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"I guarantee that this Droid is in good working order and of worth as I represent it."

Aguilae,[2] born Khea Nkul to the Weekkata tribe,[1] was a female Jawa. Aguilae held the title of manager of the Jawa Traders, a droid store in Mos Eisley which was clearly favored by pilots and smugglers.[2]

Biography[edit | edit source]

At some point, Squib Macemillian-winduarté got indebted with Aguilae. Noticing that she could not manage the store by herself, Aguilae agreed to forget Macemillian-winduarté's debt if he accepted a job with her.

Macemillian-winduarté bought accounting droid CZ-3, which was being searched by both criminal businessman Opun "Black Hole" Mcgrrrr and Jabba the Hutt. Aguilae quickly sold the droid to Het Nkik's tribe, before Mcgrrr could find it on her store.

However, Aguilae and Macemillian-winduarté then tried to buy it again, and looked for the sandcrawler of the customers. When they reached the sandcrawler, CZ-3 was no longer there. However, that sandcrawler suddenly was under attack of Imperial stormtroopers. Aguilae and Macemillian-winduarté barely escaped with their lives.

Later, Aguilae found CZ-3, but the bounty hunter Zutton had destroyed it prior to discovery. Aguilae took the droid's motivator and some other parts.

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