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"I have to sort this out on my own, without the council, and without you. "
―Ahsoka Tano to Anakin Skywalker — (audio) Listen (file info)[src]

Ahsoka Tano, nicknamed Snips by her master, was a Force-sensitive Togruta female from the planet Shili who was trained as a Jedi apprentice during the Clone Wars, the conflict between the Galactic Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Tano was assigned to Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker by Jedi Grand Master Yoda, and she demonstrated an eagerness to prove herself worthy to be his apprentice. Tano was involved in the defeat of the Separatist army on the planet Christophsis and was important to Republic efforts during the Battle of Teth. Along with Skywalker, Tano was instrumental in acquiring the Republic's safe passage through Hutt Space, due to her part in rescuing the son of Jabba the Hutt, which ensured an alliance between the Republic and the Hutt clans.

Later, Tano and her master achieved many things during the war including stopping the Blue Shadow Virus, freeing Togruta slaves from Kiros, saving her Master and many others on multiple occasions, and even halting a plot masterminded by Darth Sidious himself. She also engaged some of most deadly people in the galaxy, most notably Asajj Ventress, General Grievous, and Cad Bane several times, always surviving without any serious injury. Tano had a brief brush with the dark side on Mortis after being infected with it by the Son and even died, but she was resurrected by the Daughter. Tano formed close bonds with many members of the Order, which included Plo Koon, Barriss Offee, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Luminara Unduli as well as people outside the Order such as Padmé Amidala and Lux Bonteri, to whom she developed a romantic attraction.

Around 20 BBY, Tano's friend Barriss Offee, who believed the Jedi Order to be evil, and corrupt, and overly belligerent, orchestrated the bombing of the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, killed the bomber, Letta Turmond, and caused the deaths of clone troopers while framing Tano for these crimes. While running away from Republic authorities and Skywalker, who still believed her to be innocent, Tano met her longtime nemesis Asajj Ventress and briefly allied with her, since both were on the run from their masters. Tano was led by Offee, the only Jedi whom she still saw as an ally, into a trap at an abandoned Coruscant warehouse in Coruscant's Undercity, where she was captured by Skywalker's forces. The Jedi High Council then expelled Tano from the Jedi Order and turned her over to the Republic for trial. Tano came very close to a conviction and death sentence, but she was acquitted at the last minute by the forced confession of a captured Offee. While the Council pardoned Tano and offered to bring her back into the Order, Tano refused, and she left the Jedi Temple.


Early life

"It was Master Plo Koon who found me and brought me to the Temple where I belonged…"
―Tano, to Anakin Skywalker — (audio) Listen (file info)[src]

Plo Koon discovering young Ahsoka Tano.

A Togruta from the planet Shili, Ahsoka Tano was discovered by Jedi Master Plo Koon[1] at the age of three[11]while he was on a mission to Shili,[1] and was raised in the Jedi Temple. Tano considered Master Koon to be among her oldest and dearest friends by 22 BBY and felt a large amount of gratitude to him for discovering her Force sensitivity and ensuring that she would be given a home at the Jedi Temple.[12] Tano was assigned to the Clawmouse Clan with many other Jedi Initiates that she would live and train with.[13] While a Jedi Initiate, Tano received training in sand levitation by Grand Master Yoda.[14]

Clone Wars

Battle of Christophsis

"You're reckless, little one. You never would have made it as Obi-Wan's Padawan… but you might make it as mine."
―Anakin Skywalker to Tano, following the Battle of Christophsis — (audio) Listen (file info)[src]

Tano was a talented student and was promoted to the rank of Padawan earlier than normal by Master Yoda, and assigned to Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker in hopes that it would teach Skywalker a greater sense of responsibility.[7][15]

Tano battling droidekas alongside her new master

The Jedi Council hoped that as Tano became more independent, her Master would learn to let go of his problematic sense of attachment. They sent the Padawan to the planet Christophsis to join Skywalker, hoping to aid him in the current battle and pass on a message that Kenobi and Skywalker must return to the temple. Though it was presumed she was going to be Master Obi-Wan Kenobi's new Padawan, she revealed that she was assigned to Skywalker.[15]

Unfortunately, Separtist General Whorm Loathsom had activated a deflector shield and had his droid army advance behind it, negating the use of cannons. Master Skywalker and his new Padawan tried to figure out how to get inside the shield and destroy the generator. They hid beneath a box and waited till the droids and tanks passed before they carefully sneaked in. Unluckily, they accidentally bumped into a droideka. Tano was intent on fighting, but Skywalker insisted on running. He told her to stop, allowing the chance to slash at the rolling droid as it passed them. When they reached the generator, Tano accidentally tripped a number of sensors, alerting retail droids to their presence. Skywalker distracted the droids while Tano planted explosive charges on the generator. One of the droids approached her from behind, but she managed to slice it in half with her Lightsaber.[15]

Unfortunately, the droid's "body" rolled over more sensors, alerting more of the droids. Seeing her Master outnumbered, she saw that he and the droids were underneath a wall with a convenient hole in the middle. She used the Force to bring down the wall. Skywalker passed through it, while the droids around him were crushed. Tano activated the charges, blowing up the generator, enabling artillery to finish off the droid legions.[15]

Despite Skywalker's initial reluctance to take a Padawan, he and Tano quickly found common ground, which left Yoda wondering whether the responsibility of mentoring a Padawan would actually calm Skywalker's wild ways, or if he would simply pass them on to his new charge.[7]

Battle of Teth

"But the hard bit's over, right? I mean, we just crawled up a cliff under fire and wiped out a battalion of droids or something."
"'Fraid not, littl'un, The hard bit isn't over until we put our boots down on Republic soil again, preferably with one Huttlet on board."
―Tano and Captain Rex[src]

Tano crossing blades with Asajj Ventress on Teth.

After Christophsis, Master Skywalker and his Padawan were dispatched to find and rescue Jabba the Hutt's kidnapped son Rotta, whom scouts had located on the planet Teth. The success of their mission was vital to completing Kenobi's negotiations with the gangster for trade and shipping routes in the Outer Rim Territories critical to the war effort. En route, Tano gave the troops an account of how she "saved" Skywalker from the retail droids. Upon arriving on Teth, it proved impossible to land at the B'omarr Monastery where the Huttlet was being held, which forced the Republic forces to land at the base of the mesa. The only way to reach the monastery was by scaling the vertical cliff walls. Master and apprentice treated it like a race and began their climb to the top.[15]

Tano got aboard an AT-TE walker, and defended it from dwarf spider droid fire when its gunner was shot. STAPs nearly caused the walker to lose grip, and likely would have succeeded had Skywalker not commandeered one of the STAPs to destroy the others. Once at the top, she used the AT-TE cannon to save her master from three droidekas.[15]

After securing the Monastery, they discovered a protocol droid caretaker designated 4A-7, who informed them the Huttlet was being held in the dungeons. After dispatching a few battle droids, the Jedi found Rotta, who was found to be just a baby, and whom Tano thought was cute. Unfortunately, while trying to load the Huttlet, whom Tano had nicknamed "Stinky," into a pack, a recording of their actions was taken by 4A-7, who was actually the servant of Dark Acolyte Asajj Ventress. Ventress transmitted the recording to Count Dooku, to convince Jabba that the Jedi had been the ones who kidnapped Rotta.[15]

With an army of droids sent to "retrieve" the Huttlet, the Jedi had to find an alternate way off the planet, as the Huttlet was sick. The two Jedi spotted another landing platform. Tano had a brief duel with Ventress before her Master picked her up on the back of a Can-cell, followed by astromech droid R2-D2. They discovered a ship, with 4A-7 at the foot of the ramp. When battle droids descended from the ship, it became obvious to Tano that 4A-7 was a spy. She destroyed the battle droids and beheaded 4A-7.[15]

The Jedi commandeered the ship and attempted to land on the Venator-class Star Destroyer Spirit of the Republic, but its hangar was destroyed before they could land. With no other options left to them, the Jedi traveled directly to Tatooine in the old freighter. While in transit, Tano was able to treat Rotta with medicine on board the ship, saving his life.[15]

Duel on Tatooine

"Being a Padawan is harder than I thought."
―Tano, after defeating three MagnaGuards — (audio) Listen (file info)[src]

Tano duelling three MagnaGuards.

The Twilight arrived at Skywalker's homeworld, Tatooine, but the ship was shot down by MagnaGuards. The Jedi survived the crash and made their way across the Dune Sea to Jabba's Palace. Tano wished to know more of her master's life on the planet, but he refused to talk about it. On the way, both Tano and Skywalker sensed a trap. Tano separated from her Master, taking the Huttlet with her. As her master faced Count Dooku, Tano was forced to fight three MagnaGuards single-handedly.[15]

Though it was difficult, she managed to defeat the MagnaGuards and deliver Rotta to his father before Jabba could have Skywalker executed, on the false belief that the Jedi had kidnapped his son. However, Jabba believed the Jedi were still using him and ordered them killed. Luckily, at the last moment, Senator Padmé Amidala of Naboo appeared via hologram with testimony that Jabba's own uncle, Ziro Desilijic Tiure, was responsible for Rotta's kidnapping. Once the truth was made known, Jabba promised the Republic safe passage through his territory in the Outer Rim, provided they promise to bring Dooku to justice for his crimes. Ziro would be punished severely by the Hutts. Tano and Skywalker were picked up by Kenobi and Yoda.[15]

Battle of Gwori

Jedi Master Mace Windu briefed a gathering of Jedi and highlighted a key issue in the war: that the Separatists vastly outnumbered the Republic in terms of ships. Master Kenobi suggested a surgical strike on the InterGalactic Banking Clan warship building factories. It soon became clear that the Gwori system was the prime target, yet due to the Republic forces being too splintered, it would be impossible to launch an all-out attack. Further complicating a possible strike team's sabotage attempt was a gigantic bio-scan-irradiator-incinerator that would kill any organics on ships that pass through it. Skywalker concocted a plan that would successfully bypass that complication; the strike team would freeze themselves in carbonite, which would resist the radiation produced by the incinerator.[16]

Skywalker ordered Tano to not participate in the mission; however, after he and the strike team were frozen, she manipulated Admiral Wullf Yularen into believing that Skywalker had decided to reverse his order and to allow Tano to be frozen and accompany the team on world. As R2-D2 piloted the frozen teams' shuttle to the planet's surface, a Separatist commander noticed an irregularity and ordered the ship fired upon. R2-D2 had the carbonite slabs strewn from the ship, and moments before it was destroyed, escaped from it himself.[16]

R2-D2 freed Tano from her carbonite slab, who in turn freed the rest of the strike team; her Master being less than impressed to discover that she had disobeyed his commands. While the team located the Separatist shipyards, they were unable to contact the Republic bombers, due to the Separatists having jammed all communications. However, Tano noticed a communications tower nearby and after fighting their way in, the team communicated with Masters Plo Koon and Saesee Tiin who organized that the bombers would strike at dawn.[16]

Unfortunately, the overseer of the shipyards, Juhm, noticed the unauthorized transmission and attempted to destroy the comm tower; however, the Republic team escaped and split up. B2 super battle droids equipped with jetpacks trailed Tano and her strike team into a cave, where she was forced to kill a large reptilian carnivore. Kenobi and Skywalker soon learned that the Separatists were using organic slaves to build warships; quite surprising due to it being far less productive than the use of droids. Later, the remnants of the strike team—Tano, Skywalker, Kenobi and Captain Rex—were captured. Skywalker and Tano came to an agreement to trust each other and the group proceeded to escape.[16]

In addition, the Separatist slaves revolted and joined the Jedi strike team. However, upon the arrival of the Republic forces, and the destruction of half of the shipyards, the escape craft of the Jedi and slaves was nearly destroyed by friendly fire, though, after transmitting to the Republic forces, the situation of mistaken identity was resolved. The freed Separatist slaves were made Republic citizens, and volunteered for the work of building warships for the Republic.[16]

Mission to Taloraan

Tano, Kenobi, Skywalker and Yoda during negotiations on Kothlis.

The Republic forces traveled to Kothlis to negotiate with the Bothans, but were confronted by a Confederate fleet upon arrival. After a brief battle, however, the Separatist forces retreated. Master Yoda, Kenobi, Skywalker and Tano then entered negotiations with the Bothans' first secretary Desark Fey'lya, who thanked the Jedi for their efforts in repelling the Separatist attack. Tano, however, sensed that the secretary had probably invited the Separatists himself and expressed her concerns to the rest of the Jedi. Fey'lya felt insulted by Tano's words and declared that the Bothans and their Spynet would be open to both sides of the conflict.

Kenobi, Skywalker and Tano traveled to the planet of Taloraan to secure the shipment of tibanna with the Republic. They were unaware that the magister of Taloraan City, Orlin Denache secretly signed a treaty with Count Dooku, who was interested in making Taloraan a member of the Separatists. A Munificent-class star frigate under the command of Captain Canteval was sent to the planet and local CIS supporters led by Rynert began to smuggle B1 battle droids and droidekas into the city.

Tano riding a fleft-wauf on Taloraan.

Denache realized that the Jedi would detect his lies with the Force, so he pretended to became ill and his emissary Sech Govlinder was sent to negotiate in his place. After the first round of negotiations Ahsoka Tano went into the city and accidentally discovered battle droids stocked within a guarded warehouse. Canteval ordered the droids to attack her and the other Jedi, revealing the Confederate presence within the city. Kenobi and Skywalker accused Govlinder of treachery and tried to reach their Nu-class shuttle, but were incapacitated when the shuttle was blown up and taken into custody.

Meanwhile, Ahsoka Tano managed to leave the city of Denfrandi and persuade a tribe of Wind Raiders to join combat against Separatist forces. Govlinder himself felt manipulated by Denache and remained loyal to the Republic. Once he had the chance, he immediately freed both Jedi and returned to them their lightsabers. Afterward he led them to the city's central communication tower, where the Jedi were able to patch a message to their Star Destroyer, Resolute. Without the element of surprise Canteval's Munificent was unable to overpower the Venator on its own. With its shield weakening, the Munificent took several direct hits into its engines and, unable to maintain altitude, was sucked into the gas giant's core.

Meanwhile, the Resolute had sent several LAAT/i with clone reinforcements to help the loyalists regain control of the city. Rynert and his followers tried to hold, but against the combined strength of the Jedi, clone troopers, Denfrandi loyalists and the Wind Raiders they were outmatched and soon defeated. Facing a dead-end, magister Denache committed suicide by stepping off the edge of the city and falling into the care of the gas giant. Temporarily taking the rule of the city, Govlinder continued negotiations with the Jedi and acknowledged the support of the Wind Raiders, who also played a small part in the skirmish.

Battle of Queel

Tano and Rex during the Battle of Queel

It was after this that Tano, Skywalker and Kenobi took part in the Battle of Queel, freeing the planet Queel from Separatist forces.

Mission to Mon Gazza

Following a failed attempt by Jedi Master Ki-Adi-Mundi to rescue a stolen data file, Anakin Skywalker and Tano were summoned from Queel to intercept a Separatist spy, Messo, in the Mon Gazza system. After Skywalker discovered that Messo no longer had the file in his possession, Skywalker, Tano and Rex watched the famous Mon Gazza Speedway podraces.[17]

After Skywalker determined that racer Kidd Kareen must be involved with the spies, he entered Tano in the race and pretended to be her oil boy, telling her to talk with Kareen and find out what she can about him. Kareen gave Tano a tour of the speedway and talked about his life of podracing. As they talked, Tano began to develop feelings for Kareen, and decided that he must not be part of the Separatist plot. When Tano and Kareen

returned, Skywalker was in the middle of a heated confrontation with Kareen's racing team. After Tano calmed Kareen down, she finished preparing for her first race, Qualifier Race Number Two.[17]

One member of Kareen's team, Devaronian San Maxus, decided that Tano must not be a real racer and tried to crash her in her first race. Another racer crashed Tano, but she still managed to qualify for the Mon Gazza Maze by coming in tenth place. Kareen offered to let Tano fly one of his pods in the race, and she eagerly accepted. Skywalker warned Tano about letting her feelings get in the way of finding out the truth about Kareen, before he followed Maxus and witnessed him contacting Dooku. Kareen gave Tano a kiss on the cheek for luck before heading to the race. Skywalker revealed to Tano what he found out about Maxus, and a disjointed Tano prepared for her race.[17]

Meanwhile, Maxus told Kareen that he is working for the Separatists and that he found out that Tano is a Jedi. Kareen was disappointed in Tano, hating the war and believing that the Jedi were responsible for it. He was also very shocked that Maxus was a traitor. Maxus convinced Kareen to help him or be caught by the Jedi.[17]

Tano duels Ventress for the second time, on Maxus' podracer

Maxus and Kareen both competed in the race against Tano, planning on meeting a Separatist agent and paying Tano back for tricking them. Skywalker and Rex attempted to stop them, but were thwarted by Kareen's team. Maxus and Kareen forced Tano into the dangerous and long-closed Skeleton Straits. As Maxus crashed Tano, she begged Kareen for help, and he rushed to her rescue as she jumped from the exploding pod. Tano drew her lightsaber to face Asajj Ventress as she appeared to meet Maxus. After Tano engaged in a brief duel with Ventress, Skywalker came to her rescue, Force-crushing the data file as it landed in Ventress' hand.[17]

Maxus crashed, and Kareen saved Tano as Ventress fled from Skywalker. Later, as Skywalker and Tano prepared to leave Mon Gazza, Kareen found out that Tano's master is the legendary racer Anakin Skywalker, and Skywalker and Tano promised to return and race with Kareen after the war was over.[17]

The Malevolence Crisis

"Wait! Just because there haven't been any survivors before doesn't mean there won't be any this time!"
―Ahsoka Tano speaks out to Supreme Chancellor Palpatine and the Jedi Council — (audio) Listen (file info)[src]

Tano speaking out against Chancellor Palpatine and the Jedi Council.

