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Chandrila JA

Chandrila, an agriworld in the Core

Agriworld was the term used to describe a planet whose entire industrial capacity was devoted completely to agriculture. Worlds within this category typically produced far more foodstuffs than what could possibly be necessary for its own population (including any immigrant workers); the surplus was then exported to many other worlds that were unable to sustain the food needs of their own population with their own resources. One such planet that benefited from the existence of agriworlds was Coruscant, the capital world of the galaxy as well as other ecumenopoleis, such as Denon and possibly Taris.

Chandrila was one such notable agriworld. The M'shinni ruled several agriworlds within the M'shinni sector, including Agriworld-2079, the home of the Skrilling species. The Salliche Ag Corporation controlled eighteen agriworlds in the Core, including Salliche, Ruan, Yulant, and Broest. Orron III was an agriworld in the Corporate Sector.



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