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"In my life, when you find people who need your help, you help them, no matter what."
―Ahsoka Tano — (audio) Listen (file info)[15]

Ahsoka Tano was a female Togruta who was a Force-sensitive outcast from the Jedi Order. After the Clone Wars, she helped establish a network of various rebel cells against the Galactic Empire. Tano was discovered on her homeworld of Shili by Jedi Master Plo Koon, who brought her to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant to receive Jedi training. Following the outbreak of the Clone Wars, Jedi Grand Master Yoda assigned the young Tano to be the Padawan learner of Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker, who nicknamed her "Snips" when she joined him at the Battle of Christophsis. Whereas Tano was eager to prove herself, Skywalker had a reputation for recklessness, and they had a rather difficult start as master and apprentice. Yet they worked together to rescue Rotta, the son of crime lord Jabba Desilijic Tiure, and returned Rotta to his father, thus facilitating a crucial alliance between the Hutt Clan and the Galactic Republic.

As a commander in the Grand Army of the Republic, Tano found a mentor in Clone Captain Rex of the 501st Legion, with whom she and Skywalker collaborated to lead frontline campaigns against the Confederacy of Independent Systems. In her first command position at the Battle of Ryloth, Tano disobeyed orders and lost her entire squadron of pilots, but she rebounded and helped secure a victory at Ryloth. Her assignments pitted her against a variety of opponents, from General Grievous and Sith apprentice Asajj Ventress to bounty hunters such as Cad Bane and Aurra Sing. Over time, she matured into a respected leader, contributing to key Republic victories like the Second Battle of Geonosis and the Battle of Mon Cala. Tano even died during a series of events on Mortis, but the Daughter, a Force wielder who personified the light side, sacrificed herself to resurrect Tano and bring her back to life.

Tano gained much experience on and beyond the war front, leading a group of Jedi younglings to revolt against their Trandoshan captors, helping rescue a colony of Togruta from enslavement by the Zygerrian Slave Empire, and serving as an advisor to the Onderon rebels—with her close friend, Lux Bonteri, among them—as they liberated their world from the Confederacy. In a stark turn of events, Tano was framed for the bombing of the Jedi Temple hangar and other homicides, and she escaped into the Coruscant Underworld to clear her name. Though she formed an unlikely alliance with Asajj Ventress, she was detained by Republic forces and was consequently barred from the Jedi Order. Ultimately, Skywalker uncovered the true culprit, Tano's friend, and fellow Padawan Barriss Offee, and prevented his former apprentice from being convicted of sedition. Nevertheless, the ordeal dislodged Tano's faith in the Jedi. She refused the Jedi High Council's offer to rejoin the Order, instead departing in search of a new path. Tano briefly returned to lead Republic forces during the Siege of Mandalore and faced Maul and his allies. Order 66 was enacted shortly after the Sith Lord's capture and Tano alongside Rex, after freeing Rex from the control of Order 66, escaped the rest of her 501st division. Faking her death, she was forced into hiding.

After the Galactic Empire came to power, Tano went into hiding on Thabeska and Raada disguised as "Ashla." Following the evacuation of Raada, Tano joined Senator Bail Organa's growing rebel movement. She became the manager of his intelligence network and adopted the codename "Fulcrum." As Fulcrum, Tano provided intelligence to various rebel factions including Hera Syndulla's Spectres rebel cell. Tano took a particular interest in Syndulla's rebels because one of their members, a Jedi named Kanan Jarrus, had begun to train his own Padawan, Ezra Bridger. In addition, Tano's efforts against the Empire brought her into contact with the Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Vader—who, unknown to her, was actually her former master, Anakin Skywalker—as well as the Imperial Inquisitors known as the Fifth Brother and the Seventh Sister, but it also gave her the chance to reunite with Rex. Following the mission to Malachor, Tano became lost to the rubble and shadows of the Sith temple and was believed by many, including Jarrus and Bridger, to have perished during a duel with Darth Vader.

However, Tano was unexpectedly saved from Vader's wrath by a future Ezra Bridger, who pulled her through a portal into the World Between Worlds, a mystical plane of the Force connecting all time and space. After a confrontation with Darth Sidious, who desired access to the dimension, Tano returned to her time, promising Bridger that she would find him once she returned. After the end of the Galactic Civil War, Tano joined Sabine Wren in her quest to find the missing Bridger, who had disappeared during the Liberation of Lothal, and trained Wren in the ways of the Jedi until parting ways. Tano later journeyed to the city of Calodan on the forest planet Corvus looking for information on the location of Grand Admiral Thrawn, who had disappeared alongside Bridger, from Magistrate Morgan Elsbeth. Needing to rescue the city from Elsbeth's rule, she allied herself with the Mandalorian Din Djarin, who had been on a quest to bring the Force-sensitive youngling Grogu to the Jedi. After freeing Calodan, Tano refused to train Grogu and directed Djarin to the planet Tython instead. She later visited Luke Skywalker at his new Jedi Temple and, when Skywalker found Grogu in his care following a summons from the seeing stone, oversaw his training of the child temporarily.

Faced with Thrawn's return, Tano returned to Lothal and enlisted Wren's help once again in finding Bridger and the missing Grand Admiral. Decades after Tano began her search, her voice joined a multitude of Jedi spirits to guide the young Jedi Rey, the granddaughter of a resurrected Darth Sidious, during the final battle of the First Order-Resistance War against the resu. Ahsoka inspired Rey to stand up to Sidious and destroy him once and for all.



"It was Master Plo Koon who found me and brought me to the Temple where I belonged…"
―Ahsoka Tano, to Anakin Skywalker — (audio) Listen (file info)[16]

In 36 BBY,[3] Ahsoka Tano was born on the planet Shili[1] to the Togrutas Pav-ti and Nak-il Tano. Early in her life, Tano was taken on a journey by her mother, who taught her about life and death. During that period, the young girl encountered a raxshir feline, which she reached out to without fear. She proceeded to ride atop the animal to return home. Upon her return, the elder Togruta Gantika realized the infant was Force-sensitive and declared that she would be a Jedi.[9] When Tano was three years old,[17] she was discovered by Jedi Master Plo Koon among her people on Shili[1] after her natural ability to sense the intentions and feelings of others had marked her as Force-sensitive.[12]


Plo Koon discovering a three-year-old Ahsoka Tano.

Around the same time, however, Tano was nearly enslaved by an impostor, who intercepted the signal to the Jedi Order and hoped to use her powers for their own ends. Being unable to properly explain to the village elders the danger she knew the impostor posed, Tano's fellow villagers held scorn towards her when she refused to demonstrate her Force powers, but the impostor's plan was ultimately thwarted. Although the impostor had scared the young Tano, she trusted Koon instantly, and he taught her how to breathe slowly to calm herself.[12] Afterward, she was accepted into the Jedi Order,[6] beginning her new life[12] after Koon brought her to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant,[1] where, like all Jedi of her era, she was raised.[18] Training as a Jedi Initiate restored her self-confidence after the fear caused by the impostor impacted it,[12] and the life of a Jedi became the only life she ever knew.[19]

At some point, Tano traveled to the Jedi Temple on the ice planet Ilum to acquire a kyber crystal for a lightsaber, feeling the crystals, albeit without knowing that was what she sensed, as soon as the Jedi starship came out of hyperspace. She entered into the temple's cave after Grand Master Yoda told her she would know her crystal when she found it. As the opening to the cave slowly closed as the sun of Asar set, she urgently looked for her crystal until she calmed herself, thinking back on Yoda's words and only then seeing its light. Excited and ready to leave, she quickly made her way out of the cave with the tool for which she could build her own lightsaber. Although her visit to Ilum had overall been unremarkable, her decision to trust Yoda's teaching restored her ability to trust others after it was impacted by the false Jedi.[12] From there, she would construct said lightsaber using the kyber crystal under the tutelage of Jedi architect droid Huyang,[20] who fussed over her shoulder as she worked on it. At another point, Yoda taught her that she could sometimes find something she was not looking for in a situation.[12]

During her time at the Jedi Temple, Professor Huyang would regail her with the History of the Galaxy, Parts One, Two and Three which she considered part one the best.[21]

In the midst of galactic war

Becoming Skywalker's Padawan

"I'm the new Padawan learner. I'm Ahsoka Tano."
―Ahsoka Tano introduces herself — (audio) Listen (file info)[8]

At the age of fourteen,[6] mere months after the First Battle of Geonosis and the beginning of the Clone Wars,[22] Tano was assigned to Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker to learn the ways of the Force as his apprentice on the orders of Yoda.[8] Her training had been accelerated due to the galactic conflict[23] that overshadowed her apprenticeship.[24] Having been granted the rank of Padawan,[6] which made her a Jedi Commander[25] under the Jedi Military Integration Act,[26] she demonstrated an eagerness to prove herself worthy to be his apprentice. Yoda did this to alleviate Skywalker's fear and inability to lose loved ones, as he believed that by becoming a teacher, Skywalker would develop emotionally and understand that his excessive bonding to those he cared about was unnecessary once Tano was ready to go off on her own.[27]


Ahsoka introduces herself to Anakin and Obi-Wan during the Battle of Christophsis.

The Jedi Council finally sent Tano on her first mission to the planet Christophsis in order to meet her new mentor and inform Kenobi and him that they were needed back at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. However, after arriving on the planet moments after a wave of Separatist forces pulled back and giving that message to the two, she learned that the Republic had in fact failed to take the planet as the Jedi on Coruscant had believed, leaving the generals and their forces trapped and outnumbered as the battle dragged on. Kenobi introduced himself, presuming that she was his new Padawan learner. She corrected him, insisting that Master Yoda specifically assigned her to Skywalker, who was shocked to hear the news due to the fact that he had spoken adamantly against the idea of taking on a Padawan learner. Despite Kenobi's confusion, he accepted that having a Padawan would be good for Skywalker, who vehemently disagreed.[8]

Meanwhile, the droid army set up a deflector shield that would block the Republic artillery bombardment that earlier halted their advancements. Skywalker took Tano to check on Clone Captain CT-7567 "Rex," who was also confused by Tano's presence, referencing Skywalker's earlier affirmation against taking on a Padawan learner. Tano stood up for herself, saying that Yoda believed she was capable and that she would prove it. As Skywalker went on ahead, Tano asked Rex if she outranked him, to which Rex responded that experience outranked any kind of designated command. However, Tano just responded that she was eager to get some.[8]

Liberation of Christophsis

"You're reckless, little one. You never would have made it as Obi-Wan's Padawan… but you might make it as mine."
―Anakin Skywalker to Ahsoka Tano, following the Battle of Christophsis — (audio) Listen (file info)[8]

Skywalker and Tano eventually made a plan to infiltrate the enemy lines while Kenobi and his troops held off the enemy forces in order to buy them time. The two Jedi hid inside a box while the droid tanks moved around them. As they made their way to the source of the shield, Tano tripped on a sensor antenna, accidentally activating a batch of Separatist retail droids. While Skywalker was occupied with the droids, Tano began to place charges around the generator. As she was planting charges, a battle droid snuck up behind her, but Tano noticed it and sliced it in half. The battle droid's body rolled over more sensors and activated additional retail droids. With her master pinned down by the horde, Tano noticed a piece of wall behind him with a convenient hole right where Skywalker was positioned. She used the Force to push the wall down, crushing the droids around her master.[8]


Yoda, Skywalker, Tano, and Kenobi after the victory.

Meanwhile, in the city, Kenobi tricked Separatist General Whorm Loathsom, stalling for time until the shield blew up. Then, Kenobi took the Separatist General hostage. When the battle was over, Skywalker noted how reckless his new Padawan was, saying that she might not have made it as Kenobi's Padawan. Tano felt disappointment until her master reaffirmed himself, thanking Tano for her help on their mission and noting that her recklessness might serve her well as his student. As Tano and Skywalker found themselves settled, Yoda wondered if having a Padawan would calm Skywalker's wild ways.[8]

Battle of Teth and rescuing Jabba's son

"Ahsoka, a very wise Jedi once said, "Nothing happens by accident." It is the will of the Force that you are at my side. I just want to keep you there in one piece."
―Skywalker, to Tano — (audio) Listen (file info)[8]

After the Battle of Christophsis, Skywalker and his new apprentice were dispatched to find and rescue Jabba the Hutt's missing son Rotta, who was captured by Separatist forces and brought to the planet Teth. Rescuing Rotta was critical to ensure trade and shipping routes for the Republic through Hutt Space in the Outer Rim Territories.[8]

As Skywalker communicated with the scouts who had been sent to Teth, Tano quickly became friendly with the clones, telling them about her rescue of Skywalker on Christophsis. Skywalker approached them and told them that it would be impossible to land at the B'omarr Order Monastery. As Rex sent the men to their positions, Skywalker told Tano to remain humble, who replied that she was trying to keep the men inspired.[8]


Ahsoka holds the young huttlet Rotta.

Republic forces were forced to land below the monastery, with Tano riding in a LAAT/i gunship with Skywalker, Rex, and several other troopers. After landing, their forces began to scale the mountain with AT-TE walkers and ascension cables where the building was located. Skywalker led the charge and Tano stood on top of a walker and deflected oncoming laser fire. The climb proved to be a challenge, but the Jedi and clones eventually reached the top of the mountain.[8]

After securing the outer perimeter, they discovered a caretaker droid called 4-A7, who revealed the location of the captured Hutt. Skywalker and Tano went to look for him and were forced to fight several enemy battle droids, but eventually found the cell where the Hutt was located. Rotta turned out to be just a Huttlet. Meanwhile, 4-A7, who actually served the Separatists and Dark Acolyte Asajj Ventress, recorded the Jedi's speech. Ventress transmitted the recording to her master, Count Dooku, who gave the "evidence" to Jabba that the Jedi were behind the kidnapping. Dooku assured Jabba that he would sent his army to "rescue" Rotta, intending to gain Jabba's favor for safe passage through the system.[8]

With the incoming droid army on their way and the little Huttlet sick, the Jedi had to look for another way out to bring the kidnapped Hutt back to Tatooine. On their way out, Ventress had arrived and eventually located the two and engaged them in battle. After a brief duel, they escaped on a can-cell to a nearby hangar, followed by Skywalker's astromech droid, R2-D2, to where a ship, the Twilight, was berthed. Once on the other platform, they encountered 4-A7 once again. However, it became obvious the droid was a spy when three battle droids came out of the ship. The Jedi destroyed the droids and hijacked the ship.[8]


Ahsoka duels Ventress for the first time on Teth.

While on the escape, Master Kenobi and Republic reinforcements had arrived with Kenobi engaging in a duel with Ventress. Now on the ship, Skywalker and Tano attempted to land on a Republic Star Destroyer, but the cruiser's hangar was destroyed, forcing the Jedi to make their way to Tatooine on their own. As the two jumped to hyperspace, Ventress and Kenobi sensed their withdrawal. Kenobi, knowing that Ventress had failed her mission and that her master would be displeased to learn that, managed to gain the upper hand over Ventress until she boarded a Vulture droid to escape capture.[8]

Meanwhile, Tano and Skywalker found medicine for the Huttlet, which saved his life as they made their way back to Jabba's palace on Tatooine. However, as they approached Tatooine, they came under attack by two MagnaGuards in Rogue-class Porax-38 starfighters. Despite destroying the fighters, their ship was forced to crash-land in the Dune Sea. Tano, Skywalker, and R2 then took Rotta across the Dune Sea to reach his father's palace. However, she and Skywalker sensed Dooku's presence.[8]


Tano returns "Stinky" to his father.

While Skywalker distracted Dooku, Tano and R2 took Rotta to Jabba's palace. However, they came under attack by several MagnaGuards. Tano fought the MagnaGuards, destroying them all and meeting up with her master at Jabba's palace. However, Jabba ordered their execution until he was contacted by his uncle, Ziro. Senator Padmé Amidala then revealed to Jabba that his uncle was working with Dooku and was the one who arranged Rotta's kidnapping. Jabba then spared their lives, and Tano and her master were picked up by Master Kenobi and Yoda.[8]

The Malevolence

"Wait! Just because there haven't been any survivors before doesn't mean there won't be any this time!"
―Ahsoka Tano, to Chancellor Palpatine and Jedi Council — (audio) Listen (file info)[16]

At some point, Kenobi told Tano about how his own master, Qui-Gon Jinn, found Skywalker because of his quick reflexes.[12] During the hunt for the Confederacy's new warship, the Malevolence, which was a Subjugator-class heavy cruiser armed with two mega-ion cannons powerful enough to disable the power systems of an entire fleet of warships, Tano, along with her master, were sent to protect the staging area in the Bith system. She and Skywalker were contacted by Master Plo Koon, who had tracked the Confederacy's secret weapon to the Abregado system. When Koon's transmission was lost, Tano urged her master to send support to Koon, but he required the Chancellor's and Jedi Council's permission. During the meeting, Skywalker and the Council believed that there were no survivors and Skywalker was ordered to protect the Republic's convoys. Tano then spoke up and urged them to search for survivors, but she was rebuffed by the Council and the Supreme Chancellor for her outburst. Skywalker had Admiral Yularen deploy their fleet while Skywalker and Tano took the Twilight to "scout ahead."[16]

Despite Tano's outburst, her master agreed with her that they must search for survivors. At first, they were unsuccessful and were ordered by both Kenobi and Palpatine to give up their search. However, as Skywalker piloted the Twilight away, Tano sensed Koon and took the controls, piloting the Twilight to his escape pod's location. Tano and Skywalker found Koon with the clones Commander Wolffe, Sergeant Sinker, and trooper Boost. They learned from Koon that the Malevolence's weapon was an ion cannon mounted on an enormous ship that could disable ships. Tano then detected the Malevolence approaching them and hurried to disable power so they could blend into the debris field. At first, the ship passed, but it then detected the Twilight's medical droid TB-2, who was caring for the injured Wolffe, and fired the mega-ion cannon. Skywalker was able to outmaneuver debris and jump to hyperspace before the blast wave reached them.[16]


Tano served as gunner on Skywalker's Y-wing fighter.

Following their return to the Republic fleet and the Resolute, Skywalker and Tano were given command of Shadow Squadron and dispatched on their next mission: to destroy both General Grievous and the Malevolence. Tano and Koon were both skeptical of the plan, knowing that Grievous would be well protected by his ship's defenses. Tano and Skywalker were then informed Grievous had attacked a medical convoy in the Ryndellia system. Skywalker deduced that Grievous's next target was the Republic's secret Outer Rim medical center near the Kaliida Nebula. Tano served as Skywalker's gunner aboard his BTL-B Y-wing starfighter/bomber as Shadow Squadron flew to intercept Grievous.[28]

Tano, along with her master, Koon, and Shadow Squadron, took a shortcut through the nebula. During the journey, Tano detected several Neebray mantas. Despite damage to one of the bombers and an astromech, Tano, Skywalker, Koon, and Shadow Squadron reached the medical station. The Malevolence then arrived, and Tano shot down several of the vulture droids despite her master's fancy flying. When Shadow Squadron started to lose more ships, Tano convinced her master to target the ion cannon instead of the bridge. This strategy succeeded in disabling both the Malevolence's ion cannons and its hyperdrive.[28]

Tano, Skywalker, and Koon then rejoined Kenobi aboard the Resolute as he continued attacking the Malevolence. However, Tano detected a Naboo ship approaching the battlefield. Tano then picked up a comm signal from the ship's pilot, Senator Padmé Amidala. When Amidala was captured by a tractor beam, Skywalker decided to rescue the senator. Tano remained on the bridge of the Resolute with Koon and Admiral Yularen and guided both her master and Kenobi through the ship to find Amidala and her protocol droid, C-3PO, until Grievous jammed their transmissions. Tano watched as Skywalker, Kenobi, and Amidala made their escape, and the the Malevolence crashed into the Dead Moon of Antar.[29]

Battle of Bothawui and search for R2-D2

"They sent a child to destroy my station? The Republic must be running out of Jedi."
"You must be General Grievous. He's just another tinny, boys. Let's scrap him like the rest."
―Grievous goads Tano above the Ruusan moon — (audio) Listen (file info)[30]

Following the Republic's defeat at Falleen, Tano, Skywalker and their fleet were stationed at Bothawui to protect it. Tano agreed with Kenobi that they should retreat, but stood by her master when he refused to do so. Tano was part of Resolute command as Skywalker, R2, and Gold Squadron engaged Grievous's fleet. As Grievous's fleet hit them, Tano signaled Rex and his AT-TEs to open fire from the asteroids behind Grievous's fleet. Though they destroyed the bulk of Grievous's fleet, Grievous himself escaped.[31]


Anakin and Ahsoka on the search for R2 with the spy droid R3-S6.

After Skywalker was injured when his starfighter collided with a large piece of shrapnel, he was brought to the Resolute to recover, though R2 was left behind. Tano later accompanied her master along with R2's temporary replacement R3-S6, secretly a spy for General Grievous, on a subsequent salvage operation to try and recover the droid. Tano was optimistic R3 would be a suitable replacement but failed to convince Skywalker that R3 could ever replace R2. The pair boarded a nearby salvaging ship piloted by the Trandoshan scavenger Gha Nachkt. R3, secretly in league with the Separatists, activated several IG-88 assassin droids, which attacked the two Jedi within the ship's cargo hold. After failing to find R2, they left to continue their search, unaware that Nachkt was also in league with Grievous and was secretly hiding R2 from the Jedi. After Skywalker was caught in an ambush by Grievous as a result of R3's sabotage, Tano and Rex were forced to rescue him, once again escaping the General's clutches. Tano continued to stick up for R3, but this only made Skywalker angrier since they were no closer to finding R2.[31]


Ahsoka duels Grievous inside the Separatist listening post.

Upon receiving a transmission from R2 aboard Gha Nachkt's ship, Tano and Skywalker followed the transmission coordinates to Grievous's Separatist listening post on one of Ruusan's moons. To avoid the station's scanners, Tano, Skywalker, R3, Rex, Denal, and several other clones skydived from the Twilight onto the station's surface, gaining entry via lightsaber. Once inside, Skywalker went to rescue R2 while Tano and the clones began to plant explosives all around the station. However, as Tano and the clones advanced through the station, they were found by a force of droids and were pinned down. Unbeknownst to them, R3 was the one who contacted Grievous to help him locate the infiltration team. After they defeated the enemy, Grievous personally came to attack them. While Tano initially remained confident that they could defeat him like the other droids, Grievous quickly overpowered her before he killed all of the troopers save Rex and Denal. Before he could deal a killing blow to Rex, his strike was parried by Tano's own lightsaber, and the two engaged in a duel. Far outmatched by the cyborg General, Tano retreated into another room full of spare droid parts along with R3. As she hid, she contacted Rex and ordered him to proceed with the mission and continue to plant explosives with Denal while she distracted Grievous. Then, she was discovered and ambushed by Grievous thanks to the betrayal of R3. She escaped into the ventilation shaft and rendezvoused with the rest of the crew at the hangar and saw that R2 had been rescued. They escaped on board the Twilight, this time with R2, just as the station exploded.[30]

Capture of Viceroy Gunray

"If it isn't the hairless harpy."
"If it isn't Skywalker's filthy, obnoxious little pet."
"How nice of you. Tell you what, I'll give you a merciful death."
―Ahsoka Tano and Asajj Ventress — (audio) Listen (file info)[32]

Following the Republic's apprehension of Separatist Viceroy Nute Gunray, thanks to the efforts of Padmé Amidala and Senator Onaconda Farr on Rodia, Ahsoka Tano, and Master Luminara Unduli were tasked with overseeing Gunray's voyage to Coruscant aboard the Tranquility, where he would be put on trial for his crimes. Several Senate Commandos under Captain Faro Argyus were also dispatched as extra security to accompany the Jedi. Though Tano was initially skeptical of the need for so much security for just one Neimoidian, Unduli assured the Padawan that his allies could easily be conspiring against them and devising a rescue plan. The Mirialan Jedi Master was indeed correct, as Count Dooku had already sent his most trusted assassin, Asajj Ventress, to extract the Viceroy and return him to the Separatists. As Tano and Unduli attempted to interrogate Gunray, with the Jedi Master chastising Tano for threatening him out of impatience, Ventress and her small contingent of Super Battle Droids breached the hull of the ship.[32]


Ahsoka duels Ventress aboard the Tranquility.

Tano was left to guard Gunray as Unduli and Commander Gree went to deal with the droids, where she was confronted by Ventress, who had slipped inside the ship undetected. Tano was once again confident enough to taunt Ventress as they dueled. The two dueled for a short time before Ventress managed to free Gunray and tricked Tano, trapping the Padawan behind an energy shield in his holding cell. Unduli arrived shortly after, freeing Tano so the two of them could duel Ventress together. However, instead of surrendering, Ventress set off several explosives which she had planted in the engine room, knocking both Jedi to the deck, and escaped down the elevator shaft. Though Tano wanted to follow and confront the assassin once again, Unduli beckoned her to stay put despite her protests. Ultimately deciding to disobey Unduli's instructions, Tano arrived just in time to save the Jedi Master from certain death by Ventress' blade. United as a team, the two Jedi confronted Ventress for a second time, though she once again escaped, this time accompanied by Gunray and Republic defector Faro Argyus. Thus, Ventress successfully completed, her mission much to the dismay of Tano and Unduli.[32]

Rescue on Vanqor

"We had the situation well under control, my little Padawan."
"Oh, I see. So which part of the situation did you have under control? The blocked entrance, the poison gas, or that gundark behind you?"
―Skywalker and Tano — (audio) Listen (file info)[33]

Ahsoka points out the approaching gundark after rescuing Skywalker and Kenobi.

After her master and Obi-Wan Kenobi were trapped in a cave on the crystalline planet of Vanqor after crash landing during a confrontation with the leader of the Confederacy of Independent Systems Count Dooku, Tano and a small extraction team of clone troopers were dispatched to rescue to two Jedi. Tano and her team blasted apart the collapsed cave opening in order to free Skywalker and Kenobi, who had collapsed from the fumes of a noxious green gas which they had accidentally released. They then re-sealed the cave entrance, trapping a swarm of Gundarks inside.[33]

Stranded on Maridun

"Okay, you and Bly go south. Rex and I will stay here with Anakin."
"No, Ahsoka. In order to get help quickly we must work together."
"I can't leave him! Master, I know if I was hurt, he'd never leave me behind."
―Tano argues with Aayla Secura — (audio) Listen (file info)[34]

Ahsoka Tano and Anakin Skywalker, along with a fleet of Republic gunships, were later sent to evacuate Jedi Knight Aayla Secura from Separatist forces after her fleet had been defeated during the Battle of Quell. The two Jedi, Rex, and their clone battalion managed to board Secura's ship and rendezvous with the Twi'lek Jedi and her own battalion, narrowly escaping onto a docked cruiser with an injured Skywalker, who had been caught in an explosion from the Separatist attack. Tano and Skywalker led Secura and some survivors from her battalion, which were Clone Commander Bly, Lucky, Flash, and Cameron, to a cruiser. On their way, Skywalker was gravely injured saving the group from an explosion. They were forced to jump to hyperspace prematurely in order to escape the exploding Resolute in time, much to the alarm of Admiral Yularen. As a result, they were forced to crash-land on Maridun in order to avoid colliding with one of its nearby stars.[34]


Ahsoka helps defend the Lurmen village on Maridun.

Stranded on the planet following the explosion of their cruiser, they set up a crude camp using some parts from the wrecked ship. Fearing for her wounded master, Tano volunteered to watch over him with Rex, but Secura insisted that they instead work together to find help from the local population. Tano reluctantly agreed and accompanied Secura and Commander Bly to scout for help while Rex remained with Skywalker. Along the way, the young Padawan confessed to Secura her feelings of confusion towards the Jedi Code over the rule of not forming attachments yet also showing compassion. In response, Secura shared similar feelings that she used to have regarding her own master, whom she eventually was able to let go. Not long after, they were ambushed by a pack of mastiff phalones which killed Flash, Lucky, and Cameron. After a long journey, they found the local Lurmen village, encountering the village elder Tee Watt Kaa and his son Wag Too. Initially, Watt Kaa refused to help the Jedi, not wanting to be involved in the war, but later agreed to send his son with Tano to retrieve Skywalker for healing on the condition that Secura remained with the village as insurance. Wag Too and Tano later returned with Skywalker and Too healed his wounds using native healing oils.[34]

When Separatist forces arrived under the command of Lok Durd in order to impose their "protection" of the Lurmen people, the Jedi were forced to leave the village to prevent the villagers from paying the price due to their presence. As the Jedi hid, they discovered a nearby heavily guarded Separatist base and Durd's superweapon: the Defoliator, which was capable of destroying all organic life. When they realized that Durd meant to test this weapon on the Lurmen village, the Jedi revealed themselves to protect the villagers. At first, Watt Kaa adamantly opposed getting involved in any way, not even defending his people, but changed his mind after the Jedi fended off Durd's forces and saved the village from annihilation, thanking them personally for their efforts.[35]

Containing the Blue Shadow Virus

"Senator Amidala. We're trapped in the safe room at the end of complex B."
"We'll be right there. Are you contaminated?"
"I'm afraid so."
―Tano communicates with Amidala on Naboo — (audio) Listen (file info)[36]

Ahsoka and Padmé investigating the Blue Shadow Virus.

After the sudden disappearance of Senators Padmé Amidala and Jar Jar Binks on Naboo during her investigation of a viral outbreak among the natives, Tano, Skywalker, and Kenobi were dispatched to Theed. Upon arrival, Skywalker sent Tano with Gungan native Peppi Bow to investigate the swamps where Amidala and Binks were last seen. Inadvertently, they triggered a spy camera, which they managed to hide from, indicating the presence of an underground bunker beneath the swamp. Acting on the instructions of Kenobi and Skywalker, Tano infiltrated the facility by dropping a thermal detonator down one of the exit hatches, allowing for easier entrance. Tano and Rex discovered that Doctor Nuvo Vindi had a secret laboratory underneath the ground and that he was responsible for the creation of the virus that he called the Blue Shadow Virus. They then distracted Vindi's droids, allowing Kenobi and Skywalker to infiltrate the facility quietly. The Jedi captured Vindi before he could detonate the bombs inside the facility and thus release the Blue Shadow Virus into Naboo's atmosphere. However, unbeknownst to anyone, one of Vindi's servant droids had stolen one of the bombs before it could be deactivated by Kenobi and the clone bomb squad.[37]

Before the facility could be properly evacuated, the servant droid activated its bomb shortly before destroying himself, releasing the virus. Amidala triggered the alarm in time, shutting down the facility and preventing the virus from escaping to the outside. Tano, trapped inside, made it into a safe room along with several other clones, but was unfortunately contaminated. While her masters attempted to find a cure on Iego, Tano and Amidala worked together to prevent any droids from escaping the facility and thereby releasing the virus into Naboo's air. Eventually, thanks to Jar Jar Binks's clumsiness, Amidala also became infected by the virus, and her and Tano's conditions worsened as time went on, and many clones died. At one point, Tano collapsed and fell unconscious from the effects of the virus. Luckily, Skywalker and Kenobi were able to obtain a cure, stop the virus, and rescue Rex, Amidala, Tano, and the surviving clones.[36]

Battle of Ryloth

Naval Officer: "Perhaps a different strategy. We need to take more time and plan."
Tano: "No! We don't have any more time! Master Skywalker needs me now! He needs us now."
Admiral Yularen: "The Commander is right."
―Tano convinces her troops to utilize her strategy — (audio) Listen (file info)[25]

Anakin consoles Ahsoka after the loss of her squad.

Ahsoka Tano took command of her own squadron for the first time during the Battle of Ryloth, which she participated in along with her master. Tano led the clone pilots of Blue Squadron, Axe, Slammer, Kickback, Tucker, and Swoop, into battle against the Separatist blockade that was helmed by Captain Mar Tuuk. However, Tano's squadron had fallen right into a trap, and they were ambushed by four Munificent-class star frigates. Tano stubbornly insisted that they continue their attack rather than retreating as instructed to her by Skywalker and Admiral Yularen. After the majority of the clones' starfighters were destroyed as a result, Tano returned to the Resolute, devastated by the loss of her squad. Her master then reprimanded her for disobeying direct orders, and though she claimed that she was only acting on his teachings, she accepted full responsibility for her actions. Though Skywalker attempted to console her, the loss of her pilots left Tano scarred and feeling incredibly guilty.[25]

Later, Skywalker devised a plan to ram the Defender directly into the blockade, thus taking out Tuuk in the process, and allowing the full bulk of their forces, under the command of Tano, to finish the job by taking out the rest of the blockade while Skywalker jettisoned himself in an escape pod. Tano, still affected by her losses, reluctantly accepted leadership once again, this time successfully destroying the blockade with her Y-wing squadron while simultaneously protecting the Resolute by ordering Rex and Yularen into a unorthodox tilt maneuver, turning the cruiser's bridge away from the enemy fire so that only the belly of the ship was exposed. With the blockade destroyed, the Republic could begin its liberation of the Twi'lek people.[25] Later, Tano and Skywalker assisted Mace Windu by providing air support, fighting off Separatist bombers that were tasked with destroying the city of Lessu. By driving out and defeating the Separatists and Wat Tambor, the Republic liberated the planet from Dooku's control.[38]

First Battle of Felucia and protecting the archives

"I know I was wrong. I just got so caught up in my own success I didn't look at the battle as a whole. I wasn't being disobedient. I just…forgot."
―Tano, after her failure on Felucia — (audio) Listen (file info)[39]

Tano, Skywalker, and Kenobi were later dispatched to Felucia to participate in the First Battle of Felucia against Separatist forces. Unfortunately, they were vastly outnumbered, and the Republic sent an evacuation squad led by Plo Koon that was sent to retrieve them after the Separatists managed to establish a blockade above the planet, entrapping them on Felucia's surface. Despite instructions from both Kenobi and Skywalker to retreat, Tano continued to engage the battle droids, intent on continuing the offensive and refusing to back down. However, she eventually relented after her master ordered Tano and her troops to get inside his gunship. Moments later, the clone turbo tank that she had previously been standing on was destroyed by the droids, making Tano realize that she would have died had she not retreated.[39]


Tano, reprimanded by the High Council on Coruscant.

As a result of her actions during the battle, Tano was brought before the Jedi High Council. Tano admitted that she had been wrong not to retreat immediately, stating that she had been "caught in the moment." Though Skywalker tried to take responsibility for the incident, arguing that he had given Tano "too much freedom," Master Windu dismissed his argument and had Tano sent to the Jedi archives for guard duty to work alongside master Jocasta Nu, in order to allow her time to reflect on her disobedient actions. When Tano asked how long she would be on guard duty, Windu responded by extending the punishment.[39]

Tano was about to see more action than expected, as the skilled bounty hunters Cad Bane and Clawdite Cato Parasitti, disguised as recently deceased Jedi Ord Enisence, had infiltrated the Temple with the goal of obtaining a holocron from the vaults. Alerted to the presence of the infiltrators by Master Yoda over her comlink, Tano confronted Parasitti, now disguised as Jocasta Nu, and engaged her in a short lightsaber battle. Tano easily defeated the inexperienced Clawdite, taking her into her custody. However, Bane completed his mission and stole a holocron. The Jedi were given a clue towards finding him when the captured Parasitti told them that Bane's next objective involved the keeper of the kyber memory crystal Bolla Ropal. As Kenobi remained on Coruscant to search for Bane, Tano and Skywalker headed to the Devaron system to catch the bounty hunter.[39]

Confronting Cad Bane

"I sense something, Master. And I don't like it."
"It's the dark side, Ahsoka. This is the right place."
―Tano and Skywalker, on entering Sidious' facility — (audio) Listen (file info)[40]

Arriving in the Devaron system, Tano and Skywalker's cruiser was forced to engage Bane's Separatist fleet, as the Duros bounty hunter had already captured Ropal. Infiltrating Bane's frigate, the two Jedi stormed the bridge, using R2-D2 to access the ship's computer to locate Ropal. However, they arrived too late, with Tano finding only his corpse inside the detention block. The Jedi then pursued Bane into the ship's gunnery room, with Bane switching off the artificial gravity as he and his battle droids attacked. After R2 reactivated the gravity, Bane attempted to flee. Tano, not willing to let him escape, pursued him despite her master's warnings. Confronting him in a dead-end corridor, Tano bested Bane in hand-to-hand combat after he disarmed her. However, as she attempted to retrieve her lightsaber with the Force, Bane suddenly grabbed her ankle and sent a paralyzing electric shock through her body, rendering her unconscious. Bane then bound her wrists with stuncuffs and stole her silka bead Padawan braid, holding her hostage, hoping that her master would try to rescue her.[41]


Tano is held hostage by Cad Bane.

Once Skywalker did indeed arrive, Bane blackmailed him into unlocking his stolen holocron, threatening to launch Tano into space by opening an airlock behind her. Bane opened the airlock anyway, forcing Skywalker to save his Padawan as Bane once again escaped. The Jedi escaped the exploding ship along with Rex, Denal, and several other clone troopers, unaware that Bane had actually killed Denal and redressed himself in the clone's armor. Tano later apologized to Skywalker for once again disobeying her master's orders, but he replied that the mission's failure was his fault and not hers.[41]

After returning from their failed mission, Tano and Skywalker were instructed by the Council to track down and intercept Bane on Naboo in order to prevent him from abducting one of the local Gungans, a Force-sensitive infant named Roo-Roo Page. Tano and Skywalker ambushed Bane in the infant's bedroom, with Tano confronting him with her lightsaber. After a failed escape attempt, Bane was finally brought into custody, and Page was returned to his mother. Before he was taken away, Tano reclaimed her stolen Padawan braid. Though they prevented the kidnapping, there still remained several other Force-sensitive children that Bane had succeeded in stealing away, so the two Jedi investigated Bane's starfighter for any clues as to where he might have hidden the children. Determining that they were most likely on Mustafar, Tano and Skywalker set out immediately to the volcanic planet. There, they found the children in one of Darth Sidious' secret facilities and battled several surgery droids in order to recover the children, who were eventually returned safely to their respective families. After the mission, they returned to the Temple, where Tano was disappointed to learn from the Council that Bane had escaped once again.[40]

An unlikely alliance

Paramita: "Four on one is hardly a fair fight, even for a Jedi."
Tano: "Wait a minute, four on one? You mean four on two."
Seripas: "We don't count you, knee-high."
―Tano and Skywalker are confronted by the bounty hunters — (audio) Listen (file info)[42]

Ahsoka defends the village

During the investigation of a missing medical station over Felucia, Tano, Skywalker, and Kenobi instead found a Separatist vulture droid base. After being attacked by a swarm of vulture droids, the three Jedi crash-landed onto the planet's surface, where they discovered a small Felucian village. Though it initially appeared deserted, they soon discovered a group of farmers in hiding, under the protection of the group of bounty hunters Sugi, Embo, Rumi Paramita, and Seripas. They realized that the bounty hunters were defending the village from a pirate gang led by Hondo Ohnaka. Together, the Jedi found a long term solution and trained the villagers to be able to look after themselves.[42]

Although she found that the farmers learned quickly, Tano also realized she needed to remind herself that they lacked the patience and adaptably possessed by clone troopers, as the Felucians simply were not soldiers, so she needed to treat them differently from the clones.[12] When Ohnaka led his men to attack the village, the villagers had their training put to the test. When Seripas was almost crushed to death, Tano saved him and realized that Seripas was actually a small Ssori in an imposing suit of armor. Tano reassured Seripas that he did not need the armor to be strong and helped the villagers fight off Ohnaka's pirates, who left when Ohnaka declared the venture no longer profitable. In return for their help, Sugi gave the three Jedi a ride back to Republic lines in her ship.[42]

Second Battle of Geonosis

"Well, this tank could destroy the power generator…and probably us along with it."
"I guess that's our only choice."
―Tano and Offee resign to sacrifice themselves — (audio) Listen (file info)[43]

Ahsoka and Anakin stand back-to-back against a pair of droidekas during the Second Battle of Geonosis

Along with her master, Ahsoka Tano participated in the Second Battle of Geonosis with masters Obi-Wan Kenobi, Luminara Unduli, and Ki-Adi-Mundi. The Jedi, hoping to recapture Geonosian and Separatist leader Poggle the Lesser and destroy the Geonosis primary droid foundry, planned a three-pronged attack against Poggle's Geonosian droid foundries. Early on in the mission, Skywalker and Tano's gunship was shot down, but the duo survived and continued their attack, battling the Geonosian defense line.[44]

With Rex and a force of surviving clones, they attacked a Geonosian fortress that stood in their way. Skywalker and Tano scaled the wall and destroyed the droids before blowing the wall so they could continue to the rendezvous point. After reuniting with Mundi and his troops, who had been separated from the main force, Tano and Skywalker began to throw electromagnetic pulse grenades to disable the enemy cannons, enabling the AT-TEs to destroy the shield generator, which forced the remaining Geonosians to surrender. Tano and Skywalker then playfully exchanged their kill counts, though Mundi's far rivaled both of their own.[44]


Ahsoka accuses Anakin of not trusting her judgment.