Sometime afterward, there was distress as news spread of a secret Separatist weapon that had destroyed over a dozen Republic warships, leaving no survivors. Plo Koon, the Jedi that had brought Tano to the Jedi Temple, went to the Abregado system with three attack cruisers to track down the weapon. Anakin Skywalker's fleet was stationed in the nearby Bith system at the time, with Tano accompanying her Master. Koon contacted them and warmly greeted Tano, revealing to Skywalker his Padawan and the Jedi Master's prior acquaintanceship. Communications, however, were cut off as the Malevolence approached Koon's small fleet. Skywalker contacted the Jedi Council, informing them of the situation. The taskforce appeared to have been destroyed, and Master Koon was assumed dead. Master Windu assigned Skywalker's taskforce to protect vital convoy missions, but Tano, obviously not wanting to give up on her old friend, interrupted to urge the Council to go searching for Master Koon. However she was chided for her impetuous outburst, and after the conference, Skywalker scolded her for speaking out of turn. Skywalker gave orders to Admiral Yularen to deploy the task force to protect against any enemies who may be a threat to the convoys, while he and Tano flew the Twilight to 'scout ahead'.[12]

The Twilight arrived in the Abregado system, but rather than search for the secret weapon, Skywalker ordered R2-D2 to calibrate the sensors to look for life-forms. Skywalker had bent the rules to look for Plo Koon, much to Tano's surprise. Skywalker explained to his Padawan that he had always intended to look for survivors, but he was trying to teach to Tano a lesson on using discretion. Skywalker had chosen to creatively interpret his mandate, rather than be directly confrontational as Tano had been. They searched the field of debris with no luck. Kenobi contacted them, telling them to return to the defensive escorts. As they were about to turn around, R2-D2 picked up a distress signal and they decided to continue searching.[12]

Tano, Skywalker and Plo Koon discover the Malevolence.

Supreme Chancellor Palpatine contacted the two Jedi, ordering them to listen to the Jedi Council and rejoin the convoys. However, just as they were about to head back, Tano sensed Master Koon's presence and started piloting the Twilight herself towards him. She and Skywalker found that Master Koon and three of his clones were the only survivors from the attack, and brought them aboard the Twilight, giving immediate medical attention to the wounded clones.[12]

Koon informed them that the "secret weapon" that the Separatists were using was an ion cannon that disabled all electronic systems, rendering their ships defenseless. At that point, the Malevolence passed by, forcing them to shut down all systems before it could detect them. However, they forgot to shut off the medical droid, TB-2. It was detected by the Malevolence, which responded by firing the ion cannon. The Twilight managed to escape the ion wave by jumping into hyperspace, taking the knowledge of the Separatist weapon with them.[12]

Ahsoka Tano in the gun turret with R2-D2 in the droid socket

Shortly thereafter, Skywalker devised a plan to utilize the newly acquired BTL-B Y-wing starfighters in a daring attack upon the Malevolence, primarily focusing on targeting Separatist General Grievous to ensure a speedier resolution to the war. The Republic plotted the course of the Separatist super weapon to the Kaliida Shoals Medical Center, where over 60,000 wounded clones were being cared for. In an attempt to arrive there before it, the strike force made its way through the Balmorra Run; however, the small force had not reckoned on encountering Neebray mantas.[18]

After barely escaping with their lives, the strike team engaged in battle with the Malevolence, taking several casualties. When it became apparent that the original plan would fail, Tano, acting as her Master's gunner, suggested a change in tactics. In line with her suggestion, Master Koon devised an attack plan. The remaining starfighters fired upon one of the ion cannons as it was charging up, causing it to overload, and thereby destroying both the port and starboard super weapons. After the destruction of the ion cannons, Master Kenobi arrived in the system with three Republic ships that began pursuit of the fleeing Malevolence.[18]

Tano, Plo Koon and Admiral Yularen aboard the Resolute.

Due to the Malevolence being able to withstand the barrage of fire because of its immense size, by Masters Kenobi and Koon, Skywalker and Tano contacted Jedi Master Luminara Unduli to request reinforcements, though the Mirialan Jedi Master was unable to oblige due to being involved in a skirmish with a Separatist fleet herself. As the battle continued, Tano discovered that a small Naboo ship had entered the system; aboard was none other than Senator Padmé Amidala of Naboo, who thought she had been sent on a diplomatic mission to the region.[19]

Unfortunately, the Senator became caught in the Malevolence's tractor beam and was taken captive aboard it. While Skywalker and Kenobi mounted a mission to rescue Amidala, Tano remained with the Republic forces to aid Master Plo Koon. Soon, the small task force escaped the Malevolence with the Senator. On board, Skywalker had reset the navicomputer to cause it to collide with a nearby moon, destroying it and removing the Separatist threat.[19]

Battle of Bothawui and aftermath

"Master, they just delivered your replacement astromech droid! This is R3-S6. I've heard that the new R3's are far faster in thinking skills and more powerful than the old R2 units."
―Ahsoka Tano introduces R3-S6 to Anakin Skywalker — (audio) Listen (file info)[src]

Tano and Skywalker learn of their defeat from Kenobi.

After the Republic suffered a series of defeats at the hands of General Grievous, Tano was commissioned to participate in the defense of the planet Bothawui, along with her Master and his battle group. Tano commanded the Republic flagship, while her Master led a starfighter assault. While the Republic managed to repel Grievous, Skywalker's ship was destroyed in the battle, and though he was able to be recovered, R2-D2 was not. Skywalker believed that the droid had survived the ships destruction and he and Tano mounted a mission aimed at recovering him.[20]

Tano encouraged the use of the replacement droid R3-S6, especially after she and her Master failed to recover R2-D2. Later, Skywalker mounted a mission to discover a listening post used by Grievous; however, due to the ineptitude of Arthree, he found himself in dire trouble. Fortunately, the timely intervention of Tano and Rex aboard the Twilight ensured that Skywalker escaped.[20]

Mission to Skytop Station

"It was foolish of you to take on Grievous by yourself!"
"Well, I was leading the mission, and it seemed like a good idea at the time!"
―Skywalker and Tano — (audio) Listen (file info)[src]

Tano duels General Grievous on Skytop Station

Still hunting for R2-D2, Tano and Skywalker followed a signal that Skywalker felt was from the missing astromech and arrived at Skytop Station, the listening post used by General Grievous. Upon arrival at the station to destroy it, Skywalker separated from Tano and left the small clone task force under her command to plant explosive charges and destroy the station's reactors, while he himself went to locate R2-D2. Tano found herself face to face with General Grievous himself, who caught the group by surprise. After saving Captain Rex from a killing blow by Grievous, Tano engaged the cyborg in a brief duel, luring him away from the clones. Although a Padawan, she distinguished herself by being one of the extreme few to face the cyborg and survive. She later discovered that Arthree was a Separatist spy droid under the general's command.[21]

Arthree revealed Tano's location when she hid from Grievous after he proved to be too much for her to defeat. Grievous grabbed Tano's neck, took her lightsaber and told her it would be added to his collection. Yet, as he was distracted by the explosions from the charges set by the clones, Tano managed to slice off the cyborg's right hand, used the Force to retrieve her lightsaber, and escaped through the vents. She made her way to the landing bay where she helped her Master and the clones fight against B2 super battle droids and 88th Flight. After R2-D2 had managed to open the blast doors to the landing bay that was keeping the Twilight from escaping, Tano, Skywalker, and the clones exited as the station plummeted down through the planet's atmosphere. Tano reassured Rex as Skywalker left in his Delta-7B to retrieve R2-D2.[21]

Assault on the Tranquility

"If it isn't the hairless harpy."
"If it isn't Skywalker's filthy, obnoxious little pet."
"How nice of you. Tell you what, I'll give you a merciful death."
―Tano and Asajj Ventress exchange verbal blows — (audio) Listen (file info)[src]

Tano fights Ventress after she kills several blue guards.

Soon after, Tano was assigned to Jedi Master Luminara Unduli's ship to guard Trade Federation Viceroy Nute Gunray,[22] who had been captured on the nearby planet of Rodia.[23] Tano got increasingly angry with Gunray's feeble excuses, and threatened him during his interrogation, earning a chastising from Master Unduli. When the ship was boarded by super battle droids on Count Dooku's orders to rescue Gunray, Tano stayed at Gunray's cell while Unduli dealt with the droids.[24]

Tano faced Asajj Ventress when the dark assassin broke into the detention level to free Nute Gunray while Unduli defeated the incoming droids. However, Tano was tricked by the Viceroy and was locked in Gunray's cell. Thankfully, Unduli came to her rescue shortly after, though, and the two briefly fought Ventress together. Unduli insisted on chasing the Dark Acolyte alone, despite Tano's prior warning.

Tano dueling Asajj Ventress in the engine room of Tranquility.

Eventually, Tano decided to go and help the Mirialan Master as she sensed she was in trouble, and found that Ventress was gaining the upper hand over Unduli. Joining in the fight Tano successfully rescued Unduli from several attacks from Ventress that could have possibly killed her if Tano had not intervened. The two Jedi duelled Ventress together dodging blows from Ventress' twin lightsabers and having large amounts of rubble hurled at them. Meanwhile the captain of the ship Faro Argyus turned out to be a traitor and attacked Unduli's clone commander Gree and fought each other while Argyus freed


Although the traitor Captain Argyus and the Rattataki assassin successfully rescued Gunray, it was not a total loss because the ship could be tracked. Tano spoke with her Master, who told her to meet him at a rendezvous point, departed after saying goodbye to Unduli. She also briefed the Jedi Master Kit Fisto on the possible whereabouts of Gunray.[24]

Capture of Dooku

"We had the situation well under control, my little Padawan."
"Oh! I see. So which part of the situation did you have under control? The blocked entrance? The poison gas? Or that gundark behind you?"
―Skywalker and Tano — (audio) Listen (file info)[src]

When Skywalker went to locate Count Dooku,[25] he and Obi-Wan Kenobi contacted Tano to command the Resolute and attack Dooku's frigate. Later, after a crash-landing on the planet Vanqor, the two Jedi were trapped in a cave of Gundarks. Tano rescued them by opening the cave to let them out, and ordered her clones to reseal the cave as a gundark advanced on them from within. Later, when the Republic wanted to negotiate a deal between pirates on the planet Florrum to obtain captivity of Dooku, Skywalker and Kenobi went to confirm that they were holding Dooku.[26] They were captured themselves, but later escaped, with some assistance from Binks.[27]

Sky Battle of Quell Skywalker's revival

"Don't lose a thousand lives just to save one."
"Maybe. But that doesn't mean I can't try to save his life."
Aayla Secura and Ahsoka Tano — (audio) Listen (file info)[src]

Tano jokes with Rex before leaping off the Republic Gunship to rescue Aayla Secura during the Battle of Quell.

The Resolute later assisted Jedi Knight Aayla Secura's cruiser, which was being heavily attacked by Separatist Munificent-class frigates. Tano, her Master, Rex and a platoon went to assist on LAAT/i gunships. Skywalker used several of the rocket droids as stepping stones to get inside Master Secura's ship, while Tano, Rex and the clone troopers got in when their gunship was shot down and penetrated the hull of the destroyer. Since the cruiser had sustained extensive damage, they had no choice but to escape its imminent destruction by using a docked Consular-class frigate.

Tano and Secura tending to a wounded Skywalker.

On their way, they saw an explosive blast approaching them, and Skywalker used a Force-push to throw the others ahead while he held off the blast by closing blast doors with the Force. After the blast dissipated, Tano managed to haul an unconscious Skywalker out of the wreckage, along with Secura's help, and brought him inside the ship. However, before they could dock with the Resolute to give him medical attention, an assault from Vulture droids knocked out the pilot and accidentally engaged the hyperdrive. Fortunately, the Resolute managed to maneuver out of the way in time, and the frigate jumped to hyperspace.[28]

Upon entering hyperspace, Bly, Secura, Tano and Rex realized that the navicomputer was not correctly set before the hyperdrive was activated, sending them on course for a nearby star. Secura ordered all the power systems to be shut down to reset the navicomputer. Tano protested that doing so would include shutting down life support for Skywalker, but was convinced by Secura that they otherwise would not survive. After shutting down and restarting the ship's systems, Tano managed to slingshot the ship around the star, but after the stress the ship endured and the rate of speed at which they were going, they were on a collision course with a nearby planet. Tano successfully kept all of the occupants alive with her maneuvers, despite the damage the ship sustained from the crash landing, garnering praise for her piloting skills from Secura.[28]

Tano, Secura and Bly coming across the Lurmen village on Maridun.

Once they settled camp, they had to find help for Skywalker and found proof of sentient life in the form of a tablet with a carving of a tree on it. Tano volunteered to stay behind; however, Secura explained to her that the two of them had to work together. Rex reassured Tano that he would stand guard over Skywalker, while the others went to search for help. While she was with Secura, Tano learned from the Twi'lek master the Jedi Code of having no personal attachments, but she told her about her attachment to Skywalker. Secura responded by informing Tano of her attachment to her master. Secura told the Togruta that for the greater good, she had to let go of her master. After losing three clone troopers to indigenous animals, they found a village of Lurmen, who had settled on the planet to escape the war. Though their leader Tee Watt Kaa was adamant in not participating in the Republic's conflict with the Separatists, he agreed to give Skywalker medical attention. One of the Lurmen and Watt Kaa's son, Wag Too, accompanied Tano and Bly to retrieve Tano's Master. They arrived at the camp in time to save Skywalker and Rex from aggressive mastiff phalones. After bringing Skywalker back to the village for Wag Too to treat, Tano admitted to Secura that if she had stayed with her master, they would have never found the village in time to save him.[28]

Battle of Maridun

"You know, I can't figure those villagers not wanting to fight. No pride, I guess."
"I call it no courage."
"Sometimes it takes courage to stick to one's beliefs, young Padawan. As any Jedi well knows."
―Captain Rex, Ahsoka Tano and Aayla Secura on the Lurmen's pacifist ways — (audio) Listen (file info)[src]

As Skywalker was healing his injuries, a Separatist ship appeared on Maridun, and the Jedi and clones were forced to flee so that the Lurmen would not be slaughtered for their presence. Tano could not understand the Lurmen's aversion to fighting, but Secura told her that it took courage to follow one's beliefs. A recon droid discovered them, and after Tano, Rex and Bly gave chase, Secura was able to destroy it. Climbing a tree, the group discovered that the Separatists had set up a base, and were testing a new weapon and planning on using it on the Lurmen colony. That night, the group took out the Separatists' communications and stole a shuttle, but instead of leaving the planet, they went back to the Lurmen colony. Tee Watt Kaa was adamant against receiving help from the Jedi, but Skywalker managed to convince him to let them stand by their beliefs.[29]

Tano protecting Lurmen villagers on Maridun.

The Jedi set up a deflector shield, and they were able to withstand the defoliator. The Jedi were able to defeat the first wave of droids, but the second wave of droids was much larger in strength, and the droids managed to get past the Jedi and destroy the shield generators. General Lok Durd ordered the defoliator reloaded, but before it could be fired, Skywalker destroyed it and captured him. Meanwhile, Wag Too led an assault on the droids against the wishes of his father, and the Lurmen tied up the remaining droids with rope. Tano was able to destroy the disarmed droids. Later, as the Jedi prepared to leave, Wag Too gave the Jedi his thanks. Tee Watt Kaa did as well, but wondered what price it had come at. The Resolute and two other Venator-class cruisers came out of hyperspace; Admiral Yularen was apparently able to find the Jedi on his own.[29]

Mission to Naboo

"By the way…your Padawan was brilliant."
Padmé Amidala on Tano's performance during the mission — (audio) Listen (file info)[src]

Tano starting to show the effects of the Blue Shadow Virus.

The Jedi Council later sent Tano, along with Skywalker and Kenobi, to Naboo in response to intelligence that suggested that a Separatist bio-lab had been set up on the planet. When contact with Senator Amidala and Representative Jar Jar Binks, who had begun the search for the lab, was lost, Skywalker sent Tano along with the Gungan native Peppi Bow to locate them.[30]

While they searched the swamp where Binks and Amidala disappeared, the two accidentally found a spy cam. While hiding from the camera, Tano contacted Skywalker and Kenobi, who instructed her to detonate a bomb in the south bunker to create a distraction. She levitated a thermal detonator using the Force and dropped it right on the hatch. Tano told Bow to stay outside the lab and stop anyone from leaving, while she continued into the lab. Once inside she acted as a distraction, drawing battle droids to her so that Skywalker would be free to rescue Amidala and Binks, which he was ultimately able to do. Luckily, the Jedi were also able to capture Dr. Nuvo Vindi, the scientist in charge of the lab, and prevent him from releasing the deadly Blue Shadow Virus.[30]

Tano fainted from the effects of the Blue Shadow Virus.

While Kenobi and Skywalker prepared to transfer Vindi for trial, Tano, Amidala and several clones went about further securing the lab, only to discover that a vial of the virus was missing. Though they were able to sound the alarm, it was not in time, and Vindi's still at-large personal assistant droid was able to detonate a bomb releasing the virus throughout the lab. Fortunately, Amidala and Binks were in a safe room at the time and avoided infection, though Tano and the clones with her were not so lucky. Despite her deteriorating condition Tano aided Amidala in ridding the lab of battle droids; during which Amidala herself became infected by the virus.[31]

Moments before Tano succumbed to the effects of the virus, Skywalker and Kenobi returned with the antidote which they had acquired on the planet Iego, curing her, Amidala and the majority of the clones.[31]

Battle of Ryloth

Breaking the blockade
"It was a trap, Snips. It wasn't your fault."
"I lost so many of my pilots."
"Take heart, little one. That's the reality of command."
―Anakin Skywalker and Ahsoka Tano — (audio) Listen (file info)[src]

Skywalker attempting to bolster Tano's confidence.

