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"Salvage the remaining arms and withdraw the army. Bring them to Agamar."
―Count Dooku, to General Kalani after the Battle of Onderon[src]

Agamar was a barren, rocky planet located in the Agamar system within the Outer Rim Territories of the galaxy in grid coordinates M-5. During the Clone Wars, Separatist General Kalani was ordered by Count Dooku to retreat from Onderon to Agamar following the Separatist defeat on Onderon. Later during the early days of rebellion against the Galactic Empire, the rebel cell known as the Spectres confronted Kalani on Agamar, eventually teaming up to defeat the Empire, a mutual opponent.


Agamar was a planet[6] located in the Agamar system[2] of the Outer Rim Territories. The planet was located in grib square M-5 on the Standard Galactic Grid.[1] Agamar had a surface covered in rocky terrain, with a cold climate[3] and an atmosphere breathable to humans and Lasats.[2]


Clone WarsEdit

In 20 BBY, the second year of the Clone Wars,[7] the planet[6] was under the control of the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Count Dooku ordered General Kalani to retreat to Agamar following his defeat at the Onderonian Civil War to the Onderon rebels.[5] Because of Kalani's override of the droid shutdown signal, an isolated Separatist holdout remained on the planet until well into the era of the Galactic Empire.[2] Izak Anzio, a ranger who enlisted in the Imperial Academy program, was native to Agamar.[4]

Reign of the EmpireEdit

Rebels and droids vs Imperials

The Spectres and Kalani team up to defeat Imperial forces.

During the days of the early rebellion, the former Clone Captain Rex and the Spectres traveled to Agamar to salvage proton bombs for Phoenix Cell. Rex along with Kanan Jarrus, Ezra Bridger, and Garazeb Orrelios were quickly captured by Kalani and his B1 battle droids. Kalani forced the rebels to take part in a combat simulation against his Separatist holdout in order to end the Clone Wars as a Separatist victory. The rebels managed to survive the battle droids and Ezra managed to convince Kalani and Rex to make peace. The rebels and Separatist droids then joined forces to escape an Imperial assault force with the help of Chopper. After escaping the planet in separate Sheathipede-class transport shuttles both Rex and Kalani agreed it to be the true end to the war. The droid calculated the rebels had less than a one percent chance to stage a successful rebellion against the Empire, and parted ways from them.[2]

Behind the scenesEdit

Agamar first appeared in The Farlander Papers, a companion book written by Rusel DeMaria[8] that was included in the limited edition version of the 1993 Star Wars Legends video game Star Wars: X-Wing.[9] It became canon when it was mentioned in "Tipping Points," the fifth episode of the canon animated series Star Wars: The Clone Wars' fifth season,[5] which originally aired on October 27, 2012.[10]



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