"Thanks to what the Remnant has provided, we now have routes into and out of the Deep Core that the Vong haven't explored. Insertion points from Empress Teta; exit points up and down the Ag Circuit."
Commodore Brand[src]

The Agricultural Circuit, often shortened to Ag Circuit was a hyperlane located in the Core Worlds of the galaxy. The Circuit connected several agricultural worlds located in the Core, of which Salliche was the most prominent and powerful producer. Many planets on the route were members of the farming corporation Salliche Ag.

During the Yuuzhan Vong War, Commodore Turk Brand of the Galactic Alliance Defense Fleet noted that Deep Core hyperspace information provided by the Imperial Remnant would allow them to use exit points all along the Ag Circuit in the approach to Coruscant, leading to the final battle of the war.



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