"That rot-faced, son of a carrion worm. The man who set me up. Akers is his name. He would steal my food when I was in there. I want you to kill him."
Vermon Skeetz, to a spacer[src]

Akers Radch was a male individual who lived on Corellia during the time of the Galactic Civil War.


"He brought me my meds. Thanks for not killing Akers. Sometimes I can't think right."
―Vermon Skeetz, to a spacer[src]

By the time following the Battle of Yavin, Akers Radch was captured by the Corellian slavers and enslaved in the Corellian Slaver Bunker near Tyrena. During his captivity, he befriended with Vermon Skeetz, a mentally sick man who managed to be fine as long as he took his medication.[1] Circa 1 ABY,[2] Vermon Skeetz escaped the bunker with a group of slaves led by Kyran Silene but he lost his medicine during the escape.[1] A spacer later infiltrated the bunker to find evidence of the slaver operations for the Corellian Security Force.[3] The spacer met Akers Radch and explained that Vermon was experiencing a psychotic episode, ordering to assassinate Akers. Nevertheless, Radch agreed to help the spacer to retrieve Vermon's medicine.[1] The spacer eventually broadcasted the slavers' records on the CorSec emergency request channels,[3] leading dozens of CorSec agents to quickly move to the slaver bunker and free all the slaves.[4] After he escapaded the bunker, Akers brought the medicine to Vermon who quickly recovered from his crisis and apologized for his aggressive behavior.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Every possible depiction of Akers Radch

Akers Radch was a non-player character in the 2003 video game Star Wars Galaxies, a massively multiplayer online role-playing game developed by Sony Online Entertainment and published by LucasArts,[1] prior to its closure on December 15, 2011.[5] Akers Radch was added to the game with the update named "Chapter 1: The Corellian Captives", published on June 8, 2006.[6]

Radch's appearance was randomly generated among 120 possible appearances. This included Humans, Twi'leks, Zabraks, Bothans, Mon Calamari, Aqualish, Bith, Rodians, and Trandoshans of either gender, and male Devaronians, Ishi Tib, Nikto, and Sullustans. However the quest dialogues identified him as a male.[1]


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