After Techno Union Foreman Emir Wat Tambor took control of the planet Ryloth and its inhabitants, the Jedi Council dispatched Skywalker and Tano to destroy the blockade surrounding the planet, to clear the way for the invasion forces led by Windu and Kenobi. Tano, and her new droid, R7-A7, led a squadron for the first time, leading Blue Squadron as Blue Leader.[1] She led her squadron from the Resolute and proceeded to attack the incoming Vulture droids, and managed to cut a clean path straight to the Procurer. However, after Separatist reinforcements arrived, she disobeyed a direct order from Admiral Yularen and Skywalker to retreat. Vulture droids began to plunder the Resolute on suicidal runs, and Tano turned back, but lost half of her squadron along the way. After the Republic forces retreated, she was extremely shaken. Skywalker tried to comfort her, which was to no avail. Later, Tano found the injured Admiral Yularen unconscious in the medical bay, and mournfully apologized for her failure.[32]

Skywalker received orders to continue with the plan despite their losses. Tano, now adamant against taking command because her earlier failure, questioned Skywalker's readiness, and Skywalker ordered her back to her quarters to "cool off". Later, alarms started to sound, and Tano found from a passerby clone trooper that the Defender had been ordered to evacuate. Arriving in the hangar bay of the Resolute, she found that Skywalker had devised a plan to pilot the Defender alone and ram it into the lead control ship, thereby leaving out-maneuverable droids in charge of the blockade. Tano was overwhelmed, now given more pressure with the added responsibility of her Master's life, but before she could stop Skywalker, he left for the Defender and left her in charge of the remaining forces.[32]

Tano arriving on the bridge of the Resolute

Tano was hesitant about devising a plan to take out the remaining blockade. When she devised a plan to angle the hull of the Resolute toward the blockade, acting as a screen so the fighters could launch, the navigation officer of the Resolute was doubtful, but she received support from a recovered Admiral Yularen. After Skywalker rammed the Defender into the lead control ship and its commander, Mar Tuuk, fled, the Resolute came out of hyperspace, and Tano led fighters and bombers, and successfully destroyed the remaining frigates in the blockade. Three Acclamator-class ships came out of hyperspace, the lead ship carrying Obi-Wan Kenobi and Mace Windu. Kenobi conferred with Tano, and she told him that they were clear for ground assault; Kenobi was rather disapproving of Skywalker's reckless plan, but was glad it had worked. Tano dispatched Rex to send a shuttle to pick up Skywalker's escape pod.[32]

Retaking the capital city
"That was close, Master!"
"Isn't it always, Snips?"
―Ahsoka Tano and Anakin Skywalker, after defeating the bombers — (audio) Listen (file info)[src]

Shortly after General Kenobi destroyed the proton cannons and allowed the transports to land, Mace Windu headed to the capital with his forces. Tano joined her master in her fighter to destroy the deployed Hyena-class bombers. While Mace Windu prepared to attack the city with Twi'lek Cham Syndulla and the freedom fighters, Master and Padawan engaged the bombers, which were pillaging inhabited villages. Tambor's shuttle and his tactical droid TA-175 left without him, and despite Tambor's presence, Count Dooku still ordered the city of Lessu bombed. However, before the Republic forces and the Twi'lek inhabitants were blown to pieces, Skywalker and Tano arrived just in time to destroy the bombers. Tambor was captured, and the Republic emerged victorious: Ryloth was finally free once more.[33]

After Kenobi and his men were able to take out the proton cannons and allow the transports to land,[103] Windu headed for the capital with his forces. During a holographic conference with Palpatine, Yoda, Admiral Yularen, Senator Orn Free Taa and Windu, Skywalker reported that his forces had secured the space around Ryloth, and that the Separatist cruisers were on the run. However, Wat Tambor soon deployed Hyena-class bombers to destroy the nearby villages and Skywalker engaged them in his fighter, accompanied by Tano. Tambor's tactical droid TA-175 and his shuttle left without him, but Count Dooku still ordered the bombers to destroy Lessu, despite the fact that Tambor was still there. However, before the bombers could destroy the Republic forces and the Twi'lek inhabitants, Skywalker and Tano shot them down. Tambor was captured, and the Republic was victorious: Ryloth was finally free once more.

Following the liberation of Lessu, Skywalker and Tano were left in command of the operations against the remaining Confederate holdouts on the planet. The two Jedi led their 501st Legion clone troopers through the ruined city of Resdin, gradually clearing out the droid forces that were encamped there. During the conflict, Captain Rex and Clone Sergeant Boomer were captured by the bounty hunter Cad Bane, who was on the run after stealing the Gravitic Core, a part of Separatist scientist Kul Teska's newly developed superweapon. The clones were eventually rescued by Skywalker and Tano, but while trying to escape from Resdin, they and Bane were attacked by Teska himself, who planned to steal the Gravitic Core from them. When the Skakoan attempted to seize the Core with a grappling hook, Skywalker used the Force to throw it into Bane's ship.

Tano pinned Bane beneath a metal slab, preventing him from running off with his ship. An enraged Teska engaged the Jedi, charging at them using the enhanced abilities of his modified pressure suit and firing volleys of missiles from launchers mounted on his back. After Skywalker repeatedly used the Force to redirect his missiles back at him, Teska encased the two Jedi within an energy bubble, incapacitating them. However, before Teska could escape in Bane's ship, Rex and Boomer arrived and confronted Teska until the Skakoan was eventually forced to issue and ultimatum: either save their Jedi commanders or kill Teska. As the energy bubble began to close in on Skywalker and Tano, the clones decided to chose to rescue the Jedi. While the clones deactivated the bubble, Teska boarded The Sleight of Hand and escaped with his weapon. Cad Bane also escaped, fleeing Ryloth and the Republic forces.

Skywalker and Tano contacted Jedi Grand Master Yoda and Generals Windu, Kenobi, Plo Koon, and Kit Fisto on Juma 9. The group was joined by the Jedi Aayla Secura and Luminara Unduli, who had encountered Separatist forces on the world of Alzoc III, where Bane had stolen the Core from Teska. During the holographic transmission, the Jedi received a distress signal from Senator Padmé Amidala of Naboo, who was investigating Confederate activity on Behpour, a planet in the Naboo system. Amidala reported that she had been spotted before her connection was severed. The Jedi prepared to lay siege to Teska's facility on Behpour, from which the Skakoan had harnessed his gravitic beam to collapse the Naboo sun, with the objective of rescuing the Senator and destroying the Confederate superweapon.

Battle of Behpour

The Jedi regroup after the Battle of Behpour

Commander Cody and Captain Rex created a diversion while Skywalker and Kenobi snuck into the droid facility and destroyed the shield generator, allowing the main body of troops, commanded by Windu and Tano, to destroy the main building. Inside, Skywalker and Tano faced Teska, while Rex, Cody, and Pondsbrought the Twilight to the rendezvous point while trying to escape Dooku, who was trying to impede their advance. By the time Masters Kenobi and Windu arrived, the Count was already close to destroying the freighter. After a short duel, Windu and Kenobi defeated Dooku, while the clones escaped. Before they could capture him, however, Dark Acolyte Asajj Ventress appeared and took her injured master to a hidden Sheathipede-class transport shuttle, in which they escaped. Meanwhile, Skywalker and his Padawan had already diffused the bomb, defeated Teska and saved the Senator. In the end, the Jedi escaped with the Senator Amidala, leaving Teska and his experiments to die in the burning wreckage of the laboratory.

First Battle of Felucia and punishment

"Masters, this incident is my responsibility. Because of Ahsoka's advanced abilities, I forgot how young she is. I gave her more freedom than I should have."
"That may be. But it doesn't excuse what happened on Felucia. I think she needs some time away from the battlefield."
―Anakin Skywalker and Mace Windu, discussing Tano's punishment. — (audio) Listen (file info)[src]

Republic Gunships prepare to rescue the Jedi while Tano fights perilously on top of the tank.

As the war continued, Confederate forces—led by General Grievous—invaded the Outer Rim planet of Felucia.[34] High General Plo Koon, Obi-Wan Kenobi, General Anakin Skywalker and his Padawan, Tano, led an assault to counter the Separatist threat. The Republic forces engaged the Confederate Navy above the planet and began to break-up their advancement; however, waves of Vulture droids caused problems for the Republic group. Few clone trooper transports made it to the planet surface to aide Generals Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker. As battle droids continued to fire on the struggling clone troopers, General Koon cleared the skies of Vulture droids, inside his starfighter. Meanwhile, a Vulture droid fragment fell from the sky and landed on one of the Republic's AT-TE walkers. Seeing that the Republic forces had lost much of its reinforcements, Kenobi signaled for an immediate retreat; however, both Kenobi and Skywalker noticed that Tano has been missing. Contacting her through his comlink, Tano revealed that she had engaged another group of battle droids 6 klicks east of the Jedi Masters' location. Kenobi told her that the Republic forces were retreating and she needed to return, which the Togruta Padawan denied and told him that she has broke through the Separatists' defense. However, Skywalker and Kenobi landed their LAAT/i gunships in front of Tano's Juggernaut Turbo Tank, which caused her to shout at Skywalker in dismay. Skywalker then forced her to enter his gunship. As the Republic forces—on board the LAAT/i gunships—lifted above the ground, the forces within them witnessed the destruction of Tano's Turbo Tank and its reinforcements, which made Tano finally realize her mistakes.[35]

Skywalker and Tano inside the High Council Chamber on Coruscant.

After leaving Felucia, the Republic forces returned to Coruscant. Inside the Temple's High Council Chamber, Skywalker and Tano stood before Jedi Masters Mace Windu and Yoda. Kenobi had provided the Council information on what Tano had done on Felucia. After Windu informed the Padawan of Kenobi's information, Windu asked if she agreed with Kenobi's claims. Tano agreed, and told the Jedi Master that she is regretful of her actions and that she was "caught in the moment." Skywalker defended his Padawan by taking the blame for giving Tano too much responsibility; however, Windu dismissed his claim. The Jedi Master then announced that Tano would take time off from the battlefield and become a Archives guard, under the assistance of Jedi Librarian Jocasta Nu. Skywalker and Tano soon left the council chamber and headed for the Archives. Along the way, Tano reflected on her actions and apologized to her Master; however, Skywalker told her that he understood what she was feeling since he was once a struggling Padawan not too long ago. The Jedi Knight soon greeted Nu, who was near her desk outside the main Archives hall. Skywalker introduced Tano to Nu, and told the Jedi Librarian that Tano was to be her new guard officer.[35]

After leaving Skywalker, Nu took Tano on a tour around the Archives. After giving the Padawan the authority to guard the Holocron Vaults, Nu left Tano and departed back to her desk.[35] Upon recognizing a Jedi that she had met in the past,[36] Tano greeted Jedi Master Ord Enisence. However, unbeknownst to her, a female Clawdite bounty hunter had taken the appearance of Enisence to infiltrate the Jedi Temple. Tano began to bother the seemly Jedi, asking if he needed help. The bounty hunter, enraged, told the Padawan to "leave him be". After the Padawan walked away, the bounty hunter uses a computer terminal to secretly provide Duros bounty hunter Cad Bane information about the Jedi Temple, via comlink. As Bane and his Techno-service droid, Todo 360, entered the Jedi Temple through a ventilation vent, Grand Master Yoda continued to feel the intruders through the Force, and soon placed the temple on high alert. While the ongoing events escalated, the elder Jedi Librarian told Tano to remain on guard, while she went to notify everyone that the temple was on high alert.[35]

Tano fights Cato Parasitti in the form of librarian Jocasta Nu in the Temple Archives.

Nu first went to Enisence; however, the bounty hunter punched Nu in the face, knocking her unconscious. Yoda contacted Tano, via comlink, and alerted her of the danger. Worried, Tano left the Archives main room and confronted Cato Parasitti who had changed her appearance from Enisence to Nu. Parasitti engaged Tano in a brief lightsaber duel inside the Archives main room but was no match for the Padawan who quickly defeated the Clawdite, knocking her to the ground. Several Jedi—consisting of Mace Windu, Yoda, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker, Aayla Secura, and Kit Fisto—arrived inside the Archives room. The group arrested the bounty hunter yet noticed that a holocron was missing from the vault. Before the Jedi dismissed the captured bounty hunter, the latter revealed that Cad Bane was about to hunt Jedi Master Bolla Ropal to retrieve the Kyber memory crystal, a crystal that contained a list of potential Force-sensitive younglings throughout the galaxy. Fearing for the future of the Jedi Order, Skywalker suggested that he could rescue the Jedi Master with Tano, and Windu reluctantly agreed.[35]

Taking back the stolen holocron

"We don't have much time. Hurry it up Jedi, or she dies."
"No, Master! Don't do it!"
―Cad Bane, contemplating on the death of Tano.[src]

After leaving Coruscant on board the Venator-class Star Destroyer, Resolute, Tano joined Skywalker and a clone trooper on the bridge of the cruiser. Admiral Yularen joined the group, who told Skywalker that they have arrived near the navy forces of the ruthless bounty hunter, Cad Bane. Above the planet of Devaron, Republic Star Destroyers engaged Bane's Munificent-class Star Frigates. After witnessing the location of Bane's frigate, Skywalker and Tano joined Rex and his men on the Resolute's hangar bay. After Rex revealed that they had no transports to deliver the troops to Bane's frigate, Yularen joined the group and offered his help. Skywalker ordered the latter to activate a few AT-TE walkers that were near them; however, Yularen was not pleased in Skywalker's decision. Determined to use deactivated AT-TE walkers, Skywalker ignored the admiral's claim, and soon activated them with Tano who claimed that her Master was a genius.[37]

Skywalker, Tano, R2-D2, Rex and Denal engaging Bane and his droids.

While both Skywalker and Tano were dressed in pressurized suits, the clone troopers soon climbed on board the walkers, and were prepared to land on top of Bane's frigate. The Resolute's bottom release platform inside the hangar opened, letting the walkers free fall in zero-gravity down to the Munificent-class Star Frigate. B1 battle droids engaged the group, although were defeated by the Republic force. Skywalker ordered his astromech droid, R2-D2, to open the main hatch, which allowed the group to enter the frigate. Upon entering, the group made their way into the bridge. After dispatching more battle droids, neither Ropal or Bane were found. The group soon departed the bridge and entered the detention level. Their search for Ropal soon ended when Tano found his corpse inside a torture room. Unbeknownst to them, Bane had access to the ship's functions through his wrist gauntlet, and soon turned off the lights throughout the frigate. The Republic force soon ventured through the ship, and soon R2-D2 spotted Bane running through a hallway. They caught up to the bounty hunter; however, the latter soon released his battle droid force at the Jedi and clones. Through his wrist gauntlet, the bounty hunter turned off the artificial gravity, which allowed Bane to have the advantage over the Jedi. Tano ordered R2-D2 to reactivate the gravity, and the droid complied.[37]

The holocron, which was out of Bane's possession for a brief time after Skywalker kicked the bounty hunter, was recovered by the mercenary, and soon he fled the area. Not willing to let Bane escape, Tano chased after him without Skywalker's approval. As Tano chased after Bane, Skywalker shouted that they'd take the bounty hunter together, although the Togruta Padawan ignored him. Luring the Padawan to a dead-end corridor, Bane closed the blast door, which blocked Skywalker from helping his Padawan. Bane used his blaster pistol for fire at the young Togruta; however, Tano easily deflected the shot, injuring Bane's right arm. Tano attacked him with her lightsaber, although Bane kicked it from the Padawan's grasp. Using his weapon again, Bane attempted to fire at the weaponless Padawan, but with a quick grab to Bane's left arm, Tano elbowed Bane and flipped him to the ground. Not impressed with the bounty hunter's ability to fight without his weapons, Tano tried to telekinetically retrieve her fallen lightsaber, although Bane tricked the Padawan. Bane reached and grabbed Tano's ankle and activated a paralyzing electric shock, which rendered the Padawan unconscious.[37]

Tano corners Cad Bane

The bounty hunter placed his Jedi hostage in stun cuffs, and began to savor his victory over the Padawan. Pulling off one of her silka bead Padawan braids, Bane attached it to his belt as a trophy. Tano, who told him that she still wasn't impressed, reminded Bane that her master would rescue her. Sensing Skywalker and Tano's strong bond, Bane activated the stun cuff's electric shock through his wrist gauntlet, as a way to increase Skywalker's struggle to rescue his Padawan. A B1 battle droid contacted Bane via comlink, and alerted Bane that an angry Jedi was approaching. Bane activated a ray shield to block Tano from escaping, which proved successful when she attempted to run at the ray shield and just bounced off it. Skywalker entered the room, and soon was greeted by Bane. Seeing his Padawan in grave danger, Skywalker began to be hasty to the bounty hunter; however, Bane told the Jedi Knight that if he pressed a button on his gauntlet, Tano would be sucked out of an airlock. The mercenary gave Skywalker the choice of sacrificing his Padawan, and kill him, or open the holocron. Though Tano feared for her life, she bravely tried to persuade Skywalker not to cooperate with the bounty hunter, thinking that killing Bane and retrieving the holocron was more important than her own life. However Skywalker didn't feel the same way; he cared about Tano more than he cared about the holocron so he chose to open the holocron for the bounty hunter.[37]

Tano is held hostage by Cad Bane.

Using the Force, Skywalker opened the holocron, and Bane placed the stolen Kyber memory crystal within before holding up the now readable holocron. With Bane distracted for a second, Skywalker telekinetically retrieved both his lightsaber and Tano's. Making quick work of Bane's two B2 super battle droid bodyguards, Skywalker noticed that Bane had opened the airlock, which threatened Tano's life. Skywalker Force pushed a fragment of the droid at the ray shield control and saved Tano, although Bane had escaped the room with the holocron. Both Jedi exited the room, and began to chase after the mercenary, in retaliation. Tano, who had realized that they needed to get off the ship, demanded Skywalker to not chase after Bane, and instead return to Rex and the clones, who were waiting for the Jedi in the frigate's hangar bay. Acknowledging her claim, both soon entered the hangar bay. Noticing that Rex and his men had secured an Sheathipede-class transport shuttle, both ran toward it. Above in the upper-deck level of the hangar, clone troopers Denal and Koho engaged Bane in a brief duel, which cost the lives of both clones. Disguising himself as Denal, Bane entered Skywalker's getaway ship and remanded hidden within the clone trooper armor. Tano, who believed that Bane had died, wanted to retrieve the seemly fallen holocron; however, Skywalker told her that there wasn't any time to do so, because the frigate was tearing itself apart.[37]

Returning to the Resolute, Skywalker told Tano that he felt Bane's presence through the Force, although he had seen the bounty hunter fall to his death inside the frigate's hangar bay. Tano asked for her master's forgiveness, allowing herself to take the blame, due to her actions. However, Skywalker insisted that the mission's failure was his fault from "start to finish."[37]

Chasing a bounty hunter

"Don't move, sleemo!"
"You aren't the child I was expecting to find."
"You're quite clever, but naive."
―Cad Bane, before engaging Ahsoka Tano in a duel[src]

Tano and Skywalker discover Bane's whereabouts.