Tano began to grow frustrated with Skywalker after he continually cut her off during the briefing for the next stage of the mission, believing that she had not earned her master's complete trust. After Jedi Master Luminara Unduli and her Padawan Barriss Offee arrived to help plan the attack on the droid foundry, Tano and Offee were sent to infiltrate and destroy the foundry from the inside. The plan was to go through the underground Geonosian catacombs underneath the facility while Unduli and Skywalker led the 501st and the 41st Elite Corps to engage in a frontal assault as a distraction. Though Tano was initially annoyed by Offee's "dependable" nature and Unduli's trust in her due to her own feelings of inadequacy, the two Padawans quickly bonded and were able to work well as a team.[43]


Ahsoka and Barriss trapped in rubble

Though the two Padawans made it into the reactor room, they were ambushed by one of Poggle's super tanks, which promptly fired upon them. After Offee destroyed the two droid drivers, she and Tano took control of the tank, deciding to use it on the reactor, fully aware that they would likely perish as a result of the explosion. They successfully destroyed the foundry but were buried under the rubble, surviving the explosion. Tano saved both of their lives by hot-wiring her comlink in order to alert Unduli and Skywalker of their location. Upon being rescued, both masters were happy to see that their Padawans had survived. Unduli informed Tano that her master never gave up on her, which reassured Tano that Skywalker trusted her and knew she was capable of handling herself.[43]

Incident aboard TB-73

"Ugh. It's too quiet. It's a big change from all the fighting the last few days."
"You should enjoy this peace while it lasts."
―Tano and Offee — (audio) Listen (file info)[45]

After the rescue of Master Luminara Unduli from the Geonosians and the subsequent death of Queen Karina the Great,[46] Tano and Offee were sent to transport medical supplies. The plan was to bring the supplies from Geonosis to Mace Windu on Dantooine from a station near Ord Cestus on board the medical frigate TB-73. They were, however, unaware that several Geonosian brain worms had been smuggled inside the ship by Scythe, a worm-infected clone trooper. As the worms began to infect the rest of the ship's crew, the worm-controlled clone troopers turned on the two Padawans, who were forced to defend themselves, first in the mess hall against Ox and Edge and later against Trap, whom Offee was forced to kill out of self-defense. Tano, using her lightsaber, then killed Trap's worm, which had emerged from his mouth. In the cargo hold, Tano and Offee fled into the ventilation system after the infected clones outnumbered them. Splitting up, Tano headed towards the communication room to warn Jedi Master Kit Fisto of the situation while Offee went to disable the thrusters.[45]


Ahsoka fighting an infected Barriss aboard TB-73.

Upon making contact with Fisto, the Nautolan Jedi Master instructed her to dock at the medical base despite her concerns over the brain worms spreading. She also updated her master on the situation before ending the transmission. Immediately following her message, she was suddenly ambushed by Barriss Offee, who had been infected by one of the worms on her way to the reactor room. The two fought each other as Tano tried in vain to break the creature's influence over her friend's mind. After a short confrontation, Tano once again escaped into the ventilation system, now the only individual on the ship not under the control of the worms. After learning that the worms were in fact affected by cold temperatures from Skywalker over her comlink, Tano ruptured the coolant system to decrease the temperature inside the ship, which would inhibit the brain worms.[45]

Offee once again confronted Tano on the bridge, though Tano managed to fight her off, temporarily releasing Offee from the brain worm's influence with a blast from a ruptured coolant pipe. Though Offee begged Tano to kill her, the Padawan instead killed her brain worm as it emerged from Offee's mouth. As the ship docked in the medical base, Fisto entered the freezing ship to find a barely conscious Tano cradling her unconscious friend. The two Padawans were then taken to the medical bay to recover from their ordeal. As Tano pondered what might have happened if she had killed Offee, Skywalker attempted to console her, believing that she did the right thing to save her friend.[45]

At the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, Tano, along with Offee, watched a transmission of General Grievous and his MagnaGuards torturing Master Eeth Koth. Tano and Offee comforted several of the younglings when they witnessed Koth screaming in pain. She and Offee then took the younglings away at Master Yoda's request while the others planned a rescue.[47]

Further adventures and lessons

An important lesson

"For a guy that moves slow, you always seem to get ahead of me."
"The value of moving slowly is that one can always clearly see the way ahead."
―Ahsoka Tano and Tera Sinube — (audio) Listen (file info)[48]

Ahsoka and Tera Sinube pursue the criminals.

Sometime later, Tano and Skywalker were in pursuit of wanted Weequay arms dealer Car Affa within Coruscant's slums. Tracking the criminal to a run-down bar, her master instructed her to wait while he apprehended him. Due to Affa's sudden arrest, a large crowd of patrons swarmed from the bar, and in the commotion that followed, the small Patrolian pickpocket Bannamu managed to steal the Padawan's lightsaber from her hip. Ashamed, Tano could not bring herself to admit to Skywalker that she had lost her weapon and immediately headed to the archives in the hopes of tracking down her thief once they reached the temple. There, she met the elderly Jedi Master Tera Sinube, who agreed to help her locate her missing lightsaber. At first, Tano was frustrated with Sinube's preference of patience over speed, which was in great contrast to her own style, but grew to accept and respect the old Jedi Master's methods. Eventually, they found the lightsaber in the possession of underworld criminals Cassie Cryar and Ione Marcy. Tano engaged with Cryar in a wild foot chase throughout the city, though the Terrelian Jango Jumper was too quick for the young Padawan and managed to escape. Ultimately, Tano and Sinube managed to reclaim her lightsaber from Cryar. After the chase, the elder Jedi asked Tano to pass on what she had learned from him to some Jedi younglings.[48]

The hunt for Aurra Sing

After Tano and Master Plo Koon rescued Skywalker and Mace Windu from the wreckage of the Venator-class Star Destroyer Endurance on Vanqor,[49] Tano and Koon journeyed into the Coruscant underworld. Posing as friends of the bounty hunter Castas, they hoped to find a lead on bounty hunter Aurra Sing, who they hoped to track down after the Jedi received a threatening transmission from her and a young Boba Fett. Tano was able to find a lead but also disturbed some of the customers at a cantina, and the two Jedi departed after a tense standoff. Tano and Koon then traveled to Florrum and found Sing in a cantina. The situation quickly escalated when Fett sprung a diversion, and Sing escaped while Boba was captured. Tano skillfully pursued Sing on a speeder bike while Koon saved the hostages. Tano caught up to Sing as she reached Slave I and damaged the ship, causing Sing to lose control and crash in a fiery explosion.[50]

Undercover on Mandalore

"It's every citizen's duty to challenge their leaders, to keep them honest, and hold them accountable if they're not."
―Ahsoka Tano — (audio) Listen (file info)[51]

Ahsoka helped Duchess Satine expose corruption on Mandalore.

Not long after, Tano was dispatched to Mandalore on an undercover mission to uproot corruption scandals in the Mandalorian government and also to help educate Mandalore's youth, including the Duchess's nephew Korkie Kryze and his friends Amis, Lagos, and Soniee, on the basics of lawful and public-serving conduct. After being tasked with the job by Master Yoda, who believed a youthful Padawan could help get through to Mandalore, she was brought to Mandalore by Skywalker. Upon meeting the Duchess as well as Prime Minister Almec, she had to surrender her lightsaber due to restrictions on offworlders carrying weapons. A group of students led by Kryze, with her lessons in mind, proceeded to fight a black market conspiracy. They brought their findings to Tano, who urged them to be more careful. Kryze told her that he only wanted to help his planet like his aunt the Duchess did, but Tano cautioned him from getting into a problem that he could not fix on his own.[51]

When the cadets were arrested by the Mandalorian secret service on their way to meet with Alemc, Tano stepped in to save them. She assisted the cadets in uncovering the scheme and learned that it was actually controlled by Almec himself. However, when they went to alert Duchess Satine, they found her missing with her bodyguards dead. Tano concocted a plan to rescue her, using a mind trick to pass the guards, but Almec, who had been expecting her, stunned her as she tried to rescue the Duchess. When Almec attempted to force the Duchess to sign a confession of treason that would blame her for the black market operations, the cadets arrived and with Tano's help, took down Almec and his men. The conspirators were arrested and Tano left Mandalore shortly thereafter to return to the war.[51]

Return of Aurra Sing

Following her mission to Mandalore, Tano was commended by the Jedi Council for her actions. However, the Council ordered her to remain at the Temple while her master commanded the 3rd Legion on Balith to assist with its civil war. Tano then had a disturbing dream about Aurra Sing,[52] who she thought had perished on Florrum.[50] The visions then showed that Sing was targeting Senator Amidala.[52]


Ahsoka protecting Senator Amidala from Aurra Sing.

Tano then warned Amidala that she was being targeted by Sing. Despite her warning, Amidala then continued to prepare for her speech at Alderaan's Refugee Conference. However, Tano was allowed to accompany her to the conference as additional security. After their arrival, Tano saw the location of Sing's attack on Amidala, warning her and Captain Gregar Typho of this. When the conference started, Tano discovered Sing but could not prevent her from wounding Amidala on the shoulder. Tano pursued her, but Sing escaped.[52]

Despite Tano and Organa's pleas for Amidala to return to Coruscant, she chose to stay and resume her speech. However, Tano devised a plan to allow Amidala to deliver her speech but remain in safety. Amidala used a BD-3000 luxury droid dressed in her clothes to cast her speech while she stayed in her room. However, Tano sensed that Sing was not deceived and realized she had discovered Amidala in her room. Tano rushed in and deflected the blast when Sing fired on Amidala. She then pulled Sing down out of the vent. Tano fought her until Sing knocked her out. However, Amidala was able to stun Sing. Tano and Amidala returned to Coruscant, where Tano reported to Skywalker and Master Yoda. Tano and Amidala identify Sing's employer as Ziro the Hutt,[52] who wanted her dead due to her interference with his plans earlier in the war.[8]

Rescuing Papanoida's daughters


Tano used a mind trick on a Neimoidian guard.

In an effort to persuade the planet Pantora to join the Separatists, the Trade Federation erected a blockade over the planet and, to make matters personal for Pantora's Chairman Papanoida, kidnapped his daughters Chi Eekway and Che Amanwe Papanoida. When the Republic became aware of the situation, Anakin Skywalker sent Tano in to investigate the matter outside of the operations of the Jedi. Tano accompanied her friend, Senator Riyo Chuchi, aboard the Trade Federation blockade, disguised as her servant. Tano helped Chuchi sneak into the office of a Trade Federation Ambassador and overheard him talking with Administrator Sib Canay about how they were holding Che Amanwe onboard their ship.[53]

Chuchi's gasp almost gave them away, but Tano used the Force to prevent them from being discovered. Then, Tano gave them access to the detention complex after she performed a mind trick and then destroyed a group of super battle droids. When they freed Che Amanwe, they were captured, but Senator Chuchi negotiated with the Trade Federation and, in tandem with her father's efforts hunting down Greedo, the bounty hunter responsible for the kidnappings, convinced the Trade Federation to let them go and end their blockade.[53]

A lesson from Yoda

"What makes you unique makes you strong. This you must use. Yourself, you must always be."
"I think I understand. I need to fight like myself."
―Yoda and Ahsoka — (audio) Listen (file info)[54]

Ahsoka blocks Yoda's blade.

Sometime later, Tano had gone back to the sacred world of Ilum to receive a second lightsaber crystal and construct her second blade, resulting in another unremarkable but successful visit to the frozen world, during which she was excited to find her second kyber crystal.[12] In the Jedi Temple dojo, Skywalker and Tano were sparring, with the former teaching Tano to use her new lightsaber. However, being new to using two lightsabers at once, Tano forgot about her second blade was easily disarmed by Skywalker. Tano apologized to Skywalker for forgetting to use her second blade, but he waved it off, claiming that it took time to learn a new technique.[54]

As Tano retrieved her blade, Yoda entered the dojo, wanting to see Tano's progress in using her second lightsaber. Tano agreed to this after gaining Skywalker's approval and she walked out, igniting her first blade immediately. Skywalker cringed as Yoda looked at her in disappointment, telling her that she needed to bow before a duel in the dojo. Embarrassed that she had forgotten, she put her blade away and followed the Grand Master's command. She then reignited her blade, forgetting about her second one. With this, Yoda commanded her to use her second blade. Tano then ignited her second blade as Yoda ignited his.[54]

With one swing of his blade, Yoda managed to knock Tano back as she attempted to block with both blades. Yoda then attempted to teach Tano about how the two blades were like master and apprentice. With this, Tano stood up and attempted a stabbing motion on Yoda, but he simply ducked out of the way and tripped her. As Tano stood back up, Yoda taught her that she must always be herself, and Tano realized that she needed to fight like herself. She reignited her blades, and Yoda attacked once more, but she was able to block this time. Yoda told Tano that she had learned well.[54]

Training session and assignment

"Training sessions are about preparing us for the real world and the real battles we must face. Not just to win by whatever means."
"I saw an opportunity and I took it."
―Barriss Offee and Ahsoka Tano[55]

In the Jedi Temple dojo, Tano and Padawan Barriss Offee had a training session and practiced lightsaber combat. As they spared, Offee used the Force to push Tano to the floor. Seeing an opportunity, Tano threw one of her lightsabers at Offee, catching the Mirialan off guard. Jumping up and igniting her remaining lightsaber, Tano brought Offee to yield, ending the match. Offee said that it was not a good match, stating that Tano would not have thrown her weapon in a real battle and that she had learned nothing from the session.[55]


Barriss Offee and Ahsoka Tano talk after their training session.

The two walked from the dojo and spoke about the differences between their masters' teachings. When Offee accused Tano of losing patience and forgetting the lightsaber forms, Tano replied by saying that the forms did not help her in real battles. Tano handed her lightsabers to Offee, who then demonstrated how using Form VI would have helped her. When they arrived at Tano's quarters, she thanked Offee for the match, and they parted ways.[55]

In her quarters, Tano tried the lightsaber forms but was unsuccessful. To clear her mind, she sat down and began to meditate. As she meditated, she thought about how Offee had been right, and she determined that she needed to think like a Jedi and that she still was not good enough. Tano's meditation was interrupted when Senator Padmé Amidala knocked on the door, and Tano invited her inside.[55]

Tano was surprised to see Amidala at the Temple and asked if everything was alright. Amidala explained that she was going to host an important meeting with the Arthurian delegates the next day, and the senator asked Tano if she would perform a security check. Tano doubted that Amidala needed her, saying that Captain Typho and the handmaidens would be enough. But thinking back to her training session with Offee, Tano ultimately agreed to the job.[55]

Working with Senator Amidala

Defeating a changeling
"You know, it might not be such a bad idea if you stick around."
"Thank you, Senator Amidala, but it's not really my place to mingle with politicians."
―Padmé Amidala and Ahsoka Tano[56]
The Imposter Inside cover

Amidala and Tano worked together to defeat Parasitti.

The following evening, Tano established a perimeter around Amidala's apartment and assured the senator that the outside of the building was clear. Amidala thanked the Padawan and requested that she stay for the meeting, well aware that her negotiations with the delegates from Arthuria were opposed by many. Tano politely declined, however, not wanting to interfere in the dealings of politicians.[56]

Before she could leave, Tano noticed that the banquet table that one of the Senator's handmaidens had prepared was set with utensils, which were customarily never used by Arthurians. When Amidala questioned the handmaiden for the potentially offensive act, the servant pulled out a blaster and fired upon the duo. As Tano confronted the handmaiden, she revealed herself to be Cato Parasitti,[56] the shape-shifting assassin that Tano had encountered during Cad Bane's heist at the Jedi Temple.[39] After a small fire fight, Tano was able to subdue Parasitti and dispose of a bomb the changeling had planted in the apartment.[56]

Mission to Alderaan
"You know, you and Anakin make a good team."
"Thanks. I could say the same about the two of you."
―Amidala and Tano, on Anakin[57]

At a later time, Skywalker arranged an an engagement to escort Senator Amidala on a mission to the planet Alderaan. Unbeknownst to Tano[57] and the Jedi Council, Skywalker and Amidala had secretly married shortly after the First Battle of Geonosis[58] and planned to use this mission to spend time alone together. To her master's disgruntlement, however, Tano was also assigned to the mission at the suggestion of Kenobi,[57] who had some understanding of the couple's close relationship.[58]


Tano questions Skywalker on his change of course.

Boarding a T-6 shuttle, the trio departed from Coruscant and made the jump to hyperspace. Now wanting the mission to end as soon as possible, Skywalker changed the ship's flight trajectory to travel along a different route. Tano warned her master that they would pass through a sector of suspected Separatist activity, and when the ship pulled out of hyperspace, true to the Padawan's word, they were met with five Munificent-class star frigates. At the senator's command, Amidala and Tano manned the guns as Skywalker flew through the Confederate fleet.[57]

Although the Jedi Knight's flying skills managed to get the ship through most of the fleet, one of the frigates was able to land a blow on the Republic shuttle, knocking the senator to the floor. As the smoke in the shuttle cleared, Tano saw that Skywalker had caught Amidala, who held her husband tightly in her arms. Seeing that the two were preoccupied, Tano took to the pilot's seat and managed to safely bring the ship to Alderaan. After landing, Skywalker thanked his Padawan for her help before leaving her and the senator alone. The two women shared a moment together, acknowledging the other's relationship with Skywalker.[57]

Training the senator

Tano instructed Amidala in starfighter combat.

"You're getting better. Now just try to keep up with me."
―Tano, to Amidala[59]

Tano went on to train Senator Amidala in starfighter combat, taking the Naboolian to a remote asteroid field to undergo flight exercises. Although Tano believed the field to be devoid of enemy forces, the duo were soon ambushed by a modified vulture droid that was stationed on one of the asteroids. The droid pursued them through the field and immobilized Tano's N-1 starfighter with an ion torpedo, knocking her unconscious. Using the Padawan's teachings, Amidala was able to defend her friend and destroy the droid. Tano came to and praised the senator for her instincts before the two journeyed back home.[59]

Skirmish on Coruscant

"Ahsoka... what happened?."
"Let's just say there were some complications."
―Anakin and Ahsoka[60]

Ahsoka runs into some complications on her way to the Jedi temple

Tano was patrolling the busy streets of Coruscant when she heard Skywalker's booming voice crackle through her comlink demanding she get back to the Jedi Temple for a ceremony in which she was to take part. As she approached the temple, she heard a large crowd screaming for help. Within an instant, the Togruta Jedi turned around and followed the sounds of their screams to help them. Upon turning the corner she witnessed a female Aleena and her child being attacked by a rogue droid. Immediately she noticed that some of its wiring was exposed. She at first utilized the Force to throw a crate towards it, to get its attention. As it approached her underneath residential water pipes, Tano ignited her dual lightsabers. She sprinted towards it, slicing one of its legs off, and proceeded to jump up and sever the water pipes. Water gushed down onto the droid, causing it to break down. The Padawan checked to see if the mother and child were okay before she suddenly remembered the ceremony that she was already late for. As she arrived at the Jedi Temple, she met Skywalker and Yoda by the Great Tree. As the ceremony began, Master Yoda stated that Tano was humble and brave, which he thought of as a sign of maturity. He went on to say that she was on the right path to becoming a Jedi Master, before awarding her with an add-on to her Padawan braid.[60]

Lessons in politics

"Well, I mean, you think we're all the bad guys. But how many of us have you actually met? And droids don't count."
"Well, other than military officers like Grievous and Ventress… none, I guess. You and your mother are the first."
"Well, look at me. Am I so bad?"
―Lux Bonteri and Ahsoka Tano, in a discussion of perspectives[61]

Tano and Bonteri discuss their opposing viewpoints on the war.

Tano watched a session of the Senate as they debated deregulating the banks to fund the creation of more clone troopers. However, Tano had difficulty understanding the politics behind the war. The Padawan was left with Amidala by her master so that she could try to understand politics. Tano then allowed Amidala to use her status as a Jedi to go behind enemy lines and speak with her mentor, Senator Mina Bonteri of Onderon of the Separatist Senate on Raxus Secundus.[61]

Together, they ventured to Raxus. In Raxulon, they met Bonteri and went to her home. There, Tano met Bonteri's son, Lux. She spoke with Lux about their differences and her meeting with other Separatists such as Ventress and Grievous. Tano then attended a session of Separatist Senate at their Senate Building and watched as the Senate voted to open negotiations with the Republic. Tano and Amidala then returned to Coruscant, where they informed Chancellor Palpatine of their negotiations. However, the banks were voted to be deregulated when there was an attack on the power generators on Coruscant. She also learned that her master knew of their mission, and scolded her because it was reckless of her. Tano, however, learned that the politics behind the war were not as black and white as she thought.[61]

Continuation of the war

Journey to Mortis

"There are many contradictions in you. And in him. Be warned, you may never see your future if you remain his student! Leave this planet!"
―Ahsoka Tano, a vision of her older self warning her to leave Anakin Skywalker before it is too late.[62]

Ahsoka encountering her future self

Tano, along with Skywalker and Kenobi, was then sent to rendezvous with Captain Rex to investigate a 2,000-year-old distress signal in the Chrelythiumn system. There, they were brought[62] through a vergence within an ancient monolith[2] to the planet Mortis, an ethereal realm within the Force.[62] Inside, Skywalker quickly became separated from Kenobi and Tano, and the latter two found shelter as night fell. There, Tano was visited by a vision of her older self, warning against her attachment to Skywalker, saying she may never see her future if she remained his student. Her older self also said that Skywalker's attachment to the Dark Side would corrupt her if she did not remove herself from his teachings. Tano retorted that although her master was unconventional, she trusted him with her life and he trusted her. Soon after, Tano and Kenobi were both kidnapped by the Son and the Daughter. The Father, the master of the realm of Mortis, faced Skywalker with a choice to choose either Tano or Kenobi to save and the other to sacrifice. Skywalker opted to draw power from Mortis to save both his master and apprentice.[62]


Tano was imprisoned on Mortis.

Later, the three Jedi returned to their ship to try to leave but discovered they needed to make repairs. As they attempted to do so, Tano was kidnapped by the Son and imprisoned in a tower. Now chained, Tano boldly tried to free herself until she heard a voice and found herself in the company of a repulsive creature which addressed the young Padawan's innermost doubts and fears, specifically regarding her master. Tano was defiant in her belief in Skywalker, but realized that she still had doubts. The creature then freed Tano from her chains and tried to convince the Padawan to forget her master. When Tano refused, the creature bit her on the arm. As Tano collapsed in pain, the creature revealed itself to be the Son. Tano had been infected with the dark side of the Force.[4]


Tano was briefly poisoned by the dark side on Mortis.

When Skywalker arrived to rescue Tano, the Son told him that if he did not join him, he would kill Ahsoka. Anakin refused, and the Son sent a corrupted Tano to attack her master in response. When Kenobi arrived with the Dagger of Mortis, Tano became enraged, knowing that it could free her from the Son's presence. Tano held her own against Kenobi and Skywalker as the Son and the Daughter fought. Eventually, Tano stole the Dagger from Kenobi and, smirking, gave it to the Son. The Son, claiming Tano was no longer of use, drained her life Force and instantly killed her.[4]

As Tano lay dead, the Son turned to kill the Father. Instead, the Daughter lunged and took the blow, and the horrified Son dropped the weapon as he saw that the Daughter was mortally wounded. The Daughter told Skywalker that she could save Tano if she used him as a conduit to channel her life force into her. They completed the procedure as the Daughter died, bringing Ahsoka back to life and purging her of the darkness.[4]


Ahsoka was killed by the Son and later resurrected

Ahsoka was then able to repair the ship as Skywalker faced the Son, and as the Father took his own life, Skywalker killed the Son. The three left the realm of Mortis as the Father died and found themselves back with the Republic fleet. Upon communicating with Rex, they learned that they had only gone for a moment into Mortis and that almost no time had passed at all.[63]


A year and nine months into the war,[64] Jedi Master Even Piell was captured by Separatist forces during his return from the Outer Rim. Piell carried vital information alongside Captain Wilhuff Tarkin involving the secret hyperspace lanes called the Nexus Route, which the Separatists sought to obtain. Upon his capture, he was taken to an ancient prison known as the Citadel, which had been designed to detain Jedi if any had strayed from their path. In order to rescue Master Piell, Skywalker, Kenobi, and Koon devised a plan to rescue him, and, as they exited the briefing room, Tano ran up beside them, apologizing for being late, citing that she had just heard about the briefing and asked for clarification on their rescue of Piell. As Skywalker stopped, Koon commented that Tano and Skywalker had much to discuss as Kenobi and Koon left to leave the two alone.[65]


Tano grows increasingly frustrated at Skywalker.

With this, Skywalker informed Tano that she would not be allowed to come along on this assignment and, after she objected, he informed her that the Citadel had been created to detain Jedi in case they had lost their way and that it wasn't a place for Padawans. However, Tano argued that this wasn't fair and that Skywalker was merely being protective, asking how she was going to learn if Skywalker was not willing for her to risk herself. However, Skywalker continued on by saying that this wasn't a mission to be teaching lessons to a Padawan and that it was meant as a do or die type of mission, not willing to share this risk with his Padawan.[65] As he walked away, Tano grew increasingly frustrated.[66]

Shortly afterwards, Tano consulted Master Koon for guidance on Skywalker's decision. In response to her inquiry, Koon simply informed her that it was Skywalker's decision to decide whether or not she should be allowed to go. However, Tano once again cited her belief that Skywalker was being overprotective, saying that he had been choosing which assignments she could partake in. Koon then responded by once again saying that he was her master to which Tano said that it should be her choice when she wanted to risk her life. With that, Koon began to ponder her argument.[65]

Rescuing Even Piell

Scaling the cliff

Eventually, Koon agreed with Tano's sentiment and, in a way, assigned her to the mission.[67] After being "assigned," Tano was frozen in carbonite and placed aboard their stolen Sheathipede-class transport shuttle alongside Skywalker, Kenobi, and the clones. As they approached Lola Sayu, the planet the Citadel was housed upon, Commandant Osi Sobeck, the warden of the prison, grew increasingly suspicious of their true cargo and ordered for his droids to scan for lifeforms. However, after doing a full scan of the ship, the scanners came up empty, showing that the Republic's ruse had worked. As they arrived on the planet, the shuttle deviated from where it was assigned to land, choosing instead to hide within the volcanic canyons of the planet and unload their "cargo."[65]


Tano emerges from carbonite.

As Tano was unfrozen, Skywalker passingly acknowledged her presence before realizing that Tano wasn't supposed to be on the assignment. As Kenobi woke up alongside him, he noted that he believed he must have been given carbon sickness as he was seeing Tano was with them. In response, Skywalker confirmed to him that his sight was fine and that Tano's hearing was the thing that needed assistance instead. In defense, Tano explained that she had received orders from Koon and that she thought he had known about it. Skywalker grew more disgruntled with her as he told her that Koon had not told him about her joining the mission, which Tano followed up by saying that he had already been in carbonite when the decision had been made. Pointing at Tano, he once again informed her that he had specifically told her not to come, but Tano defended herself by saying that Skywalker had taught her that following direct orders wasn't always the right decision. With that, Kenobi walked over and commented on Skywalker's teaching style before welcoming Tano to the mission, leading Tano to smile. After Kenobi's inquiry, the discussion ended.[65]

Before departing for the facility, Tano had a discussion with one of the 212th troopers accompanying them as CC-2224 "Cody" was preparing his backpack. Once Cody finished preparing his pack, the two made their way to the cliff surrounding the Citadel. Arriving at a safe distance to avoid detection, Kenobi and Skywalker stopped to survey the cliff they were intending to climb in order to make their way to an entry point into the Citadel. Kenobi suggested that they use ascension cables, but was met with disapproval from Skywalker as he noted the electromines dotting the cliff face and that the ascension cables would have nothing to grab onto without hitting the electromines, which would notify the entire prison of their presence. With this, Rex suggested that they freeclimb it which was met with approval from both Kenobi and Skywalker as the group continued their journey to the Citadel.[65]


Tano freeclimbing the cliff to reach the Citadel.

The group soon began to climb the cliff face during which Skywalker asked how Tano was doing during her climb to which Tano simply said that she couldn't be better, but noted that the strong winds were providing a challenge. As they continued their climb, Kenobi traveled up to the platform where the entry point the group wished to enter through was located, but was stopped when several droids appeared through the entry point, forcing him to tell the rest of the group to remain silent, causing them to briefly pause their climb. As the droids returned inside, they activated a ray shield, which Kenobi noted to the rest of the group, leading Skywalker to become distressed as the ray shield wasn't originally in the plan. Continuing her climb, Tano noted that an opening was near the door and that she might be able to squeeze through the ventilation ducts and disable to ray shield. Skywalker then met her proposal with approval after an inquiry from Kenobi and she made her way to the shaft and entered, arriving just outside the ray shielded door. As she exited, she checked for any droid patrols, noticing none and made her way to the door controls, simply pressing a single button and deactivating the ray shield. As Skywalker, entered she tried to show off to him, noting that she could handle herself. However, as the rest of the group finished making their way up to the platform, a clone named "Charger" lost his grip on the cliff and began tumbling down towards the lava below, hitting an electromine on his way down and alerting the entire facility to the group's presence. With that, all security protocols were activated, the entire facility was placed on lockdown, and Sobeck's special units were assigned to hunt the group down.[65]

Freeing Master Piell

As they stealthily made their way through the hallways of the facility, Tano served as a lookout as they traversed through said hallways. As they neared Piell's cell, Skywalker ordered ARC trooper CT-5555 "Fives" to take out their surveillance leading several automated laser traps to attack the group, although they were easily taken out by their combined efforts. However, an electrified wall soon activated, forcing the group to run to cover, and killing "Longshot," not managing to take cover in time. Even so, Kenobi ordered for the group to keep moving. As Master Piell was being tortured, the group arrived just in time to save him before an EV-series medical droid would've removed his one remaining eye. As the group arrived, Skywalker freed Master Piell from his containment field while Kenobi cradled him back to the ground. As he stood back up, he confirmed he had not revealed the coordinates of the Nexus Route as Kenobi handed him his lightsaber back. However, Master Piell also confirmed that he only had half of the coordinates of the Nexus Route and that his captain had the other half, forcing the group to free them as well. With this, Skywalker was forced to come up with a new plan for escaping the facility and, with that, the group made their way to the second cell.[65]


The group defends itself from Sobeck's special units.

As they made their way there, Sobeck's special units–six commando droids, specially designed with the logo of the Citadel on their armor plating–arrived, surrounding the group and beginning their attack. During the battle, one of the commando droids tackled Tano and wrestled her to the ground before she managed to cut off its head, disabling it. Shortly afterward, Sobeck employed the use of ringing noise, distracting the group, and activating a magnetic field, allowing him to take their weapons and attracting Skywalker's cybernetic hand as Sobeck began to electrocute him, leading Tano to call out towards him. Soon after, more of Sobeck's special units arrived as Sobeck announced that they were going to be his "guests" for a very long time as they appeared to have been captured.[65]

However, Piell, Kenobi, and Tano used the Force to attempt to knock the droids over, but instead discovered that the droids were magnetized to the floor. Even so, the group continued this tactic, causing the droids' shots to miss their targets as the clones attempted to destroy them using their bare hands; however, the droids instead knocked them to the ground. As they did this, Skywalker managed to grab his lightsaber as Sobeck continued to electrify him and deactivate the magnetic field, returning each weapon to its respective group member and leading Skywalker to fall back towards the floor. With that, the group easily managed to destroy the commando droids as they continued their way towards the officers' cell. Before Rex left, he shot the camera Sobeck had been using to watch them, causing him to lose track of where they were.[65]

Finally arriving at their intended destination, the group opened the door as Tano swooped in from behind Skywalker, kicking one of the commando droids to the ground and eliminating it through the use of one of her lightsabers. As the rest of the group arrived in the cell, Tarkin, Piell's captain, noted their presence and asked how they were going to get out of the facility. With that, Kenobi offered a solution where he and Skywalker split up, assigning Piell and Tarkin to separate groups in case either was captured. Although briefly rejecting the idea, Tarkin eventually gave in after an inquiry from Piell and was assigned to Skywalker's group alongside Tano as Piell went with Kenobi's group.[65] Kenobi's group intended to cause a distraction on their way to the landing pad to meet with their shuttle while Skywalker's group used the old fortress tunnels in order to maneuver around the facility and make it towards the pipeline where they too would be rescued by the shuttle.[68]

Journey to the pipeline

Tano travels through the fortress tunnels alongside Rex and Tarkin.

While Kenobi and Piell created a diversion, Skywalker, using old archive data, led his group to one of the tunnels in order to allow them to exit the facility. As they made their way out, Tano rushed ahead to make sure the tunnel was free of droids, discovering none and notifying the group as much.[65] With that, Tano made her way back to the rest of the group as they traversed the old tunnel. As they continued to walk across the tunnel, Skywalker asked R2 if he and his battle droids were ready to depart as Tano surveyed the tunnel. Continuing to see if any droids occupied the tunnel, Tano continued to serve as a lookout for the group as a probe droid appeared, but was subsequently cut down by Skywalker before being able to alert Sobeck of their presence. After she looked towards the lava below, Tano openly questioned a sudden comment from Tarkin, who told her that he admired the design of the fortress. To this, Tarkin noted that the ongoing incident showed that it is effective at its job, but that it was a pity that the fortress had been captured by the Separatists, which Skywalker responded to Tano's responsive stare by telling her that Tarkin had a point. However, Tano gave him a bewildered look upon him saying this. With that, Skywalker informed Tano that he would be departing the group for a short while and that he needed her to lead it for the time being which led Tano to ask were he was going to which he noted that he needed to protect their flank since Kenobi was not with them. With that, Tano looked towards Skywalker and noted that it might have been a good thing she came after all while possessing a proud look on her face.[68]


Ahsoka annoyed with Tarkin.

As they continued walking, Tarkin expressed his doubt in Tano's ability to lead the group to Rex to which Rex noted that he trusted her after the many missions the two had been on together. However, as the pair's conversation continued, the group came across a dead end in the tunnel. Just then, super battle droids began to appear from their flank, forcing Tano to activate her lightsabers and defend the group. As she did this, Skywalker swooped down and cut one of the super battle droids in half and did the same to the other. However commando droids, wielding personal energy shields, soon arrived, forcing them back into action. Tano then defended herself by saying that she thought it was a dead end, which ended up being to her detriment as Skywalker informed her that if Koon had indeed assigned her to the mission, he would've briefed her on the plan. However, Tano ignored this and instead ran to the wall and began placing thermal detonators onto it. Thinking that she had placed enough, she ran back into the action with two Class-A thermal detonators that had been leftover and used them to destroy the attacking commando droids as the wall blew up behind the group. With that, Tano walked past Skywalker, smiling at him, as the group continued its journey.[68]


Tano and Skywalker defend the pipeline.

Arriving at the pipeline, Tano rushed ahead to gain a better perspective on it as Skywalker explained where the pipeline led and the plan for their escape. He then opened the hatch as the group had to shield their noses from the noxious fumes coming out of the pipeline. Tano then ventured into the pipeline, being the first to enter. As the group made it up the pipeline, Tano climbed from the outside and used her acrobatic skills to maneuver around and make it to the top of the pipeline. Cautiously skimming across it, Tano eventually stopped and informed the group that she thought she found a way out. Opening the hatch, she notified the group that there were no droids present as well as informing them that R2 had not yet arrived with the shuttle. As she attempted to climb out of the hatch, however, two battle droids pointed their blasters at her, but she easily managed to destroy them using her lightsabers, but soon discovered many more battle droids as well as crab droids advancing on their position. Even so, the group made their way out of the pipeline and towards the advancing droids. As Tarkin and the clones exited the pipeline, Tano and Skywalker defended them, deflecting as many of the droids' blaster bolts as was possible using their lightsabers. However, the group was soon forced to escape as they became overwhelmed by the number of droids. As Tano took cover along with the rest of the group, Skywalker took a thermal detonator and threw it at the hatch, closing it and destroying the entire pipeline along with the droids. With that, Skywalker informed them that they would now be following plan B, which was to meet up with the shuttle where Kenobi was supposed to be located.[68]

Plan B

Skywalker's group arrives.

As Skywalker's group arrived at the landing platform, they discovered Kenobi's group pinned down by several turrets surrounding the shuttle. In response to this, Skywalker's group was forced to take cover alongside Kenobi's group. While pinned down, Tano noted that the ship was surrounded to which Tarkin offered a solution in the way of a full-scale assault on the droids. However, Kenobi noted that if they did that the turrets would simply destroy the ship and their only chance of escape, but Tarkin offered up a counter solution where they take over the turrets and decimate the droids surrounding the shuttle. As they continued their conversation, Skywalker pointed out the STAPs headed for them as they began to fire upon them, destroying the crates behind them and forcing the four Jedi to ignite their lightsabers.[68]

The Jedi managed to use this to their advantage, however, as Skywalker managed to grab hold of one of the STAPs in an attempt to destroy the turrets. However, more droid reinforcements continued to arrive alongside several commando droids, one of which climbed into one of the turrets and attempted to destroy the shuttle. Seeing this, ARC trooper CT-1409 "Echo" ran out into the open in an attempt to claim the shuttle, but the shuttle was instead destroyed and Echo was thought dead; however, the debris from the destruction of the shuttle managed to destroy the turret the commando droid was manning. With the shuttle now destroyed, the now once again combined group was forced to make a tactical retreat.[68]

As the group escaped, Kenobi and Skywalker contacted the Jedi on Coruscant and informed them that they were going to need a rescue since their shuttle had been destroyed. Finally finding cover, Tano conversed with one of the rescued officers as Kenobi, Piell, and Skywalker discussed how they were going to make it to the rendezvous point and decided that they would just have to keep moving. With that, the group moved out, making their way towards the rendezvous point, believing that they still had a chance to escape.[68]

The rendezvous point

As the group passed by a lava cave, Tano asked what the group's next move was to which Skywalker said that they were going to have to fight their way off of Lola Sayu, leading to Kenobi asking for someone to contact the Council and see when they were planning rescue them, which Piell took responsibility of. With that, R2 displayed a hologram of Windu who said that he was glad to see Piell alive. Skywalker then walked over to them and asked when they were planning on rescuing them to which Windu informed them that Koon had already left for Lola Sayu. Adding onto this, Yoda informed them that gunships would arrive to extract them, but that only a small window would be there for them to be rescued, so they had to the rendezvous point. Yoda then informed them where the rendezvous point would be—a small island surrounded by lava. Windu then wished for the Force to be with them and ended the transmission. As the transmission ended, the group was ambushed by commando droids but easily destroyed them with the use of a timely thermal detonator from Fives. With that, the group moved out to reach the rendezvous point in time with Kenobi noting that more droids were surely on their way.[67]


The group climbs down the cliff.

