"The Chiss aren't going to evacuate if we don't stop those AirStraekers! They won't have any reason to, because all that's going to be left of the Great Swarm is a jungle full of maser-popped bugs!"
Jaina Solo to Wuluw during the Battle of Tenupe[src]

The AirStraeker was an assault aircraft used by the Chiss during the Swarm War. A squadron of AirStraekers was deployed during the Battle of Tenupe.

The AirStraeker was a droop-winged aircraft fitted with underwing maser beam emitter fans. These cannons fired a spray of maser beams at a target. The AirStraeker accommodated a single pilot, seated behind a control stick within the canopy bubble.

The Killik forces led by Jaina Solo and Zekk on Tenupe had attacked the Chiss AirStraekers upon landing, but at least one squadron survived, and soon joined the battle. Jaina fought against their attacks, which laid waste to kilometers of the jungle and killed thousands of Killiks. Zekk, piloting a StealthX starfighter, hunted down the remaining AirStraekers in the skies above the battle.



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