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"These machines have run wild for decades, sir… They've rebuilt themselves to become a thousand times deadlier than any security droid."
―Governor Ahr's subordinate[1]

Ahn Krantarium was a terrestrial astronomical object in the Mid Rim. Long before the Imperial Era, it was overrun by ferocious droids who continued to rebuild themselves to be deadlier. Its settlements were left in ruin, inhabited only by the droids, who were not prevented from upgrading themselves further. Governor Ahr of the Galactic Empire eventually led an attack on the droids of Ahn Krantarium in which he sent out Darth Vader alone, hoping that the Sith Lord would perish. However, Vader succeeded in destroying the droids and survived.


A terrestrial astronomical object, Ahn Krantarium was located in a sector of the Mid Rim. It had a rocky surface and an atmosphere filled with smoke.[1]


"It'd be a suicide run."
"I see… Send Vader."
―An Imperial officer and Governor Ahr[1]

Darth Vader destroys the droids on Ahn Krantarium.

Ahn Krantarium was once inhabited, with settlements built on its surface. Several decades before the reign of the Galactic Empire, Ahn Krantarium was overrun by murderous droids, who destroyed its civilization. The droids were left alone, allowing them to rebuild themselves until they had become far more dangerous to handle than regular security droids.[1]

Sometime into the Empire's reign, Ahr, the Imperial governor of the sector in which Ahn Krantarium was located, was assigned the command of Emperor Palpatine's apprentice, Darth Vader. After Vader disobeyed Ahr's orders during an attack against insurgents on Namzor, the Emperor demanded that Vader follow every order Ahr gave him.[1]

Ahr subsequently traveled to Ahn Krantarium in his Venator-class Star Destroyer, where he deployed a stormtrooper patrol to the surface. The patrol came under attack from the droids and was declared to be lost. Upon hearing from his subordinate that fighting the droids would be a futile effort, Ahr sent Vader to deal with them, in hopes of getting the Sith Lord killed. To Ahr's surprise, Vader destroyed the droids, returning to the Star Destroyer.[1]


Ahn Krantarium was formerly inhabited, but it was taken over by murderous droids who killed any organic beings that attempted to land on the astronomical object. The droids were allowed to run wild on Ahn Krantarium for some time, before being neutralized during the Imperial Era.[1]


Settlements had once been constructed on Ahn Krantarium, though they had fallen into ruin by the time that Governor Ahr sent Darth Vader to destroy the wild droids.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Ahn Krantarium appears in the story "To the Letter" in Age of Rebellion - Darth Vader 1, a comic book written by Greg Pak, illustrated by Ramón Bachs, and published by Marvel Comics[1] on June 26, 2019.[2]


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