Agents of Deception is the third expansion of Star Wars Galaxies Trading Card Game, released on June 24, 2009. It incorporates more than 200 new cards, including more than 20 new Loot cards, including the Corellian G9 Rigger freighter.

This set introduces smugglers and spies into the game, each adding new elements to gameplay. Smuggler cards utilize item cards in a new way by bringing items into play when your opponent least expects it and by adding bonuses to existing items to enhance their powers. Spies rely on stealth to get behind enemy lines and deal covert damage beyond typical unit-to-unit damage, plus can launch surprise attacks on your opponent's avatar itself.

The story mode of this set, represented in Scenarios, revolves around a smuggler and spy story arc that puts players in the service of Lando Calrissian as well as the dreaded Imperial Security Bureau headed by the mysterious figure Blackhole, and even allows them to infiltrate Jabba the Hutt's infamous crime syndicate. As the Galactic Civil War between the Rebel Alliance and the Empire continues, the growth of the lucrative and dangerous smuggling market has expanded to include goods essential to the successes of both the Empire and Rebellion. A key shipment of ryll has gone missing on its way to a Rebel medical facility. Rumored to have been stolen and taken to Smuggler's Run, a hidden collection of asteroids serving as a hideout for hundreds of smugglers, this shipment is essential to the Rebel war efforts. The newly appointed Baron of Cloud City, Lando Calrissian, leads a Rebel team to infiltrate the Hutt crime cartel to track and locate the lost shipment. But the Empire has plans of its own and has ordered the Imperial Security Bureau, led by Blackhole, to track down and locate the shipment for itself.

Card ListEdit

Mon Cal female avatar AoD

New avatar species: Mon Calamari

  1. Aura of the Force
  2. Defensive Burst
  3. Defensive Fighting
  4. Force Shui
  5. Grace of Shmi
  6. Lightsaber Assembly
  7. Master Foerce Sensitive
  8. Perceptive Sentinel
  9. Riposte
  10. Self Discipline
  11. There Is No Emotion
  12. Timing and Patience
  13. Belt of Bodo Baas
  14. Bnar's Sacrifice
  15. Cloak of the Kursk
  16. Elder Jedi Arbiter Robe
  17. Issued Force Sensitive Pendant
  18. Second Generation Lightsaber
  19. Harmony
  20. Knowledge
  21. Lightsaber Experimentation
  22. Lightsaber Shackle
  23. Peace
  24. Serenity
  25. Alana Walden
  26. CorSec Agent
  27. CorSec Master Sergeant
  28. Gondula Warrior
  29. Jawa Engineer
  30. Jawa Smuggler
  31. Jedi Guardian
  32. Jedi Protector
  33. R2-D2
  34. Singing Mountain Elder
  35. Singing Mountain Tyro
  36. Wookiee Defender
  37. Ambush Them!
  38. Anger Management
  39. Automated Diagnosis
  40. Bacta Flush
  41. Carbine Accuracy
  42. Counterfeit Credits - Credit Stick (Secondary)
  43. Last Man Standing
  44. Martial Training
  45. Swordsmanship
  46. Unarmed Accuracy
  47. Vital Accuracy
  48. Vital Efficiency
  49. Corellian Corvette Hologram
  50. Dead-Eye Necklace
  51. Disinfect Enhancer
  52. Rebel Assault Leggings
  53. Rebel Battle Gloves
  54. Republic Blaster
  55. Affliction Intensity
  56. Deuterium Rounds
  57. Flurry
  58. Poison Knuckle
  59. Subtlety
  60. Synaptic Stimulator
  61. Alliance Intelligence Officer
  62. Col Serra
  63. Elite Rebel Corporal
  64. Han Solo
  65. Rebel Agent
  66. Rebel Combat Veteran
  67. Rebel Sniper
  68. Rebel Squad Leader
  69. Rianna Saren
  70. SpecOps Alliance Free Agent
  71. SpecOps Trooper
  72. Watchful Rebel Guard
  73. Armor Splash
  74. Base of Operations
  75. Deadly Toxins
  76. Decoy
  77. False Information - Classified Data Disc (Secondary)
  78. Packed Explosives
  79. Preparation
  80. Quiet Steps
  81. Shadow's Embrace
  82. Spy's Fang
  83. Stim Armor
  84. Undercover
  85. Juggernaut's Ring
  86. Mine Disarm Kit
  87. Proton rifle
  88. Proximity Flashbang Trap
  89. The Silencer
  90. Stormtrooper Helmet
  91. Noxious Traps
  92. Powered Armor
  93. Protective Armor
  94. Reveal Shadows
  95. Smoke Bomb
  96. Steal
  97. Elite Dark trooper
  98. Garindan
  99. Imperial Army Captain
  100. Imperial Coordinator
  101. Imperial Corporal
  102. Imperial Intelligence Officer
  103. Imperial Operative
  104. Imperial Sergeant
  105. Imperial Trooper
  106. Imperial Watcher
  107. RA-7 Personal Servant
  108. U-3PO
  109. Burst Run
  110. Dark Strike
  111. Domination
  112. Forbidden Knowledge
  113. Force drain
  114. Harmonious Combat
  115. Offensive Burst
  116. Order 66
  117. Peace Is a Lie
  118. Ruthless Precision
  119. Shatterpoint
  120. Tempest
  121. Bracelet of Dark Fury
  122. Cloak of Hate
  123. Dark Jedi Medallion
  124. Juyo Saberstaff
  125. Modest Skirt
  126. Sith Holocron
  127. Force Insensitive
  128. My Chains Are Broken
  129. Passion
  130. Power at Any Cost
  131. Strength
  132. Victory
  133. Blackguard Elite Wilder
  134. Blackscale Watch Commander
  135. Chirq Council Sentry
  136. Dark Jedi Elite
  137. Dark Jedi Executor
  138. Force Mystic
  139. Nightsister Instigator
  140. Nightsister Lorekeeper
  141. Nightsister Sentinel
  142. San'sii
  143. Sith Shadow Novice
  144. Sith Shadow Warrior
  145. Aura of Luck
  146. Auto-Counter
  147. Call a Favor - Smuggler (Secondary)
  148. Chemical Agents - Chemical Warhead (Secondary)
  149. Desperate Cunning
  150. Forbidden Fruit - Rare Vegetable (Secondary)
  151. Unauthorized Access - Account Access Data (Secondary)
  152. Data Terminal
  153. Giggledust
  154. Lightning Rifle
  155. Padded Leggings
  156. Paramilitary Camos
  157. Rodian Hunter's Medallion
  158. Rogue Bracer
  159. Jawa Tracks
  160. Valarian Haul
  161. Watto's Bargain
  162. Who Has the Button?
  163. Astonishing Revitalization
  164. Bad Odds
  165. Camouflage Ally
  166. End of the Line
  167. Gun Oil
  168. Idiot Proof Plan
  169. Sky Lie
  170. Black Sun Henchman
  171. Black Sun Hitman
  172. Borsk Fey'lya
  173. Koth Melan
  174. Labria
  175. Lando Calrissian
  176. Mara Jade
  177. Meatlumps
  178. Meatlump Nerp
  179. MSE 'Mouse' Droid
  180. Talon Karrde

