"I'm not trying to be your enemy. I'm really not. But the Shipyard docking bay is infested with mynocks."
―Maintenance Logs of Jan Stakross[src]

The Agarees Shipyard Township was a settlement with a docking bay that was infested with mynocks, creatures capable of flight that fed on the energy from power cabling. Corporal Jan Stakross reported in a maintenance log about knowing an individual in a group of beings was taking a T-16 skyhopper down to Agarees Shipyard Township. Stakross, who was the one who had to take care of the T-16 after the mynocks chewed on the cabling, requested that the individual refrain from taking the T-16 to the shipyard.

Description[edit | edit source]

"You lie down with Kuati, you're gonna wake up with mynocks. Every time."
―Jan Stakross[src]

A location with a docking bay, Agarees Shipyard Township was a place infested with mynocks, flying creatures that fed on the energy contained in power cabling.[1]

History[edit | edit source]

"I know one of you is taking the old T-16 out for nightly joyrides."
―Jan Stakross[src]

In a maintenance log addressed to a group of individuals, especially to an individual by the name of Antilles, Corporal Jan Stakross claimed to know that one of the beings was borrowing a T-16 skyhopper—for which the Corporal was responsible—and occasionally flying it to the Agarees Shipyard Township. Stakross complained that the shipyard docking bay was infested with mynocks and that the creatures had damaged nearly every bit of the T-16's cabling. In the maintenance log, Stakross lamented having to repair the vessel and begged the joyrider not to return to Agarees Shipyard Township.[1]

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

Agarees Shipyard Township was first mentioned in the mynock databank entry of the LucasArts video game Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II, which was released on October 26, 2010. Although the maintenance log in the databank entry is addressed to an "Antilles,"[1] a name used many times in canon,[2][3][4] the databank does not specify a particular identity for this name.[1]

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