his strength to begin to push the column of tanks. A battle droid commander tells his troops to activate the hovertanks' stabilizers but is electrocuted by Tech's projectile. Captain Grey and the Jedi watch as Wrecker throws the tanks down a cliff. Tech destroys the remaining droids with explosives. Hunter removes his helmet as the squad walks towards Captain Grey and the Jedi. The last remaining droid tells Wrecker to surrender but has his head ripped off.

Approaching the trench, Hunter tells Captain Grey and Master Billaba to launch a counter-attack since another droid battalion is approaching. Grey tells Hunter that Jedi General Billaba is the one who gives the orders around here. Concurring with Hunter, Billaba orders Grey and his men to launch the counter-attack.

As the two Jedi leave their entrenchment to further converse with the elite clone squad, Wrecker greets Dume, telling the Padawan that he missed "all the fun." Caleb says that watching his team in action was the fun. Master Billaba asks about his "new friends," at which point Caleb introduces her to Wrecker, Hunter, Echo, Tech, and Crosshair. While Master Billaba does not share Caleb's sense of fun, she is quite impressed with their exploits. Wrecker is bemused by Billaba's use of the word "exploits" but Crosshair tells him not to worry about it. When Billaba asks about her "actual" reinforcements, Hunter explains that they have been rerouted to the capital. Wrecker comments that Clone Force 99 is all she needs. Tech says based on his calculations, the General may not need them because the Clone Wars will soon be over. Captain Grey tells him to tell that to the "clankers."

Citing the encrypted comm chatter, Tech explains that Jedi General Obi-Wan Kenobi has found and engaged General Grievous on Utapau. Echo believes that if Kenobi captures or kills Grievous, the Separatist command structure will collapse along with the Separatist Droid Army. Billaba dismisses this as a fascinating theory that they have little control over.

She suggests that they focus on the task at hand. Hunter asks if she has any orders and tells the rest of his squad to get to work; Wrecker cheers. Master Billaba asks Caleb if they should let them "do what they do." Caleb agrees but says only if he gets to go with them. Hunter jokingly warns Caleb that they move fast. Wrecker expresses his fondness for the Padawan before departing with the rest of his squad.

Order 66[]


Grey executes Order 66 on Billaba

After Clone Force 99 leaves, Master Billaba senses that something is amiss, she turns to witness Captain Grey receiving a hologram of Supreme Chancellor Sheev Palpatine issuing Order 66. Captain Grey shuts the hologram and then suddenly opens fire on Billaba. As Caleb rushes to the battle, he senses trouble and finds Master Billaba defending herself with her lightsaber against Captain Grey and several clone troopers. Calling his master's name, Caleb rushes to help with his lightsaber while Clone Force 99 stop in their tracks and turn back to watch the unfolding confrontation.

Seeing her apprentice, Master Billaba tells him to run. A distraught Caleb complies and leaves as Captain Grey and his troops converge on Master Billaba, who fights valiantly but is ultimately overwhelmed and killed. Caleb flashes his lightsaber at Clone Force 99 as they approach him, telling them to stay away from him. The Bad Batch tries to follow the boy but he vanishes over the brow of a snow-covered hill.

Echo asks his brothers what happened. Tech explains to him that the comm chatter is only transmitting one message: "Execute Order 66." Wrecker asks about Order 66 but Tech does not know. Hunter tells Tech and Echo to check with the commander to find out what is going on. Hunter tells Crosshair to help him find Caleb so as to make sure that nothing happens to him. Before leaving, Hunter tells Wrecker to stall anyone who tries to follow them.

Hunter and Crosshair trudge down a snow-covered slope, entering a dense snowy forest. They notice a disturbance of snow from a tree. Reaching a boulder, Crosshair spots Caleb hiding in the branches of a tree above. Hunter tells Caleb that they are there to help but Crosshair attempts to snipe the kid, leading the Padawan to think Hunter is lying. He leaps across the branches, fearing for his life. Hunter, exasperated, questions Crosshair about his actions. The clone trooper simply replies, "following orders." Hunter responds that they know nothing about Order 66 and orders him to stand down until they know more. Hunter storms off while Crosshair mumbles to himself "good soldiers follow orders."

Meanwhile, Wrecker is approached by three clone troopers who inquire about the Padawan. Wrecker claims Hunter is handling him but the clone troopers are unsatisfied with his response and inform him they have direct orders from the Chancellor himself. Wrecker reiterates that Hunter is handling it. Not willing to waste any more of their time, the clone troopers order him to step aside as they rush down the hill. Wrecker warns Hunter that the regular clone troopers are headed his way.

Tech informs Hunter via comlink that the regular clone troopers have received orders to execute all Jedi under the pretext that they have committed treason. Crosshair believes this explains things but Hunter disagrees. Tech suggests that Hunter return but the sergeant declines as he is still seeking the Padawan.

