The TaggeCo Air-2 racing swoop was widely employed by speedsters throughout the galaxy. It's design had been copied by dozens of other corporations, including the famous SoroSuub Corporation.


Air-2 swoop in Mos Eisley

At 1.9 to 2.4 meters long, the Air-2 could achieve speeds of 600 kilometers per hour and heights upward of 1,000 meters. Because of its smaller size along with the powerful repulsorlift engines, it is not so easily piloted. There are controls at the handlebars as well as knee and foot pedals—on top of which the pilot must shift his weight for most maneuvers.


Designed by TaggeCo during the Clone Wars, Air-2 saw huge sales during the first few decades of production. With podracing outlawed, swoop racing replaced it and Air-2 was perfect for sport flying. It was also popular with members of swoop gangs on various planets.[1]

One notable use of an Air-2 swoop was when Han Solo used it to outrace slavers on Bonadan.



Air-2 swoop schematics.

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