The group was soon discovered by Sobeck's droid forces, which led Tano to exclaim that the droids were boxing them in. In order to escape, Skywalker and Kenobi used their ascension guns to carry the members of the group with no weapon down the cliff they were in front of. While doing so, Tano defended them against the droids along with the rest of the group as R2 ordered for his droids to attack the enemy. The rest of the group took this opportunity to escape and used the ascension cables to carry themselves down the cliff. Finally making it to the surface, the commando droids continued to fire on them above after easily destroying R2's droids as the group attempted to make it through an opening into a cave while Cody and Skywalker covered their escape.[67]

As they passed by a river of lava, Tarkin wondered aloud if the Jedi would be there when they arrived at the rendezvous point to which Piell said that, if he kept moving, he wouldn't have to worry about it. Looking back at Tarkin, Tano sneered and rolled her eyes at him before facing forward once more to continue moving. As she ducked under an outstretched rock, Tano asked why Piell had to share half of the coordinates of the Nexus Route with Tarkin, believing he wasn't grateful they had rescued him. In response, Skywalker informed her that Tarkin believed that the Jedi should not be in charge of leading the Grand Army of the Republic in the Clone Wars to which Tano said that his beliefs were ridiculous. Skywalker continued, debating with Kenobi about the role of the Jedi Code within war. As they continued walking, the group heard the howl of the anoobas, which led Tano to ask the rest of the group if they had heard the howl as well. Attempting to outrun the anoobas, Skywalker later told Tarkin that it was not wise to disobey Piell, especially for his career, while Tano watched. In response, Tarkin said that he stood by his principles no matter the circumstance and that his career was not to worry about since the chancellor favored him to which Skywalker said that he and the chancellor were also friends. However, Kenobi told them to hurry up or they'd miss their rendezvous and the two's conversation ended.[67]


Master Piell gives his half of the coordinates to Tano.

Nearing a cave, the anoobas had almost caught up with the group, which Fives noted. Skywalker then said that they would have to deal with them so that they did not lead the droids to them to which Tano offered the cave they had been nearing to launch a surprise attack on them. To this, Piell said that they might be able to get the anoobas to pass by, but they'd need a distraction in order to do so to which Skywalker offered himself up as well as Kenobi who inquired by the way of a fake cough. Tano then went with the rest of the group to hide in the cave as Kenobi and Skywalker walked with R2 through a misty path of rocks. As the anoobas arrived along with several commando droids riding STAPs, Tano and the rest of the group went to spring the trap; however, before they could arrive, crab droids appeared off the side of the cliff and attacked the group, quickly killing one of the liberated clones.[67]

Piell quickly managed to kill that crab droid, but more continued to arrive, leading Piell to order the clones to keep moving while he and Tano dealt with the crab droids. While defending against them, Tano used both of her lightsabers in order to defend against her crab droid while Piell easily managed to destroy his. Tano soon managed to destroy one of the other crab droids that had arrived while the two were overlooked by one of the anoobas. It quickly sprung into action and tackled Piell, forcing Tano to attempt to save him. Tano was too late, however, as, after using the Force to push the anooba away, Piell laid dying on the ground. As Tano reattached her lightsabers to her belt, she checked for Piell's vitals and exclaimed that she needed to get help, but was stopped by Piell who told her that he needed to tell her his half of the Nexus Route coordinates. Tano attempted to tell him that she should go get Skywalker or Kenobi, but Piell insisted that she hear them instead. To this, Tano admitted that she hadn't truly been assigned to the mission, but Piell did not care, informing her that now she was one of the most important pieces of the mission whether she was meant to be here or not and that she give his half of the coordinates of the Nexus Route only to the Jedi Council. With that, Piell gave Tano his half of the coordinates.[67]

As the rest of the group finished off the remaining droids, Tano arrived carrying the dead body of Piell. As she carried him, she gave his body to Skywalker who laid him on the ground. With this, Tano informed them that Piell had died honorably and that she had his half of the coordinates. The group then brought him to a lavafall where Kenobi and Skywalker used the Force to drop his body into the lava and took a moment to honor him before they moved on. As the group continued their journey to the rendezvous point, they finally came across the island where they were meant to be extracted, Cody and Skywalker used their ascension guns to launch a cable so that they could climb over to the island as it was surrounded by lava. However, more commando droids then arrived on STAPs along with Sobeck, who had finally decided to deal with them himself.[67]

As Sobeck was knocked out of the sky by Fives, he grabbed onto Tarkin and began to choke him, preparing to throw him into the lava. Acting on her training from Skywalker, Tano quickly killed him with her one of her lightsabers in order to save Tarkin. Tarkin then thanked Tano and informed Skywalker that he had trained her well. Just then, Koon finally arrived with the gunship as more crab droids arrived. Tano, as well as the rest of the group, easily managed to board the gunship and they took off while being flanked by Jedi Masters Saesee Tiin, Adi Gallia, and Kit Fisto flanking them in their own interceptors. As the Venators prepared to jump to hyperspace, the gunship safely made its way back into the hangar as Koon gave Admiral Barton Coburn the go-ahead to jump to hyperspace, leaving Lola Sayu behind.[67]

The coordinates


Tarkin informs the Jedi that he would only give his half of the coordinates to the Supreme Chancellor

Arriving back at Coruscant, the group was met by several members of the Coruscant Guard as well as Yoda and Windu. During their subsequent conversation, Kenobi informed the Jedi that Tano and Tarkin had each memorized half of the coordinates for the Nexus Route, but Tarkin told them that he was told by Supreme Chancellor Palpatine himself to bring the coordinates directly to him, which Tano then informed the group that she had promised Piell that she would only deliver the coordinates of the Nexus Route to the Jedi Council. Yoda then left to meet with the chancellor to decide what the best course of action was. As Tano turned to leave with the rest of the group, she was stopped when Skywalker asked Koon if he had assigned her to the mission to which Koon said that it appeared he had which was met with Tano's surprise as well as Kenobi and Skywalker's dismay. Koon then brought Tano along with him to enter the Jedi Temple.[67]

Captured at Felucia

"You already did everything you could. Every thing you had to do. When I was out there, alone, all I had was your training and the lessons you taught me. And because of you, I did survive. And not only that, I was able to lead others to survive as well."
―Ahsoka Tano to Anakin Skywalker[69]

Ahsoka is captured

Tano would travel with Skywalker, Koon, and their respective troops to another engagement on Felucia. In a pincer movement, Tano took Clone Corporal "Comet" and several other troopers around the wall of a Separatist facility. As the clones scaled the wall with grappling hooks, Tano guarded the rear. However, when she tried to follow the troopers up the wall, she was captured in a stun net by the Trandoshan Lo-Taren. He placed her in a cage on a prisoner ship. Tano and multiple other prisoners were dropped on Island Four on the jungle moon Wasskah, where members of a Trandoshan hunting guild would hunt them for sport. Tano survived the night and met up with a trio of former Jedi younglings, Kalifa, Jinx, and O-Mer. She joined their small band that worked hard to survive but had already lost hope of any kind of escape. Tano tried to convince them that they should be more proactive in their attempts to make it off of the moon, but Kalifa told her that there had been Padawans like her in the past that got themselves killed. Glumly, Tano settled in on the group's routine of staying on the move during the day and returning to a hiding place to rest at night.[70]

However, Tano's constant energy and belief began to convince the other Jedi to have hope of eventual escape or rescue. As they worked to discover where the Trandoshan's base was, O-Mer noticed their Ubrikkian Floating Fortress in the air. The group was immediately attacked by several hunters, forcing them to split up. Tano broke off from the group with Kalifa and defended her after she was wounded by Dar. Using her more advanced abilities, she fended off Dar and eventually sent him plummeting to his death. Unfortunately, as she helped Kalifa rise to her feet, she was shot by Dar's father, Garnac, who was also the leader of the hunters. Howling in anger, Garnac continued to fire at Tano as Kalifa slumped against a tree, mortally wounded. Tano promised to look after the others and stayed with her until she breathed her last.[70]

Returning to their hiding place, Tano revealed to the others that Kalifa had been killed. Jinx and O-Mer plunged into despair, but Tano did her best to keep their spirits up, proposing a plan to attack a transport ship as it delivered new prisoners. That night, they assaulted a ship, but were unable to gain control of the ship as it crashed onto the beach. However, they gained a new companion in the Wookiee Chewbacca. Being the only one to understand Shyriiwook, Tano translated Chewbacca's ideas to the group, including his plan to build a transmitter from the wreckage of the ship to contact his people on the nearby Kashyyyk.[69]


Tano, Jinx, O-Mer, and Chewbacca at their hideout

The next night, the four companions ventured back to the wreckage, with Jinx and O-Mer covering Tano and Chewbacca as they crawled through the remains of the ship. Tano helped Chewbacca find parts, and when they emerged from the ship, they were fired on by a sniper. Jinx and O-Mer incapacitated him and the group eventually took the Trandoshan prisoner. In the morning, Jinx used a mind trick to get the hunter to summon a pickup. Then, taking control of the hover pod, they used it to fly up to the Trandoshan base. The group entered hand-to-hand combat with the other hunters and eventually received support from the Wookiee chieftain Tarfful, who had gotten a message from Chewbacca's transmitter. Arriving in the assault gunship Halo, Tarfful and his warriors helped them defeat the hunters. Tano then entered the main hall of their base to confront Garnac and eventually pushed him off of the balcony, killing him.[69]

Returning to the Jedi Temple, Skywalker was relieved to see his Padawan. He profusely apologized for leaving her behind, but Tano instead gave her master her thanks, saying that without his training, she would not have made it back or helped the others survive. The two walked back towards the temple, with Master Yoda looking on and smiling.[69]

Campaign at Umbara


Tano led a Republic starfighter squadron over Umbara.

After the Umbarans sided with the Separatists, the Grand Army of the Republic was dispatched to retake Umbara. In order to break through the blockade surrounding the planet, Tano and Offee were tasked with leading the fighter squadrons in an attack on the blockade. At some point during the battle, Tano and Offee led a squadron comprised of Z-95 Headhunters and Y-wing bombers in an attack on a Munificent-class star frigate, managing to destroy it and clearing the way for the Republic to launch their ground assault on the planet.[71] Eventually, after a lengthy space and ground battle, the Republic claimed victory at Umbara.[72]

Combating the Zygerrian Slave Empire


Tano disguised as the slave of "Lars Quell"

After the planet Kiros fell under the threat of Separatist invasion, Tano accompanied Skywalker, Kenobi, Rex, and Cody to assist the planet's native Togruta population. After battling commando droids and Droideka Sharpshooters, Kenobi headed into the governor's tower to negotiate with the Zygerrian Darts D'Nar, who was serving as the commander of the Separatist forces. Noticing her master's anger and frustration with the proposition of negotiating with a slaver, Tano soon learned that her master was a former slave, something he had never told her. When D'Nar double-crossed Kenobi and attempted to escape to his ship, Tecora, Tano and Skywalker pursued him on AT-RTs. After disabling the Tecora's engines, Tano sneaked onto the bridge and defeated D'Nar in a duel. After interrogation, they learned the natives were sold into slavery on D'Nar's homeworld of Zygerria.[73]

Tano, Skywalker, Kenobi, Rex, and R2 then took the Tecora to Zygerria, with Tano posing as Skywalker's slave to meet with the Zygerrian queen, Miraj Scintel. However, when one of Scintel's slaves attempted to assassinate her before committing suicide, Skywalker decided to offer Tano as Scintel's new slave. Winning the Queen's favor, he earned himself an invite to the slave auction taking place that night. Meanwhile, Tano was put in a cage outside, but would escape to aid her master at the auction. However, they discovered Kenobi had been captured, and they failed to overcome the Zygerrians, who shipped Kenobi and Rex to a slave processing facility while Scintel imprisoned Tano and Skywalker in her palace.[74]

Skywalker was able to escape the guards with the help of R2 and then freed Tano. Skywalker learned from a dying Scintel, who was killed by the recently summoned Dooku for being unwilling to turn over Skywalker, that Kenobi and Rex were imprisoned on the planet Kadavo. Tano and Skywalker reclaimed their ship and went to free their companions. When they landed at the facility, their ship was destroyed and they were quickly pinned down. When Dooku threatened to execute the slaves if they did not stop their attack, Republic reinforcements, the 104th Battalion led by Plo Koon arrived to help. Tano and Skywalker then split up with Tano rendezvousing with the slaves and her master disabling the defense turrets. Tano located the slaves and directed Koon to fly gunships underneath the facility to help the slaves escape. After rescuing the slaves, including Kenobi and Rex, Koon's men destroyed the facility.[75]

Entanglement with Death Watch

Tano accompanied Amidala to the first ever sanctioned peace conference between the Republic and Confederacy. However, the negotiations were interrupted by Junior senator Lux Bonteri,[76] who Tano had befriended earlier in the war during Amidala and Mina Bonteri's failed peace initiative.[61] Bonteri accused Count Dooku of being responsible for his mother's death, and Tano left the meeting to protect Bonteri from possible retribution. Sneaking aboard a Separatist landing craft, Tano intervened when Dooku ordered Bonteri's execution via hologram. Tano was intent on bringing Bonteri to Coruscant to be granted amnesty, but Bonteri had other plans. Bonteri shocked Tano with a small device, knocking her out and bringing their ship to Carlac to meet with a group Bonteri promised would help him get his revenge on Dooku.[76]

Bonteri made Tano leave her lightsabers on the ship to meet with the group. Tano quickly realized that the group was Death Watch, and told Mandalorian Nite Owl Bo-Katan Kryze that she was Bonteri's betrothed to keep her identity as a Jedi a secret. When Kryze left them both alone before their meeting with Pre Vizsla, Tano learned of Bonteri's plan to convince Death Watch, who recently had a falling out with the Sith Lord, to assassinate Dooku. Tano warned Bonteri that Death Watch still had their own agenda and could not trusted, but Bonteri kissed her to interrupt her as Vizsla arrived. Vizsla forced Tano to work alongside natives that Death Watch used as slave labor. Later, when Death Watch began to pillage and burn a village, Tano attempted to fight back but was imprisoned. However, when Vizsla drew the Darksaber, intent on killing Tano, R2, who had been forced to repair Death Watch droids they used for entertainment in a fighting ring, uses a smoke screen as a diversion and slips Tano her lightsabers that he recovered from the ship. Tano acrobatically freed herself and beheaded a group of Mandalorians approaching her before dueling Vizsla. When R2 set the droids on their masters, the three escaped from Vizsla. When Bonteri piloted a speeder back to their ship, Tano defended him from Kryze and the other Mandalorians. After successfully escaping Carlac, Bonteri used an escape pod to avoid being brought to Coruscant, leaving Tano behind.[76]

Training Onderon's Rebels


Ahsoka, Lux, and Steela scouting the Separatist forces.

Tano, along with Masters Skywalker, Kenobi, and Captain Rex was ordered by the Jedi Council to train and assist the rebels of Onderon in their fight against the newly installed King Sanjay Rash and his Confederate occupation forces. There, she met up with rebels' leaders, Steela Gerrera, her brother Saw, and former junior senator Lux Bonteri. Tano, her fellow Jedi, and Rex were successful in teaching the rebels how to fight the battle droids.[77]

After infiltrating Iziz, Tano was left behind to continue acting as liaison between the Rebels and the Jedi while Skywalker, Kenobi, and Rex returned to Republic lines.[77] Even as the Rebels had continued success, public opinion did not think very highly of them. Hoping to change public opinion, the Rebels, Tano, Bonteri and the Gerreras destroyed the power generator to disrupt the battle droid patrols throughout Iziz, and after their victory, Steela was given the title of leader of the Rebels.[78] However, the Separatist response to the growing resistance was swift. Dooku sent General Kalani to reinforce their grip on the planet and ordered the former King, Ramsis Dendup, to be executed. Saw went in to attempt to save the King himself, was captured. Tano then assisted Steela in planning a breakout of the two during the public execution. They rescued King Dendup and Saw and fled the city. However, she exposed the Jedi's presence when she had to use the Force during the rescue.[79]

Tano and the rebels regrouped in their base, which was located in the highlands outside of Iziz and awaited a Separatist response. They were soon assaulted by Kalani's forces, including the new HMP droid gunship, which inflicted heavy casualties on the rebels' side and could not be touched by the weaponry at their disposal. Tano decided to call in a favor from Skywalker, who made a deal with Hondo Ohnaka to get several rocket launchers delivered to the rebels. Ohnaka made the delivery himself, and the new weapons turned the tide of the battle. As the Rebels turned their new weaponry on the last of the gunships, Tano and Bonteri rushed to save the King from a force of commando droids. While they saved the King, a gunship shot down by Saw careened into their location, causing Steela to almost fall off of the cliff. As she hung on, Bonteri rushed to save her, but fell over himself. Tano used the Force to save Bonteri, but while she did the same for Steela, the gunship fired on her, wounding her and causing her to drop Steela to her death. In the aftermath of the battle, Tano was shaken from her role in Steela's death despite their victory. Saw was also bitter and at his sister's funeral, rejecting Tano's attempt to apologize for her failure.[80]

The Gathering

Tano made her third overall visit to the sacred planet Ilum[12] when she accompanied the younglings Petro, Katooni, Zatt, Ganodi, Gungi, and Byph to the frozen world for The Gathering, where younglings found their own lightsaber crystals on the icy planet. At the Crystal Caves, the group was received by Master Yoda, who imparted wisdom on the younglings before they entered the cave.[81] Tano returned the younglings to the Crucible to bring them back to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, as the younglings interacted with Professor Huyang to begin construction of their lightsabers. However, the Crucible was attacked by Hondo Ohnaka's pirate gang, who sought to steal the kyber crystals and sell them. As they are boarded, Tano led the younglings and Huyang into the ship's ventilation systems to hide. Sending Zatt and Ganodi to join R2-D2 in securing the cockpit, Tano revealed her plan to eject the pirate's boarding tube by rerouting power to the Crucible's engines. However, the younglings were discovered and had to flee the ventilation system. As the younglings set their training remotes on their attackers, Tano arrived to engage the pirates. When Tano instructed Zatt to fire the engines, she was captured by Ohnaka's pirates and taken captive, leaving the younglings alone.[82]

AhsokaVsGrievous-ANB 2

Ahsoka battles Grievous.

Tano was held captive at Hondo's complex, where she was incarcerated and taunted by the pirates. Eventually, Hondo's gang was entertained by Preigo's Traveling World of Wonder, which the younglings had joined as a means to sneak in and free Tano. Katooni ended up stealing Tano's lightsabers from a drunken Ohnaka, freeing Tano and fleeing towards the Crucible.[83] However, Ohnaka destroyed the Crucible with a WLO-5 speeder tank. The Jedi were recaptured, ignoring Tano's appeal to let the younglings go. However, the pirates arrived back at their base to find General Grievous and the Separatist army destroying it. Ohnaka and many of his pirates were captured, but freed by Tano and the younglings, who allied to drive the Separatists away. Eventually, the pirates begin to escape, with Ohnaka piloting the rebuilt Slave I. Tano convinced the younglings to run to Hondo's ship as she dueled Grievous. Holding her own with the Separatist General, the exhausted young Jedi eventually jumped over him and fled, leaping onto Slave I and escaping with the younglings and pirates to a Republic task force.[84] As a result of all that had happened, Ahsoka considered the events surrounding her third trip to Ilum to be more of an adventure than her previous two journeys.[12]

At some point after her mission to Carlac with Lux Bonteri,[76] Tano had filed a report on what she learned, informing the Jedi that the alliance between the Mandalorian Death Watch and the Separatists had ended. This news prevented the Jedi Order from helping Mandalore after a crime family takeover, as it was now an internal affair. As Kenobi understood the Senate would not let them provide aid to a neutral system, he elected to go to Mandalore alone. There, he learned his old enemy, the rogue Sith Lord Maul, had been behind the takeover and was forced to watch as Duchess Satine Kryze was killed by the dark side user.[85]

Bombing at the Jedi Temple


Ahsoka helping in the investigation of the Jedi Temple bombing.

Towards the end of the war, Ahsoka Tano noticed that Jedi Master Yoda became less happy as the war dragged on; the Togruta observed the Jedi Master's "deep sorrow" and his burden of seemingly knowing that an ending neared and the ensuing instatement of a new era.[86] At the age of 16,[87] Ahsoka Tano's friend, Barriss Offee,[88] who believed the Jedi Order had become evil, corrupt and overly belligerent during the war, secretly orchestrated the bombing of the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. In the aftermath of the incident, which killed six Jedi as well as several clones and Jedi Temple workers, Tano and Skywalker were called back from the defense of the planet Cato Neimoidia to investigate the situation along with crime scene analysis droid Russo-ISC. Before they began, Mace Windu told them that it was possible a Jedi was behind the attack. This deeply bothered both Tano and Skywalker. When Tano asked her master about the possibility, he told her that there will be Jedi who disappoint, but they will be far outnumbered by those who do the right thing.[89]


Ahsoka accused of murder by Tarkin.

Their investigation included interviewing witnesses and visiting the hangar where the bombing took place. Their search narrowed down the suspect list to a Temple worker named Jackar Bowmani. They traveled to his apartment and discovered that his spouse, Letta Turmond was the guilty party. She had fed Bowmani nano-droids that made him a living bomb. Their findings brushed over the possibility of a Jedi culprit. Turmond was incarcerated in a prison and guarded by Shock troopers. When Tano went to interview her, Offee used a Force choke on Turmond, which killed her and framed Tano. Offee continued her work of framing her friend and caused the deaths of several clone troopers. Clones spotted the footage of Tano seemingly killing Turmond and arrested her.[89]


Ahsoka fleeing from her pursuers.

While she was imprisoned despite being innocent, Tano was visited by Tarkin, who professed the Padawan guilty of Turmond's death. Later, she noticed a key card to the cell outside and used the Force to free herself. She believed that Skywalker had put it there because he had not been allowed to visit her. Knowing that she was innocent but not knowing how to convince the others of it, Tano decided to escape. However, after traveling only a short distance, she found multiple dead clone troopers and her lightsabers and comlink among the bodies. Little did she know, Offee had planted them to continue framing her. Clone Commander CC-1010 "Fox" noticed her and sounded the alarm, once again believing she had killed his men.[90] Running away from Republic authorities, she defended herself as clones shot stun blasts to apprehend her. Pursued by Rex, Fox, Sergeant Hound, and others, she fled into the industrial areas outside of the Republic military base. She was pursued by gunships and searchlights, and lost her shoto during the chase. Turning down into the pipes system, she temporarily hid from her pursuers until Skywalker caught up as she was preparing to jump down into the Coruscant Underworld. Skywalker told her that they could help her prove she was innocent, but Tano retorted that she was unwilling to face trial and punishment for something she did not do. Knowing that no one would believe her, Tano decided to go off on her own and jumped onto a ship that was descending into the underworld.[91]


Ahsoka Tano, Jedi refugee

As Tano struggled to keep herself hidden from Coruscant underworld police and other Republic patrols searching for her, she contacted her friend Offee, who promised to help her investigate to clear her name. Tano then destroyed her comlink and acquired a cloak for disguise. She boarded a train, but when she attempted to exit before she was asked for a pass by the police, she was surrounded by police forces outside. After fighting them off and fleeing, she was attacked by her longtime nemesis Asajj Ventress, who sought the bounty on her head. However, Tano convinced Ventress to ally with her, offering a pardon from the Galactic Senate in return for her help.[92]

Tano used a public holographic system to contact Offee, the only Jedi whom she still saw as an ally, unaware that she was responsible for her situation. Offee informed her of a warehouse she said was where Turmond had obtained the nano-droids. Tano convinced Ventress to come with her to the location, but she was spotted by Commander Wolffe and a group of shock troopers. Tano attempted to negotiate with them, but the clones attempted to detain her and she was forced to combat them, leaving most of the group unconscious before continuing towards the warehouse. Ventress departed at that point, reminding her to fulfill her end of the deal. Inside, Tano found the warehouse abandoned before being attacked by a figure in Ventress' bounty hunter gear. Unaware she was actually fighting her friend Offee, whom she thought was her ally, she believed the attacker was Ventress. After a short duel, Tano was knocked to the ground next to a crate of nano-droids. When she rose, she was stunned by Commander Wolffe before she could explain herself.[92]

The Jedi Council attempted to deal with the matter internally, but were convinced by now Admiral Wilhuff Tarkin that the trial would be a Republic military trial. Despite opposition from Kenobi, the Council agreed to Tarkin's demands and expelled Tano from the Jedi Order and turned her over to the Republic for a military trial. Tano was prosecuted by Tarkin and defended by Padmé Amidala. As the trial began, Tano remained confident her master would sort things out and prove her innocence. As Tarkin lobbied for a conviction and death sentence, Tano watched with shock as Skywalker brought an imprisoned Offee to the trial. Tano was acquitted as the captive Offee confessed to her crimes, citing that the Jedi Order was losing its way for her motive.[88]

A new path

Leaving her old life behind

"I'm sorry, Master, but I'm not coming back."
―Ahsoka Tano, to Anakin Skywalker[88]

Ahsoka Tano walks away from the Jedi Order.

Following her trial, Tano was personally pardoned by the Jedi Council. Plo Koon apologized to her on the Council's behalf, stating they had been wrong to question her loyalty. The Council also stated that the Force worked in mysterious ways and therefore considered Tano's ordeal in hindsight as being her great trial, making her a greater Jedi and proving herself worthy of the title of Jedi Knight.[88] However, the events surrounding her expulsion and trial had severely shaken Tano's faith in the Jedi.[1] To the surprise of everyone involved,[93] she refused to accept the Jedi Council and Skywalker's invitation to rejoin the Order.[88] Tano instead left to discover a new purpose for herself.[94]

Skywalker chased after her, and, while Kenobi moved as well, Koon held the Jedi Master back. Having caught up with Tano, Skywalker asked her why she wanted to leave and begged her to stay. Tano explained that she felt that as the Council lost faith in her, she could no longer find the confidence to trust in herself. Skywalker reminded her that he had believed in and fought to prove her innocence, and although Tano accepted this, the situation was not about him. She felt she could not stay anymore and needed to find her own path away from the Jedi Order. Skywalker then told her that he understood the feeling of wanting to leave the Jedi, but Tano simply responded that she knew, and as Skywalker looked at her, his former Padawan turned her back and walked away from the Jedi Order.[88]

Tano's departure from the Jedi Order had a deep impact on those she knew. During a quest to discover the secrets of immortality, Yoda was faced with visions of the Great Jedi Purge. In one such vision, he saw Tano dying in the halls of the Jedi Temple, with the vision of her asking if she could become one with the Force after being expelled from the Jedi Order.[95] The vision of Tano was a result of Yoda's guilt over having placed her on the path that led to her departure from the Order.[96]

Tano's former mentor Skywalker was particularly affected by her departure and felt even more alone in having to fulfill the expectations of being the prophesied Chosen One.[1] Her departure also intensified Skywalker's frustration with the Council, as he felt they had betrayed her and left her with no choice by turning their backs on her during her trial.[97] Following her departure, Skywalker continued to lament his Padawan's decision, and wondered if Amidala had the same thought. During Skywalker and Amidala's mission on the planet Mokivj, the Senator cited Tano's maneuver in the Battle of Ryloth, the Marg Sabl, to the Chiss Commander Thrawn, and explained the origins of the name to him.[98]

When Skywalker and Kenobi undertook a mission to Utapau, where they discovered a secret arms deal between the Confederacy and Sugi weapons dealers, Skywalker briefly forgot Tano had left the Jedi and suggested contacting her, but he cut himself off after remembering her absence and tried to avoid the subject. Kenobi questioned if he wanted to discuss what had happened, and, after they had set up camp, Skywalker admitted he missed Tano and still could not understand how she left. Skywalker still felt that she was a Jedi and belonged with them. Kenobi disagreed with Skywalker's opinion, asserting that it had been Tano's decision to leave, but Skywalker believed that the Jedi Council had abandoned Tano, and therefore left her with no alternative to leaving the Order. Kenobi also felt mistakes had been made, but he still noted that leaving had been her choice and recalled that Tano had allowed her emotions to influence her judgment, which was not the Jedi way. When Kenobi told Skywalker to not take responsibility for her decision, the Jedi Knight asked how his former master would feel if he became a major disappointment, to which Kenobi admitted he would not feel very well about it.[93]

Meeting the Martez sisters


Tano meets Trace Martez on Level 1313 of Coruscant.

A short time after leaving the Jedi[99] and close to the end of the Clone Wars,[100] Tano was traveling Coruscant's Industrial District aboard a Joben T-85 speeder bike she had purchased, when the craft began to malfunction. Although she ultimately managed to avoid colliding with a Gozanti-class cruiser, she was forced to crash land on the platform of a repair shop on Level 1313.[19]

This caught the attention of the shop's mechanic, a human female named Trace Martez, who approached Tano as she pulled together the remains of her speeder. After a brief conversation, both girls introduced themselves, with Trace claiming she owned one of the best repair shops on the level. Although she offered to fix the speeder for payment, Tano noted she could not afford to pay and would fit it herself with the necessary tools. After much negotiating, Martez eventually agreed to let Ahsoka fix her bike for free. Opening the doors to her shop, Tano noticed the mechanic's Nebula-class freighter, which Martez was modifying in the hopes of one day leaving Coruscant. After she pointed Tano to a workshop, Ahsoka questioned why the mechanic was helping her, with Martez stating it felt like the right thing to do. Although she offered Tano the option to leave if she wanted, the former Jedi elected to stay.[19]

After Tano had begun to repair her speeder bike, Martez offered to help the former Padawan, but Tano rejected any help that would cost her. Although the mechanic was annoyed by this, noting that everything on 1313 had a price, Tano asked if she had any sparkers she could purchase. Though Martez's only sparkers were already used on her freighter and there was no available stock. Stating that was not good and noting she needed to get out, she did not answer Martez after the mechanic asked if she was running from something. Although Martez called after her, stating she could stay as long as desired as long as she could pay, Tano walked out to the platform and looked up towards the sky of Coruscant.[19]

Afterwards, Tano heard the bike working inside the shop and entered, learning that Martez had helped with it for free. She vaguely admitted to being from Coruscant's upper levels, keeping out the fact that she had been a Jedi, but defended her former order when Martez accused them of starting the Clone Wars. Martez, who felt that the Jedi had forgotten about common people like her, admitted that the Jedi were not what she had imagined based on the stories she had heard, revealing that she wanted to get away from the war and Jedi aboard her starship with her older sister, Rafa.[19] The mechanic's opinion of the Jedi persuaded Tano to[99] continue[19] to keep her past a secret.[99]


Ahsoka assists Trace in defeating Son-El's thugs.

Tano and Martez were suddenly interrupted when[19] a low-level[101] gangster,[102] Pintu Son-El, and his[19] henchmen[101] entered, looking for money from Rafa that she had promised him. Martez initially told Tano to stay back and tried to fight Son-El's enforcers off, she was eventually overpowered and asked Tano for help. Having been trained as a Jedi, Tano made short-work of the two enforcers, although Son-El claimed the situation was not over as he fled. Given that she had witnessed Tano's prowess, Martez asked where Tano had learned to fight, so she lied and stated it was her "older brother." The two then made their way to Rafa's Laundry to tell her about Son-El, where she stated she had a job coming up that would make everything better.[19]

Rafa also asked who Tano was, and, after being introduced to her, Martez recounted how Tano had fallen onto the platform. After a brief conversation between Rafa and the Twi'lek Lokann, whose "business partner" had arranged a deal with Rafa to build three droids. Tano and Trace worked on the three binary loadlifters, with Tano reminding the mechanic to put the restraining bolt onto the droid. After Tano activated the droid she had been working on, she and Trace began a conversation about how people acted, with Martez mentioning her belief that some people were good, others were bad, and some were cross-wired like the loadlifter she had been building. By saying this, however, Tano realized they had been building Type II loadlifter droids and, after her Type II attacked and she shut it down, explained that the "loadlifters" units were actually frauds, being repurposed demolition droid which could cause violence. Unfortunately for the two, Trace had yet to put a restraining bolt on her droid, allowing it to escape from the shop.[19]

After passing Rafa on the street, Tano and Trace pursued the droid before it jumped to a lower street to rampage. As suggested by Trace, Tano ran back to Rafa's laundromat to find the unit's tracking device while she would find a speeder. Once there, Rafa questioned where the loadlifter and Trace were before Tano boarded the speeder the mechanic had found. The two located the droid and chased it, intending to grab the droid with the speeder's clamps and to use the blue off switch on the droid's face plate. After grabbing the type two, however, it began to climb, making Trace release the droid from the clamps and jump onto it herself. Although she managed to shut the unit down, the now lifeless body began to fall with Trace still holding on, forcing Tano to grab hold of it with the speeder's clamps. She quickly attached the vehicle's tow cable to nearby pipes to pull them up, but the droid and Trace proved to be too heavy. Before Trace could fall to her death, however, Tano secretly used the Force to help pull the vehicle up, with only a watching Twi'lek child realizing what she did. Relieved to see Trace safe, the two made their way back to the laundromat, where Rafa refused to take apart the loadlifters despite Tano's protests, believing them hurting anyone was not her problem.[19]


After leaving the loadlifters with Rafa, Trace Martez and Ahsoka Tano had a meal at the wharf together.

Ignoring Tano's argument by saying she was new, Rafa promised Trace that she would do the right thing. Tano and Trace made their way to the wharf, where Tano questioned if Trace had a role in making decisions with Rafa. Trace answered that Rafa was trying to make things better for them, although Tano questioned at what cost that came. Rafa then arrived to meet with them, revealing she had charged Lokann double the price, defending herself by saying they were not her property, someone else would have constructed them if they hadn't, and that it would have caused trouble for her and Trace. Although Trace was visibly disappointed, Rafa stated the credits had been used to pay off Son-El and gave money for new tools, hoping that would make it worth it. After sending a look at Tano, Rafa left the pair. Tano also started to leave to complete her speeder, and Trace thanked her for saving her life before leaving with the former Padawan.[19]

Escape from Oba Diah

A job gone awry

Trace reveals the name of the Silver Angel.

When both of them were working on Trace's freighter in the repair shop, Tano continued to hide her past from the Martez sister by claiming she had gone to "Skywalker Academy." Although the mechanic had never heard of the fake school, she believed it was real, having never truly heard of any academy. When Tano asked why she would never have attended one of the schools, the mechanic noted that there were none where they lived, and that she would not be able to afford it. Trace then stated Rafa and her inherited the hangar the repair shop was in, claiming their parents had "split," and that Rafa had won her store gambling. However, Trace had built her freighter herself, telling Tano its name was the Silver Angel. Although Tano chuckled at the name, she told Trace she could call her starship whatever name she desired, and secret Force-sensitive returned to work on her speeder bike, which Trace had dubbed "Trash." After talking about where she would go once the speeder was fixed, Tano accepted Trace's suggestion to stay a for short time longer, as long as Rafa did not mind. At that moment Rafa entered the shop and was told that Tano would be staying. After asking what skills the former Padawan had, Tano stated she only had useful ones.[103]

Rafa entered to tell her sister that a crew and starship she had hired had backed out of a job. Although Trace was annoyed her sibling had hired a pilot other than herself, Rafa now needed her sister and her freighter. Although Tano asked what the job was, Rafa refused to answer her until they had left, and Trace accepted the task. Rafa reminded her sister that they could not rely on anyone's help, seeing that Trace was beginning to trust Tano. After her sister had entered the Silver Angel, though, Rafa confronted Tano and asked what she was looking for. The former Padawan stated she did not have, as Rafa put it, an "angle," unless maybe to keep the two siblings out of trouble. Rafa and her then entered the ship, but not without the older sibling implying Tano could be the trouble Trace needed to avoid. Now with all three inside the cockpit, the Silver Angel took off from the underworld portal, but Trace flew the ship into a restricted military lane. The Angel was soon hailed by a Star Destroyer that had both Skywalker and Yularen,[103] the same admiral Tano had served with,[25] aboard. While the admiral was willing to send a detachment aboard to arrest the Angel's crew,[103] Skywalker and Tano sensed each other,[104] so the Jedi Knight elected to let her and the Silver Angel continue on their way.[103]

Now in open space, Tano noted that Rafa had yet to tell her and Trace where they were going. In response, Rafa only told her sister about their destination before they jumped to lightspeed. During their journey, however, Trace had forgotten to disengage the air brakes, making the Angel rumble, and Trace noted she had never been to hyperspace. Tano then learned that her friend had only ever piloted smaller vehicles meant for use on planets, allowing Rafa to quietly explain why she had wanted a different pilot. Once Tano pointed out the rumbling, Trace remembered to disable the air brakes, and the three finally arrived at the[103] Akkadese Maelstrom, a massive cluster of debris and gas that surrounded[105] their destination, the Outer Rim world of Kessel. Realizing they were heading to[103] a planet[105] infamous for its corruption, Tano asked Rafa what their job was. Rafa stated they were picking up medicine and tried to calm the former Padawan's worries when they reached the lush section of the planet. The three young women arrived at King Yaruba's palace, where they were greeted by his majordomo, Kinash Lock. Tano and the sisters were brought to a banquet, but, after learning the medicine was three containers of unrefined spice, the Force-sensitive noted that the substance could be used in illegal products. Lock denied her allegation, claiming their spice was used for medicine during the current time of war and that the Yaruba Family had always supported spreading health and joy.[103]


Tano tried to argue their mission to deliver spice could be dangerous.

