Aganof were non-humanoid sentients native to the underground caves of Kuras III in Elrood sector. They had long bodies that moved low to the ground on rows of small "legs". Their dorsal side was lined with heat-dissipating flaps and olfactory stalks. Beneath each flap was a small mouth that caught tiny creatures attracted to the flap's heat. Each end of the Aganof body ended in a jointed limb tipped with a sharp claw. Blind and deaf, Aganof relied on vibrations and scents for communication.

Aganof were hermaphroditic: all Agonof could lay fertilized eggs in the spawning caves. While highly intellectual and philosophical, they knew little of the galaxy beyond their caves, and had little in the way of contact with the surface-dwelling Pulras and Hairy Savages.

They considered infectious moss a delicacy, and there was the possibility that an infected humanoid could persuade the Aganof to eat the moss off their bodies.


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Aganof AE

An Agonof.

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