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"If… if I could return. Oh, my Master… it has been… so long… and I regret so much…"
Ajunta Pall, after Revan convinced him to turn back to the light[src]

This Jedi was a Jedi Master that served the Jedi Order. Their apprentice, Ajunta Pall, fell to dark side and became a Sith Lord. Eventually, the Jedi's apprentice was posthumously redeemed by Jedi Knight Revan.


This individual began training in the Jedi Order during the era prior to the Second Great Schism. Studying on the Jedi library world of Ossus, this Jedi eventually passed the Jedi Trials and was knighted by the Jedi High Council. Further pursuits of knowledge of the Force and lightsaber skill earned this individual the rank of Master. It was at this point in life that this individual spotted initiate Ajunta Pall and took him as a Padawan. Pall was trained to Knighthood.

Pall attained the rank of Jedi Master and began studying the ways of alchemy. Master Pall discovered the secret of creating and shaping life. Fearful of this power, the Order deemed it an abomination of the Force and sought to erase all practice of it. The Jedi High Council forbid the teachings of Pall and his followers, deeming him a pawn of the dark side of the Force.

Angered by this, Master Pall and his followers declared war on the Order, beginning a century-long conflict that would be known to history as the Hundred-Year Darkness. Obtaining significant power, the now High General Pall slew more than a dozen Jedi during the final battle of the war on Corbos, but he and his fellow Dark Jedi were defeated nonetheless. Captured by his former comrades in the Jedi Order, Master Pall and his followers were stripped of their ranks and their weapons and exiled from space controlled by the Galactic Republic.

Pall resided in his tomb for years after he died, questioning his decision to go to war with the Jedi. Eventually, during the Jedi Civil War, Jedi Padawan Revan came into the tomb. Revan convinced Pall to return to the light side. Just before disappearing, Pall mentioned his master.


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