"This dangerous course was used for illegal races many years ago. Hot springs, deadly updrafts and sharp crystalline underbrush make it a particularly hazardous course. Until recently, there haven't been many races since the near-death of a swoop jockey named Dengar. If memory serves, it was a very exciting match between him and someone called Solo."
―The race coordinator, to a spacer[src]

The Agrilat Swamp Circuit was the most popular, if not the most dangerous, swoop racing track in the Agrilat region of Corellia. The course weaved through jagged, crystalline plants, hot springs, and other swamp-dangers. The Agrilat swamps were the site of an intense swoop race between Dengar and Han Solo years before the Battle of Yavin. Following the Battle of Yavin the track record was held by Kimmi Chyler.

Race legs[edit | edit source]

A map of the circuit

  1. Oblivyn Gate[1]
  2. The Sink Hole[1]
  3. Kribben's Folly[1]
  4. Zibben's Path[1]
  5. Wagyx Pass[1]
  6. Ke'dem Ramp[1]
  7. Rasp Ravine[1]
  8. Skrag Turn[1]
  9. Drall Hollow[1]
  10. Sulfur Archway[1]
  11. The Corellian Twister[1]
  12. Turnsturin Turn[1]
  13. Dengar's End[1]

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