"Aggaba, I want to hire you and your people."
"Which ones?"
"All of you. You're temporarily the head of these men, until you reach Bandomeer. I'll buy out your contracts."
―Clat'Ha to Aggaba before reaching Bandomeer[src]

Aggaba was a Hutt assistant who worked for Jemba of the Offworld Mining Corporation. During a flight to Bandomeer on the Monument, pirates shot down the freighter and left Aggaba and the ship's other occupants temporarily stranded on an unknown world. After Jemba was accidentally shot and killed by the Hutt Grelb during a battle against draigons, Clat'Ha offered Aggaba twenty thousand credits for every miner's contract, as well as an additional twenty thousand credits as a signing bonus for joining Clat'Ha and the Arcona Mineral Harvest Corporation. Aggaba accepted the deal, and several other Offworld miners left the mining corporation as well.[1]

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