"[Aga Culpa] might rule [the Smuggler's Moon], but he doesn't control it. Everyone on Nar Shaddaa answers to Krayn."
Gogol to Obi-Wan Kenobi at the Dor.[src]

Aga Culpa was a male humanoid who ruled the moon of Nar Shaddaa during the years leading up to the Clone Wars. He was a puppet-ruler for the Hutts, crime-lords who owned the factories; his job was to keep the Hutts rich. They, doubtless, cared little about the methods he used to achieve his quotas, as long as they were met: whether Culpa, or Krayn―a slave-raider and the moon's true power-holder―claimed responsibility for that success was immaterial.

In 29 BBY, Culpa allowed the Jedi Siri Tachi and Anakin Skywalker to incite a slave revolt against Krayn, who had forced Culpa into allowing him the use of Nar Shaddaa's spice-processing facilities: Krayn had promised freedom for Culpa's native people if he would concede to the crime-lord's control of the moon's spice factories.

Ultimately, Culpa served Krayn (just as he did the Hutts) as a puppet-leader to the citizens of the "Smuggler's Moon." His weak, subservient mind was susceptible even to Jedi mind tricks, as it was through this means that Tachi and Skywalker were able to "persuade" Culpa into ordering his guards to 'look the other way' when Krayn's slaves rebelled in mass revolt against their continued servitude in Nar Shaddaa's spice-processing factories.

As it turned out, it was the slaves themselves who finally won true freedom for all of Culpa's satellite citizens.

A thin creature, Culpa's skin was pale gray and he possessed a cybernetic brain implant.

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