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"Ahnah's eighteen now, a grown woman - old enough to know her own mind"
―Jariah Syn[1]

Ahnah Rawk was a Kiffar female living around the time of the Sith–Imperial War. She was the daughter of Droo, the stepdaughter of Nat Skywalker, and the stepsister of Skeeto and Micah. She was born 119 ABY. She served as a Kiffu Guardian.


Life on Iego[]

In 135 ABY, Jariah Syn once tried to "make time" with her when he, Cade Skywalker and Deliah Blue were leaving. As a result, her father shot at them. Ahnah was sixteen years old at the time.

Two years later, Ahnah assisted her family in defending their "Nest" against Black Sun when her father refused to pay protection credits. They were assisted by the Mynock.

Three days later, the family was having fun with the crew of the Mynock. But the Massacre of New Coral City made Cade reveal that he was a Skywalker. Things got worse after bounty hunter Azlyn Rae showed up and an Imperial patrol came by on Black Sun's tip. Ahnah and her brothers were going to be put to death if Azlyn didn't reveal Cade's location. But Azlyn managed to "convince" the commander that the Black Sun was lying. Afterward, Ahnah and her family, except her father, moved to Kiffex.


Syn kisses Ahnah before betraying her.

"So sorry, mesh'la."
―Jariah apoligizes to Ahnah after knocking her out[2]

Ahnah soon began training as a Kiffu Guardian, like her mother and father before her, to keep law and order on the planet. Unfortunately, her cousin Cade was going on a non-stop fighting spree, so Ahnah tried bringing him in. However, Jariah managed to calm Cade down before the two cousins were forced to fight. Jariah then kissed Ahnah as a distraction so he could sedate her and escape.

Cade was told to leave by his aunt and uncle because he had lied to them. Two days later, they did. Ahnah watched her cousin and his crew leave with tears in her eyes.



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