"But there's one honey that I'll cough up the dough for every time—it comes in the form of a rare liqueur that my Ithorian associate Dok-Ondar acquired from the planet Akiva. Its syrupy sweetness lingers on the lips before givin' way to a flourish of floral notes—and even a hint of pepper."
―Strono Tuggs, The Official Black Spire Outpost Cookbook[1]

Akivan Liqueur was a purple liqueur from Akiva that tasted like honey and lavender. The drink was consumed by the human Sinjir Rath Velus, and by Artiodac chef Strono Tuggs, who purchased it from the Ithorian antiquities dealer Dok-Ondar. Due to the liqueur's rarity and expense, Tuggs created a substitute recipe for his cookbook.


Akivan Liqueur was a rare, purple-colored liqueur from the planet Akiva. Its front note had the lingering syrupy sweetness[1] of honey, followed by a finish of lavender[2] floral notes and a hint of pepper[1] or copper.[2]


In 4 ABY,[3] ex-Imperial loyalty officer Sinjir Rath Velus had gone into hiding in Myrra, the capital of Akiva, after deserting the Empire during the Battle of Endor. The human male drank the alcoholic beverage while denying to Jas Emari that he was a drunk; however, his inebriation led to former Rebel pilot Norra Wexley overhearing him discuss his former loyalties.[2]

By 34 ABY,[4] Dok-Ondar,[1] the Ithorian antiquities dealer in Black Spire Outpost on the Outer Rim planet Batuu,[5] was known to acquire the liqueur and sell it at an expensive price. After Artiodac chef Strono Tuggs repeatedly experienced difficulties in collecting sufficient credits to purchase it from the Ithorian, Tuggs created a recipe for a substitute. He included the recipe for imitation Akivan Liqueur in his cookbook, and although he compared the liqueur to honey for its rarity and expense in the Outer Rim, he nevertheless used honey to sweeten his substitute.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Akivan Liqueur first appeared in the 2015 novel Aftermath, which was written by Chuck Wendig, as an unidentified liquor with honey and lavender flavors.[2] The drink was first identified as a recipe in the 2019 cookbook Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge: The Official Black Spire Outpost Cookbook, which was written by Chelsea Monroe-Cassel and Marc Sumerak. The ingredients are honey, dried culinary lavender flowers, sugar, water, whole cloves, grated orange zest, cracked grains of paradise, vodka, and lavender-colored gel food coloring.[1]



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