"You're a mushroom. All of you—you're living mushrooms!"
Milo Graf[1]

The Agarians were an extremely long-lived sentient species that evolved from fungi. They were, in a manner of speaking, sentient mushrooms who could alter their size and the number of their limbs.

Biology and appearance[]

Although they lacked a visual system, they could smell and hear, feel the movements of the air and the warmth emitted by living organisms, and feel the vibrations given off by all things. They only required a modicum of sunlight to survive, but did not need any oxygen. When provoked, they could release sleep-inducing gas and exploding seedlings.[2] They traveled through the vacuum of realspace in the form of giant seedlings, searching for worlds fit for colonization. Despite their name, which was only assigned to them by Auric and Rhyssa Graf, they did not originate on the Wild Space planet of Agaris, but settled on that world millennia before the reign of the Galactic Empire.[1]

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