As they left the palace, Tano tried to argue their mission was dangerous, as pirates often attacked Kessel transport craft, but Rafa believed the Angel was too small for any raiders to realize what their cargo was. Tano refused to yield, noting that pirates could deduce what they were carrying because they were leaving Kessel, and, to keep her past a secret, claimed she knew this from stories. The Martez sister simply responded that it meant she should have faith in Trace's piloting skills and boarded their freighter. Before Trace could join her sibling, Tano stopped her, telling her that she believed Rafa had wanted a different pilot because of the possible danger, but the pilot felt her sister had faith in her abilities. After Tano learned this was likely Rafa's first time running spice, she asked Trace how her sister could know what they were facing, but the pilot simply felt there was a first time for every task. With this, the two boarded the Angel, and the three young women traveled to the mining zone of Kessel, which more closely resembled the version of the planet Tano was familiar with. As they neared a landing platform, the three looked down to see what Trace initially thought were droids Yaruba had purchased, but Tano quickly realized the laborers toiling below them were slaves. Rafa disagreed, believing the Republic would not allow an operation as large as Kessel's to remain active, but Tano quietly noted that was not what the government would do.[103]

Tano joined the Martez sisters on the loading platform before heading back on the Angel to make sure the spice bins were secured. Before Trace could join her friend, Rafa confided to her sister that she did not know how to feel about their new partner, reminding her younger sister that Tano was not family. Though annoyed by her sister's thoughts on Tano, Trace stated she would keep an eye on her friend before both went aboard. When the Angel jumped to hyperspace, however, Tano learned they were to deliver the spice to the Pyke crime lord Marg Krim on Oba Diah. Though Rafa questioned how the supposed mechanic knew about the Pyke Syndicate, Tano avoided the question and asserted that they could not make a deal with gangsters, warning Trace that the Pykes would take everything from her and kill her. As the pilot panicked at the thought of losing her starship, Tano, who felt they should take the spice to somewhere that would use it for medicine, debated what to do with their shipment with Rafa, who stated she needed the money to pay debts they owed on Coruscant, though Tano believed these debts had nothing to do with Trace. Determined to keep the Silver Angel and make sure neither Tano nor Rafa got their way, Trace suddenly dumped the spice containers into hyperspace, to the surprise of both her sister and the former Padawan, who had viewed her debate as an ethical discussion and had yet to figure out a way to settle their deal.[103]


Tano and the Martez sisters are captured by the Pyke cartel.

Rafa reprimanded Tano and Trace for their similarities and suggested paying off the Pykes by selling the Angel, but the former Padawan broke up the sisters' argument, reminding them that she had said she'd not figured out a plan "yet." Trace quickly responded by asking if she had one now, which Tano stated they would find out once they acted. She told the sisters to pretend to drop the spice by giving the Pykes empty crates and that they would then flee the planet. Though both Trace and Rafa disliked her idea, neither had a better plan, and Tano also knew she had the Force at her disposal. When the trio arrived on Oba Diah, they were greeted by Krim,[103] who had been waiting for them,[106] his majordomo Fife, and a force of armed Pyke guards. The crime lord withheld Rafa's payment, intending to verify they had brought him the spice, but Tano used a mind trick on the Pyke[103] and his entourage,[106] persuading Krim to give Rafa her credits and let them leave. Unfortunately for them, Fife[103] was not as weak-minded as his peers[106] and grew suspicious. As Tano prepared the Angel's engines, Rafa avoided giving Fife the bin password by claiming they had already transmitted it. The majordomo was not convinced and, after blasting open the case, saw that the three had tricked them. As the trio tried to escape on the Angel, they were caught in a tractor beam and surrounded by Pyke forces. Seeing that they were trapped, Rafa said she would blame everything on Tano, although Trace noted all three of them had played a part in their current situation.[103]

Imprisoned on Oba Diah
"You know, Rafa is telling the truth. Since that day, its really been us versus everyone else, until you showed up."
"So why'd you bother with me?"
"It's something my mother would have done."
―Trace Martez and Ahsoka Tano while in their cell[15]

Tano and the sisters were imprisoned deep within the Pyke Palace for their actions, where Tano and Rafa continued to debate what they should have done. Rafa joked that Tano's morals made her sound like a Jedi, making her question what they would do if she was a member of the Order. Though Trace told them not to jest about the subject, Rafa realized her sister had never told Tano why they avoided the Jedi and other "Topsiders." Unwilling to have the secret Force-sensitive argue about morality, she recounted that, during Cad Bane's rescue of Ziro the Hutt several years earlier, the bounty hunter shot the engines of a cargo transport rising through an underworld portal to distract a team of pursuing Jedi. Trying to stop the starship from crashing into a populated landing platform, the Jedi instead steered it into the portal wall, the other side of which contained the Martez home. Their mother and father managed to get the siblings out of harm's way, but they were caught and killed in the crash.[15]

After failing to capture Bane, Ziro, and the other criminals, the Jedi returned, and Rafa revealed one of the Force-sensitives,[15] Tano's old acquaintance[32][43] Luminara Unduli, came over to her, telling Rafa that she had needed to make a choice about the transport. She then stated that the Force would be with them, but the religious belief meant nothing to Martez sister. The Jedi then left, leaving the two alone to find a way to survive. Rafa recounted that she had spent every day since trying to build a new life for herself and Trace, believing they had been fine until her sister let Tano come with them.[15]


While imprisoned on Oba Diah, Trace Martez confided in Ahsoka Tano that she had been the only friend to her sister and herself since the deaths of their parents.

Tano apologized for what had happened to them, but the three young women were interrupted by the Pyke guards, who demanded Rafa come with them. While Tano stood in front of the sisters to try to protect them and Rafa offered that they instead take Tano, the Pykes pushed past the former Padawan and Trace, taking the elder sister away for interrogation. As Rafa was tortured, Trace and Tano were left in the cell, where the mechanic admitted she and her sister had been on their own until Tano arrived. Trace also revealed she had helped her because it was something her mother would have believed in. Rafa, unconscious but having refused to give up information, was then thrown into the cell by the Pyke guards. Though Tano advised her friend to not make the Pykes angry, Trace demanded they tell her what had happened to Rafa and shoved a guard, who grabbed the mechanic to take her away for interrogation.[15]

Tano objected to the action, but was hit down by a guard's stun baton, making her fall to the ground. Trace called for her friend to make sure Rafa was well before being taken to the interrogation room, where she pretended to faint to distract the guards, using the opportunity to steal a CC-420 pistol and escape the room, although several guards pursued her. After noticing the Pykes run down the hallway, Tano secretly used the Force to unlock the door before waking Rafa. Informing the Martez sister that the Pykes had taken Trace and that they needed to flee, they escaped the cell, which the secret Force user claimed was opened by a power outage. As they searched for Trace, they eventually ran into the escaping mechanic, who had been heading back to the cell to break them out.[15]

Reunited, the three made their way to an outside platform, and Trace blasted a barrel Tano and Rafa had knocked over to clear away the pursuing guards. Their next challenge came from a retracting bridge; although Rafa made it across in time, Tano had to use the Force to help push Trace across, and, while Rafa was willing to leave Tano behind, she was able to Force jump over the gap. While the older Martez sister recognized that it had not been a normal feat, they nevertheless needed the run from two more Pykes guards, who had arrived just before Trace made it across the bridge. The three made their way to the city gate, during which time Tano helped the sisters take out a Pyke guard in order to steal his stun baton, and she continued to debate their situation with Rafa.[15]


Entering into a control tower, Ahsoka Tano fought hand-to-hand with Pyke guards to ensure the Martez sisters and her could escape.

Understanding that the syndicate's reputation was at stake, the former Padawan recognized that the Pykes had no desire to let them escape, so Rafa had Tano head to disable the gate while she and Trace went to distract the guards. The Martez sister claimed to give Tano the job because of her resourcefulness, though the former Padawan also believed it was because Rafa thought it was more difficult. As her friend left for the control tower, Trace speculated that her sister and Tano were getting along better, but Rafa denied that. Tano was able to sneak into the control tower and managed to dispatch the control room's guards in physical combat, but she quickly saw that the Martez sisters had gotten into a firefight with the Pykes outside. After opening the gates and traveling down, she secretly used the Force to pull the two guards into the open, giving Trace the chance to shoot both of them. Tano then called the sisters forward, and the three young women escaped into the city.[15]

Captured once again

After Trace, believing she saw the Silver Angel, excitedly ran past the two of them, Tano and Rafa were given the chance to talk in private about whether Trace should be involved in criminal jobs. Rafa changed the topic to question Tano about why she was interested in helping, although they were soon interrupted by a begging Gotal. Rafa claimed to have no credits, and she and Tano left him so they could catch up to Trace. Once they had, Rafa again asked what she wanted, so Tano informed the Martez sister that she made it her duty to help those in need, a trait that Rafa admitted sounded like her mother. She confided in Tano that she was simply trying to do what was best for her sister and herself. Trace then informed her friend and sister that she had in fact found the Angel, but the trio was spotted by the Pykes, who had been helped in their search by the angered Gotal beggar, after Trace and Rafa had argued about whether to use the Angel to escape. The three ran through the crowded street while pursued and under blaster fire, unknowingly attracting the attention of a hooded Mandalorian Nite Owl, who was on planet for a mission with Bo-Katan Kryze, the very Death Watch lieutenant Tano had fought during the battle on Carlac earlier in the war.[15]

While trying to escape the Pyke guards by riding on a civilian's landspeeder, one of the syndicate soldiers blasted out one of the craft's engines, throwing Rafa and Trace off the vehicle while pushing Tano further away from the Pykes. As the sisters were captured, Tano continued to escape through the city, unknowingly being watched by Kryze, who was unsure if the Force-sensitive was in fact Tano, Ursa Wren, and a third Mandalorian Nite Owl. Although Wren feared her presence could compromise their mission on Oba Diah, Kryze also recognized that they shared an enemy in the rogue Sith Lord Maul, who still had control over Mandalore. Thus, Kryze decided they would keep track of the former Padawan's movements.[15]


Ahsoka Tano used a stolen repulsorcraft to rescue the Martez sisters from the Pykes.

Elsewhere, Tano watched over Rafa and Trace from a building-top, learning that Krim and Fife intended to kill the two sisters before torturing her to learn where the spice was. After discretely taking out a guard, the former Padawan took control of a construction vehicle, interrupting the planned execution by ramming the repulsorcraft into the Pykes and using its frontal cannons. Although she cleared away most of the Pyke guards in their path, Fife—who had purposely drawn Tano into a trap with the execution—returned with a cannon-equipped landspeeder. The cannon downed Tano's replusorcraft, preventing their escape and allowing them to be subsequently surrounded by Pyke guards.[15]

Tano and the sisters were escorted back to their cell, with one of the guards shoving the secret Force-sensitive into the confinement. Rafa tried to arrange a deal, but Krim denied the three the chance at another job and stated his intention to torture them until he learned where the spice was. Once all but one of the guards left, Rafa apologized for taking the job, so Tano told the young woman that she would learn from the experience. Nevertheless, Trace asked her sister and friend how much longer they would be alive to learn those lessons.[15]

Another new path


After escaping the Pykes, Ahsoka Tano left the Martez sisters to join the Mandalore resistance in their effort against Maul.

After their successful escape from Oba Diah, Tano and the Martez sisters were approached by Lady Bo-Katan Kryze and members of her Mandalore resistance, whom had followed them from Oba Diah aboard a Kom'rk-class fighter/transport. Tano recognized Kryze from their battle on Carlac earlier in the war, but she explained Death Watch was disbanded. Tano and she agreed to ally to defeat the rogue Sith Lord Maul, though the former Padawan left her speeder bike with the Martez sisters in case she ever returned to her friends.[107]


The last meeting

"You capture Maul. I'll take care of Grievous. With any luck, this will all be over soon."
"Master Kenobi always said there's no such thing as luck."
"Good thing I taught you otherwise."
[Skywalker begins to leave]
"Anakin! Good luck."
―Anakin Skywalker and Ahsoka Tano's final words to each other as friends[10]

Tano and Kryze contact Skywalker and Kenobi aboard their Venator.

After allying herself with the Mandalorians, Tano was given a new outfit[10] made from beskar[108] and set to work trying to find where Maul was hiding.[10] Tano and Kryze also developed a friendship, with Kryze becoming a combat mentor to the former Jedi.[109] After some time, Tano and the Mandalore resistance managed to pinpoint Maul's location on Mandalore with the help of the information Tano managed to retrieve from the Pykes on Oba Diah. Knowing they did not have the numbers for a siege of Mandalore, Tano and Kryze contacted Skywalker and Kenobi, who were finishing up a battle on the planet Yerbana, for their assistance in the siege. Using the subspace frequency "Fulcrum," Tano and Kryze were met by Yularen who then contacted Skywalker and Kenobi, calling them back to the ship.[10]

Once Skywalker and Kenobi arrived, Tano greeted Skywalker and commented on how long it had been since they had last seen each other. There was a brief silence before Skywalker asked how Tano had been and where she was. Responding to Skywalker's inquiry, Tano said she was alright, but knew that they did not have time to make irrelevant conversation and needed to divulge the important information she and Kryze had immediately. After Kenobi asked what this information was, Tano explained that they had finally managed to locate Maul and that they might be able to capture him if they moved swiftly.[10]

With this information, Skywalker and Kenobi allowed the Mandalorians onto their Star Destroyer. As Tano exited the boarding ramp, R2-D2 greeted her arrival warmly. After this, she walked towards Skywalker who said he was extremely glad to see her, but she interrupted him and told him that they would have to catch up another time as every moment they wasted there gave Maul more of an opportunity to escape, as noted by Kryze. With this, the group ventured to the strategy center to discuss the supposed siege. Arriving there, Tano explained to Kenobi and Skywalker that they had managed to pinpoint Maul's location using information she had managed to gather on Oba Diah to which Skywalker asked why she was on Oba Diah in the first place. However, Tano waved this aside by telling him that that wasn't really relevant at that present moment.[10]

After Kryze explained that Maul was on Mandalore, Kenobi asked what they wanted from the Republic. Kryze, embarrassed, explained that she didn't have the numbers that would be needed for a siege of this size and needed the assistance of the Republic's clones in order for a complete lockdown of Sundari. To gain this, she proposed that she would give them Maul once he was captured and that she would take the leadership role on Mandalore once the siege concluded. Nevertheless, Kenobi explained that if they aided them, it would break ancient treaties between the Republic and Mandalorians and that the two sides would once again be drawn into a war. To this, Kryze asked them what one more war was, but Skywalker explained that they didn't want another war when they were already fighting in the Clone Wars. With this, Kenobi explained that he would ask for the Jedi Council's guidance in this matter, but Kryze, desperate for help, yelled at him that there was no time to speak with them and attempted to incite Kenobi's feelings for Satine, whom Maul had murdered months prior. She scornfully looked at Kenobi as he walked away to speak with the Council, refusing to allow his feelings to control his actions. Kryze then angrily walked away as Tano watched her departure.[10]


Skywalker presents Tano with the clones and their newly painted helmets.

With Kryze gone, Skywalker quipped that that meeting had gone well with everything taken into account. Hearing Skywalker's witty remark, Tano turned back towards Skywalker and said that he and Kenobi hadn't changed much since the last time she had seen them. Skywalker then asked if that was a bad thing to which Tano smiled. He then asked her to follow him as he had a surprise for her waiting in the hangar. As they walked towards the hangar, Tano watched as the clones saluted her as she passed by, commenting that the clones shouldn't salute her anymore since she had left the Jedi Order and therefore no longer commanded them. However, Skywalker explained that they were just showing respect for the years she spent with them serving on the front lines in the Clone Wars. As they arrived, the door moved aside to reveal Rex and fellow members of the 501st's 332nd Company with their newly painted helmets bearing her markings. With her now having seen them, Skywalker motioned for her to move through the lines of troopers as they had been waiting for her.[10]

After seeing the troopers, Tano walked back to Skywalker and Rex who said that the paint job on the helmets was a little crude, but it was still good to see her again. Before they parted ways once more, Skywalker presented Tano with a box which contained one of her most prized former possessions. However, just as he presented her with the box, the ship's emergency alarm went off, alerting all Republic personnel aboard to get ready for battle. Kenobi rushed in, informing Skywalker and Rex to prepare all forces and that they would be entering hyperspace shortly to help ward off Grievous' surprise attack on Coruscant. Kenobi informed Skywalker that the Chancellor was under the protection of Togruta Jedi Master Shaak Ti, but that Windu had lost contact with her. Growing annoyed by their political games, Tano asked if her former masters were just going to abandon the Mandalorians. Somewhat shocked by the accusation, Kenobi urged Tano to understand that they were needed at Coruscant as this was a pivotal moment in the Clone Wars. This only annoyed Tano more as she believed that the Jedi were still playing politics, and noted that was why the people of the galaxy had lost faith in them.[10]

Kenobi tried to defend himself that they were needed to defend the people of Coruscant, but Tano countered that it was about saving the Supreme Chancellor instead. When Kenobi protested that what Tano was saying wasn't fair, Tano coldly retorted that she wasn't trying to play fair. However, Skywalker offered a compromise where he would divide the 501st into a new division led by Rex who would be promoted to Commander while Tano served as an advisor. Tano accepted her new position and, with Kenobi's approval, the Siege of Mandalore could begin. Before departing, Kenobi advised Tano to capture Maul instead of trying to kill him as he hadn't seemed to stay dead in the past.[10]


Skywalker presents Tano with her lightsabers in their final meeting as friends.

Tano then thanked Skywalker for the support as he once again presented her with the box, knowing she'd need its contents if she were going to face Maul. Realizing what was inside, Tano opened the box, revealing her lightsabers as she grabbed them, igniting them and revealing their new blue hue. As she looked at Skywalker, he said they were maybe a little better than when she had had them last. She then briefly practiced with them once more. Beginning to depart, Skywalker looked at Tano and said that with any luck their missions would be over soon and they would be able to reunite once more after their conclusion. She then offered Skywalker good luck as he briefly looked back at her before walking away to prepare to face Grievous. Tano then walked further into the hangar and reunited with Rex.[10]

Siege of Mandalore

Air assault
"Sorry. I didn't think to bring you a jetpack."
"Don't need one. Race you to the surface!"
―Rex and Tano during the descent to Sundari[10]

Kryze contacts Ursa Wren as Tano watches.

Arriving at Mandalore, Tano boarded a gunship alongside Kryze, Rex, and ARC trooper CT-5597 "Jesse" and joined the assault team in their approach to Sundari. During their approach, Prime Minister Almec contacted them and questioned them on why the Republic was attacking Mandalore, but after Kryze announced her presence to Almec, declaring their knowledge of him being a puppet of Maul, Almec understood. As he informed her that this attack would make her an enemy to the citizens of Sundari, she ended the transmission, noting that she didn't care. Tano turned to address Kryze and commented on how much of a difference there was between her and her sister, Satine. Kryze then contacted Ursa Wren, another one of the Nite Owls, and asked her if she could confirm where Maul was located, but Wren was only able to confirm that he had not yet left the city and also informed them that Maul's forces were preparing for combat.[10]

As she ended the transmission with Wren, their gunship began to violently shake as Maul's forces had arrived and had begun their attack. They opened the gunship's doors to see the carnage ensuing outside as a gunship was destroyed next to them, forcing Tano to shield herself from the oncoming debris. Shortly afterwards, everyone aboard their respective gunships left to engage the enemy in the air using their jetpacks. Rex apologized for not bringing Tano one, however, Tano instead smiled and informed him that she didn't one, declaring a race to the surface between the two.[10]


Tano lands in front of the crashing gunship.

Jumping out of their gunship, Tano ignited both of her lightsabers and landed on another gunship, destroying both of the attacking super commandos' jetpacks with her lightsabers. Noticing more super commandos inside another gunship, she jumped down onto it, destroying one of their jetpacks before jumping inside the gunship and kicking two of the others. She then sliced the blasters off two other super commandos before kicking one and pushing another into the side of the gunship with the Force. Before leaving, she kicked one of the last super commandos aboard before destroying the last super commando's jetpack, allowing her to hitch a ride as it sputtered out before landing on a Kom'rk-class fighter/transport.[10]

While running across the fighter, Tano noticed a crashing gunship. Landing atop it, she noticed the pilot's ejector seat had failed and needed assistance escaping the gunship. In order to do this, she used her lightsabers to cut the top off of the cockpit, allowing the pilot's ejector seat to launch as the pilot thanked her. Before the gunship crashed, she hitched a short ride as the super commandos on the surface prepared to fire at her. Jumping down onto a platform, the gunship exploded behind her as the super commandos began to fire at her, forcing her to deflect their blaster bolts, allowing her to kill several of them. As she continued to defend herself, Wren and many other Mandalorians arrived alongside Rex. With Rex's arrival, Tano mentioned that she had beaten him to the surface, reminding Rex that some things never changed. The two friends then rushed into Sundari.[10]

The Undercity
"Ahsoka…Tano is it? I can't say yours is a name familiar to me."
―Maul, cornering Tano[110]

Shortly afterward, Gar Saxon, one of the leaders of the super commandos, escaped into the Undercity of Sundari, taking several super commandos along with him. Watching the fighting occurring in the city atop a balcony, Tano watched as Rex returned from his scouting mission and confirmed to them that Maul had not yet been found. With this news, Kryze informed them that she and her Mandalorians would be heading to the Sundari Royal Palace to capture Almec and ordered her to find Maul as they would not be able to sustain a long siege. After Kryze left, Tano ordered Rex to support Wren at Sundari's docks in order to ensure Maul didn't escape. Before he left, Rex informed Tano that if Maul wasn't in Sundari then the entire siege would be playing into his plans. Just then, Clone Captain CT-0292 "Vaughn" contacted Rex, informing him that they had a lead on Maul's location as Tano and Rex rushed off to go investigate the situation.[10]

After being dropped off by a gunship, Tano ventured into the Undercity and was met by Vaughn, who informed her that they had engaged Saxon, but he escaped into an access tunnel, seeming to be in a hurry. Tano asked what was down there and Vaughn told her that it was a series of mainly sewer tunnels and conduit access points, but he didn't know if it led outside of the city. Tano then ordered the clones to move in to investigate where the tunnels led.[10]


Vaughn's final moments.

Unbeknownst to them, they were walking into a trap as another leader of the super commandos, Rook Kast, was prepping her super commandos to ambush Tano and her forces. As they continued to explore, Kast emerged from hiding and fired an explosive at them, forcing Tano to use the Force to divert the explosive on an alternate path. However, it still exploded near them, knocking Tano to the ground and briefly disorienting her and her forces. As Tano recovered herself, Vaughn and the rest of the clones chased after Kast and her super commandos, ignoring Tano's cries for them to wait. As Tano followed the trail of bodies, she was led to an opening in the Undercity where Vaughn apologized for his actions, dying while she held his hand.[10]


Maul and Tano briefly clash.

Shortly thereafter, the super commandos rushed in and surrounded Tano who ignited her lightsabers to defend herself as Maul similarly emerged from hiding. Upon his emergence, Maul explained that he had been hoping for Kenobi to show up instead of Tano and asked her why she was here instead.[10] Tano then looked around at her opponents and readjusted her stand, turning her head back to Maul. Maul proceeded explained that he did not know who Tano was to which she said that she knew who he was. Maul went on to say that he assumed that they both mutually knew several people.[110]

As Maul spoke, Tano pressed a button on her wrist comm, informing Rex that she needed assistance. While Rex traced her signal, Maul explained that he was certain Kenobi would've come instead of sending Tano to which she explained that he was needed at the Battle of Coruscant as opposed to fighting Maul. Maul then began to wonder if Sidious' plan was finally coming to fruition, but did not explain as much to Tano. Maul then asked why he sent Tano to which she taunted Maul by asking him to surrender so that they could both go and ask Kenobi themselves. However, Maul explained that that would be pointless as he believed the Jedi and the Republic would soon be toppled by Darth Sidious.[110]

However, before they could finish talking, Rex and several other clones arrived, attacking two super commandos from behind as Maul ignited his lightsaber and attacked Tano who just barely managed to defend herself in time. However, after they very briefly fought, Maul declared that it was not time for their true confrontation to take place and pushed Tano back. Before she could recover, Maul picked Rex up with the Force and tossed him into her. Maul, Kast, and one other super commando then escaped to which Tano ordered her men to chase after them as she recovered and chased after him herself. As they split up, Tano chased after what she thought was Maul, but after attempting to take a shortcut, ran into Rex instead, losing Maul. Knowing they had failed, Tano declared that they had lost him.[110]

Conference with Kenobi
"Tell Anakin…"
"I will."
―Tano and Kenobi's last conversation[110]

Kenobi informs Kryze, Tano, and Rex about what the Jedi Council suspects about Darth Sidious.

After Maul's escape, Tano met with a hologram of Kenobi along with Rex in the Grand Salon of the Sundari Royal Palace while overlooking a hologram of Sundari itself. During their conference, Kryze walked over and informed the group that firefights were still occurring in Sector 11 and congratulated the clones on how effective they had performed in the siege; however, she also noted that Maul still needed to be in custody by the end of it or the entire siege would've been for nothing. With this, Tano noted that while she was in the Undercity, Maul mentioned the name of Darth Sidious to which Kryze asked Kenobi who he was, but Kenobi could share very little information on him, only being able to tell them what the Jedi Council suspected.[110]

After Rex turned off the holo-map for Sundari and motioning the astromech droid away, Kenobi informed the group that the council suspected that Sidious was a Sith Lord who had orchestrated the Clone Wars and had played both sides throughout the entire conflict. He then went on to note that he learned the name from Count Dooku on Geonosis, but any chances of learning more about Sidious from him were severed after Skywalker beheaded him during the Battle of Coruscant, briefly shocking Tano. After this, Kenobi noted that by capturing Maul, they may be able to discover the mystery behind Sidious and put the final pieces of the puzzle into place. With this, Tano asked for more troops, but Kenobi informed her that that would not be possible from his front as he was being sent to hunt down General Grievous on Utapau. Tano then asked if Skywalker could reinforce them, but, instead, Kenobi asked for Rex and Kryze to leave them while he talked with Tano alone.[110]


Kenobi asks Tano to speak to Skywalker.

With their departure, Kenobi informed Tano that Skywalker had been assigned to spy on Supreme Chancellor Palpatine by the Jedi Council, which Tano found distasteful. When she asked why, Kenobi told her that the Galactic Senate had allowed Palpatine to stay in office far longer than his term allowed, even with the emergency powers granted to Palpatine shortly before The Clone Wars Begin and that the council was suspicious of Palpatine's true intentions. Tano then noted that Palpatine had been a great friend to Skywalker for a long time and that she did not believe he would be happy with his current assignment. Kenobi affirmed her suspicions and said that it was best for her to talk with him. Tano was displeased with this, believing that Kenobi was asking for her to hold up the Council's judgment in the situation, not believing she was the right person for that role after everything they had put her through. However, Kenobi relented and admitted that the Council wasn't always right in its decisions, which was why he was asking for her help.[110]

Just then, Rex rushed in, apologizing to both for interrupting them, but telling the two that there had been an attack in the Undercity. Kenobi allowed Tano to go and, as she ran off, she began to ask the Jedi Master to tell Anakin something. Kenobi did not let her finish, simply responding that he would. Tano then rushed off to the Undercity as Kenobi watched.[110]

Interrogating Almec
"Maul had a vision. A dream. The name came to him."
"What name?"
―Almec reveals the name he had been speaking of[110]

Arriving back in the Undercity, Tano immediately received news that the clones there were ambushed on their way to reinforce C-deck leading Tano to order Rex to reinforce the location and him to run off to fulfill his orders. After this, Tano walked over to an injured clone named Sterling who had called her name. He informed her that Maul tore right through their defenses, asking about Tano the entire time. Eventually, Maul realized that Jesse was the oldest clone in the unit present by looking into his mind and had most likely served under Tano for longer, so he took him deeper into the Undercity as a prisoner in order to get as much information from him as possible. With this, Tano looked deeper into the Undercity.[110]


Tano questions Almec on the person he was speaking of.

Soon after, Tano departed the Undercity and went to the royal prison alongside Rex and Kryze to interrogate Almec in order to learn more about Maul's plan. Upon entering his cell, Almec sarcastically mentioned how flattered he was upon the three being able to find the time to meet with him. After this, Kryze began the interrogation by asking Almec what Maul's plan was and how he was planning on escaping. In response, Almec informed them that Maul was not attempting to escape as he saw no point in it. Kryze believed this meant that Maul believed he could win, but Almec assured her that that was not the reason as he had become filled with a sense of dread in recent days. Tano then asked him if he had mentioned Sidious to which Almec said he hadn't yet at that point. Continuing the questions, Kryze asked why Almec wanted Kenobi here to which Almec said that he didn't exclusively want Kenobi and that there was another individual Maul wanted as well, however; Almec feigned his forgetting of this person's name.[110]

With this, Tano asked Kryze to "help" Almec remember and, with this, he became very defensive, but was immediately shot by Gar Saxon, who had infiltrated to prison to assassinate Almec under Maul's orders so that he could not tell them anything. While Kryze ran after Saxon, Tano ordered Rex to get a medic as Almec informed Tano that Maul had had a vision in which the name had come to him. As Almec slowly died, Tano cried out for him to tell her the name of the individual. With this, Almec slowly breathed out "Skywalker" before dying in Tano's arms. Tano, briefly shocked by this, eventually recovered and rejoined Rex and Kryze—who had lost Saxon in her pursuit of him—in returning to the royal palace.[110]

The final confrontation
"I know Anakin. Your vision is flawed."
―Tano, to Maul, refusing to believe his accusations[110]

Rex, Tano, and Kryze discover Maul in the throne room.

After heading back to the palace, Tano, alongside Kryze, Rex, Wren, and several other Mandalorians, stood atop a balcony overlooking one of Sundari's streets where the citizens were being ordered to move to shelter locations by clones to which they received major backlash from the citizens for, not liking to clones present in Sundari. Eventually, Kryze had had enough of this and walked away as Tano and Rex followed close behind. As they entered the palace, Kryze informed Rex and Tano that the citizens of Sundari would not accept a Republic occupation for much longer and that neither would she. As a response, Rex argued that he and his men did not want to remain as a police force within the city with Tano adding that they would leave once Maul was captured and that Kryze would then be granted her opportunity to lead the people. However, as she said this, Maul appeared sitting in the throne of the Grand Salon along with the captured Jesse, whom Maul had managed to retrieve information from regarding Tano using the Force.[110]

Kryze attempted to attack Maul by pulling out her WESTAR-35 blaster pistols and firing several blaster bolts at the Sith Lord before being stopped by Maul who used the Force to hold her in place. He briefly held her there before dropping her, leading to Tano and Rex to rush to her aid. Maul then released Jesse back into their care as a show of good faith towards them. As Jesse arrived back with them, Rex asked if he was alright to which Jesse apologized, noting that he had told Maul everything before Tano ordered Rex to get Jesse out of the palace. As Rex left, explosions began to ring outside—having been orchestrated by Maul in a counterattack from the super commandos in order for Tano and him to be left alone—causing Tano to turn her head and Maul to ask that one of them deal with the explosions. Tano asked for Kryze to go, which led Maul to stand up and announce that he and Tano would be fine together. With a final plea from Tano for her to leave, Kryze put her helmet back on and rushed outside to defend her people.[110]


Tano and Maul face one another within the throne room.

Now left alone, Maul began to note how ignorant all combatants outside were, which led to Tano asking why Maul was doing this for either her or the Jedi Council to hear. To this, Maul noted that he specifically wanted to speak with her. With this, Maul mentioned Tano's betrayal by the Jedi Order and asked if this were true to which Tano asserted that she had left voluntarily. Maul acknowledged this but pointed out that her decision was motivated by the Jedi Council's hypocrisy. Him noting this caused Tano to briefly pause before Maul mentioned how he too had been a tool used by another power beyond himself.[110]

Tano then walked forward and announced that she was there to bring Maul to justice, to which he claimed that justice was just the construct of the current power structure's morals. He also noted that he believed that the current government would soon be toppled, leading Tano to ask if Darth Sidious would be behind what he predicted. Maul then explained that Sidious was behind everything that had recently transpired in the galaxy, always orchestrating events from the shadows, but that would soon reveal himself. Tano then asked for Maul to join her and help the Jedi stop Sidious before he took control over the galaxy. However, Maul knew that the Republic had already fallen and that she just couldn't see this. He went on to explain that the Jedi would not be able to defeat Sidious and that their time had already passed, but that he believed that he and Tano might be able to defeat Sidious if they worked together.[110]

As explosions continued to ring outside, Maul extended his hand for Tano to join him as she contemplated her decision. As she did this, an explosion shattered the glass around the pair. Eventually, Tano decided that she would help Maul on the condition that he answer her question on why he wanted Skywalker to come to Mandalore. To this, Maul explained that Skywalker was the key to Sidious' plan, which led Tano to ask if he was the Chosen One, but Maul knew that his role was in fact to destroy the Jedi and that he had long been groomed for his task. Tano then claimed that Maul was lying, but Maul remained firm in his beliefs, claiming that he had orchestrated the current war on Mandalore in order to lure Skywalker and Kenobi there in an effort to kill Skywalker, depriving Sidious of his prized pupil and his main pawn.[110]

Tano rejected this answer and ignited her lightsabers, ready to fight Maul and take him into custody, claiming that Maul's vision was flawed and that she knew Skywalker well enough to know what he said could never happen. To this, Maul ignited his own weapon and claimed that he needed to teach her one last lesson. Maul then lunged at Tano and the two began their duel.[110]


Maul and Tano duel within the royal palace.

Tano managed to dodge several of his attacks before being forced to parry several of his other attacks. She then saw an opening in Maul's defenses and began to attack him, forcing him back on the defensive. Tano attempted to kick Maul to no avail, leading to him managing to elbow her in the face and forcing her shoto blade to leave her hand. Tano was now on the defensive once more, being forced to fight with only one saber; however, she soon managed to kick Maul, allowing her a brief opening to use the Force and retrieve her blade, forcing Maul to evade the saber as it returned to her hand. The fight then took a brief pause as Tano insulted Maul by claiming that if Skywalker had shown up, Maul wouldn't have lasted long in their fight to which Maul commented that Tano had Kenobi's arrogance before she swung her saber at him, mentioning that she likely had many qualities he disliked.[110]

Resuming the fight, Tano managed to gain the upper hand but was eventually forced to jump back several times to evade Maul's attacks. Forced in a saber lock, Maul grunted, attempting to disorient Tano, but this gave her the opportunity to kick him outside of one of the palace's windows. Tano briefly paused to catch her breath before chasing after Maul to resume their fight.[110]


Tano arrives to face Maul one final time.

As Tano emerged outside, she witnessed Mandalorian reinforcements arrive to aid the clones in warding off the super commandos' attack; however, as she turned her head, she noticed Maul attempting to escape atop a building leading her to chase him to the support beams of the domed city's ceiling. As she reached the support beams, Tano reignited her lightsabers and claimed that Kenobi had been right in his comment that Maul would be hard to kill. As Maul turned to look at her, Tano rushed at him as he reignited his own lightsaber to continue their duel.[110]

He blocked her oncoming attacks as she lunged at him, briefly forcing her on the defensive before regaining herself and attempting to kick Maul, but he managed to evade. As the fight continued, Tano jumped back on one of the support beams and almost lost her footing, but managed to regain herself before Maul exclaimed that if she had joined him they could have destroyed Sidious together, but Tano knew that this would have only been for Maul to take his place, which she commented in response. As Maul jumped towards her, Tano managed to elbow and kick him to another support beam, causing Maul to briefly be caught off balance. She then once again lunged at him, but was forced off and kicked back, barely managing to hold onto a support beam.[110]


Maul asks Tano to join him one final time.

Just then, Maul's fighter arrived and asked for him to depart. As Maul shattered the glass on the dome of the city in an attempt to escape, Tano chased after him, jumping up and knocking him off of where he stood. As the two regained their balance once more, their duel continued. However, Maul soon managed to knock one of Tano's lightsabers free from her hand, causing it to tumble down to the fighting below. As she attempted to fight with only one of her sabers, Maul managed to easily disarm her of her second saber. Having gained the upper hand, Maul sliced the support beam the two were standing on, causing it to sag. Tano remained in a fighting position, ready for Maul to attack her once more. As Maul jumped onto her sagging support beam, he gave her one last chance to join him, which she refused leading to Maul continuing his attack, but being stopped when Tano managed to grab hold of his lightsaber and throw him off of the beam. She then stopped him from falling by using the Force as Maul cried out for Tano to let him die.[110]

As gunships arrived to extract him, Maul wailed in terror of what was to come, claiming they were all going to die before one of the Mandalorians used the whipcord within his vambrace and entangled Maul within it, allowing Rex to stun him. Rex then told Tano that they would take it from there as Tano caught her breath and looked out at the crack in the dome Maul had created.[110]


"With your help, the Jedi can stop Sidious before it's too late."
"Too late for what? The Republic to fall? It already has, and you just can't see it! There is no justice, no law, no order, except for the one that will replace it!"
―Ahsoka Tano and Maul[110]

Tano arrives with the captured Maul.

As day broke on Mandalore, Tano arrived with the captured Maul to regroup with Kryze. Upon exiting the gunship, Kryze exclaimed her disbelief in Tano's ability to capture Maul, which she noted she was impressed by and handed Tano her lightsabers back. In response, Tano noted that it was what the Jedi Council wanted, with Kryze following that by saying that it was still an impressive achievement due to the fact many had failed to capture Maul in the past. As they continued to walk, Tano noted that this achievement was due to the fact that she had learned from the best the galaxy had, including Kryze. However, Kryze was not flattered as she expressed that she wished she was proficient in something other than combat. With this, Kryze looked out at the ruins the siege had caused, and Tano followed up Kryze's previous statement by saying that the people of Mandalore needed a new type of leader. However, Kryze continued by saying that her sister had tried and failed to be a new type of leader for Mandalore, wondering if she could be any different.[109]

Before they could continue, Rex approached the two and informed Tano that he had managed to contact the Jedi Council. Leaving Kryze, Tano asked if Skywalker was with them to which Rex noted that he had been when he had left to inform her about the meeting. Before leaving, Kryze turned to Tano and gave her her blessing to leave, telling her that she could handle Maul. With this, Tano left with Rex.[109]


Tano attends a secret meeting with the Jedi High Council.

As Tano and Rex walked into the meeting via hologram, the members of the Jedi Council turned to look at the pair, with Windu noting that her mission had been a success. Tano confirmed this and reaffirmed their belief that she would be escorting Maul back to Coruscant once they departed. With this, Yoda thanked Tano for her service to which Tano said that she was just doing her duty as a citizen of the Republic. Yoda then asked if she did this act instead as a Jedi, but Tano followed this up by informing them that she was not yet ready to be called a Jedi once more. Moving on from this, Tano noted that she wished to speak with Skywalker, but was instead informed that Skywalker had left to inform Palpatine that Grievous had been located on Utapau. Having received an earlier report of Kenobi being sent to Utapau, Tano asked if he was the one who had engaged Grievous to which Yoda confirmed that he had indeed engaged the Separatist forces on the planet. With this, Tano noted that the war could be over soon if Kenobi managed to kill Grievous, but, in response, Windu noted that the war's conclusion depended on if Palpatine decided to end it or not. With Tano questioning what he meant, Windu explained that this was exclusively for the Council to discuss. Tano bowed her head and told Windu that she understood.[109]

The briefing was subsequently adjourned, although Yoda remained in contact with Tano after the other masters ceased their transmission, and asked if she had more to say or if she had a message for Skywalker. However, Tano said that she had neither, neglecting the information she had received from Maul and informing the Grand Master that she would talk to Skywalker herself once he managed to make contact with him. With this, Yoda wished for the Force to be with Tano and cut off his own transmission. With the meeting over, Rex walked over and noted that Tano had neglected to inform them upon the information Maul had mentioned about Skywalker, but Tano waved this aside and simply confirmed that she hadn't. The two then walked out to regroup with Kryze and witness Maul's transport into their Nu-class transport.[109]


Kryze and Wren escort the now imprisoned Maul.

