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"Rough landing. We cut the gondola loose as soon as we cleared the top of the ridge. Your hydrogen was a bad idea."
"It got us here."
―Korsin Bentado and Edell Vrai discussing the drawbacks of the Tribe's airship technology[src]

Airships were built by the Lost Tribe of Sith in order to cross the large ocean between Keshtah Minor and Alanciar on the planet Kesh. These airships played an important role in the Lost Tribe's annexation of Alanciar. Following the "unification" of the two continents under Lost Tribe rule, they were phased out in favor of Alanciari sailing ships due to their combustible nature.

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Following the Hilts Restoration, the Lost Tribe of Sith built airships in order to reach the continent of Alanciar. At first the Tribe tried building boats, but the vosso wood from Keshtah was too dense, and would simply sink in water. In 2975 BBY, the Tribe's chief engineer and High Lord Edell Vrai observed that some of the noxious gases like methane coming out of the Sessal Spire volcano would be able to lift something made of a lighter material. Vrai's engineers were able to use Keshiri glass to trap the methane and then use a simple water catalyst to isolate hydrogen, the lightest element known to the Tribe's scientists.[1]

These airships were lifted up by gasbags that were filled with hydrogen. They also had gondolas which were constructed from latticed hejarbo shoots. An uvak on either side of the airship would be used to steer it. These uvaks were attached to harnesses below the keel of the airship, where they could rest, eat, and even sleep when their services were not needed. While small scout ships had two uvaks, large warships were propelled by four uvaks. Three of these airships, the Candra, Dann Itra, and Lillia, were used in an attempt to explore the continent of Alanciar, but all three were shot down by Alanciari ballista and uvak diamond-flak teams.[1]

The Tribe had also prepared a whole fleet of combat airships, the Ebon Fleet, which they later used in the Invasion of Alanciar. High Lord Korsin Bentado's Yaru was the flagship of this fleet. The Ebon Fleet was wiped out by the Alanciari military during the invasion. Meanwhile, the Grand Lord Varner Hilts also had a personal airship called the Good Omen. Following the Reunification of Alanciar, the Grand Lord ordered that the airships be gradually phased out in favor of the Alanciari sailing ships, which were found to be safer. By contrast, airships were regarded as being prone to explosions and were seen as being an unsuitable means of holding an empire together.[1]

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