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"I was once a Jedi Knight. My name was Aidan Bok. I was in charge of guarding the old Jedi library, but I failed in my task."
―The ghost of Aidan Bok to Tash Arranda[src]

Aidan Bok was a male Human Jedi Knight serving the Jedi Order during the final decades of the Republic Classic era. At some point during his service to the Order, Bok was tasked with guarding the Jedi library on the ancient space station of Nespis VIII.

Biography[edit | edit source]

"My body is gone, and I still bear the wounds Vader gave me. I don't deserve to return to rest in the Force."
―The ghost of Aidan Bok to Tash Arranda[src]

Born into the Republic Classic era on a planet within the Galactic Republic, Aidan Bok was identified as Force-sensitive and turned over to the Jedi Temple for training in the ways of the Jedi. Eventually graduating and being selected as a Padawan by a Jedi Master, Bok traveled the galaxy until he was ready to pass the Trials of Knighthood. Once a Jedi Knight, Bok accepted solo missions from the Jedi High Council.[1]

As the Clone Wars erupted across the Republic, the High Council assigned Bok to safeguard the Order's ancient storehouses on the Space City orbiting Nespis VIII. Remaining on the station for years, Bok was not killed during the execution of Order 66 by the Grand Army of the Republic as he was not directly involved with the war. In isolation amongst the ancient relics, Bok was eventually tracked down by the Dark Lord of the Sith called Darth Vader. Engaging the Sith in a lightsaber duel, Bok was slain and the storehouse fell to the Sith Lord and the Galactic Empire.[1]

Years after his death, during the Galactic Civil War, a young girl named Tash Arranda infiltrated the station in search of information on the Jedi. Discovering and reading The History of the Jedi Knights, Arranda was visited by the lingering spirit of Bok. Unable to come to terms with his failure to the Order, Bok had been stuck at the station after his death. When Arranda was discovered by Imperial scientist Borborygmus Gog, Bok helped the girl escape and was finally able to become one with the Force.[1]

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