As they walked out, Kryze, Wren, and several other Mandalorians walked by with the captured Maul contained within an old Mandalorian vault. Kryze walked up to Tano and the two acknowledged each other with a bow of their heads with Rex leaving Tano to accompany the Mandalorians as they escorted Maul. As the Mandalorians boarded the transport, Tano acknowledged the vault and noted that it was impressive, leading to Kryze mentioning that the vault was from an era when the Mandalorians were at war with the Jedi. With this, Tano jokingly remarked that she thought Kryze's sister, Satine, had outlawed such devices as these while she was duchess of Mandalore, which Kryze said that she had and that this was the last one the Mandalorians possessed. With their conversation finished, Kryze and Tano shook hands and the two said their goodbyes as Tano left to board the transport.[109]

Now with Maul in their custody, the transport took off to board the Star Destroyer[109] Tribunal.[111] While onboard, Tano and Rex made conversation between one another. Arriving on the Venator, Tano and Rex exited the transport and made their way to the ship's bridge. As Tano and Rex entered the bridge, the officers present turned and saluted Tano with a smile on their faces. The Star Destroyer soon entered hyperspace as Rex and Tano watched.[109]

As Tano looked into the void of hyperspace, Rex asked if something was on her mind, leading Tano to explain that all she had ever been since she was a Padawan had been a soldier, contrary to her training as a peacekeeper. To this, Rex said that all his life he had only been a soldier and that he and his brothers received a mixed feeling about the war because of it, but he knew that without the war, he and his brothers would've never existed. Tano then turned and smiled, telling Rex that the clones' existence was one of the few good things that had come out of the Clone Wars, nothing that the Republic would never have been able to find better soldiers and that it had allowed her to receive her best friend in Rex. The two then saluted one another as an officer walked in to report that a new briefing had come in and, when asked if she would like to join him to look at it, Tano declined, believing it was more good news. Tano then looked back into streaking blue void of hyperspace.[109]

Order 66

Saving Rex
"How widespread is this?"
"Ahsoka, it's all of us. The entire Grand Army of the Republic has been ordered to hunt down and destroy the Jedi Knights."
―Rex explains how widespread the betrayal of the Jedi is — (audio) Listen (file info)[109]

As Tano stared into hyperspace, she received a vision of Windu dueling Palpatine within his office and Skywalker betraying Windu,[109] but did not fully understand what she was feeling.[112] With this, Tano rushed into the command center and informed Rex that she believed something terrible had happened to Skywalker. However, instead, the clones began to turn their blasters towards her in accordance with Order 66. Joining them, Rex asked for them to lower their blasters so that he could kill her himself and raised his own blasters, a tear rolling down his face as he attempted to fight his inhibitor chip, an organic brain implant that compelled each clone trooper to comply with the directive.[109]


Tano defends herself against the oncoming clone troopers.

While his whole body shook and a tear rolled down his face, Rex asked for Tano to find Fives before firing upon her. Tano, forced to jump out of the way, ran towards Rex and tackled him, igniting her lightsabers to defend against the other clones' incoming blaster bolts, managing to kill both attacking her. She then closed the blast door as Rex began to stand up, rubbing his head from being forced into the command console. However, Jesse along with several other clones arrived, forcing Tano to divert her attention as all of the clones present began to fire upon her. With this, Tano attempted to direct the blaster bolts into the wiring above in an attempt to escape. As she escaped, the clones believed they had managed to kill her, but soon found that Tano had instead escaped into a vent above.[109]

Exiting the vents, Tano made her way to the detention level in a bid to free Maul from capture in an attempt to create a diversion for herself. As she arrived, members of the Coruscant Guard were taking aim at Maul, ready to execute him, but she instead used the Force to push one aside and knocked the other one out by throwing him into the ceiling. With this, Tano looked towards Maul and told him not to make her regret her decision before she freed him from captivity. As Maul fell out of the vault, he expressed his surprise that she had survived, but instead of feeling flattered, Tano held her lightsaber to his throat and asked him if he was behind the clone's turning. Maul instead explained that he did not know exactly what had transpired, but instead said that he was sure Tano had felt the voices crying out in pain and death as Jedi across the galaxy were killed,[109] including Tano's former mentor Plo Koon.[113] Tano then explained that her clones had turned against her and she didn't know why to which Maul began to laugh and say that he had not known what Sidious' had been playing, but that he now did—the Grand Army of the Republic had turned against the Jedi Order.[109]

He then stood up and said that Tano had done the right thing in seeking his help and asked her to follow his lead, but Tano instead held her lightsaber up to him once more and made clear that she just wanted to use him as a diversion and not as a partner. With this, Tano ordered Maul to go cause some chaos as Maul looked at her with hatred displayed on his face. As the two walked out of the cell, Maul asked for one of Tano's lightsabers so that he might be granted a fighting chance, but Tano declined his offer and commanded him to leave once more. Now having freed Maul, Tano made her way to the droid storage room to recruit help from the droids located there.[109]


The droids pledge their allegiance to Tano.

As clones ran by, Tano snuck her way through the Venator, eventually arriving at her destination. Once Tano arrived in the droid storage room, she reactivated her old astromech droid R7-A7 who was ecstatic to see her, but Tano told him to quiet down as she required his help. R7 began to beep profusely, but Tano continued to attempt to quiet him down as the other two droids CH-33P and RG-G1 activated. As they activated, the droids began to profusely ask Tano questions upon what was happening, but Tano couldn't give them answers as she didn't know herself; however, she asked them for their help in discovering why. With this, the droids pledged their allegiance to her as Tano ordered them to get started.[109]

With all of them in agreement, Tano ordered R7 to patch into the central computer and search for any secure file in relation to CT-5555 as asked of her by Rex. As R7 searched, he discovered files in relation to an incident that occurred aboard a space station above Ringo Vinda between CT-5385 "Tup" and Jedi Master Tiplee as well as a report from Kaminoan doctor Nala Se that said that Fives had had a malfunction with his inhibitor chip. She went on to mention a grievance report filed by Rex, which Tano asked R7 to open for her, but soon discovered that it was sealed. In order to open it, Tano tried Skywalker's passcode of 8108, which managed to open the file. Upon opening the file, Rex said that the inhibitor chips within the clones' brains could possibly have an alternative purpose they did not yet know. With this new information, Tano took the droids in an attempt to capture Rex and remove his inhibitor chip.[109]


Tano begs Rex to allow her to remove his inhibitor chip.

As Rex rushed across a hallway, R7 and CH-33P stopped him, sealing the blast doors between him and the other clones to leave him and Tano alone. With Rex trapped, R7 displayed a hologram of Tano, informing Rex that she believes she knew why he turned against her and that she saw his report on Fives. On top of this, she informed him that he had been programmed to turn against her and that his mind had been altered by the inhibitor chip, continuing by saying that she could help him. As Rex took aim at R7 and asked where Tano was, she appeared behind him, with R7 electrocuting him in order to bring him to the medical bay. As Rex fell to the ground, Tano asked the droids to be careful as they had not been trying to hurt Rex. As clones began to yell from outside the blast doors, Tano asked CH-33P if all the doors were sealed between them and the medical bay, which he confirmed. With this, Tano lifted Rex and placed him on top of R7, G-G, and CH-33P, and the combined efforts of the three droids allowed Tano to bring him to the medical bay. As the clones broke through the blast doors, Tano sealed even more doors to cover their escape.[109]

Reaching the medical bay, Tano placed Rex on the medical bed. With Rex in position, Tano ordered R7 to run a scan for the inhibitor chip within Rex's brain; however, the initial scans came up empty prompting Tano to ask the medical droid to check again. As they scanned once more, CH-33P alerted Tano that the clones had begun to hack into the door and, with this, Tano ordered G-G to reseal the door as fast as possible if the clones managed to break through. Tano then asked R7 once more if anything had come up in the scans, but nothing had yet been located.[109]


Rex reawakens from his surgery.

With this news, Tano walked over to Rex and put her hands around his head, beginning to chant "I am one with the Force and the Force is with me." Continuing to chant, the unconscious Rex began to join in as the inhibitor chip was finally located. With its location finally having been discovered, Tano ordered R7 to remove the inhibitor chip to which R7 originally objected by asking if it would work, but Tano didn't know, only clarifying that if it didn't, the four of them were dead anyway. While they attempted to remove the inhibitor chip, the clones finally broke through the door, and Tano, in an effort to ward them off, reignited her lightsabers. As the clones began to fire upon Tano, she deflected their blaster bolts and used the Force to throw several of them while CH-33P attempted to reseal the door. As the clones began to overwhelm Tano, Rex woke up from his surgery and used his blasters to kill several clones as CH-33P finally resealed the door.[109]

With Rex awake, Tano asked if he was alright. Rex assured her that he was and apologized for turning against and almost killing her earlier. With that, Tano asked how widespread the inhibitor chips were and how many Jedi were currently being betrayed across the galaxy, to which Rex responded with the crushing news that the entire Grand Army of the Republic had betrayed their Jedi and had been ordered to hunt down and kill the remaining ones. However, soon after, the clones began to cut through the door again as Tano and Rex turned to watch.[109]

Escaping the Tribunal

Tano and Rex stand to face their former allies

With Rex now awake and on Tano's side, the two friends were ready to escape the Tribunal. Standing in front of the entrance as clones attempted to break through, Rex asked how Tano was planning on getting them out of the medical bay, to which she informed him that she had an idea. As Rex asked what her idea was, Tano instead asked Rex to set his blasters to stun as they were not attempting to kill any of them. As the clones continued cutting through the door, Rex informed Tano that they had almost finished cutting through, but Tano still told him to wait. As they finished cutting through, Tano used the Force to push the door out and knock several clones aside, making their escape easier. Briefly stunned, the three remaining troopers were easily knocked out by Rex; however, several more clones appeared from both sides as Tano rushed out of the med bay, lightsabers ignited, blocking each of their shots while Rex stunned all clones standing in their way.[114]

As they fought the oncoming clones, Tano ordered R7 to find them a path off of the Star Destroyer. While doing so, R7 managed to close the blast doors around them, sealing off several oncoming troopers, allowing Rex and Tano to mop up the few remaining troopers. Now at a pause in the action, R7 informed Tano that all of the escape pods had been destroyed, leading Tano to conclude that taking a shuttle would be their best bet to escape. With this, Tano began to leave, but while she walked away Rex informed her that Maul had escaped his imprisonment, but Tano, having let him out herself, informed Rex upon this fact, to his surprise. He began to question her on why she would do such a thing, but she simply said that it was for a diversion as Tano began to rush for the hangar, asking Rex to hurry.[114]

As they continued to run towards the hangar, the ship jolted as it exited hyperspace, having been stopped by Maul who had destroyed the hyperdrive using the Force, crippling it and causing it to be caught in the gravitational pull of a nearby moon. Finally arriving at the hangar's control center, Rex was the first to enter, stunning an unsuspecting officer shortly before Tano rushed in and used the Force to push one aside as Rex stunned the other two. As they reached the controls, Rex informed Tano that the clones had already locked everything down and that if they weren't trying to kill them, he would've been proud. As Rex said this, Tano ordered R7 to unlock the doors in Bay 12, CH-33P to prep the shuttle, and G-G to find out what had happened to the ship that had caused it to jolt. As G-G attempted to discover what happened, he informed the pair that the hyperdrive had been completely destroyed to Rex's disbelief. The two soon discovered that they had become entrenched in the gravitational field of a moon nearby. With this, Tano asked R7 to open the main hangar doors, and with that, they saw the oncoming moon, causing Tano to exclaim that they needed to get out of there. As the ship continued to jolt profusely, Rex asked about the status of the hangar doors as Tano asked about the shuttle. With that, R7 managed to open one of the hangar doors, revealing a shuttle for them; however, as R7 continued to open the rest of the hangar doors, it revealed an army of clone troopers, led by Jesse, waiting for them.[114]

Fight in the hangar

Jesse leads an army of clones in an attempt to eliminate Rex and Tano

As the clones took their positions in the hangar, Rex quickly asked what they were going to do, but Tano admitted that there were too many clones standing in their path to make a break for the shuttle and that she didn't want to hurt any of them, leading Rex to tell her that the troops did not care about what she wanted. Continuing on, Rex told her that the Star Destroyer was going down and that all of the clones aboard were willing to die in order to kill them both. With that, Tano walked over to Rex and removed his helmet, revealing his distraught state. With this, Tano explained that Rex was a good soldier, but that every one of the clones trying to kill was too. Tano continued to state that they may be willing to die, but she wasn't willing to be the one to kill them, leading Rex to believe that she was admitting defeat.[114]

Tano declined this, however, to Rex's puzzlement as he didn't see any other way besides killing them in a bid to escape. Tano then walked over to the viewport to see the army of clone troopers standing before them and informed him that she had an idea. As Rex began to look slightly puzzled, Tano handed him back his helmet and assured him that she thought it was a good idea. She then knelt down and asked the droids if she could count on them to which all three of them agreed that she could. With their acknowledgement, she stood up and informed her four allies that she would explain her plan on the way to the hangar. As they approached the hangar, Tano explained that Rex would feign her capture to the clones as a distraction, while the droids snuck past them and activated the lifts beneath clones' feet. Before they arrived, Rex took Tano's lightsabers to make their ruse seem more plausible.[114]

As Rex and Tano reached the hangar, Rex asked for the clones to hold their fire as he escorted a supposedly captured Tano with her arms on her head. As the clones prepared to fire on Tano, Rex once again asked them to hold their fire as Jesse told him that he had his orders to execute Tano and asked him to eliminate her or else he would do it himself. As the clones continued to aim their blasters upon Tano, Rex explained that the order had been to eliminate the Jedi for treason and that since Tano was no longer a Jedi, she should not be considered a traitor under the directive. This caused Jesse to briefly pause before he informed Rex that he himself had informed the clones that they were under special orders from Darth Sidious to eliminate Tano, even though she was no longer considered a Jedi, as well as any clone who disobeyed the directive. As Jesse spoke, Tano turned to look at the droids who informed her that they needed a little more time, leading Tano to tell Rex to keep the clones talking for a little longer.[114]

Responding to what Jesse said, Rex tried to appeal to his friend one final time, but the ARC trooper, despite taking another moment to process what Rex said, stripped Rex of his title of commander, accusing him of treason. However, the droids turned towards Tano again and signaled that they had completed their task prompting Tano to ask Rex if he was ready, which he responded to by saying that he hadn't much liked being a commander anyway. As Jesse signaled for the clones to fire upon Rex and Tano, Tano's plan came to fruition; the lifts beneath the clones began to drop. With that, Tano pushed Jesse down the shaft with the Force and was thrown back her lightsabers by Rex.[114]


Tano attempts to stop Maul from escaping

Now wielding her lightsabers once more, Tano, alongside Rex, easily managed to incapacitate the remaining clone troopers. However, as they fought the remaining clones, Maul appeared inside the hangar, also attempting to escape the crashing Star Destroyer. As Rex and Tano continued to fight the remaining clones, Maul ran past them, and, noticing Maul running past them thanks to G-G, Tano notified Rex. Finding the remaining clones insignificant, Tano chased after Maul and allowed Rex to deal with the rest of them as he followed her. As she arrived to stop Maul, he threw several crates at her with the Force, telling her that she had wanted this chaos and threw a cart at her as she jumped to avoid it. Finally arriving to attack Maul, Tano slashed at Maul before he used the Force in a powerful push, knocking her all the way back to the lifts; however, before she could fall into the starship bay below, G-G managed to use one of his cables to help her back up. As G-G helped Tano up, the clones began to regain consciousness, forcing Tano to use one of her lightsabers to defend against the incoming blaster bolts.[114]

As she defended herself, Rex did all he could to assist her, stunning as many clones as he could using his blasters. However, Tano began to lose the fight as the blaster bolts began to hit her beskar-plated armor. The clones, realizing the droids were at fault, began to fire upon them, forcing CH-33P and G-G to move back. However, as this occurred, Maul stole the shuttle and began to use it to escape the Venator. Finally managing to fully climb up, Tano ran towards the shuttle and used the Force in an attempt to stop Maul from escaping. As she did this, Maul increased power to the thrusters, causing her to begin sliding across the floor of the hangar and forcing Rex to grab her hand to stop her from slipping away. However, reinforcements began to arrive in the hangar, which Rex noted to Tano, who was still attempting to hold Maul back. Being forced to divert his attention, Rex was forced to let go and defend her from the oncoming clones. Tano continued to strain and witnessed as R7 was killed by one of the clones' stray blaster bolts. However, seeing that Rex was beginning to become overwhelmed by the clones, Tano was forced to let go of the shuttle and allow Maul to escape. Tano then rushed back into battle alongside Rex.[114]

Being forced to defend herself from all sides, Tano saw that they were vastly outnumbered and threw her lightsabers into the ground, using the Force to cut a hole through it in order to escape into the starship bay below. However, they were once again met by clones—Jesse and the other troopers whom the astromechs had dropped below—ready to fight them once again. As Jesse ordered for the clones to attack, Tano was once again forced to defend herself. Luckily, from above, CH-33P and G-G managed to manipulate the lifts once more, forcing many clones back up into the main hangar. However, the two droids' efforts did not go unnoticed and the two were promptly executed by the clones. Finishing off the remaining troopers, Rex and Tano began to look around the starship bay for another ship to escape with, coming up with nothing as most ships located there were under maintenance.[114]

Eventually, Tano managed to spot a lone Y-wing starfighter, but, before they could reach it, they were once again attacked by the clones. In an attempt to reach the shuttle, Tano jumped across one of the lifts and used the Force to push Rex onto the Y-wing. As many more clones arrived on the lifts, Tano used the Force to push them all aside, but still began to be overwhelmed. Concurrently, the Star Destroyer began to break apart and lost all artificial gravity onboard, causing everything on the ship to begin falling towards the moon's surface. This forced Tano to use her lightsabers in an attempt to stop herself from falling. As she did this, Rex asked her to hurry up and rush to the Y-wing, leading Tano to muster enough energy to run across the surface of the hangar and attempted to jump onto the Y-wing, but fell the into open air as the Y-wing fell out of the hangar.[114]

Tano began to fly through the open air as Rex searched for her within the Y-wing, eventually spotting her and opening the gunner's hatch for her to climb inside. Tano attempted to use the air around her to reach the Y-wing, but, as she grabbed hold, she lost her grip and flew away. Tano was now forced to use the debris to her advantage and ran across one of the destroyed engines in an attempt to regroup with Rex. With one final jump, Tano was forced to use the Force to pull herself closer to the gunner's seat, finally being able to grab hold and climb into the hatch. Having finally rescued her, Rex flew the Y-wing away as the Tribunal, and the clones, went down in flames.[114]

Burying the dead


Tano stands over the graves of her former comrades-in-arms

Rex later landed the Y-wing near the Star Destroyer's crash site and the two erected graves for each of the fallen clones that they could find, placing their helmets on the graves of their fallen friends. They would also scavenge the remains of R7-A7[114] to rebuild him.[115] Upon completion of the burial site, Tano stood over the fallen clones, taking out her lightsabers and looking at one of them one final time before dropping them to the ground and leaving them behind. Now fugitives and enemies of the Republic,[114] Tano and Rex were forced to fake their own deaths and go into exile[2] aboard their Y-wing.[116] Tano also received a message[12] from Kenobi sent to all surviving Jedi,[113] warning to stay away from the Jedi Temple. She also came to understand that Palpatine had been a Sith Lord, and she was forced to stay on the run as Palpatine transformed the Republic into his Galactic Empire.[12]

Following the destruction of the Jedi Order, Tano was listed amongst the Inquisitorius' priority targets of presumed survivors of the purge.[117] Some years later[118] during the early Imperial Era,[119] the lightsaber she left behind was discovered and taken by Darth Vader,[114] a Sith Lord who was in fact Tano's former master, Anakin Skywalker.[113] Neither Tano nor Rex were aware that Maul's suspicions during the last days of the Clone Wars came true: Darth Sidious used Skywalker's frustration with the Jedi Council and his fear of losing his Amidala in childbirth to lure him to the dark side of the Force.[113] Skywalker had clung closer to Amidala after losing Tano, who would have served as a counterbalance to his passions and fears, out of concern that she could leave him as well.[120]


Tano secretly attended Amidala's funeral in Theed.

Amidala ultimately did pass away, but her body was prepared by the mortician Commodex Tahn to make it look like she was still pregnant at the time of her death,[121] keeping the existence of the children a secret from the Sith[113] and, by extension, anyone who saw the late Senator's body.[121] Wearing a hood to keep her identity a secret, Tano secretly attended Amidala's funeral in Naboo's capital of Theed, but she was noticed by Senator Bail Prestor Organa.[116] She was left unaware of the existence of Skywalker's children. Parting ways with Tano,[12] Rex and the rebuilt R7-A7, meanwhile, began to work against the newly formed Empire with[115] Tano's friends[107] Trace and Rafa Martez.[115] When Rex reunited with Clone Force 99, he kept Tano's survival a secret, merely telling them that he had help when his chip was removed.[122]

Age of the Empire

Life on Thabeska

"We all look like each other, everyone in my family. Our long hair and our brown skin. People don't try to tell us apart, and we fool them. It helped us avoid the shadow, and it keeps us safe from the law. I wish you looked like us, too."
―Hedala Fardi, to Ahsoka Tano[12]

Ahsoka Tano fled into the Outer Rim, intent on hiding from the Empire. Eventually, she found the planet Thabeska, a planet that dealt largely in small-scale water and technology trading, and one with a relatively small and unorganized population located far away from major hyperspace routes. Believing the rural world to be of little interest to the Empire, and a steady stream of newcomers would allow herself to blend into the quiet world, Tano made landing on Thabeska. However, the refugee did not account for the presence of the local Fardi clan, an influential family that either touched or ran most of Thabeska's businesses, including their own smuggling operations, though the family fronted such with several legal businesses. In time, Tano came to hear rumors that some kind of dark lord who was serving the Emperor and hunting Jedi, yet she was unable to confirm such reports.[12]

In order to hide her identity, Tano took on the name "Ashla,"[12] which was also the name of a moon that orbited the scared Jedi world of Tython,[123] another term for the light side of the Force,[124] and the name of a Jedi youngling from the Clone Wars-era.[58] Upon arrival on Thabeska, Tano was greeted by several young girls. They showed her where she could find food and a place to stay, and introduced her to Fardi, who bought Ashla's ship for what she thought was a nearly decent price. Nevertheless, Fardi did not inquire the reason for Ashla's arrival at the dawn of the Empire, and the girls, who Ashla realized to be Fardi's daughters and nieces, took the Togruta arrival under their wing. Followed ceaselessly by the young Fardi sisters, Ashla soon found herself working for the Fardi family once they learned that she was a good mechanic, and the refugee was given her own room in the Fardi compound and paid fair amounts of money for her work. Ashla had secured her place in the Fardi clan, becoming a friend amongst the Fardi girls.[12]

Two months before Empire Day, the first anniversary of Emperor Palpatine's rise to power, Ahsoka Tano was working on some droids in the shipyard on Thabeska when she noticed some of the Fardi children playing by a stack of crates. As Tano observed, the crates began to fall onto the children who cried out of fear, forcing Tano to save the Fardis by levitating the crates through the Force. Tano had kept her Jedi powers a secret since leaving Mandalore, and feared that she had revealed herself to the young Fardis. Ashla reminded them that they should not have been playing near the crates, and they begged her not to tell Fardi, giving up their sweets—their only form of currency—and ignoring the supernatural incident they had just witnessed. Only Hedala Fardi, the youngest of her family, looked at Ashla with fascination. Sometime later, the Togruta outlander discovered that Hedala Fardi was Force-sensitive, as the Fardi youngling lifted several small stones with subtle hand gestures before the eyes of Ahsoka Tano.[12]


Empire Day marked the execution of Order 66 and the loss of many of Ahsoka Tano's friends

On Empire Day, Tano was informed by the Fardi girls that their father was having important Imperial guests over for dinner and that they wanted to meet anyone who was new to the planet. The girls offered for Tano to come and sit with them at the Empire Day parade and flyby, and told her about how security was a disaster due to the high amount of ships in the shipyard.[12]

Tano took this invitation as a subtle warning and opportunity to escape the planet, and Tano used this opportunity to her advantage. She gathered the belongings she had and escaped through the city streets for the landing field.[12]

After numerous run-ins with Imperial stormtroopers, Ahsoka Tano was forced to steal one of Fardi's ships, leaving the planet. Once in orbit, Tano remembered Hedala Fardi and the danger that she was in, being a Force-sensitive child who would likely be sought out by the Empire, but Tano knew that she was too late, so she left.[12]


A pastoral refuge

Tano found herself on the remote agrarian moon of Raada in the Outer Rim. Tano landed the Fardi ship at the planet's main settlement. Under the alias of Ashla, Tano befriended a local girl named Kaeden Larte, who was part of a farming community. Kaeden allowed Tano to move into an abandoned home formerly owned by Cietra. Tano agreed to work as a mechanic, repairing droids and other machinery in return for ration packs. While adjusting to her new surroundings, Tano reminisced about her droid friend R2-D2 and having to hide her Force powers. The following day, Kaeden hired Tano to repair her thresher. While repairing the machinery, Tano learned more about Kaeden's life and work as a farmer and considered settling on the remote moon due to the lack of an Imperial presence. After repairing Kaeden's thresher, Tano explored the town and sighted several nearby hills and caves which she identified as a potential hiding place.[12]

On her third day on Raada, Tano took the opportunity to explore the hills and caves ringing the settlement. She found a cave which she identified as her hiding place. Tano later met with Kaeden, her sister Miara Larte and several local friends including the farmer Tibbola, the work crew leader Vartan, and the twins Hoban and Neera at Selda's cantina, which had the best food in the settlement. The cantina was owned by the Togruta bartender Selda and run by the Sullustan woman Malat, who reminded Tano of Jedi Master Plo Koon. While socializing with her hosts, Tano learned that Kaeden and Miara were orphans who had lost their parents in an accident. Vartan had adopted the two girls. When Kaeden asked "Ashla" about her family, Tano claimed that she was adopted. When Selda asked Tano if she was part of the influx of aliens that had migrated out of the Core Worlds, Tano claimed that she was not running from anything but only longed for quiet. Selda advised her to talk to him or Vartan if she encountered any changes.[12]

As time passed, Tano became the settlement's mechanic and repaired numerous broken threshers and other farming equipment. Kaeden and Miara came to regard "Ashla" as an adopted family member and regularly visited Tano to chat and deliver gifts including a door lock. Despite the friendship of the Larte sisters, Tano decided that she had grown bored with her new rustic, backwater adopted home. One free day, she packed up some supplies and went to meditate in the caves alone. Tano sensed a disturbance in the Force and witnessed the arrival of an Imperial Star Destroyer above the settlement. The Imperial official Jenneth Pilar had decided to exploit Raada as a source of crops for the Imperial Military. Despite initially panicking, Tano decided that the Empire had not come to hunt her.[12]

Tano traveled to Selda's cantina and discussed the arrival of the Empire with Kaeden and her friends. Miara speculated that the Empire had come to explore the possibility of growing crops on Raada. The arrival of Imperial rule saw the introduction of new restrictive measures including night curfews, rules forbidding large group meetings, and restricting cantinas' operating hours, food, and alcohol. In response, Tano advised her friends to start stockpiling rations. While several Imperial personnel visited the cantina, Tano and her friends avoided contact with the Imperials by playing a game of crokin. When they inquired about Ahsoka's knowledge regarding their new situation, Tano decided not to reveal her past yet.[12]

Stockpiling supplies
"Why aren't you at work?"
"I am at work. I mean, I'm not a farmer. I fix the equipment when it's broken, see?"
―A stormtrooper questions Tano[12]

The following morning, Tano was visited by a pair of stormtroopers who asked why she was working. Tano informed them that her job was fixing broken machines, and so one of them asked for her information, saying that she may be reassigned to field if they deem it necessary. Wishing to maintain the freedom she had under her job repairing machines, Tano used a mind trick to convince the stormtroopers that her work was important for food production and they did not need to reassign her. With the pair in agreement with her, she asked if there was anything else she could help with and one reminded her of the new rules posted around the settlement. Tano closed the door on them and accumulated her rations to take to the caves. Being cautious of any surveillance that could be watching her, she made her way to the caves and hid the rations.[12]

Wishing to move her freighter from the spaceport before the Empire locked it down, Tano scouted a place to hide it, discovering a gully where the starship could fit. She then headed to the spaceport to retrieve the freighter. There, an Imperial officer took list of the starships in the port. He asked Tano of her purpose there, to which she told him that she wished to move her ship. The officer tried to assure her that the local garrison would keep it safe, but she then began mocking the security, making her way past the haggled officer before he could continue to dispute.[12]

Tano proceeded to the pilot's seat of the freighter and prepared for takeoff. The Imperial officer reattempted to argue but was muffled out by the engines as she flew the ship away. Tano flew her freighter the opposite way to the gully, taking it the long way around Raada to cover her tracks. Although she briefly considered abandoning the moon forever to run from the Empire, she chose to continue instead and hid her ship in the gully with its nose positioned upwards towards the sky to ensure a swift take off.[12]

Sowing seeds of rebellion
"I've seen them bringing in their own seed. Whatever we're planting, it won't be something we get to keep or sell."
"They'll buy off the overseers. They'll give them enough money to go off-world, and then work the rest of us to the bone. I've seen things like this before."
―Miara and Tano discuss the Empire's intentions on Raada[12]

Later, Tano met up with Kaeden, Miara, and number of other farmers at Selda's cantina. Neera informed Tano that Malat and her husband had already found work on[12] the planet[125] Sullust. Tano lied that her freighter had been stolen when Kaeden asked why she had not also decided to leave Raada. She and Miara then discussed the capabilities of the security lock the latter had created for her, with Vartan asking about making bigger charges. As Tano shut this down, Hoban argued that explosives would get rid of the Empire, to which the Togruta claimed would provoke reinforcements from the Empire, insisting that surviving with the Empire was a better strategy.[12]

Tano then learned from Kaeden and Miara that the overseers were adding two hours to the farmers' shifts, with the Empire was planning on speeding up the crops and bringing their own seeds in. In this time, a number of uniformed Imperials entered the cantina. Tano then tabled the idea that the Empire was going to buy off the overseers and overwork the farmers, brushing off Neera's inquiry into her past. Hoban insisted in blowing up Imperials, but as Tano began arguing with him, a drunken Tibbola got into a scuffle with an Imperial officer. The Imperial officer overpowered Tibbola and let a stormtrooper shoot the farmer dead.[12]

After Vartan, Hoban and Neera left, Tano watched Kaeden play crokin and suggested that the safest way to hurt the Empire on Raada was for the farmers to begin working slower to slow the growth of their crops. Before Kaeden and Miara departed, Tano told them to relay the suggestion to Vartan, who presumably knew how to slow crop growth. Tano briefly spoke to Selda, who deduced that she had seen deaths like Tibbola's before and told her to be careful. The bartender then gave her some leftover food. Tano quickly walked home after.[12]

Building a resistance
"By the time we harvest, the fields will be useless dirt. Nothing will grow for seasons and it's not like they're going to pay us anything we can use to buy fertilizer with. The whole moon will be ruined."
"Are there other fields?"
"No. The whole of Raada is nearly useless to begin with."
―Vartan and Tano discuss the Empire's artificial crop[12]

For the next two weeks, Tano spent her days smuggling food, medical supplies, and water recyclers out to the caves. Tano was aided by the bartender Selda and several local vendors. In response to the slow growth of crops, thanks to the farmers, the new Imperial overseers extended the farmers' work shifts without increasing food rations, water, and breaks. Vartan discovered that the Empire was growing a new artificial crop on Raada that leached the planet's soils, preventing the farms from growing more crops. This fueled local resentment against the Empire since Raada had little arable land.[12]

In a conversation about the artificial crops, Tano convinced Vartan to lend her Miara and Kaeden, whom she recruited for assembling bombs that were to be used to attack Imperial forces. Tano showed Kaeden her caves on a map and later handed the farmer and Miara food at those same caves. The sisters became questioned Tano's intentions in stockpiling at the caves so early on, but Tano dismissed it as habits and directed the conversation towards Kaeden and Miara's parents. Over the next several days, Vartan recruited forty farmers including Hoban into a resistance movement for Tano. He briefed the Togruta on the matter at Selda's cantina, displaying how the recruits were organized into crews. Before leaving, Tano told him that she would brief the farmers the next day and departed the cantina.[12]

Sabotage mission
"I want to see the patrol a couple times. This might be our only chance to break in here this easily, and we should take advantage of this."
―Tano, to her colleagues[12]

Later, Tano led a mission to plant the corrosive charges on the Imperial walkers stored at the Raadian shipyard. For the mission she chose Miara, Neera and the Rodian Kolvin to accompany her; Miara to help set the charges, Neera for her swift thinking, and Kolvin for his nimbleness. Due to the weak stormtrooper security, Tano and her team infiltrated the spaceport easily. While planting charges, Tano took her time to observe the patrols, feeling that they would not be able to infiltrate the compound as easily after. After observing a couple patrol cycles passed, Neera advised the Togruta that it was time to leave.[12]

Tano branched from the group with Miara to continue setting charges, and the Togruta was reminded of her time on Onderon during the Clone Wars. During their work, she also discovered that Miara had smuggled a real bomb, asking the girl of it. Miara tried to dismiss this as an accident, but the Togruta pressed her inquiry, asking if her companion had been plotting behind her back. The pair were briefly interrupted when another patrol passed, this time scanning the compound for a moment. After they passed, Tano and Miara continued their mission and soon reunited with Neera and Kolvin.[12]

After evading stormtrooper sentries, Tano and her team headed back to Selda's cantina. There, she discovered that Vartan had sent Hoban and Kaeden on an unsanctioned mission to attack the Imperial admin building. Since the uprising was premature, Tano urged the farmers to return home and to disavow any knowledge of what had happened that night to evade any arresting that could ensue. However, Miara refused to abandon her older sister. A reluctant Tano agreed to rescue Kaeden and the others but warned Miara to follow her orders and bring the explosives.[12]

An abortive uprising
"What are you going to do Ashla?"
"I'm going to the front. The fighting is the thickest there, but I might be able to help out long enough for our people to retreat."
―Miara Larte and Tano[12]

Tano ran through the streets with Miara and Neera towards the Imperial admin building when the alarms sounded from the Imperial compound, where the damage to the walkers had been discovered. As they continued to the compound, an explosion sounded and Miara denied that it was one of her bombs. When Tano told her two comrades to reveal the real plan, Neera revealed that Hoban had split the resistance fighters into three groups and that they were armed with explosives and blasters.[12]

Tano ordered Miara to hide in the caves and Neera to bring the remaining resistance fighters to the caves. Tano decided to disable the Imperial tanks. When Miara asked "Ashla" what she was going to do, Tano responded that she would head to the thickest part of the fighting and evacuate as many people as she could. Tano also confided that she was a veteran of the Clone Wars when Miara asked again where she had come from. After separating from Miara, Tano and Neera headed to the Imperial compound, where Hoban's ill-equipped fighters had been repelled by the garrison's heavy artillery and the five remaining survivors including Hoban and Kaeden were pinned down by enemy fire.[12]

While Neera rounded up the surviving farmers, Tano planted explosives behind the Imperial tanks. These explosives immobilized the vehicles, halting the Imperial advance. Tano then took the opportunity to lead the five survivors to safety, knocking a stormtrooper to the ground and stealing the soldier's blaster. While fleeing the fighting, Tano and the farmers were blocked by a row of stormtroopers. Hoban surrendered but was gunned down by the troopers. Before these stormtroopers could execute the remaining survivors, though, Tano used the Force to fling the stormtroopers' blasters to the ground. Tano and the Raadian farmers then fled to the caves, with the former using the force to deflect artillery.[12]

A resistance in hiding
"I saw his face when he talked about you, the Imperial commander. Ahsoka, he wants you dead just to see you die, and he's not going to be nice about it. You have to take your ship and leave. Now."
"I'll come back for you. I promise."
―Kaeden and Tano[12]

After arriving in the caves, the resistance fighters turned to Tano and Kaeden told her that she had some explaining to do. With Neera being sedated to prevent her from harming herself, the farmers took some time to be quiet before Tano decided to reveal her identity as a former Jedi apprentice. Kaeden was angry with Tano for not revealing her Jedi identity since she could have saved Hoban's life and stormed off before the Togruta could continue explaining herself. Having been discovered by the Empire, Tano considered leaving to avoid drawing further attention from the Empire. While meditating, Tano was interrupted by Miara, who informed her that her sister Kaeden had left the caves and headed back to town. Tano instructed Miara to stay in the caves with Neera while she went to find Kaeden, knowing that the Imperials would catch her.[12]

Meanwhile, Kaeden returned to her home only to be captured by a stormtrooper patrol. Despite being tortured, the farmer refused to reveal Tano's name and the location of her fellow rebels. Tano, though, managed to infiltrate the Imperial admin building to retrieve Kaeden from her cell. Using one of Miara's corrosive explosives, the Togruta infiltrated the cell and carried the drugged farmer out of the high window using the Force, who told Tano that the Imperials wanted her very badly in a moment of consciousness. After escaping to the outskirts, Kaeden told Tano that the Imperial commander had taken an interest in her and advised her to leave offworld, thanking the Jedi for helping them. Tano promised that she would return, parting from the farmer shortly after.[12]

Return to the Fardis

Reestablishing work
"Back, I see. Are you returning my property?"
"I think I'll keep it a little longer, if that's alright. If you have anything that needs fixing, though, I'd be happy to help you out again."
"There's always room for a good mechanic. Or even a competent one like you."
―Fardi and Tano[12]

Tano's presence on Raada drew the attention of both the Galactic Empire and Senator Organa, who was still working against the Empire in secret. While the Empire dispatched the Inquisitor Sixth Brother to Raada to draw the Jedi out of hiding, Organa took an interest in reports of Jedi activity on Raada and contacted Captain Raymus Antilles to retrieve R2-D2 for a secret mission to find Tano. After retrieving R2-D2, Organa hired the pilots Chardri Tage and Tamsin to find Tano and then contact him to arrange a rendezvous. Organa believed that the former Jedi would make a worthy ally in the rebel movement he was building.[12]

After traveling through seven Outer Rim systems and hearing reports about Imperial oppression on the Wookiee homeworld of Kashyyyk, Tano decided to returned to Thabeska in order to check on the Force-sensitive Hedala Fardi. Upon landing in the Fardi shipyard, Tano was greeted by the Fardi patriarch who told her that she was always welcome to work as a mechanic for his family. The Fardi patriarch also told Tano that his daughters missed her and invited her for dinner. Tano was greeted by the now five-year old Hedala, who confided that she had sensed a "shadow" while Tano was away. Before the togruta could ask about this, though, the Fardi cousins gathered around her, expressing their joy of her safety. Tano then allowed the cousins to each hug her, and when she parted with them, the Jedi told Hedala that the girl would need to tell her about the "shadow" but no one else.[12]

While having dinner, Tano chatted with the older Fardi sisters Chenna and Makala about life while taking care not to disclose her adventures on Raada. "Ashla" claimed that she had seen people suffering in the galaxy, but there was nothing she could do about it, adding that the people had gone into hiding when the sisters asked why she could not help them. Tano also remarked that it was difficult for her to hide since she stood out as a Togruta.[12]

"Hedala, I need you to tell me about the shadow. Anything you can remember about it. Can you do that?"
"Yes. I never saw it, but I knew that it was here, in the city."
―Tano and Hedala Fardi[12]

