Age of Resistance - Supreme Leader Snoke 1 is the sixth one-shot in the canon comic book anthology series Star Wars: Age of Resistance. It was written by Tom Taylor, illustrated by Leonard Kirk, and published on September 11, 2019 by Marvel Comics. The issue features the story "Fail. Or Kill It.," and it also includes an essay written by Bryan Young.

Publisher's summary[]

THE DEVIL'S APPRENTICE! SUPREME LEADER SNOKE'S brutal training of KYLO REN begins. Will the sadistic Snoke break his tormented protégé? Or has he underestimated the son of HAN and LEIA?

Plot summary[]

From the ashes of the evil Galactic Empire rises the First Order, a villainous sect of
fanatics united by their Supreme Leader, Snoke. With a promising new apprentice and
the limitless power of the dark side of the Force to command, Snoke is poised to crush
the New Republic and take over the galaxy....

Snoke's test[]

"Use your fear. Let it crystallize into anger. Turn that anger into power."
―Snoke to Kylo Ren[3]

Kylo Ren survives the fall.

On an rocky planet in the Rarlech system, Supreme Leader Snoke uses the Force to hold his apprentice, Kylo Ren, high above jagged rocks. Snoke asks Ren if he is afraid, which he denies but Snoke says he can sense Ren's fear, and tells him that powerful beings can harness their rage to strike, or they will fail. He releases Ren who falls but uses the Force to save himself, hovering just above the sharp spikes.

Ren asks his master if he would have saved him had he not done so himself—Snoke replies that Skywalker would have, but in doing so would have held Ren back from his true power and potential.

As they return to Snoke's shuttle, Ren asks where they are going, and Snoke replies that they are continuing his training elsewhere, and that Ren must face what is holding him back, and either fail, or kill it.

The pilot informs Snoke they have reached their destination, and as Ren picks up his helmet, Snoke orders him to leave it. When Ren hesitates, Snoke strikes him, telling him he cannot pretend to be Vader in this place.

Visions at the cave[]

"Use your fear. Let it crystallize into anger. Turn that anger into power."
―Snoke to Kylo Ren[3]

Snoke and Ren leave the shuttle and step onto the surface of Dagobah. Ren says he can still feel Skywalker's presence, and Snoke tells him that one of the most formidable Jedi began his training there. Ren asks Snoke why he speaks of Skywalker with such respect, to which he replies that Ren's uncle had earned his respect and fear, and that he would be ruling the galaxy if Luke had been at his side. They reach the Dark Side Cave, with Ren saying he can sense cold and death. Snoke says the cave contains power and darkness, and tells Ren he must enter to face what he has been too weak to bury—or run away.

Ren enters the cave and is confronted by a vision of Luke Skywalker, who says he does not want to fight him. From outside, Snoke senses Ren's decision to strike Skywalker down. With his uncle lying at his feet, Ren says he is ready and the challenge is over, but Snoke replies that this is not the case. Ren turns to see his parents, Han Solo and Leia Organa. Calling him Ben, they beg him to stop, saying he is their son and he is loved. Outside the cave, Snoke senses Ren igniting his lightsaber and striking—but Ren has deceived his master, and impales a tree, not the vision of his parents. Snoke enters the cave, saying he would like to see the results of Ren's actions, but his apprentice uses his power to destroy it. Snoke remarks that the cave had stood for thousands of years, and that he had hoped to bring other apprentices to it—Ren replies "You won't need other apprentices."



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