Just then, Crosshair spots the young Jedi perched on a branch and shoots it out from beneath him, causing Caleb to fall hard onto the snow. He gets up, ignites his lightsaber, and charges at the sharpshooter as he continues firing. Crosshair ignores Hunter's orders to stand down. Caleb deflects uses his lightsaber to deflect the blaster bolts before slashing the rifle and knocking it the from the marksman's hands. He then delivers a kick that throws Crosshair against a tree, temporarily incapacitating him. Dume flashes his lightsaber in front of Hunter, who tries to de-escalate the situation by throwing down his weapon. Approaching the Padawan, he reassures Caleb that he is on his side, but Caleb refuses to trust the clone trooper. Dume flees into the forest but reaches a slope overlooking a sheer cliff-face; he sees a waterfall to his right. Hunter approaches him but Caleb tells him to stay back. Taking off his helmet, Hunter urges Caleb to listen. A distraught and confused Caleb recalls that the clones killed Master Billaba but Hunter says that it was the regular clones who did, adding that he is equally confused by it all.

Meanwhile, Crosshair gets to his feet. Hunter approaches Caleb but the Padawan again tells him to stay back. Hunter offers his hand but Caleb only holds his blade tighter. Hearing voices in the forest, Caleb uses the Force to leap over to the other side of the gorge, much to Hunter's dismay. Hunter watches as Caleb deactivates his lightsaber and runs off into the woods on the other side. When Crosshair arrives and asks about the Jedi, Hunter claims that he stunned Caleb who fell to his death in the waterfall. After inspecting the bottom of the waterfall with his helmet scanner, Crosshair doubts that Caleb perished and leaves while the three regular clone troopers survey the scene.


Later, Clone Force 99 travel on their ship the Marauder to Kamino. Wrecker remarks that it is good to be home. When Echo asks how long they have been away, Tech replies that they have been away for 180 rotations in a standard cycle but that galactic adjusted changes put that figure at 205. Wrecker is confused but Echo says they have been away a long time, which Wrecker agrees.

Meanwhile, Crosshair eyes Hunter, asking him if he is sure the Padawan died. Hunter states that the Padawan died, before Crosshair retorts that they look down and not sideways. Hunter retorts back saying that not everyone enjoys killing people.

As the Marauder enters Kamino's stormy surface, two V-wing starfighters fly side by side and request their clearance code. Echo is surprised while Tech thinks this is a protocol drill. After confirming their clearance code, the pilot orders them to land at landing bay one-tac-one. The Marauder descends towards Tipoca City and lands in a hangar.

The squad file out of the ship, carrying their helmets in their arms. While clone troopers service the Marauder, a squad of crimson-striped clone shock troopers march through the hangar. Hunter wonders why the Coruscant Guard is on Kamino. Over the comlink, the announcer announces that a Level 5 lockdown remains in place and orders the security teams to report to the command center. Tech realizes this isn't a drill while Wrecker wonders what they missed.

A shock trooper quartermaster approaches and informs the group that General Grievous was defeated on Utapau and the Separatist leadership has collapsed, signifying the end of the war, much to Wrecker's surprise. Just then, another two clones pass by with a covered, body-laden stretcher, before a lightsaber falls from the hand of what is now obviously a dead Jedi, catching Hunter's attention. The shock trooper picks up the lightsaber and asks Hunter if there's a problem, who states that there isn't and orders the group to the barracks. The shock trooper tells them not to stay in too long as there is a mandatory meeting for all clones at 1500 hours.

Clone Force 99 enters their barracks, which Echo finds smelly. Hunter says that he will get used to it. While relaxing around the table, Wrecker says that they have completed 11 more successful missions. Echo says that Kaller wasn't a win. Wrecker disagrees but Crosshair says they have not completed every objective.

Crosshair accuses Hunter of letting the "Jedi kid" escape. Hunter responds that he doesn't think that executing their commanders is a mission objective. Crosshair counters that an order is an order. Hunter asks since when and the two clones lock eyes. Echo opines that nothing makes sense since General Billaba's clone troopers had served alongside her for several years. He wonders what would make them turn on her. Tech thinks this is because of the regulars' programming. When Hunter inquires about the matter, Tech explains that the Kaminoans inhibited the cognitive functions of clones to engineer them to follow orders without question. Wrecker says that they don't before putting his arm around Crosshair.

Tech says that the Bad Batch is different since the Kaminoans manipulating pre-existing aberrations in their DNA, resulting in Wrecker's brute strength, Crosshair's sharpshooting skills, Hunter's enhances senses and Tech's exceptional mind. He believes that they are immune to the effects of the programming but is uncertain about it.

When Hunter asks about Echo, Echo wonders why he did not react like the others. Tech explains that the damage that Echo sustained on Skako Minor most likely wiped out most of his present behavioral modifications, making him a cyborg. Echo sarcastically says "Lucky me." The intercom orders all clone troopers to assemble in the staging area for a briefing on the state of the Republic. Hunter says this is one meeting he doesn't want to miss. Tech says first time for everything.

A New Order[]

Bad batch trailer highlights

Clone Force 99 meets Omega

At the staging area, the clone troopers stand at attention as Palpatine delivers a speech claiming that the Jedi rebellion has been foiled. He adds that the remaining Jedi will be hunted down and defeated. Palpatine says that the attempt on his life has left him scarred and deformed. Wrecker quips while Tech takes notes. Palpatine claims that his resolve has never been stronger.