Through the Force, the Council managed to pinpoint which children Bane would target. Unfortunately, Master Kenobi failed to prevent the bounty hunter from capturing a child on Rodia. Tano and Skywalker, however, were assigned to protect the young Gungan Roo-Roo Page on the planet of Naboo. Bane touched down near Page's home, located in the waterfall–surrounded Jan-gwa city and witnessed a Gungan mother place a small figure in a crib before leaving the room. Believing that she had left behind Page, the bounty hunter entered the nursery and pulled back the blanket, only to find a tooka doll in place of the expected baby. A moment later, Tano burst into the room, lightsaber drawn. Remarking on the Padawan's combination of cleverness and naivety, Bane used his gauntlet's lanyard to ensnare her weapon and pull it away from her. The Duros fired his blaster at Tano, who rolled and ducked behind some furniture. Bane attempted to escape with his rocket boots but was confronted by Skywalker, who jumped and grabbed onto the hunter's boots. With the extra weight, Bane's boosters were disabled, and as the two tumbled onto a roof, the hunter's hat was knocked off. The pair struggled before landing on the ground, and the outmatched Bane looked up to see Tano's lightsaber in his face.[38]

Tano confronts Bane on Naboo

The Duros was placed in binders, and Tano retrieved her Padawan braid jewelry that the hunter had previously taken from her as a trophy. Bane and the Xanadu Blood were taken to the Resolute; the hunter was placed in a shielded holding cell, while his starfighter was examined by the Jedi. Interrogated by Masters Kenobi and Mace Windu, Bane refused to reveal the whereabouts of the kidnapped children and the location of the holocron. The two Masters and Skywalker bound together and employed the Force to compel the strong-minded Bane to lead them to the stolen holocron—an act that came at the risk of destroying his mind and seemed to disturb Tano. Thrashing from his attempts at resisting the Jedi's influence, Bane eventually promised to take them to the holocron, albeit with the intention of leading them into a trap. The bound bounty hunter was escorted into a waiting T-6 shuttle, where he dictated the coordinates of the deep space Black Stall Station to his accompanying guards—Kenobi, Windu, and Clone Commander CC-2224, nicknamed "Cody."[38]

While the Jedi Masters traveled to Black Stall Station, Skywalker and Tano were left to report to Supreme Chancellor Palpatine; or rather, Tano was made to wait outside the door while the Chancellor conferred with Skywalker. Afterwards, the two Jedi examined Bane's captured ship and by pinpointing where the bounty hunter had refueled, were able to ascertain that he had visited the planet of Mustafar which was several parsecs out of his way. The pair traveled to an installation on the volcanic planet, where they managed to overcome several nanny droids to rescue the two children captured by Bane. Windu and Kenobi on the other hand managed to retrieve the stolen holocron, though it came at the cost of Bane escaping once again.[38]

Return to Felucia

Tano, Skywalker and Kenobi watch a Jungle Rancor pass them after they crash land on Felucia.

Later Kenobi, Skywalker and Tano returned to Felucia after losing contact with a medical station near the planet. They crash landed on Felucia and found a seemingly deserted village. While exploring they met four bounty hunters, Sugi, Embo, Seripas and Rumi Paramita. At first the Jedi and bounty hunters were hostile towards each other but then the village leader Casiss stopped them from trying to kill each other.[39]

After getting acquainted with the villagers and bounty hunters, Skywalker and Kenobi met an old acquaintance, though hardly a friend, Hondo Ohnaka and his pirate gang. Tano was present when Ohnaka arrived though she hadn't met him before. Kenobi tried to get Ohnaka and the pirates to leave the village in peace but the Weequay wanted to get his hands on the villagers spice harvest for profit. The pirates gave the villagers until morning to prepare the harvest before leaving the village and regrouping with the rest of the pirate forces.[39]

Ahsoka stands with Seripas and a farmer against the pirates.

After the pirates left, the Jedi and bounty hunters started to prepare for their return. They tried to train the villagers to fight, with limited success. During the preparations, Tano befriended Seripas who wore a suit of armor to make him look larger and more intimidating than he actually was. She saved his life during the preparation for the pirate attack. He was cutting down a large fungus at the time, and did not realize that it was too heavy for his suit to handle. Tano was able to get him out of the way during the preparations. Tano then told him that just because he did not look tough, it did not mean he could not be tough.[39]

Along with the other Jedi and the bounty hunters Tano defended the village from the pirates and eventually they managed to defeat them, forcing them to retreat. Sugi then offered the Jedi a ride in her ship since theirs had been destroyed, which they accepted.[39]

Zillo Beast Incident

Shortly after, Tano's master Skywalker oversaw the Battle of Malastare with Mace Windu, supervising the drop of the Republic's new electro-proton bomb to destroy the droid armies. Unbeknownst to either Jedi, the bomb awoke a creature thought to be long dead, the Zillo Beast. Although Skywalker suggested that the beast should be subdued and transferred to a planet in the Outer Rim, Urus ridiculed the idea, stating that zillo beasts had been the enemies of the Dugs for centuries and that it was their sworn duty to destroy it. When Sionver Boll proposed that the beast's scales might be used as a new technology for armor, Palpatine ordered that intense stun rays be used to render the beast comatose, fooling the Dugs into believing it dead and transporting it off-world for further examination. Although a fierce argument broke out between Windu and Urus, the matter was decided when Urus' method of pouring toxins into the pit caused the beast to climb up out of it, forcing the Jedi to use their stun rays to incapacitate it and, under Palpatine's orders, transport it to Coruscant.

Dismayed with the resulting inhumane experiments performed on the beast, Windu informed Tano and Obi-Wan Kenobi of the matter, who in turn persuaded Skywalker's wife Padmé Amidala to convince him to take the matter to Palpatine. While meeting with the Supreme Chancellor, the enraged zillo beast escaped its confinements, intent on pursuing a vendetta after overhearing Palpatine order its termination in the name of winning the war and science. After Amidala spotted the beast making its way towards the Senate buildings, Palpatine ordered the evacuation of his office, taking Skywalker, Amidala, and the droids C-3PO and R2-D2 down to his private shuttle, where they were snatched out of the air soon after take-off by the zillo beast's massive claws. Skywalker was able to slice the shuttle in half using his lightsaber, allowing a hatch for the occupants to escape onto the Senate building's roof. Skywalker saved Amidala from falling off of the sloped building using the Force, and with the help of Yoda and Aayla Secura protected the escape group from fatal toxin bombs that eventually led to the beast's demise.

Return to Tatooine

At one point during the Clone Wars, the Padawan responded a rebel SOS call. She took a Nu-class shuttle to Tatooine. She was then quickly attacked by battle droids. Her master Anakin Skywalker, along with Obi-Wan Kenobi, realized she had gone missing, and that the SOS signal was a trap by the Separatists. When the Jedi arrive, they were ambushed by a fleet of ships, but fight their way through and join Tano in fighting off the battle droids. Afterward she apologized for going off on her own.[40]

Second Battle of Geonosis

Tano and her master joined up with Obi-Wan Kenobi after routing the Separatists near Dorin, along with Jedi Master Ki-Adi-Mundi, Commander Cody, Commander Jet and Captain Rex, lead an assault on Poggle the Lesser's new droid factory on Geonosis.[41]

Tano trapped with Barriss Offee inside a Super tank

The second phase of the battle involved Skywalker and Luminara Unduli engaging new advanced separatist tanks to act as a diversion while Tano with Unduli's former Padawan, Barriss Offee, completed their mission of destroying the droid foundry using the underground catacombs made by the Geonosians. The Padawans were followed by one of Geonosians, who soon alerted Poggle of their presence. Poggle ordered the deactivation of the Padawan's detonators, which covered the entire droid foundry generator. While doing so, Poggle also sent a squad of battle droids and super tanks to distract the Padawans. After the two Jedi destroyed all of the droids, Tano suggested that they use the super tank's weapons system to blow up the power generator since the Geonosians took the bombs. She contacted her master, telling him that they were trapped inside. After taking out the power generator, Tano was able to help her master locate Offee and herself by hotwiring a power cell from the tank. Skywalker and Unduli were able to locate the two in time and freed them from the rubble.[42]

Invasion on a supply ship

Tano and Barriss Offee fend off brain worm-infected clone troopers.

Tano and Offee were assigned to lead a supply ship to the Ord Cestus medical station. Since she was not able to sleep, Tano decided to eat with Offee. While they were eating, two clones named Edge and Ox attacked them because they were under control of brain worms. The Padawans took out their lightsabers and defeated them. Then Trap and another clone came to Tano and Offee asking them what was happening. The troopers said that they would keep an eye on Edge and Ox. After realizing what was going on in the ship, Tano and Offee decided to split up and Tano went to talk to Skywalker and Master Fisto. While investigating the ship, Offee walked into a trap laid by the infected troopers and was infected by the worm and then went after Tano. Tano escaped when Offee engaged her and Skywalker advised her that the parasites could be destroyed by cold. Tano ruptured the coolant system aboard the ship, but was then attacked again by Offee. In the midst of the duel, Offee started to regain control of her mind and begged Tano to kill her. Tano refused to harm her due to her attachment to Offee and only killed the worm that was coming out of Offee's mouth. Fisto, Skywalker and reinforcements quickly arrived and told Tano she had managed to stop the infection, though Tano remained conflicted about the choice she made. Tano recognized that if she had failed, the parasite could have spread further, but Skywalker reassured Tano that she did the right thing by following her instincts to save as many lives as possible.[43]

Lost lightsaber

"Well, I best be getting back to my master before he misses me."
"Certainly. But first, I need one last favor from you."
"Sure. Name it."
"Pass on what you have learned."
―Ahsoka Tano and Tera Sinube — (audio) Listen (file info)[src]

When Jedi Master Eeth Koth was captured by General Grievous, Tano was present when the General sent the Jedi a recording of him torturing Koth, who was then rescued by the Jedi.[44] Shortly after, Skywalker and Tano were in the slums of Coruscant searching for an arms dealer named Car Affa. They eventually arrived at the bar where he was located, and she was instructed by Skywalker to stand guard outside in case Car Affa were to escape. When patrons stormed out of the bar because of blaster shots and Skywalker's lightsaber, Tano was caught in the middle of the hurried crowd and her lightsaber was snatched by, unbeknownst to her at the time, Bannamu. Having felt unable to tell her master about it, she headed to the Archives in the Jedi Temple for assistance. There, she inquired Jocasta Nu for any sort of help the old Jedi could provide. Though Nu was unable to help, she introduced the Padawan to Tera Sinube, a Jedi Master who possessed vast knowledge of Coruscant's criminal underworld. After having acquired some information about the thief's physiology, Sinube located Tano's thief in the archival database, a Patrolian named Bannamu. Although hesitant at first, fearing he might slow her down, Tano allowed Sinube to accompany her in her search for Bannamu.[45]

Tano receives help from Jedi Master Tera Sinube

Back in the slums, they made a stop at Lauli Wahlo's noodle shop to inquire the shop's owner about the location of the Patrolian. After making the Quarren aware that he is dealing with Jedi, Wahlo's friend, Jan Dez, revealed Bannamu's hideout; the Spider Arms Hostel. They both entered the building located Bannamu, only to learn that he had sold Tano's lightsaber to an assassin named Nack Movers. Thus, both Jedi hurried to Movers' apartment, only to find the lock broken and Movers dead. They soon saw a frightened female called Ione Marcy hiding in the apartment, whom asked if the men who killed Movers were gone. Tano searched the bedroom for any of the men who killed Movers, where she was ambushed by another female, bounty hunter Cassie Cryar, who is in possession of Tano's lightsaber. Upon learning that Tano is a Jedi, Cryar made a break for the window and fled by running along the city's rooftops. Tano pursued and contacted Sinube, informing him about the predicament.[45]

Tano follows Cassie Cryar through the streets of Coruscant.

Due to the fact that Tano's attacker was a female was inconsistent with Ione's recollection that men had broken into the apartment, coupled with sensing something more than just shock and fear in her, Sinube deduced that Ione was involved in the crime. Meanwhile, Tano began to close in on Cryar on the top of a high building, when Cryar jumped off and landed in Ione's passing speeder. The next morning, Sinube picked up Tano in a police BARC speeder. The two followed the tracking device Sinube had placed on Ione the night before to a train station. Police droids apprehended Ione, but Cryar managed to cut down the two droids about to grab for her and dashed off onto the top of a departing train. Tano ran after her on top of the moving train; they ultimately entered a wagon, where Cryar took a Twi'lek mother and child as hostages, still with Tano's lightsaber in hand, holding it to their throats. When the train arrived at the next station, Cryar attempted to run away again, but Sinube, having gotten to the station first, intercepted her and disarmed her with his own lightsaber, rightfully returning Tano's lightsaber. Later, as Sinube requested that Tano share the lesson she had just learned, she headed to the Jedi Temple and told a small group of younglings how they should never lose their lightsabers as it is both their life and their responsibility.[45]

Chasing Boba Fett

Tano and Koon lift the wrecked ship to free Skywalker and Windu.

After Boba Fett tried to kill Master Windu on board the Endurance, Windu and Skywalker wound up trapped in the wreckage with severe, but non-permanent burns, but were saved by Tano and Plo Koon after R2-D2 went to them for help. When Fett sent a hologram message showing that he had hostages Tano went with master Koon to track them down. Starting in the under levels of Coruscant the pair had some difficultly getting useful information due to Tano's lack of subtlety.

After arriving at a small diner Master Koon told Tano to stand back and remain subtle while he questioned the barman. Wanting to be useful instead of standing around, she used her Togruta montrals to listen for anything useful and after a while, she finally ended up hearing a conversation involving Aurra Sing. Getting caught while listening in, she and Master Koon were forced to abandon subtlety to get out. After doing so, Koon chided Tano for her unsubtle ways, but she told him that she overheard that Sing and Fett were on Florrum.

Tano holds her lightsaber to Sing's throat

After arriving on Florrum they received assurance from the pirate gang leader Hondo Ohnaka that he wasn't involved nor would he interfere. After Koon briefly questioned Sing, Tano cut off her head antenna and held her lightsaber to her throat. That didn't last long and after a brief skirmish Sing ran off with Tano at her heels. Arriving outside Tano took a speeder to chase after Sing, but would have been shot before she could if Ohnaka hadn't stopped his man.

After chasing Sing through many canyons she received word from Master Koon (after using Ohnaka to persuade Fett to talk) that the hostages were in the opposite direction. After freeing the hostages from Bossk, Aurra Sing tried to escape on Slave I, but was unsuccessful thanks to Tano's efforts. Afterwards she accompanied Master Koon in bringing Fett and Bossk back to Coruscant to face justice.

Rescuing Chairman Papanoida's Daughters

During the Blockade of Pantora the daughters of Chairman Notluwiski Papanoida were kidnapped. The morning after it happened Tano informed Senator Amidala and her master of what had happened. Since the Jedi couldn't officially get involved Tano volunteered to go it alone since Senator Chuchi was a good friend of hers. When she arrived at Chuchi's office Chuchi introduced her and then informed the chairman that she would be helping in locating his daughters.

Tano engages in aggressive negotiations with Sib Canay

Taking the news with welcome the chairman assigned Tano and Chuchi with a diplomatic visit to the Trade Federation, thinking that his daughters were on the ship blockading Pantora while he and his son followed their own lead. When they arrived on the Federation ship Chuchi announced to the administrator of a pending alliance between Pantora and the Separatists if it would lift the blockade.

After being shown to their quarters the Tano and Chuchi sneaked out and explored the ship hoping to find the girls. When they made their way into a conference room they hid under a table while listening to a conversation between the captain and the administrator involving the chairman's daughters. Chuchi nearly gave Tano and herself away by gasping forcing the pair to take new hiding spots. When Tano noticed that Chuchi was about to be discovered she used the Force to levitate her out of sight.

After avoiding discovery the pair made their way to the detention level to find one of the girls. When they arrived the guard wouldn't let them pass so Tano used a mind trick for the first time. Chuchi almost got left behind because Tano wasn't specific enough. The pair soon found one of the chairman's daughters but were discovered due to listening devices in the halls. After dispatching a group of B2 droids Tano stood back and watched as Chuchi interrogated and then blackmailed the captain into compromise. The whole fiasco was resolved in the senate later.

Corruption on Mandalore

Tano cleaning up corruption on Mandalore

After Duchess Satine Kryze made a request to Senator Amidala for a Jedi Knight, Master Yoda sent Tano to aid Kryze on Mandalore in an undercover mission to expose government corruption. Tano arrived under the guise of being a teacher to Mandalorian students, of which included Kryze's nephew Korkie. After Korkie and his friends discovered that someone had been holding out the food supply in order to boost the black market trade on Mandalore, Tano soon discovered it was Prime Minister Almec, the second most powerful official behind the Duchess. After making that discovery, Tano and the students went to present it discovery to Kryze only to discover that she had been arrested by Almec and imprisoned under false charges of treason.

Tano then came up with the plan to present the students to Almec as prisoners in order to discover Kryze's location. Almec imprisoned the students, but would not reveal Kryze's location to Tano, forcing her to alter her plan. After conversing with the students under the ruse of an interrogation, Tano then used a mind trick to have a guard take her to the Duchess. Upon discovering Kryze, Tano attempted to free her, only to fall into a trap set by Almec. Almec captured Tano and attempt to force Kryze into signing a confession for committing treason. Kryze refused forcing Almec to torture her with a shock collar, followed by Korkie. Tano however managed to free herself and capture Almec using the same shock collar he used on Kryze. After his imprisonment, Kryze revealed that she had planned all along for Tano to discover the corruption in the Mandalorian government.[46]

Thwarting an assassin

Tano confesses to Amidala that she is worried about her safety.

After the events on Mandalore, Tano returned to Coruscant to report to the High Council of her mission. During her stay, Tano started to become plagued by visions of Aurra Sing and a potential assassination attempt. Asking Master Yoda for advice on the subject, Yoda advised her to calm her mind use her visions to try and see who was going to be assassinated. It was determined that Senator Padmé Amidala was the target of Aurra Sing. Tano went to Amidala to give her warning of the threat, finding out that Amidala was going to Alderaan at the request of Senator Bail Organa to speak on the war. Seeing Amidala was going to go despite the warning, Tano insisted that she escort her to Alderaan as a part of her security detail, to which Amidala agreed. After arriving on Alderaan, Tano had another vision of Sing, leading her to believe that Amidala was in danger at that very moment. It was however a false alarm as Tano was inexperienced in interpreting dreams.

Tano would have another vision revealing the location of the assassination attempt to be the very room that Amidala was to speak in. Increasing the security, Amidala proceeds to speak at the gathering, during which time Aurra Sing attempts to shoot Amidala. Tano sensing Sing was there, intervened and prevented the shot from being deadly and causing damage only to Amidala's left arm. After a short battle and chase with Sing, Tano lost her and was forced to return to the security team to plan further action. Amidala was set to speak again later and refused to cancel her appearance. That prompted the plan to send a cloaked droid in her place while Amidala spoke remotely from a different location, thought to be secure.

Tano defends Padmé Amidala from Aurra Sing's assassination attempt

During the speaking, Tano sensed that Amidala was still in danger and rushed to the room she was in, barely making it in time to deflect a blaster bolt shot by Sing. Sing would shoot the controls to the room's door to lock the three of them inside. Afterwards Sing would pull out her blasters and proceeded to shoot at Tano, who was desperately trying to keep up with the pace of the shots to protect Amidala. Shortly after Sing began firing, Tano was overwhelmed and hit in the arm, collapsing to reveal Amidala holding a blaster set on stun, shooting Sing with the blaster and stunning her. Amidala's security was able to pry open the door at that point and place Sing under arrest.

