"The Empire has started a new accelerated training program that will let you skip the academy and get right into the pilot's seat. Lt. Akal Colzet is taking applications in Bestine."
Mayor Mikdanyell Guh'rantt, to a spacer[src]

Akal Colzet was a Human male lieutenant who served in the Imperial Storm Squadron during the Galactic Civil War.


"The person that you want to speak with is Lt. Akal Colzet of Storm Squadron. He's a stickler for protocol, so be on your best behavior. He resides in Bestine."
Trehla Keelo, to a spacer[src]

In 1 ABY, Akal was stationed in Bestine on Tatooine. Here, he recruited an unknown spacer into his squadron. Akal gave the pilot a TIE Light Duty, and ordered him to patrol the Tatoo system. During the patrol, the pilot was attacked by several Commerce Raiders. From that point on, the pilot was tasked by Akal to impede upon the progress of the Commerce Raiders, by destroying additional fighters in the sector. Eventually, the pilot succeeded in killing the leader of the Commerce Raiders.

By that point, Akal felt that his pilot was ready to progress forward in his career as an Imperial pilot. The pilot was given an authorization of transfer, which was signed, and then given to Commander Oberhaur for further assignments.

Behind the scenes[]

Akal Colzet is a Non-Player Character (NPC) in the MMORPG Star Wars Galaxies. He was added to the game with the release of the game's first expansion, Jump to Lightspeed. In the game, player's wishing to work as Imperial pilots for the Storm Squadron must first perform a series of missions for Akal Colzet. Akal gives new pilots basic training and equipment. Both of which give player's the bare neccesities for what it takes to fly in the game.



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