Hunter looks up at the gallery and catches the eye of a small, blonde-haired human girl. Tech asks what is going on. When he looks again, the girl is gone. Meanwhile, Palpatine announces the reorganization of the Republic into the first Galactic Empire in order to ensure the security and continuing stability. Echo expresses surprise while Palpatine talks about establishing a "safe and secure society." As the regular clone troopers begin cheering and lifting their arms, Tech observes that his theory has been confirmed.

Later, Clone Force 99 return to their barracks. When Echo comments about the change in regime, Crosshair opines that it doesn't make a difference what regime they are serving. Tech says that the systematic extermination of the Jedi is a big difference for him. Hunter notices that they have company.

The squad turn to face the same small blond-haired human girl that Hunter saw during the briefing. Wrecker asks about the subject while Tech determines the person to be an adolescent human female with unknown origins. The girl identifies herself as Omega and says that she was wondering when they would return. Hunter asks if she knows who they are as Omega names the members of Clone Force 99.

When Hunter asks what she is doing, a female Kaminoan Nala Se responds that Omega is her assistant. She says that Omega has a curious mind that causes her to wander. She leads Omega away into a hallway. Hunter remarks that this day keeps getting weirder and weirder.

Imperial tidings[]

Later, an Imperial shuttle flanked by two V-wings lands inside a hangar. Two rows of clone troopers stand at attention. Admiral and Governor Wilhuff Tarkin descends down the shuttle's gangplank accompanied by four armed Clone shock troopers. Tarkin is ushered into a meeting with Kaminoan Prime Minister Lama Su.

Lama Su is surprised by the news that Tarkin brings since Chancellor Palpatine has always supported their cloning advancements in the past. Tarkin explains that Emperor Palpatine's priorities have changed. With the War at an end, the need for future clones is in question. Lama Su reminds Tarkin that their contracts stipulate the continued production of clone troopers.

Tarkin counters that Kamino's contracts were with the Republic, which no longer exists. Lama Su brings up the precarious state of the newly formed Empire and that clone troopers will be needed to enforce order in the galaxy. Tarkin agrees but opines that conscripted soldiers could provide this service at half the cost. Lama Su vouches for the skill and accuracy of their clone troopers over any recruited body. Tarkin responds that he will be the judge of that, before strolling out of the meeting.

Food fight[]

Omega watches several clone troopers eating in a mess hall. Hunter eavesdrops on other clone troopers chatting about Admiral Tarkin's recent visit to Kamino and his plans to evaluate the soldiers. At Clone Force 99's table, Wrecker vows that nothing will control him. Tech says that it is a logical conclusion that his affinity for destruction stems from his conditioning. Wrecker disagrees but Tech says he is merely stating a scientific hypothesis based on factual data. Wrecker counters that he likes to blow things up because he likes to blow things up. He slams his fists on the table and waves his finger angrily at Tech.

Crosshair remarks that he is convinced as Hunter joins them. Hunter tells them that an Imperial has been sent to evaluate the clones. When Echo asks what type of evaluation, Tech hopes that it is not a mental one since they won't pass it. They are joined by Omega, who reminds them of their earlier meeting in the corridor.

When Hunter asks if she has someplace to be, Omega says that she wants to sit with them. This heartens both Tech and Echo. Omega says she likes them because she is a misfit. Hunter asks what she is doing on Kamino and whether she has family and parents, which confuses Omega because she's a clone. At that moment, a passing regular clone trooper mockingly remarks that the "defect squad" has a new recruit, and he dismisses them as the "Sad Batch."

Omega hurls some of her food at the troublesome clone and demands that he apologize to her friends. Wrecker is impressed by her boldness. The regular clone trooper tries to bully Omega but Hunter tells him to keep moving. Walking away, the clone trooper tells Omega to know her place as a "lab scrabber." When his back is turned, Wrecker throws his whole tray at the troublesome clone trooper, causing a food fight.

Hunter punches one of the regular clone troopers. Crosshair tries to keep to himself and eat his meal, while Echo throws some punches but gets thrown into Crosshair's dinner. Crosshair is annoyed and joins the fight, hitting multiple clones with his tray. Wrecker throws a soldier across the table while Echo fights off another clone trooper. From above the gallery, Admiral Tarkin and a Kaminoan watch the fight disapprovingly. Echo is hit on the head by a tray and blacks out.

Deviant, not defective[]

Later, Echo awakes to hear a medical droid informing Omega that she has been assigned by Mistress Nala Se to the sub-level medical wing. The medical droid orders her to leave but Omega insists on staying till Echo wakes up. Echo awakes to find AZI-3 conducting tests on his head and panics. The droid tells him that his tests are not yet complete.

Omega calms Echo down, telling him that she understands his dislike at being hooked up to machines. When the droid addressed Echo as CT-1409, Omega reminds him that his name is Echo. The droid introduces himself as AZI-345211896246498721347, his assigned medical droid.

The clones are soon joined by the rest of Clone Force 99. Wrecker is pleased that Echo is alive and point at Crosshair that he owe him two credits. AZI-3 informs them that CT-1409 is stable but breaks the news that the squad appear to be genetically defective clones. Wrecker raises an eyebrow at Tech who frowns. The medical droid leaves them to process the news.