After returning to Coruscant with Aurra Sing in custody, Tano revealed that the person who hired Sing was not found out. Yoda then told Tano to use the Force and her instincts to feel who the perpetrator was. After concentrating, Tano could not figure out the identity of who hired Sing, but gave a few details about the who it may be. After hearing the description, Amidala was able to deduce it was Ziro the Hutt. Tano and Skywalker then went to where Ziro was being held to confront him on the charges. Denying them at first, Tano managed to cleverly trick Ziro into confessing by telling him Sing had already told them about the job, to which Ziro furiously got angered at Sing then at Amidala, but unwittingly he confessed his crime to Tano and Skywalker, earning himself an extended stay in prison.[47]

Experiencing politics

"We have eyes and ears everywhere, Ahsoka. That was dangerous and careless, going to Raxus. Not to mention illegal. You went too far this time."
―Anakin Skywalker, expressing disappointment in Ahsoka Tano's unlawful meeting with Separatists on Raxus[src]

Further into the war, Ahsoka Tano trained with her Master in the use of dual weapons, and adopted a yellowish-green shoto along with her original lightsaber. As the Galactic Senate debated on borrowing financial loans from the InterGalactic Banking Clan to fund the creation of more clone troopers, Tano had difficulty understanding the politics of the war. Hence, Anakin Skywalker left her with Senator Amidala, hoping that a lesson in politics would reassert Tano's belief in the righteousness of the Republic's cause. Contrary to Skywalker's wishes, Amidala had other plans and eventually sought to use Tano to further her agenda to broker a peace treaty with the Separatists.[48]

Tano and Lux Bonteri discuss the differences between the Republic and the Separatists.

After the Galactic Senate passed a law to make it illegal to hold official meetings with the Separatists so as to not legitimize their rebellious movement, Amidala took advantage of Tano's Jedi status in order to travel to the neutral world of Mandalore. From there, Tano and Amidala boarded a ship en route to the Separatist world of Raxus. Upon their arrival, the pair met with Mina Bonteri, an old mentor to Amidala and a member of the Separatist Parliament. While Amidala spoke with Bonteri about ending the war through peaceful negotiations, Tano met Bonteri's son, Lux. After a short talk about their differences, both took a liking to each other. When Bonteri put opening negotiation with Chancellor Palpatine on the floor of the Separatist Parliament, the motion was passed by majority vote. Tano and Senator Amidala returned to Coruscant to relay the news to Supreme Chancellor Palpatine so that the Galactic Senate could have the opportunity to vote on ending the war as well. Just before the Republic senators could vote on the issue, however, Coruscant was unexpectedly struck by a surprise attack. Demolition droids managed to destroy the planet's power core, thus shutting down all electrical systems planet-wide, which in turn led to widespread panic, confusion and chaos.[48]

Once it was confirmed as a Separatist attack, the Galactic Senate canceled the vote and many senators motioned to redirect corporate economic assets to bolster the Republic war funds to create additional clone troopers. After the session concluded, Skywalker took his apprentice back from Amidala, and expressed deep disappointment in Tano for engaging in a dangerous and illegal activity that violated Republic law. Although Tano tried to defend her actions by pointing out Skywalker's own unorthodox tactics, her Master dismissed her argument and stated that she went too far by meeting with Separatists in secret. Although she considered that her actions may have crossed the line, Tano commented that politics were not as black-and-white as she once thought.[48]

Mission to Mortis

"There are many contradictions in you. And in him. Be warned, you may never see your future if you remain his student! Leave this planet!"
―Ahsoka Tano, a vision of her older self warning her to leave Anakin Skywalker before it is too late.[src]

Tano and Kenobi meet the Dark side of the Force, personified in the form of the Son.

After the Jedi Council received a two thousand year-old Jedi distress code from the Chrelythiumn system, Ahsoka Tano accompanied her master, Anakin Skywalker, and Obi-Wan Kenobi to discover the exact origin of the transmission. Aiding in the search was Captain Rex, who remained aboard an Republic Star Destroyer. Although both parties made it to the rendezvous point, the Jedi were unable to perceive the clone or his cruiser; Rex likewise could not see the Jedi's Eta-class shuttle. At that moment, the Jedi vessel's power and communication systems deactivated as an irresistible force pulled the shuttle into a gigantic crystal-shaped structure; the entire ordeal rendered all three Jedi unconscious.[49]

Upon regaining consciousness, the Jedi trio awoke within their shuttle's cockpit to find themselves located on an unknown planet. As they survey the landscape of the planet, a world unbound by the laws of nature and extremely radiant in the Force, the Jedi encountered a mysterious female being known as the "Daughter"—the physical representation of the light side of the Force. Despite her apparent interest in Skywalker and knowing nothing about her, the Jedi had no alternative other than to accept the Daughter's offer to introduce them to her "Father"—the paragon of balance and order within the Force. But while following the Daughter on a cliff path, a rock slide was intentionally caused by an unknown assailant, thus blocking the path and leaving Tano and Kenobi separated from Skywalker and the Daughter. When the Daughter left to confront their mysterious attacker, Skywalker chose to follow her while Tano and Kenobi returned to their damaged shuttle in the hopes of repairing their communication systems in order to call for help.[49]

Managing to return to the crash site by nightfall, Tano and Kenobi discovered that their shuttle had disappeared. They were then immediately confronted by the "Son"—brother to the Daughter and the dark side of the Force personified. When the Son asked if Skywalker truly was the Chosen One, Tano and Kenobi drew their lightsabers, believing the dark figure to be a Sith Lord; the Son easily disarmed the two Jedi of their weapons. Before departing, he warned them to take shelter in a nearby cave in order to avoid the lightning from the oncoming storm.[49]

Tano sees a vision of herself as an adult.

While sleeping inside the cave, Tano was awakened by the sound of her own voice. She then saw a vision in the form of her future self, an older Ahsoka Tano who sought to warn her younger self about the great danger that Anakin Skywalker posed due to his gradual succumbing to the dark side. Before vanishing, the older Tano gave a cryptic warning to the younger version of herself, insinuating that Tano's future might never come to pass as long as she remained at her master's side.[49]

When Skywalker confronted the Father, he was later tested in order to discover if he truly was the Chosen One. To accomplish that, the Father used his children to capture Tano and Kenobi. While Kenobi was restrained by the Daughter, Tano was helpless and at the mercy of the Son. The Father then tried to force Skywalker to choose who would live and who would die between the two. Skywalker, unwilling to sacrifice his former master or his Padawan, utilized the Force in an attempt to bring the Son and the Daughter onto their knees in submission; Tano's master succeeded and in doing so, demonstrated his ability to create and maintain balance between the two conflicting sides of the Force. But rather than remain on Mortis to complete his destiny, Skywalker opted to leave with Tano and Kenobi and leave Mortis via their recovered shuttle.[49]

The Son, on the other hand, was unwilling to allow the Chosen One to leave without first converting him to the Dark side of the Force. Appearing aboard the shuttle, the Son grabbed Tano and forced her to leave the shuttle with him, taking her to his tower in the full knowledge that Skywalker would pursue them. While chained in her prison cell and attempting to free herself, Tano was approached by a diminutive and seemingly harmless creature. Although it tried to delve into Tano's innermost thoughts and fears, she remained firmly attached to the belief that her master would rescue her at any cost. Although the creature helped Tano to escape from her chains, it tried to convince her to forget about Skywalker. When Tano made it clear that she would not willingly turn against her master, the creature sunk its teeth into Tano's arm. As she swiftly fell unconscious, the creature revealed itself to be the Son in disguise. Lacking the necessary time to seduce the young Jedi into voluntarily descending into darkness, the Son chose instead to force the dark side onto Tano by infecting her with its taint. Tano was utterly helpless against the power of the dark side; its effects physically and psychologically corrupted her into a hateful being with a bloodlust for battle and an unbreakable sense of loyalty to the Son.[4]

Tano poisoned by the dark side

Meanwhile, Skywalker succeeded in scaling the Son's tower, only to find his apprentice waiting for him. Although initially relieved to be reunited with Tano, Skywalker became uncomfortable as he noticed an undeniable change in her personality. Tano, deeply immersed in the power of the dark side, increasingly gave in to her subconsciously suppressed fears and resentments. It was then that she finally revealed her own frustrations with Skywalker, judging her master to be overly critical and constantly unsatisfied with Tano as his Padawan. Skywalker tried to convince Tano to return to the light, but she refused, declaring her loyalty to the Son and the cause of the dark side for the greater good of the galaxy. With that, Tano issued her master an ultimatum—join the Son and embrace the dark side by killing her or refuse and die by the hand of his own apprentice. When Skywalker declined to fight or harm his student, Tano responded accordingly, activating her lightsaber and charging her master in a frenzied craze.[4]

Tano seized the offense by unleashing a barrage of saber strikes at her master, who maintained a defensive stance so as to prevent her from killing him without harming Tano in the process. During the fight, Tano revealed some of her hidden feelings of bitterness and annoyance toward Skywalker, particularly her hatred at being called "Snips" by her master. Even with the intervention of Kenobi, who had originally arrived at the tower alongside the Daughter to confront the Son, Tano confidently welcomed the challenge and activated her shoto in order to take the offensive against the two Jedi with both of her sabers. Unable to overcome Tano without hurting her, Kenobi revealed that the Daughter helped him to acquire a dagger that could kill the Son. Realizing the new threat that the Jedi posed to the Son, Tano increased her attacks, attempting to retrieve the dagger.[4]

At the same time, the Son and the Daughter fought each other in the tower's throne room. Their battle, however, was brought to an unexpected end by the Father, who used his power to cast both of them out into the courtyard. Tano broke off her own engagement with Skywalker and Kenobi to watch as the Son rose to rid himself of the Father once and for all. As the Son assaulted his Father with a powerful barrage of Force lightning, Tano smirked approvingly while the Son denounced the Father as weak and meaningless. As the dark side grew greater in power, the Son overcame and brought the Father to his knees by increasing his lightning attacks. Seizing the moment of distraction, Kenobi tossed the dagger to Skywalker so he could kill the Son from behind. However, Tano intercepted the dagger before her master could catch it and swiftly made her way to the Son's side. With the Father defeated and the others powerless to do anything, the Son gloated about how everything had worked perfectly in accordance with his plans. When he commanded Tano to hand over the dagger, she complied with hesitation, ignoring her master's final attempt to urge her to resist the dark side. No longer seeing any further use for her, the Son thanked Tano before draining the life force from her body, thus leaving her on the brink of death.[4]

Ahsoka Tano lies dead before being resurrected

Although the Son intended to use the dagger to kill his Father, he inadvertently stabbed the Daughter in the back when she used her body to shield their Father. Horrified at having murdered his sister whom he still loved, the Son flew off in a rage. Skywalker begged the Father to save Tano before it was too late. With the Father's help, Skywalker acted as a conduit to transfer the last of the Daughter's life force into Tano, thus bringing Skywalker's Padawan back from the brink of death and purging her of the darkness that the Son had infected her with. As a side effect, Tano retained no memory of her brief conversion to the dark side. With no other option, the Jedi left the Father to grieve over the loss of the Daughter while they returned to their shuttle so that they could flee from Mortis and the Son.[4]

As Tano attempted to repair the shuttle for their escape from Mortis, Kenobi and Skywalker debated on whether or not they should leave before defeating the Son, due to the great threat that he posed in his utterly corrupt condition. Skywalker made the decision to confront the Son, and shortly after Kenobi pursued his former student, only to discover that Skywalker had willingly embraced the dark side and joined the Son out of necessity. After vaguely describing the visions of the future that led him to make his decision, Skywalker and the Son headed toward the shuttle with the intention of leaving Mortis in order to alter Skywalker's Sith destiny.[50]

Tano utilizes a speeder to escape from her corrupted master.

Kenobi urgently contacted Tano and ordered her to abandon the shuttle, but not before rendering its engines useless. Although initially dismayed at having to undo her hard work, Ahsoka complied when Kenobi revealed that Skywalker was heading to her location and had given himself over to the Dark side of the Force. Despite her initial shock at the revelation of her master's descent into darkness, Tano discreetly exited the shuttle to put distance between herself and her corrupted master. It did not take long for Skywalker to realize that his own Padawan had sabotaged his efforts to escape from Mortis. In order to prevent the possibility of Kenobi and Tano receiving any further help from the Father, the Son left Skywalker to retrieve the dagger from his sister's tomb. It was then that the Father used the window of opportunity to wipe out Skywalker's memories of the visions that he saw, thus restoring Tano's master to the light side for the time being.[50]

Tano and Kenobi rejoined Skywalker and the Father at the monastery where they were confronted by the Son once more. Rejecting his Father's final plea for him to turn back from the dark side, the Son fought and easily overpowered his opponents, countering their attacks and retaliating with his own considerable power. The fight came to an unexpected end, however, when the Father turned the dagger on himself. He sacrificed himself to prevent the Son from stealing his power, and at the same time robbed the Son of his own powers. The Son, shocked and defenseless, failed to prevent Skywalker from fatally impaling him with a lightsaber blade through the chest. With all three incarnations of the Force destroyed, the realm of Mortis was destroyed in a burst of light.[50]

Upon awakening, Tano, Skywalker and Kenobi found themselves once more in their shuttle, floating in space. At that moment, they were contacted by Captain Rex and were confused to discover that only a moment had passed since they lost all power and communication. To them, the time they had spend on Mortis had been considerably longer. Although still somewhat confused by their entire ordeal, Tano and her fellow Jedi completed their rendezvous with the Republic Star Destroyer.[50]

Rescuing Even Piell

"Whether you were meant to be on this mission or not, you are now the most important part of it."
―Even Piell telling Tano of her importance as the carrier of his information before he dies.[src]

Tano fighting a crab droid on Lola Sayu.

After Jedi Master Plo Koon's conference regarding a vital mission, Tano was dismayed to learn from her master, Anakin Skywalker, that she would not be participating in the rescue of Master Even Piell. Skywalker, having judged the risk factors to be too great had decided not to risk his apprentice's life on the dangerous mission. While Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi's clone troopers prepared to be frozen in carbonite in order to sneak into the Citadel undetected, Tano confided in Master Plo Koon in regards to her master's decision, believing that the risk of her own life should be left up to her rather than Skywalker.[51]

As soon as R2-D2's Class Type B escort shuttle passed through the blockade surrounding Lola Sayu, Skywalker and Kenobi discovered that Tano had smuggled herself into the group by having herself frozen last, though she claimed to having been assigned to the team by Master Koon. Although he was displeased at having been disobeyed by his own student, Skywalker grudgingly allowed Tano to accompany the group.[51]

After painstakingly climbing up a hazardous cliff, the group's progress was suddenly halted; their only entrance into the Citadel was guarded by a ray-shield. Being the smallest member of the group, Tano was the only one who was able to crawl into ventilation system, thus allowing her to deactivate the shield from within the base. Once inside, Tano and her companions were able to track down Master Piell, who had been held in a detention cell with Captain Wilhuff Tarkin and several clones. Since the information about the coordinates of the Nexus Route had been divided between the Jedi Master and his captain, it was decided that the group would be broken in two to lessen the chances of both halves falling into Separatist hands. Tano accompanied her master and Captain Tarkin, along with ARC troopers Echo and Fives, and a few other clones. The two groups planed to rendezvous at the shuttle where R2-D2 awaited them.[51]

While Kenobi and Piell led their group in a different direction, Skywalker's team decided to make use of the Citadel's ancient tunnel system in order to avoid the Separatist garrison forces as much as possible. While Skywalker protected the team from behind, Tano was tasked with leading the group forward, a decision that was not met with Captain Tarkin's approval. As they navigated their way further through the tunnels, Tano became the object of open criticism and condensation by Tarkin. Notwithstanding reassurances from Captain Rex, who possessed faith in Tano's skills due to his previous assignments with her, Tarkin remained unconvinced that a mere child was fit to see the mission through to a successful conclusion. Despite that, however, Tarkin did not mind confiding in Tano about his personal admiration for the Citadel's infrastructure and exceptional defense system. Tano was disturbed that the captain could take a liking to a place that she found apprehension, but Tarkin chided her for being short-sighted and pointed out that their entire ordeal was evidence that the Citadel was a highly strategic advantage to who ever possessed the facility. His only regret was that it fell under the control of Separatist traitors, rather than the Galactic Republic. Aside from finding Tarkin's assessment to be unsettling, she even more shocked when her master voiced his agreement with Tarkin's opinion.[52]

Soon afterward, however, the group is halted by what appears to be a dead end. As a trio of super battle droids, including commando droids armed with energy shields, assault the group, Skywalker demanded to know why Tano had halted the group's advance. When Tano stated there was a huge wall blocking their progress, she inadvertently hinted to her master that she had lied about being assigned to the mission, as Skywalker reasoned that Master Koon would have informed Tano that part of the plan was to blow up the wall with thermal detonators. Seizing an opportunity, Tano made use of the thermal detonators to destroy both the wall and the battledroids.[52]

Although Tano and her team were able to link up with Kenobi and his group at the rendezvous point, they found themselves surrounded by droid forces under the command of Osi Sobeck, the sadistic warden of the Citadel. Their efforts to escape from the planet met with failure, and although they escaped with little casualties, Echo perished in a failed attempt to prevent the destruction of their shuttle. With their only means of escape destroyed, the Jedi Council was forced to launch a secondary rescue operation, one based on force rather than stealth.[52]

With a new set of coordinates donating the location where they would be picked up, Tano and the group made their way across hostile territory as stealthily as possible. During that time, Tano began voicing her dislike for Captain Tarkin and wondered why Master Piell would share half of the Nexus Route information with him. Skywalker was quick to come to Tarkin's defense, stating that Tarkin was disillusioned with the Jedi Order because of how the Jedi Code restricts the Jedi from doing whatever is necessary to win the Clone Wars. Tano dismissed Tarkin's views, a sentiment shared by Kenobi, but Skywalker retorted that, regardless of a difference of opinion, Tarkin was a good and capable Republic officer.[53]

Piell's dying words were to pass his half of the Nexus Route coordinates to Tano.

