The Airam sector was a sector located within the Outer Rim near Elrood sector. The sector was confirmed to contain the vast Blair Cluster.


Home to the fiercely independent Airam, ruled by the Airam Clans. It was a fair haven for criminals, pirates, smugglers and those who did not want to be found by the Galactic Empire, such as the Rebel fleet.[10] The Airam Clans later joined the Alliance to Restore the Republic as the Airam Sector Force.[11]

Around 3 ABY, elements of the Rebel Navy moved into the Airam sector in an attempt to gain a foothold there, and hide from the pursuing Imperial fleet. During this campaign they had to fight Task Force Vengeance that had been sent by the Empire to pacify the Airam sector.[10]

Following the Battle of Endor, the Airam sector was among the first sectors to throw off the Empire.[7]

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One particular battle is described to take place "near Elbra," but it remains unclear whether that name stands for a planet or a system.



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