Echo says they have a problem but Tech disagrees, saying that they are more deviant than defective. Echo is concerned about the presence of Admiral Tarkin, who is evaluating the clones. Tech asks if this is the same Tarkin from the Citadel mission which led to Echo's injuries which turned him into a cyborg. Echo confirms it and warns that Tarkin is not a big supporter of clones. Hunter informs them that they have been summoned by Prime Minister Lama Su.

Wrecker quips about the mess hall fight while Hunter leads them to the meeting. Omega offers to go since she was involved in the fight but Hunter insists that she not follow them, saying that their squad is trouble. He tells her to keep a distance. Omega looks sad.

Battle simulation[]

In the hallway, the clone shock trooper quartmaster tells the Bad Batch that the training facility is the other way. He informs Hunter that Admiral Tarkin has summoned the squad for a battle simulation. Tech asks if they are not being reprimanded. The shock trooper quartermaster responds with a no and says they are being tested so he sends them on their way to gear up. Wrecker wonders if they are not in trouble and thinks that the Empire is not so bad since they want them to fight more.

While Admiral Tarkin and Prime Minister Lama Su watch from a balcony, the Bad Batch enter the training facility through a ramp. Tarkin informs them that the value of all clone troopers is being challenged by the Empire. To demonstrate their effectiveness, he says that a combat proficiency test is in order. He orders the clones to take their position.

Hunter gets the squad to assume positions. Under Tarkin's orders, the Kaminoans activate several floating droids equipped with laser arms. Automated turrets are also unleashed on Clone Force 99. The squad take cover behind several crates. Hunter sends Crosshair to take out the tower while the other squad members take on the floating droids. Climbing one of the towers, Crosshair takes out the various gun emplacements with his rifle. Tarkin watches with interest from above.

Wrecker slides down a basin with the other clones following. They take cover behind blocks and exchange fire with the floating droids. Growing impatient, Wrecker charges into the fray and takes out several droids with his fists and blasting. After taking out the last droid, Wrecker asks Tarkin and Lama Su what they got and demands more.

Watching the simulation from above, Tarkin tells Prime Minister Lama Su that if the Galactic Empire is to be stronger than the Republic which preceded it, its soldiers must follow suit. He orders the Prime Minister to switch to live fire. Lama Su protests and says that live rounds could damage his clones and facility. Tarkin reassures him that he will be fully compensated and reiterates his order, albeit more harshly.

Lama Su nods to an assistant, who summons two armored training droids. Wrecker fires at the droids but his blaster has no effect on their armor. He tries to ram one of them but the droid hurls him across the room. The second droid opens fire on Wrecker, wounding him.

Hunter and the other clones realize that the new training droids are using live rounds. While Hunter and Echo deal with the new droids, Tech aids the wounded Wrecker and drags him to safety behind a block. Crosshair shoots at the droid but his blaster bolts also have no effect on their armor. The droids return fire. Crosshair joins up with his comrades as two more droids enter through trapdoors. A third pair of battle droids are brought up.

Hunter, Echo and Crosshair retreat behind a block while Tech and Wrecker shelter behind another. Realizing that their training blaster are no match for the new battle droids, Hunter decides to improvise. He whistles over to Wrecker and makes hand gestures. Wrecker grumbles but Tech has memorized them and understands the messages. He reminds Wrecker to do what they did on Felucia.

Understanding the plan, Wrecker gives Hunter a hand gesture and moves out. Hunter and Crosshair exchange fire with the droids while Echo runs circles around the droids. Wrecker wrestles with one droid while Echo jumps on the back of its companion. Echo damages the head of his droid while Wrecker and Hunter subdue their droid. Tech begins reprogramming the disabled droid.

Above, Admiral Tarkin observes and realizes the clones are using unconventional tactics. Lama Su explains that the clones of Clone Force 99 have a tendency to veer from standard combat protocol which impresses Tarkin. Meanwhile, Tech manages to reprogram their captured battle droid. While riding the reprogrammed droid, Tech uses the terminal on his arm to command the reprogram droid to take out the other droids.

Hunter eliminates one of the stragglers with his blade and slices the hand blasters off another, allowing his comrades to take it down. Wrecker subdues one and throws a second to the ground. Tech's droid is soon shot down by one of the remaining battle droids. Hunter throws his blade at the droid but comes under fire. While the other clones stay down, Wrecker flings a knife into the air. The waiting Crosshair then shoots it inside the head of the last battle droid, causing it to malfunction and collapse to its knees.

Hunter thanks the team for their work. Tarkin watches with disbelief before exiting the chamber with Lama Su. The Bad Batch stand triumphantly in the simulator room.

A question of loyalty[]

Later, Tarkin visits a Clone incubation chamber where several clone fetuses lie in incubation tanks. While Nala Se is impressed by the clones, Tarkin says that remains to be seen and asks to be told about Clone Force 99. She explains they are genetically defective clones whose cellular mutations enhance traits desirable in a soldier. Omega also watches.