When they were attacked by a group of Anoobas, accompanied by squad of STAP-mounted droids, Tano and Piell became separated from the others as they fought for their lives against several enemy units. Just as the fight was won, however, Piell was suddenly attacked and mauled by an Anooba. Tano tried to save the Jedi Master, but was too late as Piell's wounds were fatal. Near death, Piell entrusted Tano with his half of the Nexus Route coordinates, despite Tano's confession to lying about being assigned to the mission. His final order was that Tano not share the information with anyone else except the Jedi Council. When Piell died, Tano carried his small corpse on her shoulder as the rest of the group watched on in silence.[53]

In spite of being pressed for time, the group held a brief ceremonial funeral to honor the fallen Jedi Master. Upon reaching the pickup zone, Tano and the others found themselves beset by more Separatist droids, personally led by Commander Sobeck. During the fight, After Fives shot Sobeck off of his STAP, Tano watched as Tarkin, armed with an E-5 blaster rifle, approached the warden. With his enemy defenseless and at his mercy, Tarkin seized the opportunity to execute the psychotic Phindian with a single shot to the chest, only for Sobeck to dodge the blast and swiftly pounce on the captain. Enraged, Sobeck declared that if he could not get the Nexus Route information, then he would see it destroyed along with Tarkin. Tano, however, managed to save Tarkin's life just in time by running Sobeck through the chest with her lightsaber, instantly killing him in the process. Despite his earlier reservations about the young Jedi officer, Tarkin gratefully thanked Tano for saving his life and also complimented Skywalker on training Tano so well.[53]

Just as more droid reinforcements arrived, a pair of Republic gunships, personally led by Jedi Masters Plo Koon and Kit Fisto, arrived to rescue Tano and her group. After boarding one of the gunships, the group was hurriedly returned to one of the Republic Star Destroyers. Once safely aboard, the Star Destroyers returned to Coruscant, thus completing the rescue mission with success.[53]

Tano and Tarkin each possessed half of the Nexus Route coordinates after returning to Coruscant.

Upon returning to the Galactic Capital, Tano and the group arrived at the Jedi Temple where they were greeted by Council members Master Yoda and Master Mace Windu, as well as an escort detail of clone troopers. After lamenting on the loss of Master Even Piell, Yoda intended to brief both Tarkin and Tano since each one possessed half of the information on the Nexus Route coordinates. However, Tarkin respectfully refused to comply with the Council and stated that his orders were to bring his half of the information to Supreme Chancellor Palpatine. Tano retaliated by stating that Master Piell's last order was to not share her half of the information with anyone other than the Jedi Council, and thus made it clear to Tarkin that the Chancellor would not receive the complete Nexus Route information. Due to the obvious stalemate situation, Yoda assured everyone that he and the Chancellor would work together on how best to handle the dilemma.[53]

Before leaving to attend to other matters, Skywalker still suspected that his apprentice not only disobeyed him, but also lied about being assigned to the mission. Thus, he personally confronted Plo Koon and asked if the Jedi Master was responsible for attaching Tano to the team. Although he was clearly aware of Tano had lied to her own master, Master Koon decided to cover the young Jedi's deception by stating that he did send her with the rescue team. As Koon escorted Tano away from the suspicious gaze her master, Tarkin congratulated Skywalker, to which the Jedi Knight gladly appreciated, thus solidifying their new-found friendship.[53]

Second Battle of Felucia and Wasskah

"We could've stopped them."
"No, Ahsoka. We are not saviors here. Here, we are survivors."
―Ahsoka Tano and Kalifa on Wasskah[src]

Ahsoka Tano on Felucia

During the Second Battle of Felucia, Ahsoka Tano commanded an army of clones, alongside her master, Anakin Skywalker, and Jedi Master Plo Koon, against the Separatist droid forces that occupied the planet. Their return to Felucia was instigated by the necessity of destroying a Separatist outpost that had been reinforced by General Grievous. As General Koon and Commander Wollfe led the Wolfpack in a direct assault on the enemy's position, Tano and a squad of clone troopers attacked from behind the outpost. But as Tano's team prepared to scaled the wall, she was ambushed and shocked into unconsciousness by a stun net. In the midst of the battle, the clones failed to notice that their Jedi officer had been abducted by a Trandoshan hunter.[54]

Tano later awoke inside of Trandoshan transport, kidnapped, disarmed and locked in a cage. Through a fellow prisoner, Tano discovered how she and the other captives were to be hunted for sport by the Trandoshans. Garnac, the leader of the Trandoshan hunting party, decided to reserve Tano as a special prey for his son, Dar, who eagerly sought the opportunity to hunt and kill a Jedi. Once the transport arrived at the Trandoshan moon of Wasskah, Tano and the prisoners were taken to Island Four where they were released into the jungle as prey for the Trandoshan hunters.[54]

Although some of the prisoners were almost immediately gunned down by the hunters, Tano was saved by the assistance of three adolescent prisoners, Kalifa, Jinx and O-Mer, all of whom had once been Jedi younglings prior to their capture and imprisonment on Wasskah. Tano was initially relieved to discover the Force-sensitive trio, but was also dismayed to learn that the harsh experiences they endured on the island had turned them into strict survivalists. Though Tano herself was an exception as a Jedi, and thus worth the risk of death, the three former younglings had no interest or desire to help any of the other prisoners.[54]

Unlike the others, Tano scoffed at the thought of hiding in fear for the rest of her life. As such, she took action by ambushing a lone hunter, who she briefly Force Choked and slammed to the ground when he shot at her, though he managed to throw her down and arm himself again. Her actions were sufficient enough to motivate the younglings to take action as well. But years of being hunted like animals caused Kalifa to unleash her anger by nearly Force choking the hunter to death. Tano persuaded Kalifa to resist the dark side of the Force, but in sparing the Trandoshan, their lives were all placed in jeopardy when the hunter called for help.[54]

After escaping from the hunters once again, Kalifa confessed her resurgent sense of hope through Tano, an advanced learner in the Force who could help the younglings in rediscovering the Jedi ways. Tano knew that any hope for survival depended on neutralizing the hunters and thus, drawing on her military experience, she devised a plan to retaliate against the hunters. Before they could execute their plan, however, Dar attacked Tano and Kalifa. During the fight, Kalifa was injured, but Tano managed to kill the young Trandoshan hunter. Enraged at the death of his son, Garnac opened fire from a distance and managed to fatally wound Kalifa. In the last moments of her life, Kalifa implored Tano to save Jinx and O-Mer, to which Tano mournfully complied. With Kalifa dead, Tano retreated to find the last two remaining younglings.[54]

Despite the loss of Kalifa, Tano decided to set her plan into motion, and thus enlisted the help of her remaining youngling allies. Hence, Tano, Jinx and O-Mer became focused on capturing the HCT-2001 Dragonboat-class Reugeot 905 freighter, the Trandoshan cruiser that transported the prisoners to Wasskah, in the hopes of utilizing the vessel to escape from the moon. Tano and the younglings ultimately succeeded in their objective, albeit with some difficulty from the Trandoshans. Shortly after the cruiser was destroyed, however, the trio discovered a lone Wookiee prisoner named Chewbacca who survived the crash.[55]

Though their escape attempt had failed, Chewbacca announced that he could contact his nearby homeworld Kashyyyk for assistance, but only by salvaging necessary components from the ship's wreckage in order to construct a transmitter. Tano and Chewbacca stealthily returned to the cruiser, which was, however, being patrolled and guarded by a sniper after the Trandoshans became aware of the younglings' new-found sense of boldness. While O-Mer and Jinx ambushed the sniper, Tano and Chewbacca completed their objective. Afterward, the sniper was overwhelmed and subdued by the combined might of the three Jedi, augmented by Chewbacca's strength as a Wookiee. The transmitter failed to work properly at first, however, and Jinx, who had grown angry and impatient, suggested using their captive to lure down and hijack a hunting pod, which they could then use to reach the Ubrikkian floating fortress and kill the remaining Trandoshans. Tano tried to caution the impulsive younglings by imploring them to have patience, but Jinx and O-Mer refused to heed her advice. Unwilling to leave the younglings, Tano accompanied the younglings with Chewbacca at her side.[55]

Tano kicks Garnac's chest.

Tano, Chewbacca, Jinx and O-Mer managed to capture a hunting pod. Although they reached the hunters' base ship, they failed to prevent the guard from warning his fellow hunters. In spite of their best efforts, the group was overpowered after a short but vicious fight. At that moment, however, a small armed force of Wookiee warriors, led by General Tarfful, attacked the base with the assistance of bounty hunters Sugi and Seripas. Relieved to realize that their transmitter successfully sent a distress call to Kashyyyk, Tano and Chewbacca pressed the attack against the remaining Trandoshans. As the firefight intensified, the last of the hunters were killed while Garnac perished at Tano's hand. Shortly afterward, the Jedi parted ways with Chewbacca, who returned with his fellow Wookiees to Kashyyyk.[55]

Tano fulfilled her promise to Kalifa and brought Jinx and O-Mer with her to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. Her master, Anakin Skywalker, was among the first to welcome her back. Although he was visibly elated to see his apprentice alive and unharmed, Skywalker blamed himself for his inability to protect her. Tano relieved her master by expressing gratitude to him. The entire ordeal on Wasskah was a revelation to Tano. Without Skywalker's training and methods, however unorthodox and even brutal, Tano would never have survived against a group of merciless and savage hunters. For the first time, she truly realized just how much she benefited from being the apprentice of the Chosen One. With a new-found sense of mutual respect, the apprentice and her master bowed to each other, relieved to be reunited once more.[55]

Civil War on Mon Calamari

"The Gungan army was the last of the Republic's reinforcements. There won't be any more."
"The failure is mine, not the Republic's."
―Ahsoka Tano and Lee-Char[src]

Charged races to evade Riff Tamson.

During the Clone Wars, the stability of Dac was threatened by the outbreak of civil war. Of the planet's two dominant species, the Mon Calamari maintained their allegiance to the Galactic Republic. However, the Quarren advocated secession and an alliance with the Confederacy of Independent Systems. The Republic attempted to diffuse the tensions on Dac through diplomacy through Senator Padmé Amidala and Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker, who had been sent to monitor the negotiations between the Mon Calamari and the Quarren.[56]

Amidala's inability to resolve the crisis through peaceful methods was taken advantage of by Riff Tamson, the Separatist commander sent to represent the mutual interests of the Confederacy and the Quarren. After merely entertaining the notion of diplomacy, the Quarren—aided by Separatist military might—launched a surprise attack on the Mon Calamari. In response to the aggressive actions of the Quarren, the Jedi Council dispatched an armed force of SCUBA troopers, led by General Kit Fisto and Commander Ahsoka Tano.[56]

Despite the addition of clone troopers[56] and a desperate call on the assistance of Gungan warriors, Tamson proved to be an efficient commander who specialized in aquatic warfare. With the defeat and enslavement of the Mon Calamari, the surviving Jedi officers and Republic soldiers, including Captain Gial Ackbar, were taken as prisoners of the Separatists. Tano was able to avoid capture, only to find herself stranded on Dac with the sole responsibility of protecting Prince Lee-Char, the deposed monarch of the Mon Calamari.[57]

Tano and Lee-Char knew that they outnumbered the Separatists, decided to try and rally his people. So Tano and the Prince decided to infiltrate one of prisoner camps to find Captain Ackbar. Tano and Lee-Char were able to get in. Tano and Lee-Char then met with Clone Commander Monnk who took them to an injured Captain Ackbar and Senator Meena Tills. Tano and the Prince were able to convince them to get their forces ready if Nossor Ri and the Quarren decided to join them. Aqua droids then found them. Tano drew her lightsabers, but Lee-Char told her to hold her blades. Tano and Lee-Char were then taken to the throne room where Tamson and Nossor Ri decided to have Lee-Char be publicly executed to destroy any hope for the Mon Calamari. Tano was then taken to the execution where she stood by her fellow Jedi and prisoners. Just as Tamson's soldiers were able execute Lee-Char, Nossor Ri and the Quarren rose up against Tamson. The Quarren gave Tano her lightsabers back and she then freed her fellow Jedi from the Eel cages. After Tamson and his forces were defeated, Tano, along with her fellow Jedi, attended Prince Lee-Char's Coronation and installation as 83rd King of Mon Calamari.[58]

Life during the Clone Wars

Sometime during the Clone Wars, Tano had added comments to the manual The Jedi Path: A Manual for Students of the Force, which she had received by her Master, Anakin Skywalker, at the beginning of the Clone Wars. She lost the book around 21 BBY; it was later acquired by Palpatine, who turned out to be the Sith Lord Darth Sidious.[59]

Battle of Umbara

Tano, alongside Barriss Offee, fought in space during the Battle of Umbara. Together, they managed to blast through the Blockade over the planet allowing clone and Jedi forces to land on the planet in an effort to capture it.

Tano piloted her Delta-7B Aethersprite-class light interceptor to take on that task.[60]

Battle of Kiros

Tano fighting during the Battle of Kiros

Ten rotations after Master Yoda's last communication with the Togruta colony of Kiros, Tano along with her master, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Captain Rex landed on the planet. Tano, and the others then moved out on their BARC speeders to explore the colony. Tano thought it was strange that there were no colonists around. Tano and the other BARC speeder riders were then attacked by commando droids on Flitknot speeders. After defeating the biker droids, Tano and the others then finished off the AATs. Tano and the rest of their forces then surrounded the Separatist headquarters situated in the Kiros governor's tower.

After the separatist commander, Darts D'Nar, contacted them, Tano was curious as to why her master despised the Zygerrian. Obi-Wan told her that Skywalker and his mother were sold into slavery by the Hutt clans. Tano told Kenobi that she would keep an eye on him. Kenobi told Tano and Skywalker to look for the colonist while he negotiated with D'Nar. As Kenobi negotiated with D'Nar, he kept his com link to them on so they could listen in to him and D'Nar. Tano, at first, did not believe in D'Nar's threat about bombs in city. After D'Nar set one off, Tano and her master then took a couple of AT-RTs and went to disarm the bombs.

Tano and Skywalker were able to diffuse the bombs. When they got to the last two, Tano accidentally triggered the bombs timer. Tano and Skywalker then came under fire from Sniper droids. Tano and Skywalker were then able to take out the droids and diffuse the last two bombs. Tano and Skywalker then pursued D'Nar to his ship, the Tecora. They were able to use their AT-RTs to jump on to D'Nar's ship. After her master sliced one of the engines, crippling the ship, D'Nar opened the ship's doors and unleashed one of his pets, the Blixus upon Tano and Skywalker.

During the fight with the Blixus, Tano accidentally aggravated the beast causing it to lash out. Skywalker then ordered her to stabilize the ship. Tano made her way up the control room and successfully stabilized the ship before being confronted by D'Nar wielding an electro-whip. Tano was able to subdue D'Nar. After her master defeated the Blixus, they interrogate D'Nar about the colonists. Tano was shocked by Skywalker's method, but was successful in learning of the colonists' whereabouts. When Kenobi and Skywalker contacted the Jedi council, they were informed by Admiral Yularen that the entire colony had disappeared. Tano said that it was impossible since they were her people.[61]

Mission to Zygerria

Tano and Anakin Skywalker disguised as slave and master on Zygerria.

Together with Skywalker, Kenobi and Rex, Tano went undercover to Zygerria. She disguised herself as a slave while Skywalker, Kenobi and Rex disguised themselves as slavers. While in the market, she stopped Atai Molec, the Prime Minister of Zygerria from whipping a slave, inadvertently leading Skywalker to an audience with Queen Miraj Scintel. Skywalker presented her to the Queen as a slave he had taken from Bruno Denturri. The Queen expressed interest in Tano and after her slave girl committed suicide, was willing to buy her from Skywalker. Hoping to gain the queen's trust, Skywalker presented Tano to her as a gift. Later, during the slave auctions, Kenobi was presented as a slave up for auction. Wanting Skywalker to prove his motivations, the Queen instructed him to whip Kenobi. However, R2-D2 shot out their lightsabers and Skywalker and Kenobi attacked the guards. Tano, still in the Queen's box, subdued Molec and used her lightsaber to disable the rest of the guards. She tried to subdue the Queen, but the Queen remotely activated the shock collar Tano was wearing as a slave, electrocuting her unconscious. Shortly thereafter, Rex, Kenobi and Skywalker were subdued; the Queen sent Rex and Kenobi to the processing plant on Kadavo and locked Tano in a cage suspended on the edge of the palace balcony. The Queen used them as leverage to ensure Skywalker's cooperation. While caged, Molec taunted Tano, gloating that once Skywalker was tamed, Tano would be his. As an act of defiance, Tano used the Force to push him off the ledge, almost sending him falling to his death. In retaliation, Molec electrocuted Tano several times with the shock collar.[62] After Skywalker escaped from the guards with the help of R2-D2 he came to rescue Tano. While he went to go rescue the Queen from Dooku, Tano readied the ship to pull them out. She picked up Skywalker and the Queen and proceeded to fly with Skywalker to Kadavo.[63]

Battle of Kadavo

There, she and Skywalker attacked the Kadavo slave processing facility working in tandem with Kenobi and Rex on the inside and Master Plo Koon's attack forces. While Skywalker went to disable the guns that were preventing Plo Koon from approaching the facility, Tano went to go aid the Togrutas. The walls in their cells were electrified and the floor was retracting sending a few of them falling to their deaths. Once the guns were disabled Tano suggested that the cruiser be flown under the facility so that the Togrutas could escape onto the ship. Realizing that there was no way to get the Togrutans to the landing platform Admiral Coburn managed to maneuver the ship under the facility as per Tano's instructions. Tano helped the Togrutas reach the ship safely and departed with them back to Coruscant. Back on Coruscant, Governor Roshti congratulated Tano on helping save her people from the Zygerrians. Tano commented that the entire affair would strengthen the people of Kiros and was glad when Governor Roshti said they would join the Republic.[63]

Mandalore and Carlac

The Confederate–Republic Peace Conference

Ahsoka Tano then accompanied Senators Amidala, Organa, Mothma and R2-D2 to the first Peace Conference between the Republic and the Separatists on Mandalore. During the conference Lux Bonteri, now the junior senator for Onderon, interrupted the proceedings and accused Count Dooku of murdering his mother, Mina Bonteri. Rejecting his claim, the Separatists brought him before a hologram of Count Dooku. Concerned that Bonteri might be in danger, Tano followed him to the Separatist ship. She snuck into the ship and interfered just as the droids, ordered by Count Dooku, were about to kill Bonteri. Without her lightsabers, she used the Force to take down several droids, helping Bonteri escape to the Phoenix. Ordering Captain Taggert and the Senate Guards to engage the pursuing droids, Tano and Bonteri fled Mandalore.

The two were shortly contacted by Skywalker, wanting to know where Tano was. She informed him of the rescue of Bonteri and insisted that he be allowed to come to the Republic. However, Bonteri refused, stating that he had another plan with an independent group. He wished to kill Dooku in revenge for his mother's death. Tano, scoffed his idea, and attempted to take him back to Coruscant but was stunned unconscious by Bonteri, who subsequently piloted the ship to Carlac.

