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Airam Platform was the designation used by the Galactic Empire for an XQ1 Platform used by the Airam, where the Empire tried to capture a Rebel Alliance diplomat during Imperial Fleet Operation: Clean Sweep. The actual name of the station is not known and may have been different.

In an attempt to deny Airam support to the Rebels, the Empire sent a strike force consisting of Assault Gunboats and Gamma-class ATR-6 assault transports to capture the ambassador's ship (the CR90 corvette Intrepid), with orders to plant explosives on the Corvette afterwards.

This incident took place prior to the formation of Imperial Task Force Vengeance, but could be seen as prelude, or perhaps first step, in the conflicting Imperial and Rebel Alliance campaigns in the Airam sector.

Behind the scenesEdit

While the occurrence of the space battle depicted in this mission, as well as the participants, is C-Canon, the outcome depends on the actions of the player and is therefore indeterminate. For lack of other canonical information it should be assumed that no lasting effect (such as the destruction of the station or a starship) resulted from the battle.


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