When he asks how many of these enhanced clones the Kaminoans possess, Nala Se replies that five are all that remain. Lama Su opines that they could be an asset to the new Empire. Tarkin counters that they exhibit a concerning level of disobedience and disregard for orders. Nala Se says this is a side effect of their mutation while Lama Su adds that this has not hindered the completion of their missions.

Tarkin then asks if they executed Order 66. Believing General Billaba and Padawan Dume to be dead on Kaller, Lama Su assumes that the Clones are reliable. Tarkin points out that only Billaba's death has been confirmed and that a counter-report filed by one of their own says the Padawan escaped. Tarkin wants to test the loyalty of these clone troopers and walks out of the room. Omega is visibly anxious.

Clone Force 99 return to their barracks. Wrecker is incensed that the Kaminoan cloners and Tarkin used live rounds on them. Echo responds that he tried to warn them about Tarkin. Wrecker demands to know who Tarkin is while Crosshair says that people get shot all the time. Tech says there is a fundamental difference between been shot in battle and being used for target practice. Wrecker adds they are not "dummy droids."

Tarkin agrees and enters with two clone shock troopers. Hunter sheathes his knife while the squad stands to attention. Tarkin claims he was impressed and says that the Empire may have some unorthodox methods but so does Clone Force 99, which he says has merits. Tarkin is aware that Nala Se speaks highly of her five enhanced clones and claims they are more capable than an army.

Tarkin informs Clone Force 99 that he has a mission for them after being asked by Hunter. The Empire has tracked a group of insurgents to the Onderon sector and says they must be dealt with. When Echo asks about the insurgents, Tarkin claims that they are Separatist forces seeking to keep the galaxy at war. If they eliminate this grave threat, Tarkin promises to have them be looked upon most favorably as he assesses the needs of the Imperial Army. Tarkin and his guards stroll out.


Later in the hangar, Tech prepares the Marauder for flight. He exits the ship and asks Echo if he has found more information about the rebels. Echo says he has been unsuccessful since Imperial files have been locked down tight. Tech asks Echo for the files and promises to crack them.

Wrecker remarks that the Empire loves firepower and says that the squad should see the new armory. Crosshair says that Wrecker cried but Wrecker snipes at him that they both did. Tech says there is not enough room aboard for more ammunition but Wrecker is stubborn. Tech does not want any explosives near his rack. Crosshair boards the ship.

As Hunter enters the hangar bay, Omega calls to him. Hunter reminds her that he told her to keep her distance. Omega says she needed to talk to him and warns him that Tarkin has it "out for him." She confides that she heard Tarkin talking to Lama Su and warns that the Imperial officer doesn't like Clones. Hunter says this is nothing new and that they get the job done.

Omega tells Hunter that she does not trust Tarkin. Hunter says that it is just another mission and nothing to worry about. Omega asks to come along. Hunter replies that she is not a soldier and that it will be dangerous for her. Omega responds that it is dangerous here on Kamino and that they need to leave. Hunter reassures her that it takes time to get used to change before walking away. Omega tries to tell Hunter something but decides not to.

When Crosshair asks if there is a problem, Hunter says that there is something about Omega he can't figure out. Omega waves goodbye while Crosshair quips that Hunter doesn't understand kids. As Clone Force 99 takes off in their ship, Nala Se tells Omega to come along, reminding her that she told her to stay close. Omega follows her mistress.

Mission to Onderon[]

The Marauder exits hyperspace and approaches Onderon. The ship lands in a jungle clearing under the cover of night and the clones disembark. Several saurian creatures scatter in the clearing. Hearing the roar of creatures, Echo asks what that was. Tech replies that he doesn't want to know. Wrecker says that at least it was not a swamp. Crosshair quips that it could be worse. Hunter informs the squad that the Separatist encampment is two klicks south. He tells them that they will travel on foot and do a perimeter scan. He warns Wrecker that they have to be covert.

When Wrecker grumbles about not blowing things up, Tech tells him that his programming is kicking in. This annoys Wrecker. Tech leads the squad through the jungle using a scanner. Tech finds something is blocking his scanner. Hunter thinks that the "clankers" are blocking their sensors and takes the lead.

After navigating their way through the thick jungle, they reach a trench overlooking a campsite in the forest. Tech informs Hunter that he spots 25 heat signatures ahead but no droids. Crosshair reminds Tech that Tarkin specified insurgents rather than droids. Echo says he is not sure if they are insurgents since there are children among them. Hunter looks through the macrobinoculars and agrees that something is not right.

Crosshair however is still determined to proceed with mission and tells Hunter to give the order to shoot. Hunter orders the squad to stand down. Wrecker asks if they are not blasting any droids. Tech points out that there aren't any battle droids to shoot. Wrecker asks what they should do. Crosshair insists on continuing with the mission but Hunter tells him they are not alone and orders him to stand down.

Crosshair complies. Clone Force 99 finds themselves surrounded by several Onderon insurgents. Their leader orders the clones to stand down. Hunter tells his men that they will hear them out and to trust him. The squad lower their weapons and raise their hands.

Defying orders[]

Clone Force 99 is then led into the camp by armed insurgents. Several of the local children duck. Echo recognizes the insurgents as Republic fighters. Tech asks why Tarkin would send them down to attack their own forces. The insurgent leader says because they refuse to fight for the Empire. Tech recognizes the man as Saw Gerrera, who had been trained by Captain Rex and Jedi General Anakin Skywalker to fight for the Republic.

