Aiwha-3 Squad was a clone commando squad that served in the Special Operations Brigade of the Grand Army of the Republic during the Clone Wars. In the opening battle of the war on the planet Geonosis in 22 BBY, all members of the unit, except the trooper Jez, were killed in action.


In combat, Aiwha-3 Squad wore Katarn-class commando armor customized with colors.[1]


Aiwha-3 Squad was a squad of clone commandos that served in the Grand Army of the Republic's Special Operations Brigade. Consisting of four clones of the Mandalorian bounty hunter Jango Fett, the members of the squad were created on the planet Kamino and trained by Sergeant Kal Skirata, another Mandalorian. The unit shared its name with the Aiwha,[1] a flying creature found on Kamino.[4] Aiwha-3 Squad served in the opening battle of the Clone Wars on the planet Geonosis[1] in 22 BBY.[2] During the battle, all commandos of the unit, except the trooper Jez, were killed in action.[3] Five days after the fragmentation of the squad, Jez was sent to the Republic's capital world of Coruscant. There, the commando took part in a stand-off at the Arca Company Barracks when the six Null-class Advanced Recon Commandos—an elite cadre of clone troopers—took control of the complex. Jez's training sergeant, Kal Skirata, was able to resolve the situation peacefully, but he was heartbroken about the casualties sustained by Aiwha-3 and other squads on Geonosis.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Aiwha-3 Squad was first mentioned in the 2006 novel Republic Commando: Triple Zero, written by Karen Traviss.[1]



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