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"Am I not in command of a Star Destroyer?"

Ahr was a human male who served as a governor in the Galactic Empire, as well as the commanding officer of a Venator-class Star Destroyer. During the Imperial Era, Ahr was sent to deal with insurgents on Namzor with Darth Vader. However the rebel alliance had set up their base over a massive coaxium deposit. Ahr, who had been ordered to eliminate the rebels to begin mining the coaxium, ordered a group of TIE fighters attacking the base to return to the Star Destroyer to avoid damaging the coaxium. The TIE fighters withdrew except for one, which was piloted by Lord Vader. Despite the Governor's orders, Vader continued attacking the base until he caused a massive explosion which not only destroyed the rebel base but also the coaxium deposit. Ahr then contacted Emperor Palpatine, attempting to report Vader's failure to follow orders and his destruction of the valuable coaxium deposit.[1]

Palpatine was displeased by Vader's behaviour and reminded him that while he, as his Sith Apprentice, may technically outrank any member of the military, the Governor's knowledge of his sector made him the better candidate as the commanding officer for the campaign. Thus Palpatine ordered Vader to obey the Governor, which Vader agreed to do, to Ahr's pleasure.

The Governor's mission next took him to Ahn Krantarium, a planet which had been overrun by malfunctioned bloodthirsty droids which had been repeatedly upgrading and repairing themselves over the years, turning them into effective killing machines. Ahr, seeking to test Vader's skills, sent Vader in alone to retake the planet. Vader obliged, and after weeks of destroying droids, returned to the governor and reported his success.

After this the Governor traveled to Phelzepham, a moon which had been a base for the Rebel Alliance. The Governor's troops under Vader were successful in pushing the rebels back and nearly had them defeated when Ahr suddenly ordered the entire army except for Vader to withdraw. Ahr ordered Vader to finish the rebels and retake the moon single-handedly, seeking to further test Vader's abilities. Once again Vader was successful, to the Governor's chagrin.

Seeking an ultimate test of Vader's skills the Governor, over the objections of his subordinates, ordered the Star Destroyer to travel to the Kankalo Belt Containment Zone, an asteroid belt filled with unknown creatures so dangerous that it was even forbidden for Imperial Governors to travel to the zone. Arriving at the zone, the Governor ordered Vader to find the greatest threat to the Empire and eliminate it. Vader traveled out in his starfighter alone and soon encountered a large beast resembling a space-crab. Before engaging it however Vader abruptly turned around and traveled back to the Star Destroyer. Infuriated, the Governor repeated his order to Vader to eliminate the largest threat to the Empire he could find. Vader replied he was doing so by eliminating a Governor who defied Imperial orders and jeopardized his ship and crew by taking them into a forbidden area of space purely for pleasure. Vader docked in the Star Destroyer and made his way to the bridge. Governor Ahr, enraged at Vader's refusal, angrily reiterated that he had been given command by Palpatine and ordered Vader to kneel. Vader paused for a moment before doing so, at which the Governor laughed in triumph. However it quickly became apparent that Vader had knelt for safety, as the large space-crab that had been pursuing him suddenly attacked the Star Destroyer's bridge, smashing through a window and grabbing the Governor with its claw. As the Governor was dragged away screaming, the Emperor sensed Vader's execution of Ahr and was pleased, recognizing that Vader had learned the lesson the Emperor had sought to teach: that no imperial officer was allowed to defy imperial orders to pursue his own goals.

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