Awaking on Carlac, Tano found that her lightsabers were missing. Ordering R2-D2 to look for them, she proceeded to head outside to confront Bonteri. However they were interrupted by a group of Death Watch warriors led by Bo-Katan Kryze, the independent group that Bonteri had contacted. Unable to reveal her identity as a Jedi, Tano announced herself as Bonteri's betrothed. When R2-D2 came out with her located lightsabers, she indicated for him to hide them. Not wanting to raise suspicion, both Tano and R2-D2 accompanied Bonteri and the Death Watch warriors back to their camp.

Bonteri kisses Tano

Bonteri and Tano were both sent to a tent to wait for the leader of the Death Watch where Tano protested the plan. She insisted that the Death Watch were murderers, and enemies of the Jedi who would kill both herself and Bonteri. Seeing the Death Watch approaching, Bonteri kissed Tano in order to get her to stop talking.

While Bonteri and Pre Vizsla, the leader of Death Watch, discussed the plan to kill Dooku, Kryze left Tano in a tent with other Ming Po women who had been kidnapped from the nearby town. Tano struck up a friendship with one of the women, Tryla, who warned her not to aggravate the Death Watch warriors.

Later that evening at a Death Watch feast, Chief Pieter of the nearby town came, demanding that the Death Watch return the women and leave Carlac. Vizsla agreed to so, saying that they would arrive at the village tomorrow. Bonteri used this as evidence that the Death Watch weren't as terrible as Tano had made them out to be.

The next day, Tano and Bonteri accompanied the Death Watch warriors and the Ming Po women to the nearby village. Vizsla shoved Tryla, the Chiefs granddaughter, forward and stabbed her with his darksaber. He then ordered the Death Watch to slaughter all the inhabitants of the village.

Tano captured by the Death Watch

As she died, Tryla implored Tano to save her people, and upon seeing a villager nearly torched by a Death Watch warrior Ahsoka grabbed a pole with the Force. She threw the pole, impaling the warrior before attacking to more members of Death Watch. However she was quickly attacked by Vizsla with his darksaber. Without her lightsabers she could not defend herself as well and was quickly immobilized by numerous cables shot by the Death Watch. Announcing the capture of the Jedi, Vizsla ordered her dragged back to camp.

Back at the Death Watch camp, R2-D2 had finished repairing the droids damaged by the Death Watch and upon seeing Tano dragged into the camp, asked the droids to aid him in rescuing her.

Meanwhile, Bonteri attempted to convince Vizsla to let Tano go, stating that she was not supposed to have been there. Vizsla refused, convinced that all Jedi deserved to die for their crimes against Mandalore. He was about to behead Tano when R2-D2 intervened, wheeling wildly around the tent while spewing smoke. Bonteri broke free from the warrior holding him and R2-D2 passed Tano's lightsabers back to her. She used to cut the cables immobilizing her and a single, spinning leap, decapitated four Death Watch warriors. Vizsla ordered his warriors to stand down, activated his darksaber and engaged Tano in combat.

Vizsla and Tano duel

She blocked his attacks but was kicked outside the tent, landing in front of the amassed droids. As Vizsla and the rest of the Death Watch rushed outside of the tent, Tano attacked Vizsla again while the droids fought the rest of Death Watch. She slashed Vizsla's jetpack, causing it to explode and used the distraction to leap on board an airspeeder commandeered by Bonteri and R2-D2.

They were pursued by Kryze and two of her Nite Owls, who started firing at the airspeeder. Tano deflected the bolts back at them, managing to cause one warrior's jetpack to explode. The other warrior charged her, knocked the lightsabers out of her hand and started to strangle her. However, R2-D2 squirted oil on his helmet, obscuring his vision and allowing Tano to push him off with the Force. Finally Kryze landed on the airspeeder and attacked Tano. She managed to knock Tano almost completely off the speeder, preparing to shoot her as she hung of the edge. However Bonteri swerved the airspeeder causing Kryze to lose her balance and allowing Tano to get back on her feet. They fought hand to hand briefly before Tano pushed her off the front of the speeder with the Force.

Free from the Death Watch pursuit, Tano, Bonteri and R2-D2 boarded the Phoenix and took off from the planet. However, Bonteri still did not wish to join the Republic, and entered the escape pod. Tano attempted to convince him to come with her to the Republic but Bonteri insisted that he had elsewhere to go, and left in the escape pod, leaving Tano alone on the Phoenix.[64]

Plot to kidnap the Chancellor

Walking through the streets of Coruscant with Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Obi-Wan Kenobi while en route to an emergency Jedi Council meeting, Ahsoka Tano and her friends were attacked by the bounty hunter Rako Hardeen. Tano, spotting the sniper's position, covered the lower streets while the other Jedi approached Hardeen. Suffering a blaster shot to the chest, Kenobi fell from a rooftop. While Skywalker unsuccessfully pursued the bounty hunter, Tano examined the injured Jedi, believing him to be dead. Tano was then present at the funeral of Obi-Wan Kenobi, expressing to Plo Koon her concern over Skywalker's silence since the incident's occurrance.[65]

In reality, Kenobi's death had been faked as part of a ploy to prevent the kidnapping of Chancellor Palpatine at the Festival of Light on Naboo, having the Jedi pose as Rako Hardeen to gain the confidence of criminal mastermind Moralo Eval. Flying an airspeeder, Ahsoka accompanied Skywalker to Hardeen's supposed location in the bar Trueping's, revealed to the pair by Yoda, though she questioned how the Council had discovered the sniper. Entering the bar and finding what seemed to be an inebriated Hardeen, Tano asked if he was dead and watched with anger as her master took the bounty hunter—actually a disguised Kenobi—into custody, turning him over to Commander Fox of the Coruscant Guard.[65]

Following a prison riot resulting in the escape of "Hardeen", Eval, and Cad Bane, Ahsoka and Anakin were sent by a tip from the Chancellor to Nal Hutta in pursuit. The Jedi interrogated an Ithorian bartender and a Bith starship dealer and tracked the fugitives to Orondia, with Tano suggesting that they may steal another ship on the sparsely populated planet. Spotting Cad Bane by his distinctive hat, Ahsoka directed Anakin to the criminals' ship. Pursuing the craft in their T-6 shuttle, Ahsoka took control of the ship while Anakin engaged Bane on the hull of fugitives' yacht. Her vision impeded by smoke raised by the yacht's guns, Tano swerved and collided with the other ship, sending them both crashing to the planet's surface. Emerging from the shuttle in time to prevent Bane from killing her master, she revived Skywalker, who—having learned the true identity of "Hardeen"—informed her of Kenobi's survival. Although the criminals had escaped in the yacht, repaired by Eval, Anakin swore to his Padawan that they would get to the bottom of the conspiracy.[66]

Ahsoka took part in a Jedi briefing detailing the Chancellor's security for the coming Festival of Light in anticipation of a kidnapping attempt, looking on in concern as Anakin stormed out. Along with Anakin and Mace Windu, Ahsoka escorted Palpatine to the city of Theed for the festival, where she was welcomed by Padmé Amidala, to whom Anakin assigned Ahsoka as a personal bodyguard. Ahsoka observed the Festival of Light as the stage's ray shields were activated, and when the shield generator was sabotaged by Parwan bounty hunter Derrown, she directed Amidala, the queen, and her staff to safety. Following Kenobi's recovery of the kidnapped Chancellor from Bane and Eval, Ahsoka was among the Republic forces gathered to receive Amidala's thanks for their service to the people of Naboo.[67]

Outer Rim cantina

Sometime after Tano and Skywalker stopped off on the planet of Stobar in the Expansion Region to stop at a local cantina. Tano suggested that they go back to their cruiser, but Skywalker pushed on, stating that he was hungry and preferred real food to government rations.

Inside, they found the local authorities in the cantina and a waitress down on the ground. The two went to help her, but the cantina manager came out with a frying pan, telling them to keep away, but relented when the lead police droid told him that they were Jedi. The manager beckoned them to a booth, offering them free meals.

In the booth, Skywalker was in meditation. When she tried to get his attention, he said that he felt a dark disturbance in the Force, despite Tano saying that no disturbance could really be on the planet. Skywalker then said that the disturbance felt familiar.

Battle of Onderon

Tano then attended a session of the Jedi Council when Saw Gerrera and Lux Bonteri sent a transmission requesting Jedi intervention for a rebellion against Onderon's Separatist aligned king, Sanjay Rash. The Council refused to assist, but did allow for some of their own to train the rebels to fight, listening to Anakin Skywalker's advice.

Tano then went with her master, Kenobi and Captain Rex to Onderon to aid and train its Rebel forces.[68]

Tano went with her master, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Captain Rex to Onderon to aid and train its rebel forces. But Tano would compete for Bonter's affections against rebel leader, Steela Gerrera. After the droids attacked the rebel outpost, they devised a plan to get into the city. Kenobi, Rex and Skywalker left leaving Tano as a liaison to the rebels, but forbade her from partaking in strikes as it would alert the Separatists to Jedi intervention.[68]

Tano, Bonteri and the two Gerrera's would attempt to destroy a power generator in an attempt to shut down all droids, which was successful. Following that, they initiated minor strikes to rally the people to their side and also staged a rescue attempt of former ousted king Ramsis Dendup, which ended with Saw Gerrera being caught and sentenced to death alongside Dendup. The rebels intervened, and Tano broke the rule and exposed her true self. Nevertheless, they fled for their base.

The rebels continued their strikes on the droids where it seemed possible. In the final battle sometime later, Bonteri and Steela almost fell off a cliff if not for Tano. While she was able to save Bonteri, a droid tank shot her, causing her to lose focus, which caused Steela to plummet to her death. With Rash dead and the droids retreating, Dendup was reinstated as king with Bonteri as Senator of Onderon. Tano, alongside Kenobi and Skywalker, attended Steela's funeral.

Captured by Ohnaka

After the Battle of Onderon, Tano was sent on a mission to deliver six younglings, Byph, Katooni, Ganodi, Gungi, Petro, and Zatt, to Ilum so that they could build their lightsabers.[69] After they had passed the Gathering, they returned to their ship, the Crucible, and began their lessons. She introduced the younglings to Huyang, who started instructing them on lightsaber construction.

Ahsoka protecting the children against Hondo Ohnaka.

However, Hondo Ohnaka attacked their ship and the group was forced to retreat to the ventilation shafts, while the pirates searched the ship in pursuit of the lightsaber crystals. Tano instructed Zatt and Ganodi to secure the cockpit while she would go to the engine room and the rest of the group would lock themselves in the hold. After rerouting power to the engines, Tano discovered that the rest of the younglings had not made it to the hold, she went looking for them.

She found them cornered by Ohnaka and he pirates, and engaged Ohnaka to allow the younglings and Huyang to escape. Confirming that they were securely locked in the hold, she instructed Ganodi and Zatt to activate the engines in order to pull the Crucible free from the pirate ship. As the two ships separated a vacuum was created and the pirates, Ohnaka and Tano were sucked towards the opening. She used the Force to shove most of the pirates over to their own ship and instructed the younglings to take the ship into hyperspace. However, before the ship could make the jump a stray pirate being sucked out of the Crucible knocked Tano into the pirates ship and she was captured.[70]

Tano held hostage by Ohnaka

At Ohnaka's base, Ahsoka was taunted by the pirates. She tried to talk Hondo into releasing her, but Hondo intended to sell her to a business man who had special interest in female Jedi. Shortly, the younglings arrived, disguised as Circus performers with Preigo's Traveling World of Wonder. Tricking an extremely drunk Ohnaka, they managed to free Tano and recover her lightsabers. Tano and the other younglings then made their escape by stealing one of the pirates' tanks and made their way back to towards the Crucible.[71]

Battle on Florrum

While Tano and the younglings were being chased by the pirates, they attempted to board the Crucible. However the pirates opened fire on the old vessel, and it crashed, having sustained too much damage. Having nowhere to flee, the younglings, the droids and Tano were recaptured by the pirates. However, when they were brought back to the pirate base it was discovered that General Grievous had attacked.

Unsure what to do, their pirate captors stayed away, watching as the droids destroyed their base. Tano rejected their suggestion to turn the Jedi over to the Separatists, insisting that they, including the pirates, would all be killed. Finding out that Ohnaka was in possession of a secret fleet of vessels, Tano suggested that they join forces to rescue Ohnaka and flee from General Grievous. The pirates agreed and as R2-D2 provided a distraction, they snuck into the base. Once inside, they rescued Ohnaka, having been convince by Tano the necessity of their alliance.

Together, the pirates and the Jedi rescued all the prisoners and managed to steal vehicles from the droids, fleeing towards Hondo's secret stash of ships. Tano, the droids and all the younglings except Katooni, managed to get separated from Ohnaka in the canyons and were pursued by General Grievous. He attempted to board their speeder and Tano engaged him, managing to keep him away from the younglings. However, with Huyang's encouragement, R2-D2 attempted to shake Grievous off the speeder. Acting a bit too enthusiastically, R2-D2 accidentally crashed the speeder, dumping the younglings, Tano, and Grievous off.

Ahsoka dueling Grievous while Ohnaka and the younglings escape.

Then Ohnaka, having been convinced by Katooni to rescue Tano and the others, arrived in a refurbished Slave I. In order to give the younglings time to reach the ship, Tano attacked Grievous, managing to delay him long enough to allow the droids and younglings to board the ship. Escaping from Grievous, she leapt aboard the ship, and together the pirates, droids and Jedi fled the planet.

They then met up with Kenobi and his fleet, where Ohnaka claimed to Kenobi, that his attack on the Crucible was a "rescue mission". Kenobi chose to accept the story as Tano had successfully insured the safety of the younglings.

Battle on Cato Neimoidia

"Wait a minute, wasn't I flying? Where's my fighter? How did I get here?"
"Fighter crashed. I saved the day. You're welcome."
―Skywalker and Tano after he regained consciousness[src]

Tano and Skywalker during the battle of Cato Neimoidia

Soon after Tano and Skywalker were sent to retake Cato Neimoidia from the Separatists. As they fought vulture droids, Skywalker's starfighter flew through a cloud of buzz droids, which attached to and started destroying his ship. He was knocked out by an electric shock after one of the droids drilled into the cockpit and having no other option, Tano instructed R2-D2 to land on a nearby ridge. Turning control of her ship over to her droid, she leapt onto Skywalker's ship, pulling him out and onto the ground before the ship skidded off the edge of the ridge and exploded. They summoned a troop carrier to take them back to the ship.

Temple Bombing

Following the bombing of the Jedi Temple Hanger, Ahsoka and Anakin were recalled from Cato Neimoidia to investigate. After interviewing witnesses and analyzing the hologram of the explosion, they discovered that a woman named Letta Turmond was the perpetrator. She fed explosive nano-droids to her husband Jackar Bowmani turning him into a walking bomb. While he was working in the Jedi Temple hanger, they exploded. Skywalker and Tano confronted Letta in her apartment but she tried to escape. After a short chase, Letta was caught, arrested for her crimes and imprisoned in the Republic's Military Base.

Shortly after, Tano, along with many other Jedi and Republic officials, attended the funeral for the Jedi who were killed in the bombing. During a meeting to discuss the latest Separatist attack, Tano was told by Admiral Tarkin that Turmond wanted to talk to her. Tano visited Turmond in the prison where she told Tano that a Jedi had told her how to make the bomb and had given her the explosives. Right before revealing the name of the Jedi, Turmond was suddenly Force-choked by a person unknown to Tano. The clones quickly arrived in the cell having seen what they thought was Tano killing Turmond. She was subsequently arrested and imprisoned for the murder.

Tarkin later visited her, and though Tano insisted that she was innocent, Tarkin did not believe her. Earlier she had expressed her desire for Turmond to be punished and the security footage showed her in front of Turmond while she was choked to death. Curiously, the sound wasn't working on the camera, so Tano had no proof of what their conversation had actually been about.

Imprisonment and Escape

"I know Dooku tried to have you killed. I know he betrayed you. What if this is his new apprentice? I've fallen from my path just as you've fallen from yours. We have a lot more in common than you think."
―Tano convincing Asajj Ventress to help her[src]

Later on, Tano spotted a keycard lying outside her cell. Assuming it to be a gift from her Master she used the Force to control the keycard and open the cell. As she made her way to the security checkpoint, she came across several injured clones lying next to her lightsabers and comlink. As she picked them up, Commander Fox arrived and saw Tano standing over the clones. Automatically assuming that she was the one responsible for the injured clones and seeing that she had escaped her cell, he activated the alarms.

Tano fled, avoiding clone patrols and eventually coming upon another group of clones, these ones killed with a lightsaber. When Fox found the clones, he assumed Tano had killed them. He was quickly joined by Skywalker and Rex, who assisted in chasing down Tano. She fled outside the compound, narrowly escaping being caught by a massiff. However, once her ship was destroyed she fled along the industrial pipelines adjoining the facility.

Tano's escape into the lower levels

She lost her shoto as one of the clones fired a missile close to her, knocking her off her feet. As more clones joined the chase, she cut into one of the massive pipes, fleeing below the surface. Managing to evade the clones, her escape was cut short as she came out to the end of the pipeline as it dropped out into one of the massive pits leading to the lower levels. Skywalker however, managed to find her and tried to convince her to come back. Convinced that no one would believe her side of the story, Tano jumped out of the pipe, landing on one of the ships descending through the layers of the planet.

With the Coruscant Security Force on the lookout for her, Tano tried to lay low and made a call to Barriss Offee in the Jedi Temple. Offee promised to do some investigating on her end and advised Tano to stop using her comlink. The young Togruta complied and smashed the device. She then spotted a homeless Gotal and traded him a ration bar for his cloak. She then boarded a train but quickly spotted a pair of CSF officers checking the passengers' passes. She attempted to get off at the next station, but walked straight into more officers who quickly identified her as the rogue Jedi. Tano fled through the train, pursued by the CSF officers, and jumped off the still moving train onto a passing platform.

Eventually losing the officers by going deeper into the underworld, Tano was ambushed by Asajj Ventress, now a bounty hunter. Though Ventress was planning on turning Tano in for the bounty on her head, she was convinced by Tano to help prove the Padawan's innocence. She agreed when Tano promised to persuade the Jedi Council and the Senate to grant Ventress a pardon for her crimes.

However, the Jedi Council had dispatched Skywalker, Plo Koon and a squadron of clone troopers to capture the runaway Padawan. Fleeing from the arriving clones and Jedi, the duo came by a public holoterminal, which Tano used to get in touch with Offee. She told Tano about a warehouse, the one where Turmond got the nano-droids, and Ventress agreed to take Tano there. Before they could leave, Tano and Ventress were confronted by a clone squad led by Commander Wolffe, who demanded that they surrender. Tano and Ventress managed to disarm the clones and escaped. Upon finding the warehouse, they decided to part ways, with Ventress returning Tano's lightsaber to her. Ventress was later attacked by a Force-sensitive female figure who took Ventress' clothing and lightsabers.

