"Lost Ahrens"
Captain Shea Hublin announces Ahrens' death to the rest of the 77th Air Wing[src]

Ahrens, also known by the callsign Blade Three, was an Imperial pilot who was a member of Blade Flight, a starfighter unit that flew Alpha-3 Nimbus-class V-wing starfighters and formed part of the 77th Air Wing. In 17 BBY, The 77th Air Wing was sent to the planet Kelrodo-Ai to drive Confederacy of Independent Systems holdout forces from the world, as part of the Western Reaches Operation. During an assault on the Citadel of Axes, a Confedeate-held fortress, Ahrens' fighter was hit by a blast from a Separatist anti-capital ship cannon, which killed the pilot.


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