"I just turned seventeen. That's the age of responsibility on Alderaan."
"Same as Corellia. Too young. When I was seventeen, I didn't have a bit of sense."
Winter and Bria Tharen[src]

The age of responsibility was the age at which a Human was capable of being legally responsible for all of their acts, and was entitled to the management of their own affairs.

On Alderaan and Corellia, two member planets of the Core Worlds, the age of responsibility was set at seventeen. Bria Tharen, a female Corellian who became a Commander at the age of twenty-six, once commented that she was not sufficiently mature when she came of age.[1]

In Mandalorian society, children of both sexes would face the rite of passage known as the verd'goten at the age of thirteen. Those who passed the trials were subsequently declared adults.[2]

On Naboo, youths became full adults independent of their parents at age twenty-one.[3] Despite that, the right to vote and to be elected was granted on merit and intellectual development, regardless of the biological age, which led to individuals as young as thirteen occupying the throne of Naboo—and even younger monarchs were known to have been chosen.[4]

In some cultures, it was possible for a youth to be freed from the influence of a parent or guardian before he or she came of age. The Naboo, however, did not honor that practice.[3]

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