"Teradoc had the gall to say to me that he'd only lend me toys if I would promise they would not return broken!"
―Ysanne Isard[src]

The Aggregator was an Imperial Immobilizer 418 cruiser owned by High Admiral Treuten Teradoc. Prior to finding herself in Teradoc's service, she was used in campaigns against the Rebel Alliance during the days of the Galactic Civil War. Ysanne Isard leased it in her quest to destroy Rogue Squadron.

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Acquired by Isard from Admiral Teradoc, Aggregator was deployed along with Isard's Victory II-class Star Destroyer Corrupter to the Graveyard, lying in wait for Tycho Celchu and the rest of the Rogues to capture them in the system. The Aggregator exited hyperspace first to lay the trap, and the Corrupter followed shortly after to engage the Rogues and smugglers.

All went as planned, until the unexpected arrival of the Valiant. The Rogues and Valiant critically damaged Corrupter to the degree that she was scuttled, later to be destroyed by the debris of Alderaan. Valiant afterwards engaged and brought down the Aggregator's shields, forcing the Interdictor's captain to shut off the gravity wells and divert power towards the shields. This move was too late, however, and several proton torpedoes penetrated the weakened defensive field, causing significant damage to the ship. Aggregator retreated into hyperspace, abandoning her TIE Fighter complement. Teradoc would never forgive Isard for almost losing his ship.

In the aftermath, Wedge Antilles and Booster Terrik began circulating rumors that they were looking to sell a "used" Interdictor, making warlords like Teradoc even more reluctant to grant Isard access to their valuable ships.

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