A masked soldier confiscates Hunter's blaster and hands it over to Saw, who steps towards them and inspects it. Gerrera is surprised that the newly formed Empire sent them to wipe him and his men out. Hunter explains that they were sent to wipe out a group of insurgents. Gerrera asks if Clone Force 99 is going to strike them down like the Jedi.

Crosshair asks if it is a request. Hunter intervenes and says that he did not expect to be sent to kill civilians. Gerrera remarks that times and targets change. He asks the Clones to look at the insurgents that they had been sent to destroy, which include several women and children. Gerrera tells Hunter to consider what else their leaders had been lying about.

Saw orders the insurgents and civilians to pack up. He then speaks to the children. When Hunter asks who these people are, Gerrera explains that they are villagers, croppers, former Republic fighters, who have been displaced since Palpatine unjustly appointed himself Emperor. Tech says that reports state that the Jedi made an attempt on Palpatine's life and that his actions had been a defensive measure.

Gerrera responds that he assumed Tech was the smart one. With the Jedi gone and the Clone Army under his control, Saw says that Palpatine will have control over the entire galaxy unless they stop him. Crosshair responds that the war is over. Gerrera says that if they give up now, everything they fought for and everyone they lost will have been for nothing. He adds that the Clone Wars may have ended, but a Civil War is about to begin.

Hunter opines that a handful of fighters with limited firepower don't stand a chance. Saw responds that alone they don't. Another insurgent tells Gerrera that they need to leave to make a rendezvous. He asks what they should do with the prisoners. Saw replies that the Clones once helped them free Onderon and decides to give them a choice. He offers them the choice of adapting to change or dying with the past. Saw returns Hunter's weapon and then looks him straight in the eye before switching off the last lamp. The squad watches in silence as the insurgents abandon the campsite and travel into the jungle. As they turn to leave, the squad is watched by a Viper probe droid.

While traveling back to their ship, Tech opines that with the Republic they at least knew where they stood. He says that Tarkin and the Empire are a different story. Crosshair asks why they are debating this and says that they need to complete the mission. Echo tells Crosshair to wake up, since the Empire sent them to kill innocent civilians. Crosshair asks who says they are innocent. Hunter asks what is wrong with Crosshair, who replies that he is following orders. Crosshair says that the insurgents are enemies of the Empire and questions Hunter's fitness to lead the squad. The two comrades cross eyes aggressively.

Hunter senses movement and shoots down a probe droid in a nearby tree. He warns they are being followed. The clones inspect the wrecked probe droid and realize that Tarkin is spying on them. One of the clones comments that the Jedi never spied on them. Hunter realizes that Omega had been trying to warn them about Tarkin. As they board the ship, Hunter recalls Omega's warning that it is not safe to return to Kamino. Wrecker thinks that she is right.

When Crosshair grumbles that they are listening to a child, Tech replies that a state of enhanced awareness is not unusual for an enhanced clone like Omega. Wrecker concurs with Tech. Tech also recalls that Nala Se spoke of five clones and that Tarkin assumed that he meant them but Echo is a regular. Tech says that Omega is the fifth, having analyzed her DNA while they were in the infirmary.

Wrecker is upset that Tech delayed mentioning it. Before climbing aboard the ship, Crosshair asks if Hunter is disobeying orders over a "kid." Hunter brushes him aside and climbs the gangplank. Before boarding the ship, he tells Crosshair that Omega is one of them and that they are not leaving her behind. Crosshair sulks but boards the ship.

Traitors to the Empire[]

Back on Kamino, Omega visits Clone Force 99's quarters with AZI. She is curious about their armaments but AZI dismisses this as junk and reminds Omega that she has chores with Nala Se. Omega manages to distract AZI by telling him that they were sent here on a research assignment. While the droid browses through the clones' personal belongings, Omega takes an interest in a tooka doll belonging to Wrecker and inspects a tablet under one of their bunks. She sees a photo of the Bad Batch.

AZI is startled by the severed head of a B1 battle droid and concludes the room is unfit for habitation. Just then, a Clone shock trooper bursts into the room. He tells Omega she is not authorized to be here. He orders his men to pack up the Clone troopers' gear and grabs Omega's arm, telling her to come to him. AZI protests that they are Kaminoan medical personnel but the shock trooper stuns the droid, electrocuting him. He then drags a distraught Omega away.

Shortly later, the Marauder exits hyperspace and enters Kamino's rainy atmosphere. Tech is concerned they are not receiving communications from comscan, which he finds unusual. Hunter resolves to find out what is going on. Tech lands the ship on an outdoor landing platform and the crew descend from the ship.

Outside the hangar door, Hunter tells the Clones to split up, find Omega and meet him back at the ship. After opening the doors, the Bad Batch enter the hangar. The Bad Batch soon find themselves surrounded by several Clone shock troopers. Crosshair sneers that this is expected.