Fixed CardsEdit

Dragon Slayer SWG AoD by Michael Pedro

A Dark Jedi dragon slayer

  1. Bringing Balance to the Force
  2. Expanding the Archives
  3. Keeping the Peace
  4. There Is No Death
  5. Antenna Sabotage
  6. Comlink Collection
  7. Illegal Arms
  8. Rebel Investigation
  9. Lord of War
  10. Rebel Starships
  11. The Spy's Handler
  12. Thwarting the Rebels
  13. Dragon Slayer
  14. The Force Shall Free Me
  15. Killing Spree
  16. Search and Destroy
  17. Corellian Medal of Honor
  18. Issued Officer Ring
  19. Cobra
  20. Homing beacon
  21. Max Rebo's Greatest Hits
  22. Bothan Spy
  23. R4-E1 Astromech droid
  24. Red Circle Guard
  25. Viper probe droid
  26. Yuzzum
  27. Smuggler's Handbook

Promo CardsEdit

  1. Meatlump King
  2. Baritha
  3. Warehousing
  4. Reelo Baruk
  5. Kitster Banai
  6. Ephant Mon
  7. Healthy Profits - Sneaky Medic (Secondary)
  8. Bib Fortuna
  9. Captain Gial Ackbar
  10. Taskmaster Flechette
  11. Gorax
  12. Blackhole
  13. Punishing One
  14. Dramatic Flair
  15. Agents of Deception Choose A Loot

Loot CardsEdit

  1. Antique Tauntaun Ride
  2. Globe of Peace
  3. Balta-Trabaat BT310 Podracer
  4. Chewbacca Statuette
  5. Corellian G9 Rigger Freighter ITV
  6. Falleen's Fist Blueprints
  7. Geonosian Solar Sailer ITV
  8. Geonosian Speeder
  9. Guise of Vaapad
  10. M'a Jong's Galactic Tiles Arcade Cabinet
  11. Muunilinst Relaxation Pod
  12. Nightsister Greeter
  13. Nuna Pet
  14. Oil Bath
  15. Pa'lowick Greeter
  16. Princes Leia & R2-D2 Diorama
  17. Senate Pod
  18. T-16 skyhopper Toy
  19. Tatooine Travel Advertisement
  20. Toxic Peko-Peko Mount
  21. Toydarian Vendor
  22. Wampa Stuffed Animal
  23. Dianoga Dumpster
  24. Polis Massan Medical Table
  25. Tauntaun Stuffed Animal
  26. Han Solo statuette
  27. Chandrilan Dress
  28. Child's Bed
  29. Mysterious Rug
  30. Tusken Greeter
  31. Fish Tank


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