Ahsmar was a male starfighter pilot who served with the Alliance to Restore the Republic during the Galactic Civil War.


After the Rebels learned of an Imperial convoy gathering near Orron III en route to the Death Star, Ahsmar was part of a combined force of Y-wings from Red and Gold squadrons and a X-wing from Blue Squadron sent to destroy the convoy. Ahsmar would fly in Red Squadron along with Keyan Farlander and Tan'tro for the mission.

Ahsmar and Tan'tro were engaging escorting Assault Gunboats when Farlander requested their assistance in destroying a freighter. Both Y-wings turned tail on the Imperial fighters in their haste to help and were destroyed by the Gunboats, killing the pilots.

Farlander's briefing officer, Commander Lagrane, suspended him from operations pending an official inquest regarding the incident. He was eventually returned to active duty with a warning and a compulsory visit to the flight simulators for some brushing up.


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