Duel and Capture

"She was subdued by the clones and found in possession of explosive nano-droids."
―Plo Koon reports Tano's capture[src]

Offee and Tano face off in the lower levels of Coruscant

As the Dark Jedi attacked her, Tano immediately assumed that she was fighting Ventress due to the helmet and lightsabers. As the two fought in the abandoned building, the mysterious assailant slowly led Tano higher in the building. The attacker then caused the barrels of explosive gas to ignite, setting off a huge explosion that knocked Tano off her feet and drew the attention of the Coruscant Security Force and the Jedi pursuing her. Staggering, Tano was quickly disarmed by her assailant and with a powerful kick, smashed through the wooden floor. Landing amidst crates of nano-droids, Tano was immediately found by Commander Wolffe and several clones. Wolffe quickly stunned the Padawan and it was discovered that the crates of nano-droids were the same type used to blow up the Temple hangar, making them believe that this would be evidence due to her being the true mastermind on the bombing of the Jedi Temple.

Trial and aftermath

"But I have to sort this out on my own, without the Council, and without you."
―Ahsoka Tano, to Anakin Skywalker[src]

At the encouragement of Tarkin and the Senate, the Jedi Council expelled Tano from the Jedi Order, so she could be tried by a military tribunal. Padmé Amidala agreed to represent Tano, while Tarkin represented the prosecution. Just as her verdict was to be delivered, Skywalker arrived with the real culprit, Barriss Offee. Tano was shocked to learn that her friend had been setting her up.

Tano walks away from the Jedi Temple and the Jedi Order.

Afterwards, the Council offered to re-instate Tano to the Order. However, feeling betrayed because the Council never believed in her and that she couldn't trust either the Council or herself, she refused the offer and left the Temple. Skywalker followed her and tried to convince her to stay, but she reaffirmed that she needed to go on her own path, stating that she knew that her master understood the feeling of wanting to leave the Jedi. She then walked into the sunrise, starting a new journey.[10]

Tano's departure from the Jedi Order had a deep impact on those she knew. During a quest to discover the secrets of immortality, Yoda was faced with visions of the upcoming Great Jedi Purge. In one such vision, he saw Tano dying in the halls of the Jedi Temple, with the vision of her asking if she could become one with the Force after being expelled from the Jedi Order.[72] The vision of Tano was a result of Yoda's guilt over having placed her on the path that led to her departure.[73]

Personality and traits

"What is Ahsoka's strength?"
"She is fearless."
"That can also be a weakness...Is she a worthy apprentice?"
"No one has her kind of determination."
"Except you."
―Plo Koon and Anakin Skywalker[src]

Tano uses "aggressive negotiations" on Nute Gunray, breaking the Jedi code using his fear to scare him into talking.

While Tano's Jedi training was meant to bring out the good side of her personality, she was also plagued by several more aggressive tendencies. When in combat, she displayed determination to win, similar to her master's disposition, as she would also occasionally sulk when things didn't go her way. She often talked down to others in battle, behaving as if she was superior to them, mirroring the attitude of her master. That extended to her behavior towards enemies, as she often came up with degrading pet names for them, such as referring to the IG-100 MagnaGuards as "stick-tinnies",[74] and even calling Asajj Ventress a "hairless harpy"[24] and dismissing Grievous as "just another tinny".[21]

She was known to be quite aggressive in her postures and actions; willing to use terror and threats as a means to get information. Even though Tano obviously did not intend to follow through with any of these threats, her behavior caused concern on the part of the venerable Jedi Master Luminara Unduli, who felt Tano's actions were not in accordance with the Jedi way.[24]

Ahsoka Tano

Ahsoka Tano adored being with her master and was proud of her position as his apprentice, though Skywalker did not realize that. Tano immediately adopted a very informal attitude with Skywalker, nicknaming him "Skyguy." However, once something of a formal Master-Padawan relationship had been established, Tano addressed Skywalker as "Master" just as a Padawan was expected to do. In retaliation for his dubbing as "Skyguy," Skywalker began to refer to her as "Snips" from time to time because of her feisty personality.[74]

Tano was prone to overconfidence, believing strongly in Skywalker's teachings of following what one believed even if it meant being a little reckless. However, Tano sometimes took that too far, even refusing to follow orders from her own master and others; as was the case in the Battle of Ryloth, when she got most of her clone squadron killed when she refused to pull back, believing in her own skills above all else, and ignoring the fact that the rest of her fighters were getting shot down.[32] Tano was also known to become too focused on one task or aspect of a mission, thus disregarding the safety of the clones under her command. This was demonstrated in the Battle of Felucia as she refused to let her troops be extracted, believing she could win the battle despite Skywalker and Kenobi's warnings that more droids were coming. Moments after forcibly being extracted, the Separatist reinforcements that Skywalker and Kenobi warned her of arrived and overran her position; within seconds they had destroyed her vehicles, which would have resulted in the death of all her troops and herself if not for her masters' intervention.[35] Her overconfidence also nearly got her killed by Cad Bane.[37]

Ahsoka Tano's signature

Despite these traits, Tano was very selfless and was willing to sacrifice herself if necessary as proven when she and Barriss Offee blew up a droid factory on Geonosis, even though they were still inside it.[42] She also tried to persuade Skywalker not to open a holocron for the bounty hunter Cad Bane, despite the fact that Bane would kill her if Skywalker didn't open it,[37] and offered to trade herself for a pair of Twi'leks who were held hostage by Cassie Cryar.[45] Tano would also often apologize for her mistakes.[32][35][37] She was also willing to admit her mistakes and never tried to deflect blame onto others and she didn't hesitate to tell the Jedi Council about her mistakes during the Battle of Felucia.[35] However, although she was usually an honest person, Tano was capable of lying well enough to fool her Master into thinking that Plo Koon had allowed her to join the mission to rescue Even Piell.[51]

Despite Tano's strategies early in the war that cost the lives of many clones, she did care about them and was considerably upset when those under her command were killed.[32] She appeared to be friendly with Captain Rex.[21][32] Tano was also shown to have very good maternal instincts, judging by the way she looked after Rotta[15] and the children that were kidnapped by Cad Bane.[38] When General Grievous sent the Jedi Order a message, telling them about his capture of Eeth Koth, Tano comforted some younglings who were watching the hologram.[44] She was also in charge of the younglings who went to get their lightsabers during the Gathering ceremony and protected them from General Grievous.[69][75]

Tano made her Padawan braid out of silka beads[76] and wore an akul-tooth headdress on her forehead.[48] After being expelled from the Jedi Order, she allowed her Master to keep the braid.[10]

Following her trial and the revelation of Offee's treason, Tano was offered the chance to return to the Order by the Jedi Council, which referred to her ordeal as a trial with only Plo Koon actually apologizing to her. Ultimately, Tano chose not to return and walked out of the Temple, feeling that if the Jedi Council could not trust her, then she could not trust herself or them anymore. Skywalker tried to talk to her, but she felt that she had to leave and said she knew that he also harbored an intent to leave the Order. She said she was grateful for her master's trust, but felt she could not stay there.[10]

Powers and abilities

Lightsaber training

"I admit, Ahsoka's a little rough around the edges, but with a great deal of training… and patience… she might amount to something."
―Anakin Skywalker, on Tano — (audio) Listen (file info)[src]

Tano wielding her lightsaber

Unusually skilled for for someone of her age, Ahsoka Tano practiced a wide variety of combat techniques throughout her life. As with most Initiates, the years preceding her elevation to the rank of Padawan were spent studying the first and most ancient of the classic Jedi arts: Shii-Cho, also known as "The Way of the Sarlaac". Unlike most, however, Ahsoka broadened her focus to include other styles, additionally specializing in the fast and aggressive Form IV(or, Ataru), as well as the Shien variant of Form V.

Upon being apprenticed to Anakin Skywalker, Ahsoka was persuaded to learn techniques of a more reserved nature. Under Anakin's tutelage, Ahsoka studied alternate Form V disciplines, alongside the sixth form of lightsaber combat, Niman, which Anakin felt would encourage a more thoughtful approach to combat.

Believing his student's early training to be less than adequate if pitted against foes such as Asajj Ventress and General Grievous, Anakin hoped to prepare Ahsoka for the worst. The balanced sequences of Niman were well-suited against many blades, and Ahsoka's new Form V training would be more effective should she find herself facing Ventress once more. Hour after hour of quarterstaff training worked to prepare her for opponents wielding saberstaffs. Her technique consisted largely of rapid switches and feints, darting from one side of the battleground to the other to exhaust her opponent.

The Clone Wars progressed, and the intensity of its demands only increased. The dangers of war, combined with a desire to remain unpredictable in combat lead Ahsoka to adopt the use of a second lightsaber. A short blade, referred to as a shoto, it was yellowish-green in hue, and gave the headstrong Padawan an edge in close quarters engagements. Though Ataru and Niman were designed for dual-blade fighting as well, Ahsoka elected to pursue the Jar'Kai style, in an effort to better understand Ventress' own favoured form.

Ahsoka's considerable talent, honed by her master's training, personal practice and the hardships of constant battle, forged the young Togruta into a formidable opponent, and her skills were successfully tested on numerous occasions against all manner of deadly foes. Even during the early stages of the Clone War, Ahsoka proved capable of handling a trio of MagnaGuards, and by the end, going toe-to-toe with Dark Jedi such as Barriss Offee.

A highly adept fighter, Ahsoka achieved the near-impossible and survived numerous one on one encounters with some of the deadliest weapons in the Separatist arsenal, such as the feared Jedi hunter General Grievous, and Count Dooku's own apprentice, Asajj Ventress -- an accomplishment considered a victory of sorts even by the most experienced Jedi.

Force powers

"Because of Ahsoka's advanced abilities, I forgot how young she is."
―Anakin Skywalker[src]

Tano possessed a strong connection to the Force, and often used it to perform the Force Jump power and other acrobatic feats. Although Tano's Force powers required more training, she was capable of performing extensive telekinetic feats, as seen during the Battle of Christophsis where she pulled down a large wall in order to save Skywalker from a group of retail droids. Tano was also skilled in the use of the Force push power, which she used to save the life of Luminara Unduli.[24]

Tano also had a strong Force sense, able to sense the presence of Plo Koon after his fleet was destroyed by the Malevolence[12] and the presences of the children who were kidnapped by Cad Bane.[38] She also eventually learned the Jedi Mind trick.[46][77]

Other abilities

"When I was out there, alone, all I had was your training and the lessons you taught me. And because of you, I did survive. And not only that, I was able to lead others to survive as well."
―Ahsoka Tano, to Anakin Skywalker after the skirmish on Wasskah[src]

Ahsoka Tano

In addition to her Force powers and lightsaber combat skills, Tano possessed advanced visuospatial awareness, aided by the hollow spaces in her montrals that gathered information ultrasonically. That passive echolocation was a Togrutan ability which allowed Tano to sense the proximity and movement of physical objects around her. She used that to great effect during the Battle of Christophsis, toppling a wall on top of Anakin Skywalker and a number of droids he was fighting, timing it so that Skywalker was cleared by a broken gap in the falling slab, whereas the droids were crushed.[74]

Tano was also a talented pilot and also displayed potential as a skilled war strategist by leading an attack that penetrated a Separatist blockade on Ryloth.[32] Tano was also trained by her master to quickly analyze technical scans of enemy ships.[78]

Tano also displayed skill in hand to hand combat as she was able to easily overpower Cad Bane before dropping her guard and being incapacitated by the bounty hunter.[37] She later used her hand to hand combat skills on Mandalore by single handedly defeating a group of the Mandalorian Secret Service and later holding off several guards and subduing Prime Minister Almec despite being handcuffed at the time. However, on that occasion, she armed herself with one of the guards' shields, which she used to fend them off and defend herself from a stun gun.[46] While she was a prisoner of Trandoshan hunters, Tano was able to kill the Trandoshan hunters, Dar, and his father, Garnac, by only using hand to hand combat and Force powers.[54][55]

Tano also showed a considerable knowledge of mechanics which she had learned from her Master. She was able to use her mechanical skills to contact Skywalker and save her and Barriss Offee's lives when they were trapped under a destroyed droid factory on Geonosis. She also knew how to repair vehicles. While on Mortis, she repaired the shuttle that she, Kenobi and Skywalker had crashed on the planet.[42][50]

Tano had the ability to understand Shyriiwook, as demonstrated her translation for Chewbacca while captured on Wasskah.[55]

Behind the scenes

"I mean for me as a fan, in the introduction of her, when we first discussed that, um... I was kinda like wow, you know, I remember saying to George but you know, Anakin doesn't have a Padawan. Then you can imagine me saying that to him, as we were presented with the idea, you know, I mean let's put it realistically here, I mean, you know, he says: Anakin Skywalker has a Padawan and then Henry Gilory and I kinda look at each other like Ok.... Um... eh... But no, Anakin doesn't have a Padawan. And he's just kind of paused and looked at both of us, and then he said: Anakin Has a Padawan. "
Dave Filoni, in Rebel Force Radio, describing the first time George Lucas presented the idea of Anakin having a Padawan[src]

Tano concept art by Dave Filoni

Ahsoka Tano is voiced by Ashley Eckstein in the Star Wars: The Clone Wars film and 2008 television series. The film serves as the introduction to the animated series on Cartoon Network. Ahsoka Tano is one of the main protagonists throughout both the film and the series, along with Skywalker and Kenobi.[15][79]

Initially, George Lucas Presented Dave Filoni and Henry Gilory the idea of Anakin Skywalker Having a Padawan. Dave Filoni describes in an interview with Rebel Force Radio, that they couldn't believe the idea of Anakin having a Padawan, but George Lucas insisted it was true. The character was originally going to be named Ashla.[80] The name 'Ahsoka' was pitched by Lucas after Ashoka the Great, the Indian Emperor of the Maurya Dinasty.[81] Lucas first publicly mentioned the character during his appearance at the Museum of Television and Radio's PALEY Festival in April 2007.[82] On January 29, 2008, StarWars.com formally introduced the character as part of one of its daily updates.[6]

According to Lucas in April 2008, the character was eleven years old when The Clone Wars series began.[83] In the July 2008 novelization by Karen Traviss, Ahsoka tells Anakin "I'm fourteen",[84] but her retort in that scene was rewritten to exclude mention of her age by the time the film debuted the next month.[85] The visual guide by Jason Fry released the same day as Traviss' novelization may have also said she was fourteen. Conversely, the StarWars.com Databank from 2008 to 2011 merely says "graduated to Padawan at an early age".[86] Ashley Eckstein wrote "By the time we meet Ahsoka in The Clone Wars, she is fourteen" in 2018.[87] Amy Ratcliffe wrote "The Togruta is fourteen years old when we first meet her" in 2019.[88]

Concept art of Tano

The specific pattern on Tano's face is partially inspired by the character San from the Studio Ghibli film Princess Mononoke.[89]

Tano appeared to utilize the lightsaber combat form of Shien, which involves holding the lightsaber with a reversed grip. Skywalker attempted to break her out of that habit in the series and teach her to use Form V with a standard grip. She will, however, still use Shien in a pinch.[90]

Slaves of the Republic inconsistency

There are many differences between the Slaves of the Republic comic and its 2011 episodic adaptation.

On Kiros, a Togruta colony world under the control of the Separatists, Tano was apprehensive, due to the horrors faced by her people. While Kenobi "negotiated" with Commander Xerius Ugg, the Master-Padawan team of Skywalker and Tano disabled all the bombs around the city, except the one near Ugg's escape ship. Afterwards, they discovered that the entire planet's population had disappeared. Meanwhile, Ugg's computers indicated that he was talking to someone in the Zygerria system, a system of slave traders.[91]

Tano impersonating Princess Zaa Vashee, who did not appear in the episodes.

After making contact with Grand Master Yoda, the Jedi were informed by the diminutive Master that Dooku had begun to spread lies about the Republic destroying the population of Kiros. When told about the Zygerrians, Yoda recounted how the Jedi crushed their empire on the orders of the Republic. Skywalker ordered everybody to get ready and for the ship to jump to the Zygerrian system while Kenobi informed Tano about how Skywalker was once a slave, causing the mission to affect him somewhat.[91]

Aboard the Twilight, the Jedi hid in an asteroid field, which was all that remained of the homeworld of the Shi'Kar after it was struck by a comet. Smugglers, scavengers and pirates used it as a haven as Republic cruisers were unable to maneuver safely through the asteroid field. The Jedi and the Zygerrians engaged in combat, though they were soon forced back and Tano was captured by the captain of the Zygerrian slave ship.[92]

The captain used Tano's comlink to try to strike a deal, but Skywalker, Kenobi and Rex were already in space-suits and mounting a rescue mission. Once aboard, the small group took the Zygerrian's captive and discovered that Queen Miraj Scintel planned to auction off the captured Togrutas in an attempt to bring the Zygerrians back to prominence. As such, the Jedi formulated a plan to use Tano as merchandise in order to thwart Scintel's plans.[92]

However on Zygerria, sensitive because of his former life as a slave, Skywalker sent Tano back to Kenobi and Rex and continued to the Royal Palace alone. Later, while attempting to enter the palace discreetly, the trio discovered the governor of Kiros, Roshti, imprisoned and released him. Unfortunately, after freeing the governor, they were spotted by guards and forced to flee the palace; with Kenobi and Roshti being captured by the Zygerrians. Later, Tano and Rex were contacted by Skywalker who had managed to infiltrate the inner circle of Queen Scintel and needed her to pretend to be his slave.[93]

Back at the palace, Tano assumed the identity of Princess Zaa Vashee, who was the current heiress to the throne of Shili. Impressed, Scintel wished to know the price for her, and Skywalker, wishing to further impress the queen offered "Princess Zaa" to her as a gift.[93] Shortly afterward, Scintel began the auction; with Kenobi being included as the Queen wanted to assert that even Jedi could be enslaved. To prevent the Jedi Master's torture, Rex created a distraction and Skywalker broke his cover to attack Kenobi's captors. Though Tano did manage to fell her guard, she still wore a slave collar and was easily shocked into submission by Queen Scintel, while Kenobi, Skywalker and Rex were ultimately overpowered by slavers.[94]

While Kenobi and Rex were transported to a secret processing facility, Skywalker was forced to become Scintel's personal slave; lest his friends be killed.[94] Tano was kept in a cage in the capital city, where her guards attempted to break her will but Skywalker managed to rescue her. He assigned her to secure transport, while he went to save Scintel from Ventress and Dooku, who were not happy with her intentions. He failed but managed to escape his enemies with Tano and R2-D2 on a stolen solar-sailer, intent on heading for the processing facility to rescue everyone before Dooku would destroy it.


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