Over the next five days, Tano spent her time working on a large Fardi transport, turning the engine and installing a new compressor. When she managed to find time alone with Hedala, Tano asked the little girl about the "shadow." Hedala explained that she never saw the entity but could sense its presence. Hedala also mentioned that the "shadow" had one day mysteriously disappeared. Tano believed that this individual was a dark side creature, recalling rumors of a dark lord that served the Emperor. This "shadow" was actually the Sixth Brother, who had been hunting Hedala before redeploying to Raada. Tano complimented Hedala for staying out of the "shadow"'s way and told her not to mention the individual to her sisters. Tano then took a moment to think about that the "shadow could really be and considered her options once again, deciding to stay with the Fardis since she was safe with them.[12]

A week later, Tano requested a new job from the Fardi patriarch, who was surprised upon this and had her prove her flying skills. Fardi then sent her to ferry supplies to the other branches of the Fardi family in the other cities on Thabeska. During her flights, Tano came to suspect that the Fardis were using her to smuggle goods. Fardi later assigned her offworld transport missions. While on a routine flight, she picked up a distress call from an escape pod. After rescuing the occupants of the pod, Tano was informed that their shuttle had been attacked by pirates, who had taken several hostages. The occupants, all humans, were part of a company that had been targeted by a rival firm competing for a large project. Tano suspected that the rival firm had colluded with the pirates to kidnap hostages in an attempt to bankrupt the company and she agreed to help the humans and rescued their companions from the pirates.[12]

Final departure
"As it is, I think you'll have to leave, and we'll have to go straight for a while to get our reputation back."
"I'm in your debt again. This is the second time you have taken me in when I had nowhere else to go and the second time you have turned me loose instead of turning me in."
"You are a good mechanic. There aren't so many of those that I'm willing to throw one away just because of a few Imperial entanglements."
―Fardi and Tano[12]

Later, Tano returned to the Fardi household and discovered that stormtroopers were conducting a routine search of the house. To avoid drawing Imperial attention, Tano claimed that she had repaired the Fardis' ship and taken it for a spin around the system. The Fardi patriarch vouched for "Ashla" and claimed that she was his mechanic. Tano also spoke with Hedala and learned that she had sensed no "shadows" that day. When the stormtroopers and their commanding officer asked about the metal pieces they had found in her room, Tano claimed that they were just "bits of junk" that she had picked up from doing various jobs. The Imperials accepted her story but advised Fardi to be careful about associating with criminal elements.[12]

After the stormtroopers had left, Fardi apologized for getting Tano entangled in his family's activities. He confided that he was aware that she had been using the ships to run her own mercy missions. While appreciating her services as a mechanic and pilot, Fardi advised Tano to leave to avoid further entanglements with the Empire. Without outright telling Fardi that his youngest daughter Hedala was Force sensitive, Tano told him that she was special and to be careful with her, although Fardi understood the deeper meaning of her statement. Thinking that Hedala had potential to be a Jedi, disguising the word by saying "mechanic," Fardi promised to protect his youngest daughter. Before leaving, Tano hugged Hedala and told her to avoid the "shadows." The Fardis allowed her to leave in her ship.[12]


"You've cost the Black Sun thousands of credits, and you'll pay them back one way or another."
"This is sounding less and less like a job."
"Your corpse is also acceptable."
―A Black Sun member and Tano[12]

Tano took the Fardi ship to small, sparsely populated world in the Thabeska system. However, she was followed by a starship flown by a non-binary Black Sun agent, who had come to extort credits from her for the damage her smuggling activities with the Fardis had inflicted on the Black Sun's operations. In order to pay off these "debts," the Black Sun agent offered her a job, but threatened to kill her if she did not accept her offer. Tano rejected the Black Sun agent's offer and fled back to her ship under fire. The Black Sun agent gave chase in their own ship. During the dogfight, Tano decided to cast her aside her pseudonym as "Ashla" for good and to embrace her identity as Ahsoka Tano.[12]

The Black Sun ship managed to damage her freighter's starboard engine, but a larger vessel intervened before Tano's ship could sustain further damage, chasing the syndicate's starship away. Tano managed to take her freighter into space, but burned out her port engine. Before she could engage the hyperdrive, she was caught in the tractor beam of the second ship that she had encountered. This ship belonged to Tage and Tamsin, who had been sent by Organa to find Tano. Believing the second ship to be hostile as well, Tano armed herself with batons. When Tage and Tamsin entered the ship through the hatch, she knocked them out cold.[12]

While navigating her way to the bridge to disable the tractor beam, Tano encountered her old friend R2-D2 in the engine room. R2-D2 told her that he now worked for a senator and that Tage and Tamsin had been sent on a mission to take her to meet someone. The droid also confirmed that the senator was the Jedi sympathizer Bail Organa and that he had indeed sent the pilots to pick her up. Tano convinced R2-D2 to release the tractor beam on her ship and to tell everyone that he never saw her. However, she instructed him to make sure that she could track his ship. After repairing her ship, Tano left Tage's ship and hid on one of the small moons that orbited the planet where she had encountered the Black Sun agent. After R2-D2 had transmitted the coordinates of Tage's ship, she slept aboard her freighter.[12]

A new ally

"I keep an eye out for acts of kindness in this new galaxy of our. When there's a concentration of them, I try to find out who is behind them, and then we have a talk."
"What do you talk about?"
"The Rebellion, Padawan Tano. I look for people who will fight against the Emperor, the Empire, and everything it stands for."
―Bail Organa and Tano[12]

After Senator Organa, having spotted Tano's montrals in security footage that R2 had not erased, arrived in his CR90 corvette Tantive IV, Tano donned a pressure suit and boarded the Senator's ship through a hatch that R2-D2 had left open. Tano then surprised Senator Organa in his temporary office. After exchanging pleasantries about R2-D2, Tano explained that she did not come with Tage because she distrusted anyone who employed a tractor beam before saying a hello. Organa admitted not telling his pilots who she was in order to protect her true identity. Addressing her as "Padawan Tano," Organa then told Tano that he was recruiting people for a rebellion against the Emperor, the Empire and everything it stood for.[12]

Tano responded that she was no longer a Padawan and recounted the previous events on Raada to Organa. Senator Organa told her that she could not fight the Empire alone and offered her a place in the emerging rebellion. However, Tano stated that she could not become a commander again due to her experiences during the Clone Wars. Organa replied that he could find another job for her. Tano then told Organa that "something" was hunting down Force-sensitive children throughout the galaxy. She agreed to join the rebellion if Organa agreed to help her protect the children. Senator Organa accepted her bargain and told Tano that he needed her help for a mission on Raada.[12]

Planning her return to Raada

"The overwhelmingly common descriptor is gray. Not terribly helpful, I think? Even the security footage doesn't reveal too much."
"A shadow? Gray like a shadow?"
"I suppose."
―Bail Organa and Tano discuss the Sixth Brother[12]

Tano agreed to the mission, but requested a meal since she was exhausted from her earlier adventures. Organa then informed her that his contacts in Raada's sector had reported the presence of a new Imperial agent who had gray skin and was armed with a lightsaber; this agent being the Sixth Brother, who had been stalking Hedala and was now charged with rooting out Tano. The Inquisitor had already attacked the Raadian insurgents who had retreated to the caves, recapturing Kaeden before slaughtering the others, including Kolvin and Neera. Only Miara had survived the massacre.[12]

Tano opined that the new Imperial agent was a Force wielder who had been sent by the Empire to hunt down Jedi. She traced the Inquisitor's arrival to Imperial interest in her "acts of kindness" in the local sector. Senator Organa cautioned Tano that the Empire could be setting a trap for her. While studying footage of the Imperial agent on Organa's datapad, Tano discovered that her friend Kaeden had been captured and was bound to a chair. Tano panicked, but Organa firmly told her to calm down. He stressed that she needed to rest and plan. Organa also assured her that the Empire would not hurt Kaeden because they wanted to lure her out of hiding. In the Tantive IV's hangar bay, Tano reflected on her upcoming mission with R2-D2.[12]

When Captain Antilles entered the office to investigate Tano's intrusion, Organa reassured him that she was a friend. After her conversation with the senator, Tano rested in a room that Organa had provided for her. While sleeping, she experienced a flashback of her acquiring her kyber crystal as a youngling on Ilum. After resting, Tano assembled two lightsaber hilts from the scrap metal pieces she had acquired over time. Tano then met with Senator Organa and told him about her plan for their mission to Raada.[12]

Return to Raada

"Are you sure you don't want backup? I'm sure Chardri and Tamsin don't hold a grudge, and they're good in tight spaces. Well, they are when they know what they're up against."
"No, thank you. It'll be easier on my own."
―Bail Organa and Ahsoka Tano[12]

Prior to departing for Raada, Tano declined Organa's offer to provide a starship as she felt that the models would stand out in the Outer Rim. She also refused backup since she preferred to work alone, which Organa recalled that many of the Jedi he had encountered preferred as well, although Tano reiterated that she was not a Jedi. When Organa asked what Tano was, stating that she still sounded and acted like a Jedi, Tano replied that she would let him know once she figured out who she was. After finishing the modifications to her ship, Tano rested before departing on her mission.[12]

On the way to Raada, Tano traveled past the planet Ilum, jumping out of hyperspace far from the world as she suspected that others might be present. She quickly discovered Imperial ships above Ilum, as well as large chunks mined from the planet. Angered at what the Empire had done to the world, Tano considered the possibility of attacking an Imperial mining ship, but remembered that Raada was her priority. Tano also considered going back to Rex's fake grave to retrieve her lightsabers, but decided against it as they had been left there intentionally to be discovered. She then reached out in the Force to find a crystal, locating one which was singing to her through the Force from Raada.[12]

Reunion with Miara
"Tell me what happened. What are you doing out here by yourself?"
"We were doing ok. I mean, it was awful, but we were hiding, like you said. Then this terrible thing came, and he knew Kaeden's name. He said if she didn't come out, he'd blow the whole hillside up to kill us."
―Ahsoka Tano and Miara Larte[12]

After arriving on Raada, Tano parked her ship on the opposite side of the moon from the main settlement, knowing that there would likely be scanners that could trace her vessel near the settlement. After loading her weapons into a small carry bag, Tano walked for two hours to the Raada settlement. On the way, she found Miara sitting alone by a small fire. Tano learned that Miara was the lone survivor after the Sixth Brother had taken Kaeden prisoner and murdered the other farmers hiding in the caves. Tano convinced Miara to douse the fire and keep watch while she meditated in the Force. While meditating, Tano decided that while she was no longer a Jedi, she would still use her Jedi training to help the people to fight back against the Empire.[12]

As they approached the settlement, Tano discovered that the Imperial crops had drained the life out of the planet's soil. She told Miara to remind her to burn the dying fields if they got a chance. Miara also informed Tano that the Empire was having the farmers work shifts for the entire daytime. While Tano headed to the Imperial compound, she instructed Miara to find Selda or Vartan and give them the holo she had recorded in hyperspace.[12]

Duel with the Sixth Brother
"You have something I want."
"Poor little Kaeden Larte. So hopeful that her Jedi friend would come for her. I had to tell her that Jedi don't have friends. Jedi don't have attachments of any kind."
―The Sixth Brother confronts Tano[12]

Tano crafted a pair of white lightsabers (pictured) using crystals from an Inquisitor's dual blade.

While approaching the Imperial compound, Tano heard the Sixth Brother's call her out. The Inquisitor taunted her about her friendship with Kaeden, mocking her for violating the Jedi Code by forming attachments. Tano then detected him as he leapt down to attack her with his double-bladed spinning lightsaber. She dodged the Sixth Brother's attacks using the Force, the Inquisitor finding her endurance impressive. Stormtroopers lined up at the walls of the compound, forcing Tano to draw the fight into a side street to flee from the line of fire. As Tano continued to study the Sixth Brother, she asked what he was and what made him like he was. The Inquisitor stated that he served the Empire.[12]

Tano used the Force to throw the Sixth Brother off balance but he stepped back towards her. She reached out and held his lightsaber, despite the Inquisitor trying to disconnect his weapon and fight her with two separate sabers. Tano managed to nick the power connection in the lightsabers hilt, causing it to overload. As she then jumped back to safety, the hilt exploded on him, leaving the Sixth Brother dead and ridden with burns. Tano felt pity for her fallen foe and closed his helmet as a mark of compassion. She then retrieved the kyber crystals from his lightsaber and used the Force to heal them of the dark side presence, causing them to turn white.[12]

The evacuation
"We can't stay on the ground for long. We're going to have Imperials on our tails too soon."
"It's okay! The evacuation is already begun, and your A-wings took care of the Imperial fighters."
―Raymus Antilles and Tano[12]

Armed with her new pair of white lightsabers, Tano Force-jumped into the Imperial compound and made her way past the stormtrooper sentries to Kaeden's cell, deflecting blaster shots. Fighting through the corridors, Tano managed to open the doors to all of the cells, freeing all of the prisoners in the process. Kaeden reunited with Tano, and the pair headed to Selda's cantina. When Kaeden asked about Tano's plan, Selda reassured them that Miara had transmitted Tano's message and that Vartan was evacuating the farmers. Tano told the farmers that she had contacted an "old friend." In response, Kaeden said that she understood that Tano had lied to keep them safe while the Inquisitor had lied because he enjoyed suffering. After treating Kaeden's injuries, Tano exited the cantina to find several of Organa's A-wings bombing the Imperial compound.[12]


Ahsoka Tano and her new white blades amidst the evacuation of Raada.

Shortly thereafter, Organa landed several transports and cargo ships, which proceeded to evacuate the farmers. Tano led Kaeden, Selda, and Miara to the Tantive IV. When Captain Antilles told her they had to evacuate soon, Tano responded that Organa's A-wings had already taken care of the Imperial fighters. After seeing to the evacuation of the Larte sisters, Tano aided the evacuation of the remaining farmers, who numbered fewer than a hundred. Three Imperial tanks then appeared and opened fire on the ships and civilians. Using her Force powers, Tano jumped onto the leading tank and cut off its cannon with her lightsaber. She then opened the hatched and hauled the pilot out. Tano then destroyed the tank's controls and overloaded the cannon.[12]

The resulting explosion toppled the nearby tank, disabling its hover mechanism. Tano sliced off its gun and let it crash into a house. Tano then headed to the third tank, but was unable to stop it from blasting Vartan and a group of refugees. Enraged, Tano used the Force to cause the tank's turret to implode. Tano then tended to the wounded Vartan and carried him to the Tantive IV. After evacuating the last of the refugees, Tano and her rebel allies departed in their ships. Once aboard, Tano comforted the wounded Kaeden. When Kaeden moaned that she should not have listened to her feelings, Tano reassured her that Jedi made that mistake. Tano expressed confidence that she would be able to handle the galaxy now and promised to meet Kaeden again.[12]

Joining Organa's Rebellion

"I thought I was done with the war, but maybe I don't know how to do anything else. I tried to cut myself off, but I kept getting drawn back in."
"I think, that you and I are meant to focus on the present."
―Tano and Bail Organa[12]

Some time following the evacuation of Raada, Tano smuggled herself aboard the Tantive III in order to arrange a meeting with Senator Bail Organa. She overheard a conversation between the Senator and his young adopted daughter Princess Leia Organa. After exchanging pleasantries, Organa confided that the Empire hoped to use his image as a family man to ensure his compliance. When Tano asked if he worried about his daughter, Organa replied that she took after her mother. When Tano asked what Organa was doing to fight against the Empire, he briefed her about Captain Antilles' glowing report of the Raada evacuation. There had been fifteen casualties including fourteen evacuees and one A-wing pilot. However, Antilles' medical staff had been able to save Vartan.[12]

Tano also confided that the Inquisitor she encountered was not the last of his kind. While the Inquisitor had some training, she observed that he mostly relied on brute strength and lacked the skills of a Jedi. Organa promised to do what he could about possible other Inquisitors and then asked about Raada. Tano explained that the farmers could not go back because the Empire would wipe out the moon's surface. Organa agreed to resettle the Raadian refugees on Alderaan. However, Tano responded that the farmers wanted to join the rebellion. Organa thus concurred to resettle the farmers on an agricultural planet and to train pilots and soldiers.[12]

At Organa's request, Tano showed him her new lightsabers. She told Organa that she had acquired the kyber saber crystals from the Inquisitor. She explained that the crystals had previously been red because they had been corrupted by the dark side when those who wielded them had bent them to their will, causing the crystals to "bleed." Tano speculated that the kyber crystals had been looted from the former Jedi Temple. She also remarked that her former friend Barriss Offee, for all her treachery and atrocities, had been right that the Jedi and the Republic had taken the wrong approach to the Clone Wars. Organa commented that the former Chancellor Palpatine had been a skilled manipulator.[12]


Ahsoka shows Bail a hologram of the Fulcrum symbol.

Tano added that she had tried to escape the war, but kept being drawn back into it. Organa responded that their job was to focus on the present which he likened to a middle road. Tano agreed with Organa's sentiments and opined that she wanted to pursue a path separate from a general or a Padawan. At that point, the Tantive III exited hyperspace above Alderaan. Tano also commented that the lack of communications had caused deaths on Raada and also rooted her hostile response to Tage and Tamsin. After some discussion, Tano convinced Organa to let her run his intelligence networks and to provide her with a new ship. At Organa's suggestion, Tano adopted the code name Fulcrum for her work as a rebel spy,[12] allowing her to network with rebels across the galaxy, including an Anx informant located on the planet Garel.[126]. Unbeknownst to Tano, her activities had also attracted the attention of the Grand Inquisitor, who informed his superior Darth Vader that he had discovered evidence of another Jedi Purge survivor.[12]

Deciding to take an active role

"Can it be? You're supposed to be dead. Looks like I shall be rewarded… Ahsoka Tano!"
―The Inquisitor identifies his quarry — (audio) Listen (file info)[116]

Despite her promise to herself to stop living as Ashla,[12] Tano ended up living in another farming village under the same name[116] sometime after the Raada Uprising.[127] However, after she used the Force to save a farmer, the farmer's brother reported her status as a Jedi to the Empire, resulting in an Inquisitor arriving and burning down the village. Confronting the dark side adept, Tano quickly killed the attacker and contacted Organa, whom she agreed to join by getting into the fight. In deciding to take an active role,[116] she found herself entering the larger rebel movement.[128]

Vader's visions

In 12 BBY,[129] Fortress Vader was constructed on Mustafar. Vader had allied himself with the ancient Sith Lord Darth Momin—whose spirit inhabited a mask he had worn many years prior to his downfall—in an attempt to revive his long-dead wife, Padmé Amidala. The two managed to construct a portal within a Sith cave below the fortress, which allowed Momin to resurrect himself but was once again killed by Vader shortly after. Now having gained access to the portal, Vader entered and began to explore, receiving many visions granted to him by the dark side of the Force. Several of these visions granted him a view of Tano, his former apprentice. He witnessed the two fighting side-by-side during the Clone Wars as well as their future meeting upon Malachor.[130]

Fighting for the rebellion

Capturing Admiral Gann

At some point, Tano was tasked with assembling a task force to capture the ruthless Imperial officer, Admiral Gann at his retreat on a distant world.[131] Upon arrival, Tano and the group cautiously moved toward the admiral's facility. Once there, Tano ordered one of the members of her team to go to Gann's Personal Suite while she disabled the security systems throughout the facility. Before leaving, she informed them that she would meet up with them once she was finished with her task. With that, Tano killed two guards using her now activated lightsabers and used the Force to jump up to a vent and crawl in.[132]

Eventually, the team Tano had brought with disabled the comms hub present within the facility leading Tano to inform the group that no reinforcements would be coming to rescue Gann and that the day was all but won. Singling one of the rebels out, she thanked them for their help in Gann's capture and assured them that she would provide them aid whenever they called upon her.[132]

The Bardottan Sphere

At some point afterward, the rebels received word from a rebel team operating out of Coruscant that an artifact had been discovered within Imperial City and was being sought after by the Empire to be used as a weapon. However, the team soon went missing and a new team was dispatched to learn more about the artifact.[133]

Eventually, the rebel team managed to locate and retrieve the artifact, a shard of the Bardottan Sphere located in the Imperial Palace. After barely managing to hold Vader back from taking the shard,[133] the rebel team now had to come up with a plan to escape. Meanwhile, Tano arrived with a shuttle to extract the team. As they rushed outside at the sound of a ship's engines, they found Tano emerging from the shuttle. As Tano did this, she smiled at the rebel team and informed them that the rebel leaders had believed the team would need a bit of additional help escaping Corucant and told them that she was ready when they were.[134]


Ahsoka Tano wields her twin white sabers.

As the rebel team rushed out to board the shuttle, a large number of Imperial forces rushed out to capture them leading Tano to ignite her lightsabers and nod to the rebel team, signifying to them that she was ready to assist them in holding back the Imperials. As the rebels began to board the shuttle, Tano rushed to her own ship and called out to the team that she would draw their fire while they made their escape. However, the ship's engines were soon destroyed and the shuttle began to plummet toward the planet's surface. Before they crashed, Tano told them not to panic and that she would pick them up using her own ship after the team shut down the station's defenses.[133]

After the rebel team accomplished their task, Tano was able to land and extract the rebel team, escaping into hyperspace. Back at the rebels' headquarters, Tano and the rebel leaders discussed what they should do with the shard before deciding that it was too dangerous to use. Initially, the rebel leaders wanted to destroy the artifact, but Tano convinced them against doing so and instead, a task force was assembled to take the shard to a remote corner of the galaxy where it would remain hidden.[133]

Undercover messenger

"Ahsoka. My name is Ahsoka Tano."
―Ahsoka Tano introduces herself to the Spectres[135]

Ahsoka, as "Fulcrum," speaking to rebel member Hera via hologram, urging her to bring her cell into hiding

By 5 BBY, Tano was a key member of Senator Organa and Senator Mon Mothma's rebel network. Under the code name "Fulcrum," Tano facilitated the flow of intelligence and communications between the rebel cells across the galaxy. One of these cells was the crew of the Ghost, which operated on and around the Outer Rim world of Lothal. She spoke only with Hera Syndulla, the owner and pilot of the Ghost, and identified herself only by her codename. As Fulcrum, Tano provided the Spectres with intelligence for missions in order to hit Imperial forces or interests, and those missions were part of a larger plan that the rebels were part of—one that, amongst the rebels, only Syndulla knew. Tano's intelligence was generally accurate, but sometimes only partially so. One mission that Syndulla, along with Ezra Bridger and Sabine Wren—the daughter of Ursa Wren, whom Tano had encountered during the Clone Wars—went on was an attack on an Imperial convoy. The intelligence that Fulcrum provided was correct about the route and timing of the convoy, but underestimated the Imperial defenses. As a result, the Phantom—the shuttle used by the rebels—sustained minor damage while outrunning a squadron of TIE fighters.[136] Tano wrote a report to General Davits Draven about the Spectres, praising them for their efforts in freeing Wookiee prisoners, destroying a Star Destroyer, and disrupting Imperial shipping lanes between Lothal and Garel. She expressed her opinion that Syndulla's skills were wasted and that the team could do so much more with improved hardware and support.[137]

Shortly thereafter, Syndulla—along with Wren, who insisted on knowing more about Fulcrum and the missions the rebels were being sent on—traveled to Fort Anaxes, an asteroid base used by the Grand Army of the Republic during the Clone Wars, in order to pick up supplies from Tano. Tano contacted Syndulla while she was en route and informed Syndulla that the supplies were unloaded and ready for pickup. Wren, eager to know more about the individual giving them their intelligence, suggested that "Fulcrum" wait for them at the rendezvous, prompting Tano to wonder if something was wrong. Syndulla convinced Tano, however, that Wren was just there to help with the mission. Nonetheless, Wren felt that she was not trusted and wanted to know why the rebel missions were becoming so dangerous, but Syndulla assured her that the less she knew, the safer she would be if captured by the Empire. Once they arrived on Fort Anaxes, Tano was already gone.[136]

At some point afterward, Tano assigned the crew of the Ghost a mission to pick up supplies on Kaller destined for the Lothal settlement Tarkintown. Tano had already set up crates for the group waiting for them to pick up upon their arrival.[138] However, by the time the Spectres arrived at the location Tano's coordinates had identified, the crates' contents had been stolen.[139] Eventually, the Spectres managed to regain the contents of the crates and left Kaller[140] after becoming entangled with some Imperial forces.[141]

Sometime later, the rebels rescued Tseebo, a Rodian in the Imperial Information Office whose AJ^6 cyborg construct headpiece contained vital Imperial information, including a five-year plan for the entire Outer Rim.[142] After fleeing Lothal, the Ghost rendezvoused with Tano's vessel. Syndulla turned Tseebo over to Tano, who would be able to analyze the information contained within Tseebo's headpiece.[143] Later, Tano was able to provide Syndulla with information on the senator-in-exile Gall Trayvis, confirming that he was visiting Lothal to meet with them. However, the Spectres soon discovered that Trayvis was actually working for the Empire.[144]

Ahsoka Tano revealed as Fulcrum

Ahsoka introducing herself to the Spectres

After the capture of Kanan Jarrus, the leader of the Lothal cell, by the Empire, and the Ghost crew's subsequent transmission of messages intended to inspire the public, Tano contacted Syndulla and dissuaded her from attempting to rescue Jarrus. After reminding her that Jarrus understood the risks he took, and that Bridger—the crew's remaining Jedi—was too important to be risked, Tano informed her that their message had reached beyond Lothal and had attracted attention from the top ranks of the Empire. Tano urged Syndulla to take her crew into hiding to avoid further jeopardizing their mission. The crew ignored Tano's warning and set out on a mission to rescue their captive leader.[145]

The rebels soon learned that Jarrus was being held on the Sovereign, the personal Star Destroyer of Grand Moff Tarkin, in orbit of Mustafar. The crew set out to rescue him and succeeded, but were overwhelmed by Imperial forces. The crew's astromech droid, C1-10P, nicknamed "Chopper," contacted Fulcrum and requested reinforcements. Tano—leading Phoenix Cell, a fleet of rebel ships—arrived at Mustafar and helped the crew of the Ghost escape. When the rebels were safe and away from Mustafar, Tano revealed her identity and told them that they were part of a wider rebel movement.[135] Tano wrote a report to General Davits Draven about the operation, summarizing the battle and in a post-action report, detailed on how the Spectres had been integrated into Phoenix Squadron, and Syndulla had received an Alliance officer's commission.[137]

At some point later, Tano flew a TIE fighter[146] that had been repainted by Wren[135] after it was stolen by the Spectres during a "meiloorun run" gone wrong.[147]

A lesson for Bridger

"How does it feel to be one of the few with a lightsaber?"
"Uh, strong, I guess, confident, powerful."
"Oh, so you're not powerful without it?"
―Ahsoka speaks with Ezra regarding his feeling on being one of the few with a lightsaber, leading to a lesson from the former Jedi Padawan[148]

Tano taught Bridger an unorthodox lesson for the Padawan.

After the crew of the Ghost joined the Phoenix Squadron, Ahsoka Tano acted as a mentor and adviser to the newer rebels. She had a particular affinity with Kanan and his apprentice Ezra Bridger, fellow Jedi who were resisting the Empire.[13] On one occasion, Tano and Bridger traveled to a planet where Bridger was practicing his lightsaber form. While Bridger practiced, Tano startled Bridger and asked him where he got his weapon. Bridger explained the origin of his weapon and handed it to Tano. With the weapon, Tano took out the kyber crystal and asked Bridger how he felt to be one of the only ones in the galaxy with a lightsaber. With his response not satisfying her, she decided to teach Bridger a lesson and tossed the crystal into a nearby field. Exasperated, Bridger was tossed back his weapon as Tano activated one of her own. Tano began to swing her lightsaber at Bridger who believed he had no way to defend himself as he questioned her motives. As Tano continued to attack Bridger, she let him focus on the Force to evade her, while simultaneously searching for where his crystal had landed. As he evaded, Bridger eventually discovered his crystal and activated his lightsaber to stop Tano's oncoming blade. Deactivating her weapon, Tano questioned him on retrieving his crystal to which he told a joke and the two began to laugh.[148]

Attempting to rescue Janard

"No matter how hard we try, not everyone can be saved."
"Yeah, it's just hard knowing that. Janard was a good man. He helped more people than he knew and over time, history will remember him as the heroic person he was. We'll lose more good people, other friends in this war, but I know we'll prevail. We have to."
―Ahsoka Tano and Sabine Wren, after the death of Janard[149]

Sometime after the Ghost crew joined Phoenix Squadron, a distress signal was picked up from a Gozanti-class cruiser; sourcing from one of Wren's old friends, Janard, who helped her escape from the Imperial Academy of Mandalore. Tano decided to join Syndulla and Wren on the mission to rescue Janard and joined them in the cockpit as they approached the ocean planet Quila, where the freighter had been ditched. On approach, Wren assured Syndulla and Tano that the message being sent was from the freighter. Tano asked Syndulla if any Imperial activity had yet been detected and Syndulla assured her that there had been none, but Tano knew they could appear at any moment and that they needed to be ready. With this, Wren rose from her seat as she and Tano went to grab their scuba gear. While getting their gear, Tano asked Wren about the importance of Janard to her and she explained her backstory with him, which was owing her life to him as he had saved her years ago. As they approached to jump into the water, Wren thanked Tano for assisting her in this mission, and, with that, Tano informed her of her underwater operations during the Clone Wars. Sensing Wren's fear of the ocean, Tano attempted to reassure her, but only managed to make Wren's fears worse. The two then jumped into the oceans of Quila.[149]


Ahsoka and Sabine jump into the oceans of Quila.

Inside the crashed freighter, Wren and Tano went to the holding cells to find Janard since he had been a prisoner aboard the ship. However, their path was blocked by a fallen beam, which Tano and Wren easily moved aside with the help of Tano's lightsabers. While moving the beams, Tano continued to attempt to reassure Wren about being underwater. Moving past the beam, the two were attacked by an eel. It quickly jumped on Wren as she attempted to ward it off with several blaster bolts, but Tano easily managed to wrestle it off of her and used the Force to push it away. However, the eel had damaged Wren's oxygen tanks and she was losing oxygen fast. Tano quickly reconnected the oxygen tubes and gave her some of her oxygen to compensate for Wren's depleted tanks. Finally, the two reached the detention cells. As Wren opened the cell door, she and Tano rushed in with their weapons drawn, but they both quickly discovered that the cell was empty. With this discovery, the two left the detention level and continued to explore the ship.[149]

Sabine Ahsoka Janard run from water

The trio escape the flooding of the freighter.

Shortly after, Wren and Tano reached an area of the ship not yet flooded, but they both knew that they were on the clock as water was still seeping in. Beginning to hurry, the two decided that they should check the front sections of the bridge when they heard blaster fire around the corner and began to believe that they had found Janard. Turning the corner, the two discovered two stormtroopers chasing after Janard, who had managed to escape from Imperial custody. Wren quickly shot the two stormtroopers and she and Janard were reunited. Just as they began to turn to leave, more stormtroopers arrived and Wren and Tano dealt with them in their own separate ways. Just then, the three of them began to hear rushing water as their area of the ship began to be flooded. Tano ordered them all to run and the three just barely managed to escape by Tano slamming a security door shut behind them with the Force. Now out of danger, Tano told them that they should go to the bridge to try to contact Syndulla for a pick-up.[149]

Reaching the bridge, the three attempted to send Syndulla a distress signal, but their signal was jammed by the arrival of another Gozanti-class cruiser. As they decided what to do next, they discovered more stormtroopers and an Imperial officer standing in their way. Just then, Syndulla arrived with the Ghost and began to attack the newly arrived cruiser as the trio saw their opportunity and attacked their newly arrived adversaries. As the Gozanti went down in flames outside, the Ghost arrived to pick up the three; however, Janard was fatally shot in the back before he could leave, dying in Sabine's arms. As Janard gave a heartfelt goodbye, Tano ordered Wren to get out of the crashed freighter, and the two jumped back into the ocean and went back to the Ghost.[149]

On board the Ghost, Syndulla attempted to comfort Wren for the loss of her friend. Tano, however, left her with the lesson that not everyone could be saved in a war, which Wren took to heart and reminded her that Janard would be remembered in history as a good and heroic man.[149]

The Siege of Lothal

"The apprentice lives."
―Darth Vader, upon realizing that Ahsoka Tano—the apprentice of Anakin Skywalker—is still alive[13]

During the Imperial Siege of Lothal, Tano, along with Syndulla, Jarrus, and the Phoenix Commander Jun Sato, sanctioned a mission to rescue the Imperial Minister Maketh Tua, who wanted to defect from the Empire. The crew of the Ghost returned to Lothal but stumbled into a trap set by Darth Vader, Tano's former mentor and friend.[13]


Tano and Jarrus sense Darth Vader through the Force.

With much difficulty, the crew of the Ghost escaped Lothal in a shuttle. However, Vader had planted a tracking device on that shuttle which allowed him to track down the Phoenix rebel fleet. When Vader attacked the rebel fleet with his TIE Advanced x1 starfighter, Tano joined the crew of the Ghost aboard their ship. During the battle, Tano and Jarrus used the Force to probe to discover his identity. As Bridger realized that he was the Sith Lord he and his master had faced, Tano connected with Vader, screaming out and collapsing unconscious in shock. Vader also sensed her presence, realizing that his apprentice had survived.[13]

After escaping Vader and recovering, Tano questioned Jarrus and Bridger about their earlier confrontation with Darth Vader on Lothal. Jarrus and Tano recalled that they had not sensed a presence as evil as Vader since the Clone Wars. When Bridger asked Tano about the identity of the Sith Lord, Tano stated that she didn't know who he was. However, she told them that she knew that Vader would be coming for the rebels again in an effort to destroy them. The rest of the Spectres then entered the cockpit to reaffirm their camaraderie, saying that they would fight together against Vader and anyone else who tried to stop the rebellion.[13]

Reuniting with Rex

"Commander. You got old."
"Had to happen sometime, Rex.
―Ahsoka Tano reunites with Rex[150]
Ahsoka embraces Rex

Ahsoka embraces Rex after years of being apart.

Following the destruction of the Phoenix flagship Phoenix Home, the Phoenix rebels were on the run. When the rebels discussed their next move, Tano suggested that the crew of the Ghost seek out an old friend: the former Clone Captain Rex. She revealed that she had been sending her old friend transmissions that had gone unanswered, but said that she had heard that he may be in the Seelos system. For their mission, she gave Wren and the crew of the Ghost the head of an old tactical droid and sent them to the desert planet of Seelos. Prior to departing, she told Jarrus to trust her friend. Ezra asked her why she was not coming with them, but she replied that she had to depart "to answer questions that need answering."[151] After some difficulty, the crew of the Ghost managed to win over Rex, who supplied them with a datacard containing a list of Republic installations in the Outer Rim and Mandalore. After fighting off an Imperial assault, Rex agreed to join the Rebellion. After returning from Seelos, Tano reunited with her old friend, who commented that she had grown "old." Tano responded by saying that it "had to happen sometime." The two embraced after many years apart.[150]

Discovering more Inquisitors

With Rex's datacard, the Phoenix rebels gained access to a list of abandoned Republic bases and installations. During a salvaging mission to an abandoned Republic medical station, the crew of the Ghost encountered two more Inquisitors—the Seventh Sister and the Fifth Brother. These Inquisitors were aware about the existence of Tano and attempted to force Bridger and Wren to divulge all information they knew about her. However, these rebels escaped with the help of Garazeb Orrelios.[152]

Rescuing infants

"I know why you want the children!"
"Well, who doesn't want to be a mother?
―Ahsoka Tano speaks with the Seventh Sister whilst dueling both her and the Fifth Brother[153]

While monitoring transmissions from Mustafar, Tano discovered that the Empire's Inquisitors had a secondary mission which involved kidnapping Force-sensitive children. Traveling to the planet Garel, she related her discovery to Kanan Jarrus. Tano had also decoded two sets of coordinates. While she'd investigate the first set of coordinates, she sent Jarrus to investigate the second set. Jarrus accepted the mission and was accompanied by Bridger, Zeb, and Chopper. The first set of coordinates led Tano to the planet Chandel, where she encountered a derelict passenger ship. She quickly encountered an elderly woman named Darja, who revealed that the Seventh Sister and Fifth Brother had abducted her grandchild, Alora. Tano comforted the grandmother and promised to find her grandchild.[153]

Ahsoka vs the Seventh Sister

Ahsoka deactivates the Seventh Sister's lightsaber during their duel.

Meanwhile, Jarrus and his fellow rebels traced the second set of coordinates to a flat in Hammertown, a settlement on the planet Takobo. After rescuing Alora and an Ithorian infant named Pypey, the rebels ran into trouble with the Seventh Sister and Fifth Brother. Following a protracted pursuit and confrontation, the rebels were bested by the Inquisitors outside the spaceport where they had berthed their ship, the Phantom. However, before long, Tano arrived and engaged the two Inquisitors in a lightsaber duel. Through her mastery of the Force and lightsaber skills, Tano easily defeated the two Inquisitors. Before she could capture them, however, she was surrounded by Imperial reinforcements. Tano managed to escape Takobo with Jarrus and his rebels, who fled aboard the Phantom. As the Rebels departed from Takobo, Tano recalled that a similar attempt had been made by a Sith Lord to abduct children during the Clone Wars. In the past, the Jedi had protected them, but since they were now eradicated, the Rebellion was now their only protection.[153]

Anguish on Lothal

"Ahsoka, why did you leave? Where were you when I needed you?"
"I made a choice. I couldn't stay."
"You were selfish."
"You abandoned me! You failed me! Do you know what I've become?"
"No. No!
―Ahsoka Tano, communicating with a vision of Anakin Skywalker through the Force[86]

After Jarrus and Bridger were attacked by the Inquisitors on Oosalon, they realized their presence was endangering the rebellion's search for a base and met with Tano on the Ghost to discuss a plan of action. While waiting for them, she viewed a holocron of Skywalker giving a demonstration in lightsaber combat, which Ezra also watched when he arrived. Remarking on his skills, he asked her what happened to Skywalker. Hesitant, she claimed to have seen him once more when he was sent to rescue Chancellor Palpatine, but did not know what happened to him as the Jedi Purge unfolded. When Jarrus arrived expressing his concerns, she mentioned in difficult times she would have asked Kenobi or Yoda for advice. Jarrus revealed that they had communed with Yoda in the Lothal Jedi Temple, and decided to return there in the Phantom.[86]

Vision of Darth Vader

Ahsoka sees a vision of her fallen master.

Tano declined to help them raise the entrance to the temple, pointing out she was no longer a Jedi. Jarrus and Bridger raised the temple from the ground, discovering a new door below the one they had entered before. Inside, Tano, Bridger, and Jarrus had their own separate visions. Tano was confronted by a vision of Skywalker, who expressed anger at her departure, calling her selfish and accusing her of abandoning him. He then asked Tano if she knew what he had become as the image of her former master faded into that of Darth Vader. Lashing out with her lightsaber, she cried in agony as she was forcefully confronted with the realization that her master may have indeed become Darth Vader.[86]

The Inquisitors arrived, but the visions in the temple took the shape of numerous Jedi Temple Guards and distracted them, buying Tano and the Jedi time to escape. As she fled, Tano turned and saw Yoda on Dagobah, who waved at her. Smiling back, she turned and continued on her way back to the Phantom. On board, Bridger revealed he had spoken to Yoda and that he had been told to find Malachor. Tano explained that Malachor was not a person, as Ezra assumed, but a planet.[86]

Twilight of the apprentice

Traveling to Malachor
Kanan Jarrus: "Malachor has always been off-limits to Jedi."
Ezra Bridger: "Why?"
Kanan Jarrus: "Old legends. Stories told to us as younglings in the temple."
Ahsoka Tano: "There's always a bit of truth in legends."
―Kanan Jarrus, Ezra Bridger, and Ahsoka Tano discuss Malachor[154]
Ahsoka finds Ezra

Ahsoka speaks with Ezra about the Force before heading off on their mission to Malachor.

