The Aggressor-series battle droid was a cheap battle droid manufactured by Farrfin Droidworks. The droids were produced in large numbers despite Imperial restrictions on the combat models. Farghul, its creators, designed it in response to increasing number of lightsaber-wielding Sith in the galaxy.


Aggressor IX-6 LON-29

Aggressor-series battle droid, alongside IX-6 heavy combat droid and LON-29 battle droid commander

The Aggressor-series battle droid was unusual in that it didn't come with any ranged weapons, but used a dire vibroblade as its primary weapon. Its dedication to melee combat made them an unexpected, unorthodox and unusual opponent in a fight. While the simplistic combat programming prevented the droids from being much of a threat to the Sith, Farrfin Droidworks planned on activating a hidden update in droids' programming, which would replace their primitive combat programming with a more sophisticated one, making the droids a significant and widespread threat to the Sith.

Darth Krayt used several Aggressor-series battle droids as training droids for his Sith underlings.



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