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The Aggressor assault fighter was a high-performance starship produced by Trilon, Inc.


A flight of Aggressor assault fighters

Designed and precision optimized for combat and patrol duties, the Aggressor was a fast and highly maneuverable ship that blurred the lines between starfighter and a larger system patrol craft.[source?] Easily identifiable by its insectile shape, the Aggressor was characterized by a thin V-shaped twin-decked hull,[1] and articulated S-foils mounted port and starboard. These S-foils acted as high-precision control surfaces,[source?]and made use of ailerons and maneuvering thrusters in conjunction with variable positioning to give the craft extremely high maneuverability.[1][2] The front of the craft was dominated by two flat mandibles, which served the purpose of housing some of the crafts weaponry, as well as acting as magnetic docking clamps.[1][2]

Sporting a single Kuat Drive Yards Sol-Mk. VI ion engine that provided enormous acceleration, the Aggressor performed so well that Trilon designers found it necessary to add safety limiters and layers of Inertial dampeners to keep pilots conscious during high-speed maneuvers. These safety features worsened the craft's handling noticeably, but were necessary to keep pilots from incapacitating themselves. At the pilot's discretion, these safeties could be manually deactivated to drastically improve the craft's handling, but anyone aboard would be subjected to tremendous inertial strain - though droids and organics fitted with certain cybernetics were more or less immune to these effects.[source?]

An Aggressor firing on a Firespray-31-class patrol craft

Extremely modifiable, the Aggressor had three stock hardpoints for customization,[source?] though IG-88 showed the versatility of the Aggressor design by modifying the craft to its absolute limits.[1] Under the direction of IG-88, the infamous Aggressor fighter IG-2000 had its engine replaced with a Galaxy-15 ion engine from an EF76 Nebulon-B escort frigate, and was powered by three tandem Quadex power cores that fed directly into the ship's drives; further, the ship was modified with heavy shields, enhanced targeting arrays, and heavy armaments.[1]


Aggressor assault fighters were used by Mandalorian Protectors during the Second Battle of Fondor and by Jedi turned Mandalorian Bardan Jusik. One of the best known Aggressors was the IG-2000, the personal starship of the assassin droid and bounty hunter IG-88.



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