Shortly later, Admiral Tarkin arrives. He tells Hunter that the Empire does not tolerate failure. Hunter says there were complications. Tarkin responds that the probe droid reported that the squad were conspiring with Saw Gerrera, making them traitors to the Empire. Tarkin orders that the squad be thrown into the brig. The five troopers are promptly marched into a cell that is protected by a force field.

Wrecker grumbles that the room smells weird with Echo adding that this is because it is clean. Tech says their plan was not a total failure and motions towards Omega, who has also been sent to the brig. Omega says that she warned them not to come back. Hunter says that they had to because they were looking for her. He asks if she wants to come with them or if they got captured for nothing.

Omega is surprised that they came back for her and clarifies that she said that she wanted to come with them. Crosshair sneeringly remarks that this is touching. Crosshair suggests that Hunter explain when he went soft. Echo tells him to stop it. Crosshair blames Hunter's leadership for getting them into trouble. Tech says that he has no issue with disobeying orders, with Wrecker piping up that they do it all the time.

Crosshair angrily responds that good soldiers follow orders and tells Hunter that every decision he has made since Kaller has been wrong, citing the Padawan and Gerrera. Hunter says that they can debate his choices later and tells Crosshair that they should focus on getting out of here. While Hunter studies their captors guarding the cell, Omega reaches out to Crosshair and sits beside him.

Sensing that he is angry, she pleads with Crosshair not to do what he is going to do. Omega tells him that she knows that he can't help it because of who he is. Crosshair eyes her sharply. A shock trooper enters the cell and tells them that CT-9904 is coming with them. Hunter insists that they stay together but the shock trooper whacks him in the stomach with a rifle. The second trooper orders the rest to stand down while Crosshair is led out of the cell.

Crosshair's operation[]

In an operating chamber, Crosshair is placed inside a scanning machine by two droids. The scanning machine scans his skull. Nala Se supervises the operation in a separate chamber with Tarkin watching. She observes that CT-9904's genetic mutations have altered much of his cranial activity including his inhibitor chip.

Tarkin points out that he still exhibited loyalty to the Empire during his mission with his squad. Nala Se observes that while the chip is not as active as a standard clone, the order appears to be working. Tarkin asks her if she can intensify the programming and Nala Se confirms it. Two machines unleash a wave of lasers on Crosshair's head, causing him to wince and tense up in pain. Tarkin is visibly pleased.

Prison break[]

While the Bad Batch and Omega wait in their cell, Tech realizes that their cell is a modified facility which was not designed to hold someone like Wrecker. Wrecker realizes that he can punch his way out. Tech explains that they must punch the correct spot. Echo, Hunter and Omega stand up while Tech searches for a weak point in the wall of the holding cell. He points out the weak spot to Wrecker.

Shortly later, a third shock trooper enters the holding area to speak to the guards. At Hunter's signal Wrecker punches the wall. The guards are initially distracted but return to gaze at their datapad. Wrecker is frustrated that his punch doesn't have an effect. Wrecker punches again and dislodges a panel. Omega volunteers to sneak out through the hatch and head to the console to lower the ray shield. The other clones cover the gap.

A Clone shock trooper asks where Omega is. Hunter warns them not to harm the girl. Another shock trooper requests a status report on prisoner 0219. Omega crawls through the ventilation shaft. When she makes a noise while stepping on the metal, Wrecker covers for her and claims that the floors are creaking because they are not designed for abnormal individuals like himself. The guard asks what is behind him but Wrecker claims it is nothing.

The Clone shock trooper orders him to move away from the wall but Wrecker objects. The second shock trooper receives a message that Omega is still in lockdown. As the guard demands to know her presence, Omega falls with the hatch on top of the Clone shock troopers, knocking them down. At Hunter's orders, she lowers the lever, releasing the shield but is grabbed by one of the guards.

Wrecker knocks out the guard with a sucker punch while Tech stuns another guard with his rifle. Dropping to his knees, Wrecker thanks Omega. Hunter tells them that they need to find Crosshair. The guards begin to move. The Bad Batch travel through the corridor, avoiding a squad of shock troopers. When Tech says that they won't get far without their gear, Omega points out that the Imperials moved their gear to a hangar. The Clones enter the hangar which contains trunks of their gear. While Wrecker searches for his gear, Omega eyes the tooka doll.

Civil war[]

Hunter tells Tech to power up the Marauder while the rest of them go back for Crosshair. After Omega retrieves the dolls, she senses movement and warns the squad. A group of Clone shock troopers enter the hangar followed by Crosshair, who is donning black clone trooper armor. The squad are shocked and horrified to see their former comrade.

Crosshair orders his former squad to stand down in order to make it easier for themselves. Hunter asks if he has lost his mind. Crosshair responds that they should have killed the Padawan and charges Hunter with disobeying orders. Hunter counters that he did what was right but Crosshair says that he could not see the bigger picture. He repeats his demand to surrender.

As the other members of the Bad Batch prepare for a gunfight, Hunter asks if that is an order. Crosshair says he guesses it is. Hunter decides to disobey the order. The other Clones form position behind a crate. Following a tense silence, Crosshair fires first, triggering a gun battle. The Clone shock troopers thrown smoke canisters at the Bad Batch while Crosshair activates his thermal vision scanner.

