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"Akakiri" (Japanese: 赤霧,[2] meaning "red haze"[3]) is an animated short film and episode of the web television series Star Wars: Visions. Produced by Science SARU, the short premiered on Disney+ on September 22, 2021.[4]

Plot summary[]

Crash landing[]

The episode opens with an image of a damaged B-wing starfigher descending into a planet's surface. Several equine creatures bearing masked riders ride across the landscape. Near the downed starship, the Jedi Knight Tsubaki makes his stand against the riders, cutting down several of the riders with his blue lightsaber. Overcome by a past trauma which descends upon him like a headache, Tsubaki is beaten and overpowered by the masked riders. However, the masked riders are driven away by a rain of arrows.

Misa's mission[]

Misa and Tsubaki during the trek

Tsubaki sees three figures standing on a plateau before he slips into unconsciousness. Later, Tsubaki awakens and accosts one of his rescuers Kamahachi. Kamahachi tells him that they are trying to help him. A female named Princess Misa, who is one of the three rescuers, addresses Tsubaki. Misa's friend is surprised that she knows Tsubaki. Tsubaki says that he came after hearing what happened to Misa's father. Tsubaki is surprised to know that a Sith had been hiding among the royal family and asks the princess why she is carrying a bow. He assumes that she doesn't have plans to fight.

Misa asks Tsubaki why he came. Tsubaki replies that Masago is a Sith Lord and that it is impossible to defeat her alone. He asks to come with Misa. The following day, Tsubaki accompanies Misa and her two male guides Kamahachi and Senshuu, who travel on equine creatures. Misa tells her guides that Tsubaki is a Jedi who helped them five years ago when they were attacked by Orochi. The balding Kamahachi is surprised that a Jedi traveled all the way to their planet all by himself and voices his suspicion.

Tsubaki asks whether her guides need to be here and thinks that Kamahachi is unable to fight. Kamachi asks whether the Jedi judge people by their appearances. He and Senshuu quip that they can't even fend off wild tooka cats before laughing. When Tsubaki asks why they need guides to the palace, Misa explains that things have changed and that there are checkpoints everywhere. Misa explains that she is an exile and cannot get close to the palace. Kamahachi knows all the back roads in and out of the palace through the canyon while Senshuu has connections; making them both essential to this journey. Kamahachi warns the enemy is searching for them.

A perilous journey[]

Continuing their journey, Kamahachi and Senshuu sing. Tsubaki tells them to be quiet but the two guides explain they are singing a protection song against evil spirits. They continue traveling for several days across desert, river, rain, and forest. They eventually reach a village. Kamahachi warns that they are surrounded and that there is no way out. Tsubaki finds a path across the mountains. Kamahachi and Senshuu counsel against going through the mountain route since they believe that place is sacred to the gods and that nobody who has traveled there has ever returned.

Tsubaki says they have no choice. As an incentive, Misa offers to pay them 300 credits. Kamahachi proposes 500 credits and she accepts the deal. Traveling up the mountain path, they are splattered with rain. Following the rainstorm, Misa realizes that Kamahachi is missing and wants to go back and find him. Senshuu advises against it, believing it is his destiny to die and that this is divine punishment. Tsubaki disagrees with the idea of predestination and rides off to find Kamahachi.

Later, a celebration takes place at a village. Masago's soldiers terrorize the local villagers. Misa and Senshuu take shelter in a hut. Later, a jovial Kamahachi returns with Tsubaki. Misa pays them 500 credits as promised and two men depart. Tsubaki is then struck by a painful vision but insists he is fine.

Confronting Masago[]

The following day, Kamahachi and Senshu distract the guards outside Masago's palace by sending burning bales of hay down a mountain. The guards pursue Kamahachi and Senshu, who flee on their equine steads. Misa uses a crossbow to take down a guard. She and Tsubaki enter the palace.

In a flashback, Misa chats with a younger Tsubaki who tells her that her father is making a fuss that his princess has disappeared. Misa says he is just overreacting. Tsubaki says that he would like to but he is working. Misa asks if this is Jedi work. Tsubaki then asks her why she is out here on the balcony looking down on the city. Misa says that she is just thinking about bringing stability and peace to this world, and what it would take to do it.