After the rebellion set up a new base on planet Atollon, Tano traveled there to meet with Jarrus and Bridger, to join them on their quest to Malachor. Before leaving Atollon, Bridger told Tano about his predicament with the krykna and she explained that the Force became more mysterious as one learned more about it. Bridger then followed Tano back to the camp where they prepared to take off to Malachor.[155]


The trio land on Malachor.

On their way to Malachor, Rex contacted Tano and offered to join the crew on their mission to Malachor, as he would be there in just two rotations, but Tano declined his offer. After her talk with Rex, Tano moved to the cockpit of the Phantom. When Bridger asked Jarrus why Rex was so worried, Jarrus explained that before the Jedi Purge, the Jedi were told to never travel to Malachor because of old legends about the planet. Tano remarked that legends always held a bit of truth, after which Bridger wondered why Master Yoda would send the three to Malachor.[154]

The group eventually made it out of hyperspace and Tano explained that they were seeking knowledge that would help them defeat the Sith. Before they landed on the planet, Chopper picked up a ship on the planet, but couldn't recognize what type it was. Jarrus told him to trace it as someone was clearly after the same thing the three were after as well.[154]

Once on the surface, they landed on a site with strange looking obelisks. As they moved closer to one of them, they noticed that it was covered in an ancient dialogue that Tano could partially translate. As Tano began reading the phrases out loud, Bridger became hypnotized by them and touched the pillar, causing the surface below them to collapse and the three to fall underground. As they were recovering, they noticed that the place had a hidden, underground Sith Temple, which might have been the reason Master Yoda had sent them there.[154]

Jedi vs Eight Brother

The trio discover the Eighth Brother.

On closer inspection, they realized the place was a battlefield with some figures turned into stone. Bridger also found an old crossguard lightsaber. While discussing the events of the battle, they were attacked by the Eighth Brother who launched projectiles at them, breaking another layer of rock beneath them and causing Bridger to fall further down. Tano and Jarrus decided to pursue the Inquisitor, as Bridger tried to look for a way back up. In his search for a way up, Bridger met a seemingly old and frail man trapped just as he was himself.[154]

Back on the surface, Chopper had discovered the Inquisitor's TIE Advanced, while Tano and Jarrus pursued the Inquisitor. Jarrus had noticed that the Inquisitor was surprised to meet the Jedi here, which could mean that the Inquisitor was searching for something on Malachor, further backing up his theory that the Inquisitor was after something other than the Jedi. At the Inquisitor's TIE, Chopper managed to hijack the ship and use it against the Inquisitor, helping Tano and Jarrus capture him. The pair deduced that the Inquisitor was hunting someone, but not them. When Ahsoka interrogated the Inquisitor, he revealed that he was hunting "a shadow."[154]

When Bridger and his companion, who had revealed himself to be named Maul, managed to claim a Sith holocron which they had located beneath the temple, the whole structure went into "stand-by" mode with lights activating around it. This distracted Tano and Jarrus, which allowed the Inquisitor to secretly call for backup. They made their way to the temple, where they encountered the Seventh Sister and Fifth Brother. The two Inquisitors freed the Eighth Brother and a fight broke out between the Inquisitors and the two Jedi. Maul and Bridger soon found Tano and Jarrus, and Maul activated his double-bladed lightsaber, taking on the three Inquisitors single-handedly and forcing them to retreat.[154]

Tano asked Maul what "game he was playing," to which he responded, "the end game." Maul then said that the four had little time, as Vader himself was probably on his way to Malachor. The group slowly made their way to the top of the temple, but on their way, they met the Inquisitors again. Maul told Bridger to run to the top of the temple with the Sith holocron, while Maul stayed back to help Tano and Jarrus against the Inquisitors. Maul killed two of them with ease, while Jarrus indirectly finished off the last one. Not soon after, Maul revealed his true intentions to Tano and Jarrus, then lashed out at Jarrus, slashing him in the eyes and blinding him, but before Maul could deliver the killing blow, Tano intervened. The two fought briefly, but Tano realized time was running short and left Maul with Jarrus, who managed to throw Maul off the temple.[154]

The fateful duel
"I won't leave you! Not this time."
"Then you will die.
―Ahsoka Tano and Darth Vader[154]

Tano made her way to the top of the temple where she found Darth Vader about to execute Bridger. She drew the Sith Lord's attention away from Bridger by addressing him. Vader told Tano that she would be spared if she gave him the location of any remaining Jedi. However, Tano told him that the Jedi had all been killed by Vader and his Inquisitors. Clearly disbelieving, Vader obliquely threatened to torture any such information out of Bridger if Tano would not cooperate. Tano replied in disgust that, though she had begun to suspect who Vader was behind his mask, his cruelty now led her to believe that he could not possibly be her former master. Vader stated flatly that Anakin Skywalker was weak and that he destroyed him. Angered, Tano snarled that she would avenge Skywalker's death. While Vader reminded her that revenge was not the Jedi way, Tano retorted that she was not a Jedi and attacked him.[154]

Duel on Malachor DoR

Ahsoka fights her former master, once Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker, now Sith Lord Darth Vader, in a lightsaber duel.

After several minutes of intense swordplay, Vader blasted Tano off of a ledge with the Force, and went to claim the temple's Sith holocron from Ezra. Tano, however, managed to survive her fall and rushed to re-engage Vader. She managed to catch up to him at the summit of the temple as he used the Force to pull Bridger, Jarrus, and the holocron to himself. Tano then leaped into action, ambushing Vader and managing to cut a furrow into his mask above his right eye.[154]

As Jarrus and Bridger escaped, Tano heard Vader call out to her. However, because of the damage that had been done to his mask, his voice was no longer that of Vader, but a combination of Vader's mechanical baritone and Skywalker's unfiltered voice. She turned around to face him, and saw through the gash in his mask the charred face of her former master, confirming beyond any doubt that Vader and Skywalker were one and the same. As Vader regained his feet, Ahsoka called him "Anakin" and said she would not leave him as she had years ago. Vader paused for a moment upon hearing this, but then coldly responded that she would die and reactivated his weapon. The two engaged in combat once again and the temple locked down with a burst of energy, allowing Bridger and Jarrus to escape.[154]

Tano was thus lost to the shadow and rubble of[156] the crumbling[154] Sith temple.[156] Following the mission, Bridger blamed himself for the disaster, believing that Tano had been killed by Vader. Jarrus however, reassured him that the mission's outcome had not been his fault.[157][158]

The World Between Worlds

"Wait, what happened? Where am I?"
"You were fighting Vader. I saw you in there. He was going to… So I… I grabbed you, and I pulled you out of there."
―Ahsoka Tano and Ezra Bridger[159]

Bridger's hand reaches out from the World Between Worlds and grabs Tano

Unbeknownst to Jarrus and Bridger, however, the duel between Tano and Vader had had a very different outcome from the one in which they believed. As the holocron chamber locked down, Vader re-engaged Tano and quickly overwhelmed her. As the two engaged in a final bladelock, Vader began to push through her guard, but became distracted by the enormous energy discharges emanating from the damaged holocron dock. This allowed Tano to push Vader back a step with the Force and disengage. She then plunged her lightsabers into the floor near her feet, destabilizing the floor beneath herself and Vader. Vader glanced down at the floor, but disregarded it and prepared to strike down his former apprentice. However, as Vader struck what would have been a killing blow, a portal suddenly appeared from behind Tano and a figure grabbed her by the shoulder, pulling her into a mysterious dimension. Vader's strike missed, and he fell through the collapsing floor into a pool of light.[159]

Once Tano came to, she realized the one who pulled her into the portal was in fact Ezra Bridger, although two years older. Tano was confused about what was happening and she wondered where Jarrus was. Bridger explained what had happened and where the two were located. Bridger concluded that if he could save Tano, he could also save his master. Tano warned him that if he were to do so, Bridger and the others would die, but Bridger stubbornly raced away from her to seek out a portal that would allow him to save his master. Tano caught up to Bridger, who gazed into a portal to see his master's final moments. She told Ezra that he could not intervene because Jarrus' sacrifice saved their lives. A crestfallen Bridger told her that she didn't know what she was asking him to do, but Tano sadly said that she was asking him to let go of his master, just as she had let go of hers,[159] after learning that Anakin Skywalker's destiny lay on a path separated from hers.[2] Seeing the inevitable, Ezra allowed the fire caused by the fuel pods to consume Jarrus.[159]

After Bridger let go of his master, he and Tano decided to head out of the dimension. However, the portal about Jarrus turned out to be a trick by Darth Sidious, who attempted to manipulate Bridger into letting the Emperor travel into the world. Tano used the Force to block the Emperor's fiery energy, but as she struggled to maintain the barrier, Ezra helped her before the pair fled. When Ezra was snared by a tendril of energy, Tano used her lightsabers to free him. As they kept running, they were separated, but promised to meet each other once again in the future. As Bridger headed back to the portal from where he arrived, Tano made her way into another portal, which brought her back to Malachor, near the base of the Sith temple, accompanied by her convor friend Morai. She wished the Force to be with Ezra Bridger and headed down into a dark tunnel[159] with Morai.[154]

Upon her entrance into the dark tunnel, Tano came across a flight of steps which took her deeper into the tunnel,[160] eventually finding a stream and Morai waiting for her.[161] She then entered the stream[162] and followed Morai[163] to another flight of steps[164] that eventually led her to another portal into the World Between Worlds. With this, she stepped inside of it, returning to the mystical plane.[165] Ahsoka Tano thus embarked on a spiritual journey that changed the course of her life.[166] Morai, meanwhile, left the temple and was seen by Vader as[167] he trekked across the surface of Malachor.[154] Vader assumed Tano to have died. With her supposed death, the Great Jedi Purge came to an end.[168]

Lost and found

In search of Ezra Bridger

In the aftermath of the Galactic Civil War, Ahsoka Tano carried her white lightsabers still.[166] Five years after her encounter with Ezra Bridger in the World Between Worlds[169] and the Liberation of Lothal, during which Bridger, as a sacrifice to protect those he loved, went missing by taking himself, Imperial Grand Admiral Thrawn, and the Chimaera away into hyperspace via a pod of purrgil,[170] Tano and Wren began a search for Ezra.[3] Their mission entailed a venture into the Unknown Regions.[2] Tano had also reunited with Huyang, who joined both aboard T-6 One-Nine-Seven-Four.[14]

Even though the Mandalorian rebel lacked in Force-sensitivity, Tano eventually began to train Wren as her Padawan. However, the two would ultimately part ways in on bad terms, with Wren later alledging that Tano had given up on her training. Tano, meanwhile, believed Wren was not ready to begin the path of a Jedi.[171] Wren returned to Lothal while Tano continued to live out of her T-6.[14]

Thrawn campaign

Dealing with Morgan Elsbeth

Fight on Corvus
"I've been expecting you."
"Then you know what I want."
"You will learn nothing from me."
"I won't give you that choice.
―Elsbeth and Tano[172]

In 9 ABY,[173] some years after she had last seen Wren,[171] Tano had begun searching for Thrawn[172] and followed a lead[174] to the forested planet Corvus,[175] looking for information on the location of the Grand Admiral[172] as part of the search for Ezra Bridger.[174] In order to obtain this information, Tano ventured to the city of Calodan, which was ruled by Magistrate Morgan Elsbeth, a servant and former apprentice of Thrawn, and her army.[172] Bo-Katan Kryze knew of her journey to Corvus and directed the Mandalorian Din Djarin to her location in order for him to complete his quest to bring an infant of the same species as Yoda to the Jedi.[175]


Tano attacking the scout guards

While making her way to Calodan, Tano met great resistance and was attacked by[172] a legion[176] of Elsbeth's scout guards. Tano managed to overpower them and force them to retreat. As they retreated, Tano used her white lightsabers to cut down one of the guards as they retreated further towards the city gates of Calodan. Turning off her lightsabers[172] and using the fog-filled forest to her advantage,[176] Tano hid behind a tree and used the Force to distract the guards before reigniting her lightsabers and cutting through another one of them by slashing through a tree. In retaliation, the guards once again began firing at her with their A350 blaster rifles, leading Tano to use the Force to throw a piece of the tree she had just cut down at one of the guards, before turning off her lightsabers again, disappearing into the mist. Tano briefly emerged and cut down another guard using her lightsabers before disappearing once more as guards continued to shoot at her.[172]

Sneaking behind of the guards, she cut them in half, leaving one guard remaining. As the last remaining guard attempted to retreat back to the city, Tano emerged from the mist and blocked the final guards' blaster bolts before cutting the guard down. As Tano returned to the mist, Elsbeth, from atop a sentry point on the walls surrounding Calodan, requested that Tano show herself, to which Tano obliged, lightsabers once again ignited. Elsbeth announced that she had been expecting Tano, to which she replied that she must then know what she was after. Elsbeth declared that she will learn nothing from her, but Tano bluntly stated that she will not give Elsbeth that choice.[172]

Calling up one of her HK-87 assassin droids, Elsbeth presented one of the town's inhabitants, now Elsbeth's captive, and asked how many lives Tano was willing to sacrifice to gain the information she sought. Elsbeth went on to note that the lives of the city's inhabitants meant little to her and that the people in the city would suffer because of Tano's interference. However, Tano declared that the people were already suffering under Elsbeth's rule and that Elsbeth should surrender if she did not want to face the consequences of her crimes. Raising one of her lightsabers, Tano announced that she would give Elsbeth one day to make her decision as Elsbeth disdainfully smirked at her. Extinguishing her lightsabers, Tano retreated back into the mist and away from Elsbeth.[172]

The Mandalorian and the foundling
"Ahsoka Tano! Bo-Katan sent me. We need to talk."
―Din Djarin[172]

Tano meets Din Djarin

By daybreak, Tano had retreated deep into the forest. Eventually, Tano discovered the Mandalorian Din Djarin who had been searching across the landscape for her. Seeing him as a threat, Tano lunged at him using her lightsabers; however, Djarin heard her and managed to block her lightsabers using his wrist gauntlets. As she continued to strike, Djarin managed to block each of her slashes by continuing to use his wrist gauntlets before using his flamethrower to stagger her and his wipcord launcher to immobilize her. Seeing a branch above her, Tano leapt over it, freeing her and, as the whipcord was still attached to Djarin's wrist gauntlet, dragging Djarin up with her before the whipcord snapped. Now free, Tano reignited her sabers, prepared to continue the fight before Djarin called out her name and declared that Bo-Katan had sent him, requesting to speak with the former Jedi. Noticing Djarin's foundling, a youngling of the same species as Yoda, sitting atop a rock, Tano moved out of her fighting stance and noted to Djarin that she hoped they would be talking about him.[172]


Ahsoka Tano met Grogu, a Force-sensitive of the same species as Master Yoda.

By nightfall, she and the youngling were telepathically communicating through the Force under the light of a lantern and a moon above. Standing up, Tano picked up the youngling, who, as she had discovered through their telepathic communication, was named Grogu and raised in the Jedi Temple. Tano brought Grogu and the lantern closer to Djarin and sat down next to the youngling. Djarin asked if Grogu was speaking to her and if she understood him. To this, Tano answered that she and Grogu could feel each other's thoughts. Djarin was shocked at learning Grogu's name for the first time and questioned the name upon hearing it. Tano reaffirmed that his name was Grogu and explained to Djarin that Grogu had been raised in the Jedi Temple on Coruscant and that he had been trained by many masters over his many years. However, she went on to explain that he had been hidden away by someone at the temple at the end of the Clone Wars when the Galactic Republic was reorganized into the Galactic Empire, but, after that, his memory became clouded and he did not remember much of the years following. Continuing on, Tano explained that Grogu had felt lost and alone after the Jedi Order's collapse.[172]

Moving on from Grogu's origins, Tano explained that she had known another member of his species, Jedi Grand Master Yoda, and noted how wise he had been. Tano asked Djarin if Grogu could still wield the Force as he had done at the Jedi Temple, to which Djarin questioned if she was referring to his powers. Tano explained that the Force is what gives Grogu his powers and that the Force was an energy field created by all living things. With this, she explained that one would need to have a great deal of discipline and training in the Force such powers. Now knowing this, Djarin brought up the supposedly unexplainable things Grogu had done prior and how he had been tasked to bring Grogu to a Jedi. However, to this, Tano simply explained that the Jedi Order had fallen long ago, to which Djarin noted that even though the Empire was gone, it still hunted Grogu and that he would need her help if he was to evade them longer. With that, Tano recommended that they let Grogu sleep and that she would test his abilities in the morning.[172]


Tano, Djarin, and Grogu arrive for Grogu's test to begin

At daybreak, Tano, Djarin, and Grogu ventured to a clearing and, when they arrived, Tano walked up to Grogu and playfully stated that they would find out what knowledge Grogu possessed. With that, Tano motioned Djarin to place Grogu down on one of the rocks, which he complied with. Grabbing a small stone, Tano used the Force to slowly levitate the stone into Grogu's hands and explained that she wished for him to return the stone to her outstretched hand. Before giving him a chance to do anything, Djarin interjected and attempted to inform Tano that Grogu didn't understand, but Tano rejected his inquiry, simply stating that Grogu could understand what she was asking of him.[172]

Arm still outstretched, she told Grogu that it was ok and once again requested the stone from Grogu. However, instead of returning the stone to her using the Force, Grogu simply dropped it, leading her to lower her arm in disappointment and walk towards him. Grabbing one of his small hands, Tano used the Force to feel his emotions and calmly announced that she felt great fear in Grogu and, as she stood up and walked back to her original position, she explained to Djarin that Grogu had hidden his abilities over the years in order to conceal himself.[172]

Tano then announced that she wished to try something else and asked Djarin to come over to her. Djarin misunderstood and signaled for Grogu to go to Tano instead and when he didn't move, he exclaimed that Grogu was stubborn. However, Tano quickly stopped him and informed him that she was not the one who would be performing the test but Djarin himself, explaining that she wanted to see if he would listen to him. This prompted Djarin to begin complaining about how, if Grogu would listen to him, it would be one of the first times, to which Tano jokingly told Djarin that she liked firsts, whether they be good or bad because of how memorable they were. Handing the stone to Djarin, Tano instructed him to hold the stone in the palm of his hand and to request for Grogu to lift the stone using the Force.[172]

As Tano walked past Djarin to witness the test, Tano whispered into his ear a request for him to use Grogu's name as opposed to referring to him as "kid" as he had done when first requesting for him to take the stone. Walking away and leaning on a large boulder, Tano watched as Djarin requested for Grogu to take the stone once more and him giving up moments later, once again claiming Grogu was stubborn. To this, Tano instructed Djarin to try to connect with Grogu prompting Djarin to pull out a small, silver ball used on one of the levers on his gunship, the Razor Crest, which Grogu had become quite fond of. Kneeling down, Djarin asked if Grogu wanted the ball and requested for him to take it. With little hesitation, Grogu used the Force to pull the ball to him.[172]

Djarin congratulated Grogu on this, and, while doing so, Tano noted the attachment Grogu had formed with him and that she could not train him. Djarin was shocked by this and asked why she could not, citing his abilities. To this, Tano explained that his attachment to Djarin made him vulnerable to the dark side. Djarin, however, did not understand and insisted that this was even more of a reason to train Grogu, but Tano once again refused,[172] indirectly citing her former master, Anakin Skywalker, and how his emotions had gotten the best of him, turning him to the dark side.[113] She once again refused to allow Grogu to go down that path and said that it would be better if they just let Grogu's abilities with the Force fade as he grew older. Hurrying, Tano informed Djarin that she had waited too long and that she had to return to Calodan and save its inhabitants.[172]

As Tano walked away, Djarin noted how Elsbeth had sent Djarin to kill her and that he had not agreed to anything of what Tano had just told him. Attempting to strike a deal, Djarin told Tano that he would assist Tano in saving Calodan if she assisted him in training Grogu. Agreeing to this, Tano and Djarin set off on their journey back to Calodan.[172]

Liberating the city
"How many lives is the knowledge I possess worth to you? One? Ten? How about a hundred? The lives of these citizens mean nothing to me. Now because of you, these people will suffer."
"They already suffer under your rule. Surrender or face the consequences. You have one day to decide."
―Morgan Elsbeth and Ahsoka Tano[172]

On their way back to Calodan, Djarin noted the forces Elsbeth had under her control, including the HK-87 assassin droids, scout guards, and her hired gunfighter, Lang, and mentioned how he believed that her lightsabers would not be able to protect her from the amount of blaster bolts that would be shot at her. In response, Tano affirmed his remark and that he should also be wary of the magistrate herself. Upon Djarin's questioning of who Elsbeth, Tano revealed her name to Djarin and that her home had been ravaged during the Clone Wars with her people massacred. Continuing on, she further explained that this developed a great anger in her, which led to her helping construct warships for the Imperial Navy and ravage worlds herself. This led Djarin to note the burned forest that surrounded them. After quickly surveying the environment, Tano asked Djarin if he had seen any prisoners within the city's walls, leading him to note the three villagers that had been taken prisoner. Tano declared that they had to find a way to free them, to which Djarin noted that Elsbeth's army would never see the pairing of the two coming.[172]


Ahsoka with her ignited lightsabers after entering Calodan.

At late dusk, the two finally completed their journey. Running at the city's entrance, Tano used the Force to leap up to the sentry point at the city's gate, igniting one of her lightsabers and kicking one of the scout guards. Blocking the blaster bolts fired at her by another scout guard, Tano grabbed the guard and flung them against a support beam of a gong, the city's alarm system, before promptly blocking the blaster bolts of another scout guard. She then threw the body of the scout guard she had grabbed prior and tossing him into the wall opposite of where he had been prior. Immediately afterwards, she used the Force to grab the A350 blaster rifle out of the hands of one of the scout guards and threw it at the scout guard firing their rifle behind her, knocking the guard out. The guard she had grabbed the blaster from then raised his hands in surrender and escaped from Tano. Dodging the strike of a heavy weapon, she then sliced a sentry guard in half, slicing the gong in half in the process.[172]

As Elsbeth's forces took formation outside of the city's main building, Tano emerged from around one of the city's huts and began to slowly walk towards Elsbeth's army. Slowing to a halt, she tossed the shoulder plate of Djarin's armor for Elsbeth and her army to see, claiming that Djarin had failed to kill her and once again asked for Elsbeth to give her what she sought. Instead, Elsbeth ordered her guards to attack Tano, forcing her to leap up to the roof of one of the huts and block the oncoming blaster bolts with her lightsabers. Being forced to retreat, Tano leapt behind the huts and out of sight of Elsbeth's army.[172]

Leaping down behind two guards, Tano quickly used her lightsabers to eliminate them before disappearing once more. Emerging behind another two scout guards, Tano slowly revealed her lightsabers and dispatched the guards. Appearing upon a rooftop and igniting her lightsabers, she jumped down to face Elsbeth's hired gunfighter. Quickly disarming Lang, Tano stood triumphant for a moment, but was soon forced to divert her attention away when Elsbeth's two HK-87 assassin droids revealed themselves from opposite corners. Reacting quickly, Tano rushed up to one and slashing them in half before retreating and disappearing around another corner.[172]


Tano blocking one of Elsbeth's strikes

Standing atop one of the walls outside of the main building, Tano witnessed a faceoff between Djarin, who had snuck into the city during the chaos, and Lang before jumping down to face Elsbeth within her garden. Signaling a fight was about to take place, Tano and Elsbeth both took off their robes and readied their weapons, standing only a few meters away from one another. Using a spear made of pure beskar, Elsbeth lunged at Tano who quickly blocked her spear with one of her lightsabers before blocking a second strike with the same blade. Having not moved any closer to one another, Tano and Elsbeth began to pace perpendicular to one another, looking for an opening in each other's defenses. With Elsbeth lunging at her, Tano blocked another one of Elsbeth's strikes, now with both lightsabers as the two exchanged several more blows as the fight intensified. Starting to go on the offensive, Tano executed several strikes against Elsbeth's beskar spear before having to dodge two of Elsbeth's oncoming strikes. Switching positions, Tano went back on the offensive as Elsbeth blocked a strike from both of her lightsabers and entering into a saber lock that resulted in Elsbeth being pushed back by Tano's brute strength.[172]

With Elsbeth having launched a strike at her throat, Tano was forced to dodge as Elsbeth quickly began aiming for her legs causing Tano to slowly walk backwards, blocking each one of her strikes before Elsbeth swept for her legs, forcing Tano to perform a front flip. Going back on the offensive, Elsbeth and Tano entered into a brief saber lock before Tano executed a strike at Elsbeth, leading her to duck below Tano's oncoming strike. Staggered for a brief moment, Elsbeth managed to knock one of Tano's blades out of her hand and into a small body of water nearby. Now armed with only her shoto lightsaber, Tano slowly backed up before putting her single remaining blade into a reverse grip and attempted to regain her breath as she slowly pushed Elsbeth back. As Tano launched several heavy strikes, Elsbeth continued to parry them before unsuccessfully attempting to sweep Tano's leg, giving Tano the upper hand and allowing her to grab Elsbeth's weapon with her free hand and throw it to the ground. Putting her saber up to Elsbeth's throat, Tano asked her one last time where her master, Grand Admiral Thrawn, was located.[172]


Tano with Governor Wing

By the next day, Djarin and Tano, spear in hand, walked outside of the city's gates as the citizens of Calodan celebrated their liberation from Elsbeth's rule. Presenting the spear to Djarin, Tano stated that she believed Elsbeth's spear had been payment for Tano's defeat. However, Djarin refused the offer, citing how he hadn't completed the task, which Tano affirmed, but stated that she believed a Mandalorian should possess the spear. As Djarin took the weapon, Tano asked where Grogu was, to which Djarin revealed that he was on the ship and that he would retrieve the infant. As Djarin walked away, Tano gave a troubled look before she was joined by Governor Wing who she gesturing to head back into the city along with her as a gesture of friendship. The two then proudly walked back inside the city's walls.[172]

Later, Tano was present outside Djarin's gunship, the Razor Crest as Djarin was exiting with Grogu in hand to give to her to train. As he stepped outside, Tano stated that Grogu now saw Djarin as his father and once again stated that she could not train the youngling. Djarin was shocked by this, stating that he had held up his end of their bargain as Tano walked closer to him and took hold of Grogu's left hand. As she reached the two, Tano directed Djarin to the planet Tython where she recommended that he place Grogu on the seeing stone at the top of a mountain containing the ruins of an ancient temple with a strong connection to the Force. Djarin then questioned what he was supposed to do from there, to which Tano answered that Grogu would then be able to choose his own path and that if Grogu used the Force to reach out, a Jedi might be able to sense it and come to the planet searching for Grogu. However, she also stated that there were few remaining Jedi, which could possibly present a problem for the two. Djarin then thanked Tano and she wished for the Force to be with the two before smiling and bowing her head for Grogu, watching as the pair left in their gunship. With this, Tano began walking back towards Calodan, smiling.[172]

Visiting Ossus

"Will I see you again?"
"Perhaps. May the Force be with you."
―Ahsoka Tano wishing Luke Skywalker farewell.[177]

Ahsoka Tano and Din Djarin observe the early stages of the temple's construction.

Following the rescue of Grogu, Tano met the son of her former master Anakin, Luke Skywalker, who was also the current owner of her friend R2-D2. Shortly before the Battle of Mos Espa, Tano joined Skywalker and Grogu on[177] the planet Ossus,[178] where Skywalker was building a new Jedi temple to train[177] a new generation of Jedi.[178] She observed that Grogu missed his former warden Djarin a great deal, which she believed could complicate his Jedi training. During her time on Ossus, Djarin himself visited the temple with the intention of reuniting with Grogu and gifting him Mandalorian chain mail. The Mandalorian bounty hunter was ignored for sometime until R2-D2 led Tano to him to deal with his desire to see Grogu. While Djarin was surprised to see Tano on Ossus, she took the time to explain how the building would become "a great school," with Grogu its first student, and promised the youngling was doing fine. When Djarin insisted on seeing him, Tano invited Djarin to accompany her on a walk through the bamboo forest and reminded him of her warning about how his attachment to Grogu would be difficult to let go off.[177]

Just as she respected Skywalker's decision to train Grogu, Tano agreed to respect Djarin's wish to see the child he had kept in his care for so long, motioning to a hill where Skywalker was seated with Grogu. She did, however, ask him to consider if he was doing it for Grogu or just himself, pondering if the armor was a way for the former foundling—who was possibly a Padawan by that point, by Tano's reckoning—to remember his father figure. While Djarin declared that the armor would protect Grogu no matter what path he chose, Tano offered to deliver it in his stead, believing that a reunion between Djarin and Grogu would only make his training more difficult. Djarin acquiesced to Ahsoka's offer and handed her the beskar armor, asking her to ensure Grogu would be protected.[177]


Skywalker speaks with Tano about Grogu.

Tano then joined Luke in watching one of Grogu's training exercises. She was impressed with both the child's progress and Skywalker's teaching skills. Skywalker replied that it was more like Grogu was remembering his previous lessons, to which Tano observed the student sometimes guided their master. Skywalker then revealed he knew the Mandalorian had been present, to which she revealed the gift he had dropped off. When Skywalker wondered whether Grogu was committed to being a Jedi, Tano told Luke he was just like his father and counseled him to trust his instincts. Tano then moved to leave[177] to resume her search for Thrawn,[179] promising Skywalker there was a chance they would meet again and bidding the Force be with him.[177] In the end, Grogu would decide to return to Djarin[180] and take on the life of a Mandalorian.[181] At one point, Tano traveled to Black Spire Outpost on the world of Batuu,[182] a city Thrawn and her master Anakin Skywalker had visited in the past.[98]

Searching for Grand Admiral Thrawn

The ancient temple
"Anyway... I found it."
"The map?"
"Right where Morgan said it would be."
―Ahsoka Tano, and Huyang[14]

At some point in that same year, Tano had begun hearing whispers surrounding the return of Grand Admiral Thrawn as heir to the Empire. Concerned about the idea, Tano interrogated Thrawn's ally Morgan Elsbeth for any information regarding Thrawn, his intentions, and how to find him. Elsbeth ended up revealing the location of a map to the alleged location of Thrawn, in the galaxy of Peridea.[14]

Tano soon begun searching the ruins of an ancient stronghold on Arcana. She soon approached a runic circle in the middle of the stony courtyard and used her twin lightsabers to cut a hole below her feet, allowing her to access to the chamber underneath. Tano gazed at several cloaked figures carved onto the wall, before walking over to a pillar, and using Psychometry on it. Sensing that it was the key to retrieving the map, the former Jedi rotated a part of it, before then rotating the tip of it, which caused an orb next to one of the carvings to glow. Tano smirked, before moving over to a second pillar. After rotating a part of the second pillar, she watched an orb in the heart of one of the other carved figures to glow. She then rotated a part of a third pillar, causing a third orb to glow, and an altar with a rectangular stony object to rise from the floor. Tano touched the stony box, which had crumbled and revealed a golden orb. She had informed Professor Huyang that she had found the object via comlink, but his transmissions had been jammed.[14]

Tano soon returned to the surface where she was confronted by a red HK assassin droid, who had demanded the map. She had found herself surrounded by five assassin droids wielding electrostaffs. Tano had drawn her twin lightsabers in defense. Tano had jumped back into the hole she had created and had used her lightsaber to cut holes between three of the droids. Tano then fought the other two and had cut across the torso with her lightsaber. She had beheaded the fifth droid. As two droids had emerged from their holes, the lead droid had issued orders to initiate their self-destruct protocols. The other two droids had complied, and Tano had been forced to flee. While running, she had contacted Huyang, who had told her that their T-6 Jedi shuttle was above her position. She had told him to drop his ramp at a distance outside the ruins. The two had escaped before they could be killed by the fiery inferno that had swept through the ruins.[14]

Inside the cockpit, Tano had conversed with Huyang about their communication difficulty. He had told her that he had kept her ship at a safe distance in accordance with Jedi mission protocol. She had replied that the Jedi Order didn't exist anymore. When Huyang had said he had his programming, she had advised him to stick close and watch her back. Huyang had replied that it was the job of a Jedi Padawan learner, which he was not. Tano had told Huyang that he had found the map based on Elsbeth's information. When Huyang had asked how she had gotten Elsbeth to tell the truth, Tano had replied that she hadn't been following Jedi protocol.[14]

Speaking with Syndulla

Not long afterwards, they received an incoming transmission from New Republic Fleet Command, who told Tano and Huyang about the recent attack from Baylan Skoll and his apprentice Shin Hati to rescue Morgan Elsbeth. Tano and Huyang then traveled to Home One via hyperspace. Tano identified their ship as T-6 1974, and Fleet Command cleared them to land at hangar 2-9. Inside the hangar, General Hera Syndulla greeted them and informed them about the loss of Elsbeth.[14]

Syndulla had prepared a briefing for Tano to catch up. In the briefing, Syndulla told Tano and Huyang about the damage the two mercenaries had done, taking out an entire security detail and scuttling a new starship. Tano was unfamiliar with the attackers, who had demonstrated Force powers similar to the Jedi. Huyang suggested that one of these intruders had once been a Jedi. Tano told Huyang to scan Skoll's and Shin’s lightsabers.[14]

When Syndulla asked about the mercenaries' connection to Elsbeth, Tano said that she had hired them for plausible deniability. Tano also showed Syndulla the golden orb, explaining that Elsbeth had been interested in this map since she believed it would lead to the location of Thrawn, the last Imperial Grand Admiral. Syndulla was surprised that Thrawn had survived the Battle of Lothal, but Tano explained that she had heard whispers of his survival. Syndulla asked if this meant that Ezra Bridger was alive. Tano was uncertain but warned that their enemies were also searching.[14]

Syndulla wanted to look at the map, but the key required to activate the map eluded Huyang. Syndulla remarked that it was never straightforward with the Jedi. A Mon Calamari officer informed Syndulla that the Defense Council was requesting an update from her. Syndulla said she would attend to the matter and told Tano she knew who could help her. Tano was uncertain that this friend would help, but Syndulla reassured her that she would do it for Bridger.[14]

A difficult reunion

later that day, Govenor Ryder Azadi gave a speech to the citizens of Lothal, celebrating the aniiversary of its liberation shortly before the Galactic Civil War. Still residing on Lothal, Sabine Wren, who was set to speak to Lothals community, failed to appear at the celebration, instead returning to the communications tower. Tano soon arrived on the planet, and parked her T-6 shuttle near a ledge on a high tower. Wren arrived while Tano was talking to Governor Azadi. When Azadi said that Wren had missed the ceremony yesterday, Wren replied that it had slipped her mind. Azadi said everyone had missed her, but Wren replied that not everyone had been there. Huyang also greeted Sabine, who recognized him. Huyang said he still had 75 percent original parts before returning to the ship. Azadi told Wren to listen to what Tano had to say before leaving. Tano then told Wren that she knew a way to find Bridger while showing her the orb.[14]

The two went inside Ahsoka's T-6 Jedi shuttle and discussed the situation. Wren gazed at a bunk with several wall drawings, including a loth-cat. When Wren asked if she was certain Bridger was still out there, Tano responded that whilst nothing was certain, their enemy was seeking Thrawn, which was what had led her to the map. Tano explained she had found the map on the planet Arcana, a Nightsister stronghold thousands of years ago. Due to her skills as an artist, Tano sought Wren's help in deciphering the map. Wren believed there was a code. Tano shared a scan of the Nightsister temple chamber where they had found it. When questioned about where home was, Tano described her soul as a home. Both women blamed each other for not making it easy for each other. Tano replied that the Jedi way was hard.[14]

Just then, Huyang had an update. Wren asked for permission to take the map and study it. Tano refused since she believed the map was not just about finding Bridger but preventing another war. She warned Wren that the map stayed aboard the ship before entering the lab to chat with Huyang. Huyang had scanned Skoll's and Hati's lightsabers. The droid said that he recognized one of the two hilts, which was built in the Jedi style. The one he knew belonged to Baylan Skoll, who had disappeared at the end of the Clone Wars. Huyang told Ahsoka that Skoll had been Jedi trained. Tano surmised that Hati was Skoll's apprentice. He warned Tano that Skoll wouldn't be alone for long. When Tano returned to the briefing room, Wren had already left with the map despite Tano's instructions.[14]

Pursuit of the Empire

In the meantime, Wren rode her speeder bike back to the old communications tower. A probe droid then popped out from behind a signal crossing and reported back to Hati and two HK assassin droids, who stood miles away on a hilltop. Upon returning, the Mandalorian began to study the compass. Back on Ahsoka's T-6, Tano and Huyang spoke to General Syndulla about Wren via holoprojector. Tano was worried about Wren, but Syndulla told her to give her some space. Syndulla believed that Wren was their best chance of reading the map. Tano admitted she had a difficult relationship with Wren, describing the Mandalorian as stubborn and bullish. Syndulla attributed these traits to her Mandalorian background and said that mentoring could be a challenge, suggesting that Anakin Skywalker may have found her difficult sometimes. Tano said that she had walked away from her Jedi training and admitted walking away from Wren.[14]

Meanwhile, Wren was still trying to solve the puzzle of the star map back in her home. Soon, she began to understand how to translate it, before fully managing to do so. Just as Wren looked out over the balcony afterwards, she was attacked by the Empire. She soon contacted Tano before engaging in a fight. Huyang soon interrupted, informing the pair that they had received communications from Wren, who was being hunted down by HK droids led by Shin Hati. Tano and Huyang soon piloted the ship, and flew towards Wrens tower. As Hati and Wren dueled, the former stabbed Wren through the abdomen, leaving her completely wounded. Upon seeing the ship arrive, Hati fled with the map, as Tano quickly tended to Wren who lay on the floor dying. Wren was soon brought on board by Tano and Huyang, where she was set to receive urgent medical attention.[14]

After rescuing Sabine, Ahsoka had her placed in emergency care. With the help of Bacta, Sabine healed quickly and managed to recover enough to tell Ashoka what she knew. She said she had unlocked it, and there was an image of two galaxies with a passway between them. Telling her to get some rest, Ahsoka walked outside and recalled past events while glancing at Sabine’s speederbike and helmet. She then walked over to the old communications tower and glanced at the loth cat and equipment inside. She walked over and played an old hologram of Ezra when one of the assassin droids jumped down to attack her. Swiftly decapitating it, she brought it back to Sabine.[171]

The mandalorian said she could use the backup systems to perhaps access its memory banks, but an incorrect power level would detonate the head. Huyang suggested that this operation be moved somewhere else, but Hera, who was on a hologram watching, and Ahsoka disagreed, believing that time was of the essence. Sabine managed to discover that it was from Corellia at the New Republic Shipyards. before Huyang disconnected power to prevent an explosion. Ahsoka stated that there were factories owned by Morgan Elsbeth, and Hera said that they should’ve been shut down after the war and she would meet her there.[171]

