The Ainik-class scientific survey vessel was a science research starship. The Alliance to Restore the Republic had these vessels in their naval forces.[1]


The Ainik-class scientific survey vessel was a small and sturdy survey vessel manufactured by SoroSuub Corporation. The Ainik-class was popular within the scientific community and were long, broad, three-decked vessels with much of its interior dedicated to cargo holds, sensors, and laboratories. The top deck housed lounges and meeting rooms, and was covered in transparisteel, which gave passengers an incomparable view of the ship's surroundings. The midship deck contained four laboratories, berthing for the ship's crew and passengers, a galley, and a flight deck. The bottom deck featured storage and engineering facilities.[1]

The Ainik-class was lightly armed, due to it being a survey vessel. As such, it was armed with a dorsal and ventral quad laser turret for self-defense along with a light tractor beam projector. It heavily relied on its deflector shields and hyperdrive to escape enemy encounters. Their hulls were incredibly tough and featured a large amount of armor. Despite this, their power systems were infamous for their brownouts, burned-out equipment, fires, and electrical failures, which were dangerously common especially in ships that had operated in space for too long.[1]

The Ainik-class featured a primary class 3 hyperdrive and a backup class 12 hyperdrive, a navigation computer, an extreme-ranged sensor, consumables for six months, encumbrance capacity of 150, and a price of 120,000 credits. It could hold two speeder bikes or one landspeeder, and was crewed by a pilot, a co-pilot, and two engineers or scientists. It could accommodate up to six passengers. The Ainik-class was named after the famous astronomer Renn Ainik.[1]


As a survey vessel, it was designed for remote science missions.[1]


The Ainik-class scientific survey vessel was designed decades prior to the time of the Galactic Civil War between the Galactic Empire and the Alliance to Restore the Republic, seeing usage by the Alliance Fleet.[1]


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