Back in the present, Tsubaki says he thought about what he could do and what he couldn't. Misa asks about his conclusion but they are interrupted by Masago and his guards. Masago asks Tsubaki if she thought she could avenge her father by bringing a Jedi. Misa shoots arrows at her but Masago deflects them with her lightsaber. Tsubaki tells Masago that she is the King's sister and asks how could she betray him. Masago responds that it was the right time and that she was waiting for the perfect opportunity. Tsubaki gives Masago the option of leaving the planet and never returning.

Masago rejects Tsubaki's offer and charges at him. The two engage in a lightsaber duel and parry. Masago says that Tsubaki has talent but lacks technique. Her guards bring in the bruised Kamahachi and Senshu, who have been captured. Tsubaki withdraws his blade as he experiences a convulsion. Masago claims that Tsubaki was predestined to die and that there is nothing that has not been fated. Other guards restrain and capture Misa.

Embracing darkness[]

As Tsubaki struggles to regain his strength, Masago taunts him about his poor prospects of helping his friends. Tsubaki rises to his feet but struggles to walk. Masago mocks the limitations of the Jedi's power and claims that the dark side of the Force can awaken the true power that lies within him. Masago claims that it is Tsubaki's destiny to join her as he struggles with the vision.

In a flashback, Tsubaki tells his white-haired Jedi Master that he has to go back. The master asks if Tsubaki was experiencing another nightmare and asks what he saw. He explains that he saw the vision of someone being killed repeatedly. The Jedi Master thinks that someone else should go in Tsubaki's stead. If he goes, he will be tempted and that will cloud his judgment. The master warns that he won't be able to save him since it is destiny.

Rejecting the destiny of defeat, Tsubaki fights back and strikes down several of Masago's guards. However, he accidentally also cuts down Misa who had been forced to wear a guard's mask. Masago tells Tsubaki that without power he is nothing but offers him the opportunity to rule at her right hand. Masago claims that they can rule together, bringing order to the galaxy, protect their planet, and his precious Misa as well. Tsubaki points out that Misa is dead.

Masago offers to help Tsubaki save Misa together. Considering her offer, Tsubaki submits to Masago and asks his new Master to help him save her. She extends a hand and together they heal Misa. As Tsubaki rises, Misa asks what he has done. Tsubaki replies that he did what had to be done. Masago invites her new apprentice to follow her into a building. Before entering, Tsubaki raises his hood. Misa watches in shock and despair as Tsubaki and Masago depart in a Star Destroyer amidst chanting.


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Japanese Voice Cast

  • Yū Miyazaki as Tsubaki
  • Lynn as Misa
  • Wataru Takagi as Kamahachi
  • Chō as Senshu
  • Yukari Nozawa as Masago
  • Katsuhiko Sasaki as Master
  • Kosuke Echigoya as Musha A
  • Taishi Takeda as Musha B
  • Hiroko Kiso as Musha C
  • Rio Sato as Musha D
  • Yuki Shin as Musha E
  • Michitake Kikuchi as Musha F
  • Serika Hiromatsu as Musha G

English Voice Cast


  • Inspired by Star Wars created by – George Lucas
  • Directed by – Eunyoung Choi
  • Written by – Yuichiro Kido
  • Produced by – Science SARU
  • Executive Producer – Eunyoung Choi
  • Producer – Kohei Sakita
  • Executive Producers – James Waugh, Josh Rimes, Jacqui Lopez
  • Co-Executive Producer – Justin Leach
  • Producer – Kanako Shirasaki
  • Sound Director – Eriko Kimura
  • English Voice Casting by – Lindsay Halper, Stephanie Sheh
  • English Voice Casting Coordinator – Caroline Keller
  • Score – U-zhaan
  • Character Designer – Naoyuki Asano
  • Animation Supervisor – Naoyuki Asano
  • Assistant Director – Takuya Fujikura
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  • Dehogallery
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  • Rights and clearances by – Barbour & Company, Cassandra Barbour


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