"Only my fingers steal, and only what I need, yes?"

Aia was a male humanoid thief that lived on the moon known as Bogg 4, one of the numerous small satellites circling the planet Bogden. Aia was tall and lean, with white feather-like hair and webbed hands.


In 22 BBY, he met the young orphan known as Boba Fett at a cantina known as the Bonny Bounty. He asked Boba how he came to be wandering alone in the darkened alleyways of the moon. Boba had traveled alone to Bogg 4 in his late father’s ship, Slave I. Upon landing the ship, he accidentally damaged one of the landing struts. An unscrupulous mechanic named Honest Gjon promised to repair it, but instead hijacked the vessel and departed for nearby Bogg 11. Aia knew of Honest Gjon's reputation and promised to help Boba recover his ship. He showed him a means by which to travel to Bogg 11 without the aid of a starship. He took him to the peak of a large cliff and showed him how to ride the winds of the gravity waves as the atmosphere of the two moons overlapped one another. They leapt and sailed weightlessly between the two moons.

They soon found Honest Gjon and Boba recovered Slave I. Gjon felt sorry for the disenfranchised orphan and offered to help him make some fast money. Aia, Boba and Gjon flew to Bogg 2 where they began stealing counterfeit credits from a group of smugglers. The operation went sour, however, and they were barely able to hold on to a 100 creditnote. Aia gave the 100 credits to Boba and advised him to go to Coruscant to seek his fortune. As Boba prepared to leave the Bogden system, Aia gave the boy a hug. This allowed him the opportunity to not only say goodbye, but to also steal back the 100 credits he had just given him, as well all the rest of the credits Boba owned at the time.

Personality and traitsEdit

Aia was always cheerful and friendly and maintained a whimsical air about him. He had a penchant for turning simple statements into interrogatives, often ending his sentences with the phrase, "yes?"

Behind the scenesEdit

His native species and planet of origin has never been revealed.



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