Corellia Investigation

Hera and Ahsoka left for Corellia's shipyards after realizing that Morgan Elsbeth had owned manufacturing plants there. Hera met with one of the Regional Supervisors, Myn Weaver, to discuss possible Imperial remnant activity. Weaver stated that he was particularly busy at the moment, but Syndulla pressed him, stating that this would be a far more formal investigation if she could not do so immediately. Weaver took them on a tram through the production plant, telling them the insides of his operation. During the ride, he was questioned on the loyalty of his workers (most of them had been employed by the Empire) to which he replied that average workers did not care about galactic politics. After this, Hera suggested that Tano take Sabine back on as an apprentice. Tano replied that neither of them was ready for that. Still, Hera believed it would be good for both of them, saying that Wren needed some structure in her life and so did Tano.[171]

Once Myn Weaver showed them into the control center, Tano asked about the purpose and clients of the manufacturing center. While Weaver was explaining the priority given to shareholders, Hera spotted a massive hyperdrive core. Weaver explained that it had been extracted from a Super Star Destroyer. Hera was befuddled since the New Republic had not been constructing anything of that size. Weaver checked the logs and explained that it was of a classified nature and that it needed approval before he could unseal it. The supervisor asked for the protocol droid C1-D1 to explain the regulations surrounding it. Tano questioned him on the other types of droids in use, but the protocol droid interjected by stating that she had been interrupted by an HK earlier. The protocol droid stated that it was on the transport about to leave with the massive hyperspace core. Hera ordered the flight crew to stop the ship from leaving the planet, but the crew, and even Myn Weaver, had been Imperial loyalists the entire time.[171]

Several drew pistols in an attempt to kill the general, but Tano's lightning-fast reflexes had dispatched all of them in seconds. Hera rushed to the Phantom II to stop the transport as soon as possible. Tano leaped out of the window, sprinting towards the rapidly ascending transport, but an assassin droid and a former Imperial Inquisitor named Marrok, who was working for Elsbeth as a mercenary, stood in her way. They dueled, with Ahsoka defeating the droid as Marrok received a transmission telling him to leave. He hurled his lightsaber as Ahsoka flipped over it, and ran to a shuttle picking him up. The shuttle opened fire on Ahsoka, who dodged everything, including Marrok's lightsaber which flew back to him. She called Hera, hoping for good news, and was relieved to hear that Chopper had gotten a tracking device on the transport.[171]

Hera and Ahsoka later watched over the Imperial sympathizers' arrests and commented on how it was greed, not loyalty, that made them do this. Ahsoka returned to Sabine at the Mural on Lothal, commenting on her haircut. Huyang reported that the tracking device was in the Denab System and orbiting Seatos. The trio got moving on their ship and made the jump to hyperspace, with Ahsoka instructing Sabine to launch the hyperdrive, calling her "Padawan."[171]

Skirmish over Seatos

While in route to Seatos, Sabine practiced with Huyang as Ahsoka watched. Her performance was mediocre, but she had still remembered the basics. Ahsoka claimed that the basics were from her Mandalorian upbringing, but that she needed to train the mind, not the body. They then trained with Sabine blinded with a visor, relying only on her other senses. Ahsoka then proceeded to easily outwit and outmaneuver the unaware and frustrated Sabine. Huyang was caustic, claiming she was the worst Jedi he had ever trained(which was nearly all of them).[183]

After the practice session, Ahsoka consoled Sabine and told her it would take time. Sabine was still frustrated, hoping that their urgent situation would somehow hasten her aptitude for the force. Tano reminded her that all living beings were in the Force, and that talent was only one aspect of its mastery. Force-pulling a cup over, she urged her to start with small objects. While in the cockpit, Huyang reminded Tano that Sabine would not have been accepted into the old Order and that very few mandalorians ever became Jedi. Hera then called and told them that the mission was not approved by the committee.[183]

As she elaborated, the ship entered the Denab System, and the comms began to break down due to jamming. A squadron of Morgan’s starfighters, commanded by Shin Hati, flew in behind them and began to fire on the T-6. Sabine ran to the gun and took out several fighters. Coordinating with Wren, Ahsoka flew towards the planet and dove at Sabine’s timing. This allowed Sabine to be able to get several shots off, missing them. She did redeem herself shortly and destroyed one craft. Now in the orbit of the planet, Sabine managed to destroy two more fighters. As this happened, they came into sight of the Eye of Sion. Huyang correctly guessed that it was a massive Hyperspace Ring. When they came into range, Elsbeth opened fire with turbolasers as the fighters pulled back. Huyang insisted on getting a scan. As soon as he completed it, they were struck by a direct hit, crippling the hit and short-circuiting Huyang.[183]

Shin and Marrok swung back around to finish the job. Sabine quickly ran a diagnostics and did what she could to recover. Ahsoka donned a space suit and deflected shots with her lightsaber on the exterior of the shuttle. She sliced the wing off one that came too close but was propelled off the hull. As Sabine repaired the ship, Ahsoka climbed back in and ordered her to punch it. They fled down to the planet’s surface, evading the fighters behind a school of Purrgil in the clouds. The two landed in a forest to do repairs, and Huyang woke up at this point. Trying to evade detection, Sabine shut down the power of the ship, while Ahsoka turned Huyang back off. Marrok and Shin Hati’s fighters flew overhead but could not find them, believing them to be hidden in the forest.[183]


Anakin Skywalker: "The Force surrounds you, Rey."
Aayla Secura: "Let it guide you."
Ahsoka Tano: "As it guided us."
―Voices of the past guide Rey[184]

At some point, Luke chronicled Ahsoka's history in a personal journal during his exile on the planet Ahch-To.[185] Following the Battle of Crait[186] in 34 ABY,[187] Tano was mentioned in Galactic Explorer's Guide, a book written by[186] her old enemy[42] and ally[188] Hondo Ohnaka. The book recounted that Jedi Master Luminara Unduli had been a mentor to Tano.[186]

During the Battle of Exegol[184] in 35 ABY,[189] the last Jedi, Rey, fell in combat against the resurrected Darth Sidious, her grandfather, who had drained the life energy from the young woman. In a moment of tranquility, Rey heard the voices of Ahsoka Tano[184] and the departed Jedi who had come before her. The Jedi spirits[190] gave words of encouragement to Rey, allowing her to muster the strength to rise and ultimately defeat Sidious.[184]

Long after the reign of Darth Sidious, when a member of the Whills began recording galactic history for an audience living in a faraway galaxy into the Journal of the Whills, another Whill mentioned Ahsoka Tano as someone to be remembered.[191]

Personality and traits

The fearless Force-sensitive

"What is Ahsoka's strength?"
"She is fearless."
"That can also be a weakness...Is she a worthy apprentice?"
"No one has her kind of determination."
"Except you."
―Plo Koon and Anakin Skywalker[70]

During her teenage years, Ahsoka Tano was already a successful Padawan and Jedi Commander.

Ahsoka Tano was a Togruta female who had blue eyes, dark orange skin, brownish-grey lips, white facial markings, a slender build, and white lekku and montrals with blue stripes.[6] The markings on her montrals were unique. During her early childhood, her trust in others was negatively impacted by a Jedi imposter who tried to enslave her, and the memory of the scorn her fellow villagers felt towards her remained with her until her trip to Ilum; upon trusting Master Yoda, she felt that trust came easier to her because she was again trusting her own instincts.[12] The teachings and values of the Jedi Order became sacred to her, and she always sought to protect the lives of innocents.[88]

As a teenager, Tano was snarky, cocky, stubborn, reckless,[8] and impulsive, yet also brave,[192] loyal, generous, and kind-hearted.[8] The young Tano's emotions made her a perfect apprentice for Anakin Skywalker,[192] with Grand Master Yoda himself recognizing that the two became "twice the trouble" after being paired together.[16] She was very feisty and snippy, earning her the nickname "Snips" from her master. Like her master, she could at times become aggressive and willing to use terror or threats to get the answers she wanted.[8] She had a tendency to follow her heart, which negatively impacted her path to Jedi knighthood. In her younger years, Tano's emotions inhibited her ability to make wise decisions, although she eventually gained the confidence to make the right ones, despite the great cost to her feelings.[1] Beyond learning from both Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi, the teachings of Qui-Gon Jinn were indirectly passed down to Tano.[193]

Over time, Tano became more mature and enlightened,[88] with her experiences during the Clone Wars shaping her into someone who could control her emotions.[192] She had her victories, her failures, and her losses yet strove through them all, as she felt it was her duty as a Jedi to help restore peace and prosperity to the Republic. Her constant travels and experiences made her more worldly than most people her age, and often she was surprised by the various events and people she came across during the Clone Wars.[88] Throughout her time as a Jedi, she remained close with Plo Koon, who had brought her to the Jedi Temple, and saw him as an important mentor in her life.[16] She also developed a friendships with Obi-Wan Kenobi and his second-in-command, Cody, as well as Senator Amidala through her master, Anakin Skywalker.[23]

A New Beginning AR

Following her expulsion and trial, Tano lost faith in the Jedi Order.

She respected Yoda despite often not understanding his advice, feeling he was almost always correct.[12] However, when Tano was framed for murder and treason, she was horrified when the Jedi Order cast her out and all but condemned her to a Republic military tribunal, and came very close to being sentenced to death. When Skywalker unveiled the true culprit, Tano was shocked to see it was her friend Barriss Offee.[88] Though conflicted,[1] she ultimately rejected the opportunity to become a Jedi again, having lost faith in the Order[94] for not standing by her.[194]


Ahsoka looks on at the graves of the clones.

Tano formed a strong bond with the clones, especially Captain Rex, and throughout her time as serving as their commander had learned a lot from them. She respected the clones as individuals and got along with them very well. Tano quickly began to enjoy their company, telling war stories with them as soon as she had any experience to speak on.[8] When Tano found herself serving with the clones of the 501st again at the Siege of Mandalore, the clones continued to salute her out of respect and even repainted their helmets in her likeness to show how much she meant to them. When Order 66 turned the friends she had served with for years into enemies, Tano stood by her beliefs and told Rex to not kill them, determined to escape without directly killing her former comrades. When the ship crashed into the moon, Tano returned to the crash site to dig graves for each clone.[114]

Tano was a confident and moralistic person, and a firm defender of the innocent. This carried on even after she left the Order, as she joined Bail Organa's rebellion to restore liberty and democracy to the people oppressed by the Empire. Tano also felt pity and compassion for the Inquisitor known as the Sixth Brother despite slaying him in combat. She regarded the Sixth Brother as a victim whose potential for good had been twisted and turned to the dark side. After befriending the Force-sensitive Hedala Fardi, Tano became concerned with protecting Force-sensitive children from being captured by the Empire's Inquisitors.[12] During her time with the Martez sisters shortly before the end of the war, they noted that she still acted like a Jedi even though she was no longer a member of the order.[107]


Ahsoka Tano mourns the past

During her time running from the Empire, Tano continued to suffer from grief over the loss of her friends and guilt over the fact that she wasn't there to help them. During her time on Raada, Tano was unsure about making new friends, largely due to the emotional pain inflicted by Offee's betrayal. Despite everything Offee had done, Tano believed that while she was wrong about "a lot of things," she did have a point about the Jedi and the Republic, and later expressed her belief that if had they truly listened to her, they might have been able to stop Darth Sidious before it was too late. When Tano began to help people hurt by the Empire, she felt better about herself and as though she was fulfilling her training to do justice, feeling even better because her work was hurting the Empire that hurt her. She felt as though she had been a hero in her past and was one again, although she knew she needed to try to avoid tapping into her reckless nature. She decided to find a middle path to life when she became a rebel, not becoming a Jedi again but also not allowing her heart to harden when faced with the death of friends.[12]

In addition to knowing friends would die in war, she knew it could change people,[12] having spent her life as a Padawan fighting as a soldier instead of working as a peace keeper.[109] Thus, she came to hate warfare, with her distaste for it making her notice that the fourteen year old Miara Larte had altered her behavior to avoid the Empire's patrols. In fact, she believed that, just because she had started to fight in the Clone Wars at that age, it was not a good example for Larte. Even as Imperial forces closed in, she found that meditation was easy for her, yet she also recognized she had nothing to say to the Empire's troops on Raada, not even using banter or taunts. Upon meeting Senator Organa for the second time, she noticed when he said his daughter took after her mother, yet she failed to answer the test she suspected the words were;[12] Leia was secretly the daughter of Anakin Skywalker and Padmé Amidala,[113] but Tano elected to move past the subject, knowing Organa and her would need to trust each other despite each other's secrets.[12]


Ahsoka Tano was a Force-sensitive who joined the rebellion, fighting the Empire and helping build the Rebel Alliance.

As a rebel Informant code-named "Fulcrum," Tano worked indirectly with various rebel cells, always with her face hidden and her voice disguised, and became somewhat pragmatic as she advised Hera Syndulla to cease searching for Kanan Jarrus to protect her crew, especially Ezra Bridger. This may suggest she developed a more discreet nature and decided overall to put the many before the few.[145] When Tano was saved and reunited with Bridger in the World Between Worlds, she was saddened to learn of the fate of Jarrus, but disturbed by Bridger's idea of saving Jarrus from dying. Drawing from her own experience of being unable to save her master, Tano successfully convinced Bridger to let Jarrus go, and they parted ways, promising to find each other again as Tano went back to Malachor and resumed her journey.[159]

After the Battle of Endor, Tano sought to keep her promise to Bridger and joined his former companion Sabine Wren in her quest to find him and bring him home.[170] At that time, she had adopted a more stoic persona. However, after the Force spirit of Skywalker gave her a final lesson and her decision to live, her personality returned to a more lively state.[195]

Relationship with Anakin Skywalker

Anakin's student

"Thanks for the support. As always."
"That's what friends are for."
―Tano and Skywalker, in their last meeting as friends[10]

Tano's relationship with her master was tenuous to start. Skywalker had maintained that he would never take on a Padawan learner for fear that he would be "slowed down," so he was originally strongly opposed to Master Yoda's assigning of the young Ahsoka to him.[8] Tano was offended by this, and deeply hurt,[23] but she was eager to prove herself to her new teacher. Her enthusiasm often came at odds with her brash nature, a trait shared by Skywalker himself.[8] In fact, in part due to her youthful impulsiveness and bravery, she was the perfect Padawan for Skywalker.[192] The two would often butt heads, each believing that they knew better than the other. During their first mission together at the Battle of Christophsis, they developed demeaning nicknames for each other; Tano gave her master the diminutive title "Skyguy," while Skywalker returned the favor with the name "Snips," referring to Tano's snippy wit.[8] Tano used the nickname Skyguy only because it annoyed Skywalker,[23] although, as the war progressed,[8] these nicknames would remain[192] by changing into more playful terms of friendship.[8]

For all their bickering, the two developed a close relationship during the Clone Wars. Skywalker reassured his Padawan that their meeting was no accident and that it was the will of the Force for her to train under him.[8] Their rapport made it's way onto the battlefield, with the duo competing to see who could destroy the most droids during the Second Battle of Geonosis.[44] The master and apprentice grew increasingly reliant on each other throughout the war, taking turns rescuing each other from Separatist forces[8] and bounty hunters.[41] After situations where she was nearly killed, she found that she could talk to her mentor to come to terms with it.[12] Tano's naive outlook balanced with Skywalker's cynical approach.[23] During her time on Mortis, Tano was killed by the Son and only resurrected after Skywalker pleaded with the Father to help save her.[4] Later, after being captured by Trandoshan hunters, Tano credited her master's teachings as the one thing that allowed her to survive.[69]


Anakin Skywalker returned Ahsoka Tano her lightsabers, a parting gift during their reunion.

Skywalker grew protective of his Padawan, which Tano viewed as a lack of trust in her abilities. During the mission to Lola Sayu, Tano directly disobeyed Skywalker and joined his team, believing she should be the one to decide when to put her life in danger, not her master.[65] Later, when Tano went on the run after being accused of murder, she realized that Skywalker was the only person who would believe in her innocence and begged him to trust that she would make the right decision.[90] Ultimately, however, Tano left the Jedi Order, knowing that she had to discover more about herself without the help of her master. Skywalker confessed to his Padawan that he too understood the desire to leave the Order, and Tano,[88] who had become aware of a connection between her master and Senator Amidala,[57] but had never pushed the issue,[23] assured him that she knew.[88]

During her time away from the Order, Tano held her master in respect, regarding him as her own brother[19] and later as a father figure.[12] The lessons she had learned from him stayed with her in her exile; when asked by Trace Martez where she had learned to fly, the former Padawan credited her skills to "Skywalker Academy."[103] Even still, when she was approached by the Nite Owls to join in the fight against Maul, Tano feared that she would become closer to the life and master she had left behind, but knew that she must go with them to help others.[107] As she came face-to-face with Skywalker prior to the Siege of Mandalore, she did not indulge an emotional reunion and focused her attention on convincing the Jedi to assist the Mandalorians. In their final meeting as friends, Skywalker gifted Tano with her old lightsabers, now shining with blue blades, just as his own did. Before Skywalker left, Tano allowed her emotions to be shown, thanking him for his help and wishing him luck.[10]

Vader's nemesis

"Anakin Skywalker was weak. I destroyed him."
"Then I will avenge his death."
―Vader and Tano[154]

During the Siege of Mandalore, Tano learned from Maul that Skywalker had been groomed for years to become the apprentice of Darth Sidious, but she refused to trust the Zabrak, defiantly believing that she knew her master.[110] After Maul's capture, Tano attempted to speak with Skywalker but was unable to make contact with him. Later, she was able to feel his fall to the dark side through the Force, hearing him call out in anguish after attacking Mace Windu. She had no time to process these events before the execution of Order 66,[109] forcing her to go into hiding.[114] Although she did not know the fate of her master, she remembered him fondly, never forgetting the compassion and kindness Anakin offered to the galaxy.[86]

In 14 BBY,[196] Darth Sidious partnered Moff Wilhuff Tarkin and Darth Vader on a mission to investigate attacks on supply lines for the early Death Star. Sidious recalled Tarkin's prosecution at Ahsoka's trial as harming the relationship between Anakin Skywalker and then-Admiral Tarkin, and surmised that despite the Jedi's transformation into a Dark Lord of the Sith, Darth Vader still harbored resentment against Tarkin for his treatment of his former Padawan.[197]

Ahsoka sees a hologram of Anakin

Ahsoka sees a hologram of Anakin.

During her time with the Spectres, Tano was stationed aboard the Phoenix Home when the Rebel fleet was attacked by the Sith Lord Darth Vader. During the battle, Tano sensed the anger and hatred emanating from the dark sider, and she was met with the realization that the individual behind Vader's mask was Skywalker. The incongruity of the two men being the same caused Tano to lose consciousness. In the aftermath of this discovery, Tano struggled to accept the truth. Although she maintained that she was unaware of the Sith Lord's identity,[13] she secretly harbored feelings of grief and guilt, haunted by the idea that she could have helped her master in his time of need. During a mission to the Jedi Temple on Lothal, Tano was confronted by a vision of Skywalker that preyed upon these fears, blaming her for allowing Darth Vader to rise. Tano fought back against the vision, believing that there was still a way to reach her master.[86]


Ahsoka met her former master and dueled him.

Upon finally coming face-to-face with her former master once again on Malachor, Tano refused to believe that he and Vader were the same person; she was unable to reconcile the Sith Lord's vile nature with the kindness of the man she once knew. Although it pained her, Tano viewed Vader as the murderer of Anakin Skywalker and vowed to avenge her master's death, going against the Jedi teachings she had learned as a child. She battled him atop the Sith Temple, defending the Padawan Ezra Bridger. As the Temple began to collapse, Tano damaged Vader's mask, revealing the scorched face of Skywalker. The sight of her master forced her to pause. Feeling the guilt from leaving him years ago, Tano refused to leave Vader and continued to duel as her friends escaped.[154] Before the debris of the ceiling could crush them both, Tano destroyed the floor beneath them, causing Vader to fall.[159]

After Anakin's death

In 4 ABY, Anakin returned to the light side of the Force and sacrificed his own life to defeat Darth Sidious at the Battle of Endor.[5] Following her master's death, Tano reflected on the impact of Anakin's decisions on the galaxy. Despite his flaws, she remembered him as "the best of us," a good man who fell victim to his own fears,[172] and had favorable things to say about him.[177][179] In 9 ABY,[173] she refused to train the youngling Grogu because she recognized that the child's attachment to his father figure Din Djarin made him vulnerable to the same fears as Anakin. Tano could not bring herself to separate the infant from Djarin, vowing to not set him down the same self-destructive path as her old friend. However, she relented and told Djarin of Tython, a place where Grogu could reach out with the Force to contact other Jedi if he chose to.[172]

Unsurprisingly, given her close relation to the Skywalker family,[179] Tano met Anakin Skywalker's son Luke Skywalker at some point. In fact, when asked how she knew of his temple, she only answered that she was an old friend to the Skywalker family. Tano and Skywalker were on good terms. She even advised him in the training of Grogu, such as telling the young Skywalker to trust his instincts, and accepted his decision to train the youngling despite her own lack of desire to do so. She would even declare that being by Skywalker's side was the safest place in the galaxy for a young Force-sensitive like Grogu.[177] While she still did not consider herself a Jedi,[7] she had faith that Skywalker would create a "great school" and kept Djarin from seeing Grogu, as per Jedi rules on attachment.[177] She favorably referenced Anakin to his son[179] by noting they were similar and did not rule out seeing Luke again.[177] In the World Between Worlds, Anakin appeared to Tano as his younger self to complete her training.[195]

Powers and abilities

"During the Clone Wars, I worked with a lot of people. I fought alongside clones, who took orders from me even though I lacked their experience. I watched politics on a dozen different worlds. I helped train people who'd never held a blaster in their lives. When I did all that, I had the Jedi to back me up, but I think I could do almost as good a job with you."
―Ahsoka Tano, to Bail Organa[12]

Lightsaber abilities

"I admit, Ahsoka's a little rough around the edges, but with a great deal of training… and patience… she might amount to something."
―Anakin Skywalker, on Tano — (audio) Listen (file info)[8]

Ahsoka Tano made use of an unorthodox reverse grip during combat, but, at the insistence of her master, eventually began to utilize the standard grip[198] in addition to her reverse grip.[109] Tano was a particularly acrobatic lightsaber duelist who often utilized the Force to jump down on her opponents and to dodge lightsaber strikes. Although she was physically smaller than many of her foes, she proved to be a skilled duelist, wielding one and eventually two lightsabers.[154][110]

At the beginning of her apprenticeship under Skywalker, Tano's combat skills were already quite considerable given that she defeated three IG-100 MagnaGuards single-handedly during her first mission.[8] Later, Tano temporarily held her ground against the skilled Sith assassin Asajj Ventress[32] and the Jedi hunter General Grievous after only a very short time training under Skywalker, although she was forced to run away from Grievous a short time into their confrontation.[30] Her skills in lightsaber combat developed over time,[188] and she began to favor using a variant of Form V in battle[55] like her master,[199] although Offee was certain she would be skilled at Form VI as well.[55]


While still an apprentice, Tano became a practitioner of Jar'Kai, which she used for years.

During the Clone Wars, Tano became a practitioner of Jar'Kai, wielding a yellowish-green shoto lightsaber in addition to her standard lightsaber. However, Tano occasionally utilized only her main lightsaber, such as when she dueled Skywalker on Mortis while under the dark side influence of the Son. Nevertheless, Tano more commonly utilized Jar'Kai, particularly when facing multiple opponents such as when she engaged the much more experienced Skywalker and Kenobi on Mortis.[4][200] Whilst fleeing from clones after being framed for murder, Tano lost her second lightsaber and was forced to use only her main lightsaber to fight Barriss Offee. Her duel against Offee showed that she had become too reliant on her second lightsaber, something she had in common with Asajj Ventress, and though she did put up a considerable fight, Offee overwhelmed her.[92]

Around two years after[201] her first duel with Grievous, Tano proved during their encounter on Florrum that her skills in lightsaber combat had improved vastly as she held her own against all four of Grievous's lightsabers,[188] whereas previously she only lasted a short time when he was using only two lightsabers. Instead of fleeing after exchanging only a few blows,[30] Tano held her ground and gave the Younglings time to escape before escaping with them.[188] By the time of the Siege of Mandalore, Tano demonstrated highly advanced skills in lightsaber combat as evidenced by her prolonged duel with the powerful former Sith Lord Maul. Although Maul successfully disarmed Tano at the conclusion of their duel, she turned Maul's own attack against him in order to defeat him nonetheless.[110]


Tano wields her white lightsabers during her adult life.

Throughout the Clone War, Tano showed adeptness with deflecting blaster shots, particularly during Order 66, where she survived in a prolonged battle against her own men.[114] Even in extremely close-quarter fighting, she was able to defend herself despite being surrounded by multiple troopers.[109] Thanks to her training, she knew she could fight while blinded, yet she recognized needing to do that and fight without lightsabers would be a challenge. She was also skilled enough to fight without lightsabers, defeating the Sixth Brother, who was wielding a lightsaber, with only the Force.[12]

Sixteen years after her departure from the Jedi Order, Tano's skill in lightsaber combat had greatly improved to the point of mastery. During a skirmish at Hammertown, she easily defeated two Imperial Inquisitors at once and even deactivated the double-bladed lightsaber of the Seventh Sister with her bare hands.[153] During the mission to Malachor, Tano again proved capable of fighting several Inquisitors at once and even disarmed the Fifth Brother and destroyed his lightsaber. During the same mission, Tano again proved capable of dueling to a stalemate with the former Sith Lord Maul before breaking off the fight to rescue Ezra Bridger. Shortly afterward, Tano engaged in an intense duel with Darth Vader, and although she ultimately lost, she proved capable of putting up a much more impressive fight against him than either Jarrus or Bridger were previously able to.[154]

Force powers

"Because of Ahsoka's advanced abilities, I forgot how young she is."
―Anakin Skywalker[39]

Ahsoka Force pushes a Pyke Guard into a wall.

Gifted with raw Force skill,[1] Tano at first was only skilled at sensing the intentions and emotions of those around her, although she was able to advance in more skills once her training began.[12] She was noted by her master to possess advanced abilities.[39] At the beginning of her apprenticeship, Tano was capable of telekinetic feats as evidenced during the Battle of Christophsis, where she pulled down a large wall in order to save Skywalker from a group of retail droids. In another instance, Tano strongly pushed Ventress and flung her back some distance in order to save the life of Luminara Unduli.[32] By the end of the Clone Wars, Tano's telekinetic abilities advanced to the point that she was able to hold Maul aloft high above the city of Sundari[110] and could use the Force to prevent a small starship from taking off. During Order 66, she was able to use the Force to guide her two lightsabers in a circle to cut an escape path for her and Rex.[114] Tano later proved able to create a powerful protective Force barrier that was capable of temporarily holding back fiery dark side energies conjured by Darth Sidious.[159]

Tano also had a strong ability to sense things in the Force, feeling the presence of Plo Koon after his fleet was destroyed by the Malevolence[16] and the presences of the children who were kidnapped by Cad Bane.[40] She also eventually learned how to perform mind tricks.[51][53] Tano would sometimes use a Force choke, despite it being a dark side Force power, but relied on it mostly to temporarily fend off an enemy. She used this method against a Trandoshan hunter on Wasskah, prompting her companion Kalifa to use it as well. However, when Kalifa did not let go and began to threaten to kill the hunter, Tano convinced her to let the Trandoshan go, saying it was not the Jedi way to kill out of anger.[70]

In addition, Tano's Force powers enabled her to leap to incredible heights. She used this to her advantage when leaping into the Phantom in order to escape two Inquisitors.[153] She frequently used her acrobatic prowess during lightsaber combat, using front flips, back flips, and somersaults to avoid enemy attacks. During a duel against General Grievous, she vaulted herself on top of the cyborg general before springing off his back and escaping.[84] Ultimately, thanks to her skill in the Force, she was never weaponless, as she could always call upon its power.[12]


Tano was skilled in hand-to-hand combat.

Tano also experienced Force visions and dreams. She used the Force to heal two corrupted kyber crystals that had been "bled red" and restored them to their natural white color. These crystals became part of her new twin lightsabers. Tano was also able to use the Force to amplify her touch. On one occasion, she used this Force power to shatter the hilt of the Sixth Brother's double-bladed spinning lightsaber.[12]

Tano also demonstrated the ability to sense the thoughts and feelings of others. When she met Grogu, Tano was able to sense his thoughts to such a precise degree that she was able to deduce his name and that he had been trained as a Jedi youngling at the Temple on Coruscant.[172]

Other abilities

"When I was out there, alone, all I had was your training and the lessons you taught me. And because of you, I did survive. And not only that, I was able to lead others to survive as well."
―Ahsoka Tano, to Anakin Skywalker[69]

In addition to her Force powers and lightsaber combat skills, Tano was a talented pilot and also displayed skill as a war strategist by leading an attack that penetrated a Separatist blockade on Ryloth.[25] During the Clone Wars, Tano passed on some of her flight knowledge to Senator Amidala, instructing her in starfighter combat.[59] Due to her piloting skills, Tano found work as a courier for the Fardi clan while on the run from the Empire. She believed her skill in flying came from being trained by Anakin Skywalker, whom she considered the best pilot in the galaxy.[12]

Tano displayed skill in hand-to-hand combat, as she easily overpowered Cad Bane before dropping her guard and being incapacitated by the bounty hunter.[40] She later used her hand-to-hand combat skills on Mandalore by single-handedly defeating a group of the Mandalorian Secret Service and later holding off several guards and subduing Prime Minister Almec despite being handcuffed. However, on that occasion, she armed herself with one of the guards' shields, which she used to fend them off and defend herself from a stun gun.[51] While she was a prisoner of Trandoshan hunters, Tano killed the hunters Dar and his father, Garnac, by only using hand-to-hand combat and her Force powers.[70][69]


Just like her master, Tano was a very capable mechanic

Tano had a considerable knowledge of mechanics, which she had learned from her master. She used her mechanical skills to contact Skywalker and save her and Barriss Offee's lives when they were trapped under a destroyed droid factory on Geonosis. She also knew how to repair vehicles. While on Mortis, she repaired the shuttle that she, Kenobi and Skywalker had crashed on the planet.[43][63] Tano understood Shyriiwook, as demonstrated by her translations for Chewbacca while captured on Wasskah.[69] Tano later used her skills as a mechanic as her occupation after Order 66 and the fall of the Republic, repairing starships and threshers while hiding on Thabeska and Raada. Tano assembled her new twin lightsabers from scrap metal parts she had acquired from the Fardis.[12]

During their mission to Malachor, Tano was able to read some words in Ur-Kittât, the ancient Sith language.[154]



"Two lightsabers, you have. Two, you shall use."
―Yoda, to Ahsoka while she was learning to use two blades at once[54]
Ahsoka Tano Lightsaber DB

Ahsoka's first lightsaber

Ahsoka Tano owned two different pairs of lightsabers. She originally built her first lightsaber, which had a silver cylindrical hilt and a green blade, before becoming Anakin Skywalker's Padawan at the Battle of Christophsis.[8] She wielded this lightsaber by itself for some time, before constructing a shoto lightsaber with a matching hilt and a yellow-green blade to accompany it upon taking up Jar'Kai.[62] Both sabers had kyber crystals from the sacred planet of Ilum.[12] Tano wielded both lightsabers in battle until her departure from the Jedi Order, upon which the weapons fell into the care of her former master Skywalker. While they were in his custody, Skywalker tinkered with them to improve them, which led to the sabers having blue blades when he returned them to Tano before the start of the Siege of Mandalore.[10] Tano would later abandon the sabers on a moon after the issuing of Order 66[114] in order to fake her death to the Empire.[12]


Ahsoka wielding her white-bladed lightsabers

Over a year after the Clone Wars, Tano constructed a new pair of lightsabers, these ones with white blades, during the evacuation of Raada. The weapons initially had rough handles made of pieces of scrap Tano had acquired on her journeys, although she later rebuilt the hilts to be more functional and decorative. The kyber crystals within, as well as their mountings, came from the lightsaber of the Inquisitor Sixth Brother, whom Tano had defeated on Raada. Tano found the crystals familiar, and speculated they had been looted from the Jedi Temple after the Order's fall. After claiming the crystals, she purified them of the taint of the dark side until they shone white before assembling the weapons with scrap materials she had collected.[12] These white lightsabers continued to serve her during the early rebellion, as she used them in battle against multiple Inquisitors, as well as Darth Vader.[153]

During her time on Thabeska in the first year of the Empire, Tano also owned a unidentified blaster model which she used against Stormtroopers while escaping the planet of Thabeska. She destroyed it in order to provide a diversion for her escape. When her starship was captured by Chardri Tage and Tamsin, agents of Bail Organa, after her second departure from Thabeska, Tano knocked them out with a pair of bastons she had selected from the ship's weapons box.[12]


"R7, take over the ship. I'm going after Anakin. Somebody has to save his skin."
―Tano, before exiting her interceptor on Cato Nemoidia[89]

Ahsoka piloted an Eta-2 Actis-class light interceptor near the end of the Clone Wars.

During her time as a Padawan, Tano flew two different Jedi starfighters. At Ryloth and Umbara, Tano flew her own Delta-7B Aethersprite-class light interceptor.[25][71] Later, while fighting in the defense of the planet Cato Neimoidia, she piloted a newer Eta-2 Actis-class light interceptor,[89] in what would be her last battle before leaving the Jedi Order.[88] Both starfighters sported dark red paint jobs with a white Jedi symbol over the top of it, and were co-piloted by her personal astromech droid, R7-A7.[25][89]

Tano often flew missions with Anakin Skywalker in the Corellian G9 Rigger-class light freighter Twilight in the earlier stages of the Clone Wars, including at the Battle of Teth,[8] the Battle of Abregado,[16] the Mission to Skytop Station,[30] and the Mission to Mustafar.[40]

After her departure from the Jedi, Tano purchased a Joben T-85 speeder bike that was so prone to breaking down, Trace Martez dubbed it "Trash" when asked to name it.[19] Tano left the bike with the Martez sisters at their repair shop when she left to search for Maul with Bo-Katan Kryze, saying that she would come back for it.[107]

Upon her first departure from Thabeska, Tano stole a small and unremarkable freighter from the Fardi clan, which she used to travel around before and during the occupation of Raada, as well as when she returned to the Fardis.[12] Tano flew an A-wing starfighter on missions during the early rebellion, including to Takobo.[153] Following the battle of Endor, Tano traveled to Lothal in a T-6 shuttle to meet her friend Sabine Wren.[170]


Typical garb

"Much growth you have shown, Ahsoka Tano. On the path to becoming a Jedi Knight, you are."
―Master Yoda, before bestowing Tano with a Padawan braid extension[60]

Ahsoka's first outfit she wore as a Padawan

When she initially became a Padawan, Tano wore a dark red bandeau top and skirt with white tights, along with dark red boots and fingerless gloves, as well as a purple sash.[8] Tano later changed to wearing a dark red backless dress at the same time as she built her second lightsaber, this time with grey tights with diamond-shaped cut-outs and armbands with diamond shapes on her upper arms.[61]

She also wore a beaded headdress with a Padawan braid made of silka beads behind her right front lekku;[8] after a ceremony on Coruscant, Master Yoda granted her an extension to the braid.[60] The braid was taken away from her on two occasions: once briefly when she was captured by Cad Bane during the Battle of Devaron,[41] and the other when she was expelled from the Jedi after being framed for treason. She was offered the braid back after her name was cleared, but chose to leave the Order instead.[88] Ahsoka also had a wrist-mounted comlink but she had to destroy it to lay low while being on the run.[92]


Ahsoka's second outfit worn in the later years of the Clone Wars

After surviving Order 66, she donned a hood that covered her face and montrals to obscure her identity.[114] During her time on Thabeska and Raada, Tano wore a nondescript outfit, the only clothing she owned at the time. It was occasionally accompanied by hoods that concealed her face, with fellow Togruta Selda giving her a new one that fit her recently grown montrals better. She also owned a disused weapons belt that she put to use again upon constructing her second pair of lightsabers, and was given a backpack on Raada that didn't rub against her lekku.[12]

When Tano met the Spectres after the naval action at Mustafar, she wore a grey dress with grey-and-brown armor plating on her chest and skirt, along with grey detached sleeves and forearm armor, as well as fingerless gloves. The outfit also had armored boots.[135]

While operating on the planet Corvus during the New Republic Era, Tano wore sleeveless dark blue robes and a large belt from which she hung her lightsabers, as well as a pair of silver vambraces and arm wrappings on her forearms. Tano draped a dark cloak over these clothes during her assault on Calodan. This cloak hid her amid the smog of Corvus and also doubled as a poncho. Although Din Djarin incinerated this cloak upon meeting the Togruta, she replaced it not long after with a similar covering.[172]

Specialized clothing


Ahsoka's outfit worn during the Siege of Mandalore

During the boarding of Cad Bane's flagship in the Devaron system, Tano wore a dark red vacuum-sealed bodysuit and space helmet.[41] When she participated in the Battle of Mon Cala, Tano wore a grey-and-red scuba suit, with a face mask that allowed her to breathe but left her montrals and lekku exposed to the water.[202] During the Mission to Zygerria, undercover as a slave, Tano wore a turquoise outfit with gold jewelry and sandals, initially covered with a grey-purple body-covering robe.[74] Tano also owned a reddish-grey winter coat lined with white fur, which she wore on cold planets such as Carlac and Ilum.[76][81]

During her time wandering Coruscant after leaving the Order, Tano wore a light blue mechanic's jumpsuit, along with a brown headpiece that went over her montrals and between her lekku and had a grey raised diamond on the front. She also carried a brown satchel.[19] After being recruited by Bo-Katan Kryze and her resistance group to help pursue Maul, Tano was given a new combat outfit consisting of a blue-and-grey dress with a short skirt, blue tights, and grey boots, as well as forearm armor and fingerless gloves.[10] The outfit also had Mandalorian beskar plating.[108] After Order 66, she donned a grey cloak over that outfit.[114]

During the mission to rescue Janard, Tano wore an ocean jumpsuit.[149] While fighting off Morgan Elsbeth's agents in the Denab system, Tano wore a blue spacesuit to survive the vacuum while directly defending against incoming starfighters.[183]

Behind the scenes


"I've always known that Ahsoka is bigger than just me. I think my hope for anyone that joins Team Tano moving forward is that they realize how much Ahsoka means to people and that she's more than just a character. She's more than just a role. She's more than just another story. Ahsoka is changing lives. I hope that whoever joins the team recognizes that and continues to breathe life into her in a way that carries on her legacy."
―Ashley Eckstein[203]

Ahsoka Tano, as represented through an icon for Disney+ users

Ahsoka Tano was voiced by Ashley Eckstein in the Star Wars: The Clone Wars television series and film,[8] as well as in the following Star Wars Rebels television series.[135] Eckstein later authored the young-readers book Star Wars: I Am a Padawan[204] and narrated the audiobook of the novel Ahsoka.[205] American actress Rosario Dawson portrayed Tano in "Chapter 13: The Jedi," the fifth episode of The Mandalorian Season Two, with Caitlin Dechelle serving as a stunt double. This was the first live-action appearance of the character.[172] Dawson continued to play Tano in the Ahsoka television series.[206]

Tano and several other The Clone Wars characters were featured within Lucasfilm Ltd.'s 2009 holiday greeting card, which was designed by artists Kelly Smith and Harrison Parker. Tano and the others were depicted as ginger beard cookies. She was later featured within Lucasfilm's 2022 digital holiday card. Holding