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"We'll give him an hour with the nerve disruptor in the basement. Sir, what shape is your heart in?"
"I suppose we'll find out.
Mosep Binneed, threatening Orrin Gault[src]

The Agonizer-6 nerve disruptor was an Imperial torture and interrogation device that was equipped with needles and injectors to deliver drugs and truth serums to victims and trigger pain in sensitive nerves. Sonic nerve disruptors could induce spasms and altered states of consciousness but were programmed to ensure the victim survived the interrogation. This could be bypassed, however, to induce severe pain, tantamount to torture. Made by Arakyd Industries, the three-legged droid had an uncanny resemblance to a spider.

Used early on by the Galactic Empire as crowd control because of their incapacitating abilities, the Agonizer-6 was a common sight on backwater worlds, where Imperial Rule wasn't as strongly enforced as the Core Worlds. However, during the Galactic Civil War, the Agonizer-6 was put into use as a interrogation droid against many captive Rebels.

The Agonizer-6 had a AI-4 droid brain, totally stripped of life preservation programming, as per the harsh methods enforced by Palpatine, and the personality modules were removed also.

Shortly after the fall of the Empire, these droids were banned by the New Republic.



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