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"As an agent of the ISB, I follow the letter of the law."
―Agent Alexsandr Kallus[10]

Agent was a title or rank given to members of organizations who conducted operations. Imperial Security Bureau field operatives known as "agents" included Alexsandr Kallus. They carried the rank of Captain,[11] which they shared with ISB Supervisors[12] and had the privilege to command stormtrooper squads, override orders of civilian and military authorities, break standard Imperial rules, replace suspicious Imperial officers, and take control of military vehicles and vessels, even Star Destroyers if necessary.[13][10] Members of Inferno Squad, led by Commander Iden Versio, were also ranked as agents.[14]

The term "agent" was also used by the Alliance to Restore the Republic for leaders of private enterprises (smugglers, private businessmen, etc.) who worked cooperatively with the Alliance and could command small rebel cells for localized anti-Imperial operations.[3]

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