Huddling beside Omega, Hunter tells Tech to prepare the Marauder for takeoff. Hunter tells Omega to stay low while Wrecker uses several crate covers to take down several of the Clone shock troopers. Crosshair however shoots Wrecker in the torso, wounding him. Omega rushes to help but Hunter pulls her away, warning her that Crosshair is using Wrecker as bait.

Tech manages to fire up the Marauder's engines. Crosshair orders a Clone shock trooper to seal the hangar but Nala Se remotely blocks it. Crosshair closes in on Hunter and Omega. Hunter tells Omega to go. While Omega flees to the ship, Hunter and Echo provide covering fire. With Crosshair distracted, Hunter and Echo rush to help the wounded Wrecker.

Crosshair takes the opportunity to take aim at his former comrades but Omega shoots the blaster out of his hand. Crosshair attempts to shoot back but Omega sprays several blaster bolts in his direction, prompting him to dodge out of harm's way. As the clones depart aboard the Marauder, Crosshair fires at the ship which ascends into the rainy skies of Kamino. A bitter Crosshair watches his former comrades fly away.

Finding a new course[]

Elsewhere, Nala Se watches the firefight from her datapad. She then visits Prime Minister Lama Su. When the Prime Minister asks if the matter has been rectified, she tells him that the inhibitor chip augmentation was successful. She also informs him that the rest of Clone Force 99 escaped with Omega. Lama Su warns that they must be cautious. Until the Empire's intentions are clear, he tells her to say nothing. Nala Se bows and concurs with the Prime Minister.

While the Marauder travels through space, Hunter and Echo work on the wounded Wrecker. Omega cheers Wrecker up with the tooka doll Lula while Echo injects him. Tech also treats Wrecker. Omega visits the cockpit and curiously gazes out the window. Hunter observes that this is her first time in space. Omega replies that this is her first time anywhere. Hunter says he is impressed with her marksmanship and asks her where she learned those skills. Omega admits that she never fired before and believes she is lucky. Tech agrees while Wrecker quips about his blaster injuries with Tech.

With the squad in the cockpit, Tech asks what their plan is. Hunter proposes laying low but thinks this is not a good idea since Crosshair will be hunting for them. Omega asks if any of their friends could help them. Tech says that would be a short list. Wrecker says he can think of one and Hunter orders Tech to plot a course for J-19. Echo asks about J-19, and Hunter says they know a guy there, causing Wrecker to laugh and slap Echo on the back.

Hunter tells Omega to strap in before the hyperspace jump. She watches as Tech presses the controls with curiosity. An excited Omega fits herself into her seat as the Marauder jumps into hyperspace.


The initial events of "Aftermath" directly contradict the established lore in Star Wars: Kanan. In Kanan, CC-10/994 "Grey" is depicted as being a Clone Commander with red markings and equipment on his Phase II clone trooper armor,[6] while in "Aftermath," Grey is depicted as a Clone Captain with green markings and different equipment. Furthermore, Clone Captain Styles is not present in this version.[3] Additionally, the execution of Order 66 is depicted differently in both media. In Star Wars: Kanan, Commander Grey and Captain Styles, along with other clone troopers, attack Jedi General Depa Billaba and Padawan Caleb Dume at a camping ground at night on Kaller, following a skirmish against droid forces. Billaba and Dume fight the clone troopers together, until Billaba orders Dume to run while she is shot down. Following Billaba's death, Dume was hunted into the forest by Rostu Squad.[7]

In "Aftermath," Dume is separated from Billaba as he accompanies Clone Force 99 during the day in the direct aftermath of a skirmish. It is at this point that Captain Grey receives Order 66 and attacks Billaba, with Dume running back towards his Jedi Master. After being told to run, Dume escapes into the forest and is followed by Clone Force 99 squad leader Clone Sergeant Hunter and CT-9904 "Crosshair." Crosshair attacks Dume, while Hunter tries to stop the attacks and helps Dume. Dume eventually escapes over a small canyon and moves further into the forest.[3] In Kanan, Dume is shown to use his Jedi cloak to conceal his identity and evade clone forces, however, he loses his cloak in "Aftermath" during his confrontation with Clone Force 99.[7] Another change is the color of Depa Billaba's lightsaber, which goes from green in the comic[6] to blue in the episode.[3]


The opening of "Aftermath" recreates scenes from Revenge of the Sith.

The episode contains animated versions of scenes from the 2005 film Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith in the newsreel: Obi-Wan Kenobi killing a headless IG-100 MagnaGuard, Anakin Skywalker killing OOM security battle droids to rescue Chancellor Sheev Palpatine, General Grievous in his escape pod, and a shuttle going to Utapau. However, one of the OOM pilot battle droids in the background witnessing Kenobi destroy a MagnaGuard has a comlink booster pack,[3] which they did not have in Revenge of the Sith, and the Battle of Coruscant itself is not visible through the viewports as it is in the film. Additionally, Utapau's surface is very blue, whereas there is no visible blue in the corresponding shot from the film.[8] Furthermore, the reference book Star Wars: Absolutely Everything You Need to Know states that water covers only 0.9% of the planet's surface.[9]


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